Become Versed in Astrology

I learned astrology in my teachers’ NYC apartments. You can learn a lot online, but with great risks of many holes in your understanding. Most people learn the most optimally hands-on/ experientially. I know I am one of those people, which is why I’m grateful to have experienced the synergy of a classroom experience - build relationships and learn from your other classmates too.

The student/teacher dynamic is a great one that we need not lose once we are through with school. This is a dynamic I greatly value, and I would love to experience it with you! Because of these values, I only offer classes locally. Old school? Sure. My soul is old af. Proof? I can also teach you how to do chart calculations by hand - which you will need to pass the NCGR competency exams.

Design your own private curriculum, or check my calendar for local classes!

Learn One-on-One

Let’s design a curriculum suited to your needs. Looking to better understand something specific like the Vertex? Or how about the table of essential dignities? Or something more extensive like transits or chart calculations? After discussing your goals, we will design a learning structure that fits your needs (and schedule).

Cost varies. Inquire for a quote.