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Every publication needs at least one astrology section (IMHO). Writing is a natural extension of astrology. If we aren’t speaking it, or experiencing astrology, we’re writing about it. Writing has always come naturally to me… I write at many different levels/varying levels of astrological understanding - from the horoscopes that everyone knows and loves to easily accessible blogs, daily forecasts, and even the ultra-nerdy level of astrology.

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Love food? Love astrology? Me too!

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Your Astrological Cookbook

by Catherine Urban

Due to my reputation of writing “the tastiest horoscopes on the ‘net” with Bon Appetit, it should have been no surprise when I was invited to write Your Astrological Cookbook, but I must admit, I am still in shock! Even after all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this book, I still cannot believe that I wrote it and I am now a published author.

Your Astrological Cookbook includes 17 recipes per sign, and no worries, you are not limited to only the recipes for your Sun sign. You can absolutely use all 204 recipes, and we walk you through it. Cook the Aries recipes during Aries season, or impress the Leo of your life with a glam rendition of ___. We also highly recommend cooking for your Moon sign, as your Moon tells you most about your cravings.  

Your Astrological Cookbook will be in bookstores on November 5th, 2019, however, you can still reserve your copy now! For every book you pre-order, you will be entered into a drawing for a complimentary 75-minute astrology reading. Join my mailing list for more updates on the book, classes, astrological forecasts, specials and more!

Available November 5, 2019



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Astrology Out Loud

With a background in playing music on stage, I am super comfortable getting up in front of a room of people and speaking - especially if it’s something I’m as passionate about as astrology. Invite me to your event, and I’d be happy to talk about the astrological weather for the week or month ahead. I’ve also given 90 minute presentations on the yearly forecast for all 12 signs of the zodiac. I also specialize in niche, advanced lectures on astrology, and have taught classes as well as short astrology segments at various retreats and yogic events.


  • LCAA’s Holiday Banquet 2018: keynote speaker, “Your Sign in 2019”

  • Lectures for LCAA: 2016:

    • Family Dynamics, 2017

    • Exploring the Lunar Nodes

    • 2018 The Journey of the Progressed Sun

  • The Great Lakes Astrology Conference 2018 - “Am I a Cusp?”, 2019 - The Dark Goddess in Astrology