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  • Natal astrology

  • Modern, Traditional and evolutionary astrology

  • synastry/compatibility/composite

  • Solar returns

  • Planetary returns

  • Transits

  • Progressions

  • Time lord techniques such as profections/firdaria

  • Solar arc progressions

  • Mundane astrology

  • Cycles

  • Eclipses

  • Electional

  • Horary (services coming soon)

  • Chart calculation by hand

  • Familial Astrology

  • Chart Rectification

What is a birth chart?

How does astrology work?

Astrologers calculate an image of the heavens above and below the horizon for the precise moment you were born. Judging from the precise placements and conditions of the planets and signs, astrologers interpret your unique celestial signature to glean insight into your personality, your potential and into all areas of life. In an astrological consultation, we synthesize these symbols to meet the realities of your life to help you gain perspective, understanding and confidence moving forward.

The birth chart refers to a two-dimensional image of the cosmos at the moment of birth. This is our primary tool, and it has taken years of practice to learn to interpret accurately.  The birth chart is also referred to as the natal chart or radix chart. We liken in to a road map, a blueprint or a user guide for your life

How does it really work? The reality is that we don’t know for sure. Astrology is a fusion of the intellectual and intuited, of material reality and the enigma of the cosmos. Perhaps it's beyond our comprehension? Perhaps we aren’t meant to know. Either way, we are blessed to have a set of keys to aid in our understanding of our place in the universe. With awe and reverence... I humbly bow to this knowledge.

Your birth chart is your chart forever, but it does evolve its expression over time. A natal chart consultation helps gain understanding about where you are on your journey, where you’ve come from, and where you are headed

What can I expect in a consultation?

Is a consultation the same thing as a reading?

A consultation and a reading are the same thing. We can call it whatever you like! Astrologers generally prefer “consultation” over “reading,” because a reading implies that we are doing all of the talking and telling you about yourself. In reality, no one knows you better than you, and the more context we have, the more helpful we can be. Consultation implies dialogue, and dialogue is a major component of our session.

Bring a pen and paper if you’d like to take notes or jot down key dates. Recording the consultation is recommended. I can record the session for you, or if you are more comfortable, please record on your own. Following your reading, I will email the recording to you. All recordings are deleted after 30 days, so it’s up to you to download it before the link expires!

Consultations are 100% confidential

If you are in the Cleveland area, we can meet in person for your consultation. Otherwise, we can connect via facetime, skype or the good old fashioned telephone

Why should I get an astrology reading?

An astrology reading offers you invaluable insights into your personality, patterns and every area in your life. Astrology also tells us what “time” it is in our lives. As Ecclesiastes describes, there is a time for everything in life. Astrology will affirm whether it’s a better time for you to buckle down and focus on your career, or whether it’s a good time to uproot and move. We all have free will. No one is stopping you from sunbathing in the moonlight, but perhaps daylight is best! Astrology will help you strategize so that your efforts and valuable energetic output are more fruitful and well received.

If you’ve ever wondered why you are the way that you are, or why things happen in your life differently from others, an astrology reading can provide confirmation and affirmation, or tell you when your situation is due to change.

Help identify and alter patterns that are no longer supportive

Gain confidence in your unique self!  

I don’t know my birth time. Can I still get a reading?

Absolutely. Sun sign astrology is popular for a reason! You can still have your chart read, however I will be limited in the amount of timing techniques I can use. You may be a candidate for a chart rectification.

Is a rectified chart as good as a birth chart with a recorded birth time?

The short answer is no. We have no way of knowing for sure what time you were actually born. However, the rectified chart is the next best option for discovering a birth time that works with your personality and the events in your life. The longer answer is more complicated because the last thing nurses are worried about is recording a birth time during the excitement of childbirth. We often see recorded birth times rounded to the hour or half hour. Whenever I see a “0” at the end of a birth time, I’m always a little suspicious of its accuracy. Recorded birth times such as these can also be fine tuned through rectification. It’s also possible that the clock in the delivery room was a few minutes off or out of batteries altogether!

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Cancellation and Late Policy

Your time is valuable, as is mine. I typically spend over an hour familiarizing myself with your astrological chart before we meet. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours or you may be subject to a courtesy fee of up 50% of your booking price. Emergencies happen, so if you need to reschedule for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible. Running late? No worries. Although it may cut into our scheduled time together.


As a certified astrologer by NCGR-PAA, I adhere to strict ethical bylaws of confidentiality. Everything we discuss is kept in confidence between the client and the astrologer. All recordings offered are for your sole purposes of convenience and review; all recordings are deleted after 60 days. You may prefer to record your astrological session yourself, or opt out altogether.

Where do we meet?

Live in the Cleveland area? You are welcome to meet me at my home in the Gordon Square Arts District, just west of downtown Cleveland. Otherwise, let’s meet face-to-face via Skype.

Gift the Stars

Life is all about experiences, so gift your loved one something memorable: an astrology reading! Not only is an astro reading a super thoughtful birthday gift, but it’s also a rad way to support small businesses during the holiday season. Upon request, gift certificates can also include a copy of your loved one’s chart.*   

Terms and Conditions: *If you are purchasing a reading for a loved one, it's advised that they schedule their own session! Astrological consultations are most successful when there is a readiness for dialogue.

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