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I’m Catherine Urban, a professional astrologer (certified with top accreditation by the National Council for Geocosmic Research; NCGR-PAA IV) with over a decade of professional astrological experience. I bought my first astrology book with the money I’d earned from babysitting when I was just 12 years old. In 8th grade, during a Greek Mythology unit, my school split up my entire class by astrological sign, and as I looked about the room, light-bulbs began lighting up in my head.

My astrology studies deepened in 2009 while living in NYC, when I plugged into the astrological community. I studied with with my teachers in their apartments, began attending conferences and of course, obsessively reading books. The obsession continues to this day!

I eventually returned to Cleveland, where I now have a thriving consulting practice. I’ve served on the board of LCAA, (Lake County Astrological Society), taught webinars for IAA (International Academy of Astrology) and have lectured locally on several occasions (including LCAA’s 2018 keynote address). I will be speaking at my first conference this June in Michigan at GLAC (the Great Lakes Astrology Conference), and will begin teaching a beginners astrology series this Fall at Coven in Lakewood.


Writing is another huge part of my practice. I have the pleasure of writing the internet’s tastiest horoscopes at, and regularly contribute design and lifestyle horoscopes for You can also find me as a regular columnist in NCGR’s quarterly Memberletter, and yes! I also have a book coming out this summer. It’s titled Your Astrological Cookbook, so stay tuned!

Astrology is my true passion. I love helping my clients gain more clarity and confidence in themselves and in their path through the symbolic language of astrology. It’s a way to better understand ourselves, each other and our place in this wild world, here, now and through time.   

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Your Astrological Cookbook

by Catherine Urban

Due to my reputation of writing “the tastiest horoscopes on the ‘net” with Bon Appetit, it should have been no surprise when I was invited to write Your Astrological Cookbook, but I must admit, I am still in shock! Even after all the effort and research that went into this book, I still cannot believe that I wrote it and that I am now a published author.

Your Astrological Cookbook includes 17 recipes per sign, and no worries, you are not limited to only the recipes for your Sun sign. You can absolutely use all 204 recipes, and we walk you through all the ways you can enjoy this book in the introduction. Cook the Aries recipes during Aries season, or impress the Leo of your life with a glam rendition of Chicken Satay. We also highly recommend cooking for your Moon sign, as your Moon tells you most about your cravings.  

Your Astrological Cookbook will be in bookstores on November 5th, 2019, however, you can still reserve your copy now! For every book you pre-order, you will be entered into a drawing for a complimentary 60-minute astrology reading. Join my mailing list for more updates on the book, classes, astrological forecasts, specials and more!