Astro Glossary

Listed are some frequently used terms in astrology and what they mean in English:

Void of Course: Once the Moon makes its last Ptolemaic aspect to another planet, the Moon has no more to do and is considered “void of course.” Minor aspects, minor planets, points and asteroids are not considered here. The last major aspect the Moon makes influences the void period. So if the last aspect is to Mars, the void period will probably be more energized and excellent for follow through. It’s not recommended to initiate anything important under a void moon, the logic being that the Moon isn’t making any connections, so it won’t be as fruitful. It’s also not considered wise to make big purchases on a void moon or else you may end up buying something you don’t really need. VOC Moons are best spent going with the flow, operating intuitively and resting if need be. For some reason, VOC in Sagittarius is considered an exception to some astrologers.

Ptolemaic Aspects: Conjunction, 0⁰, merging; Opposition, 180⁰, polarizing; Trine, 120⁰, harmonizing, flowing; Square, 90⁰, challenge, effort, action; Sextile, 60⁰, opportunity, ease

Quincunx: 150⁰, adjustment, discomfort

Out of Bounds: a planet is considered “out of bounds” when it travels further north or south than the Sun’s maximum declination of 23⁰27. The Sun is the king of the solar system, so when a planet extends beyond his reach, they are acting on their own accord, free from the Sun’s reign. They have a renegade quality for better or for worse. You can’t predict the planet’s behavior other than it is prone to extremes.