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The Astrology Advantage

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the skies at the moment you took your first breath. How cool is that?! Out of this world cool. This “snapshot” tells us about you, your life and where you’re at on your path. At a fork in the road? An astrological consultation can help illuminate your best options and help you stride with greater confidence in who you are and what you’re here to do.  

Ways in which Astrology can help

  • Gain insight into your patterns and how to rework them to better serve you

  • Timing the start of big ventures in your life (businesses and marriages have birth charts too so you might as well get a good one!)

  • Get confirmation and clarity on big decisions or major themes in your life

  • Clearer understanding of your purpose, strengths and challenges

  • Improve your relationships

  • Recalibrate your perspective

  • Get a forecast for what to expect in the year ahead and how to take advantage of the seasons and cycles unfolding in your life

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consultation packages


Natal Chart

Your birth chart is a living blueprint of your soul’s journey through life. Blending the astrological signatures of your birth chart with predictive techniques such as transits, progressions and returns, we hone in on what’s ahead for you within the upcoming 12 months in your life. Gain clarity on self, career, direction, relationships and well-being.

This is your time. We can discuss anything you wish. Feel free to let me know ahead of time if there are any key subjects you’d like me to pay special attention to as I prepare your chart. If this is your first reading with me, I strongly recommend the 90-minute reading.

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $170

120 minutes - $200



Relationship Dynamics

Also known as “synastry,” we compare and contrast both your natal chart and your partner’s to gain valuable insights into your relationship. We will discuss your strengths as a couple, as well as the main challenges in your relationship. By exploring each person’s individual needs, desires, and tendencies in relationships, we can illuminate your relationship’s significance and learn how to better cocreate together (or not!).

75 minutes $150

90 minutes $175

120 minutes $200



Perspective and Meaning

Curious to gain a more in depth understanding of your soul purpose, patterns and themes in your life? Utilizing life cycles and dialogue, we recount the major themes and events of your life through the astrological lens to help you stride forward with greater illumination, perspective and confidence in your own story.

2.5 Hours - $300



Family Dynamics

Utilizing the natal charts of your family members, we will identify repeating astrological signatures, patterns and themes which will paint the picture of the family mythos. As told through your individuated lens, we will connect the dots to gain understanding and appreciation of your familial story through their struggles and triumphs and how the heritage lives on through you. As they say, “When you heal yourself, you heal your ancestors too.”  

90 minutes $180

120 minutes $220



Choosing a Date

Known as “Electional Astrology,” your astrologer works within your allotted window of time to help you optimize the success of a new venture. Everything has a birth chart - people, nations, organizations and businesses - even marriages! Let’s connect on putting your best foot forward as we elect an auspicious date and time for launching your website or saying “I do!”

  • Wedding

  • Opening the doors of your business

  • Putting your house on the market for a quick and easy sale

  • Leaving for an important trip

  • Fertility




Chart Rectification

If your birth time was not recorded on your birth certificate or perhaps a baby book, and you have exhausted all avenues of discovering your birth time, a chart rectification is for you. Beginning with an initial one-on-one consultation, I will interview you in regards to cursory details in your life. I will also need for you to provide me with a list of 6-10 major life events. I am essentially playing detective to discover a “birth time” that works really well. If you are aware of a smaller window of time that you were born, for example, if your aunt remembers that you were born around dinner time, this is a vital detail! I will then synthesize all of this info to produce a “birth time” that fits your personality and the timing of the key events in your life. From there, you have the option to schedule a follow-up consultation in which I will elaborate on my findings, as well as provide you with your very first astrology reading with a timed birth chart.

Chart Rectification - $275

Chart Rectification + Consultation (recommended) - $350


Astrological Advising for your Business

$400 - Plan your business’ year ahead with quarterly astrology readings. As JP Morgan famously said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology; billionaires do!” Consult the stars to strategize your business operatives in the 3-months ahead in regards to hiring, promotion, major purchases, business dealings and growth. Optimal for new and growing businesses, or businesses that could use a fresh perspective.

Includes initial/complimentary 30 minute intro consult for me to get to know the realities of the business, and 4x 45 minutes quarterly readings for the year ahead.

Astrological Coaching

3 one-hour consultations within 6 months : $288 (save 20%)

If you are in a major period of transition in your life, or you are looking to make big life changes, this package is for you. Together we will combine your present challenges and goals with the guidance of the stars to coach you through the next steps in life to meet your goals. We will focus on building self-knowledge and understanding of your personal fulfilment.

astrology & hypnotherapy


Healing the Past, Present, and Future


Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Lynette Ramos and I are teaming up to offer you a highly unique service. We are combining the potent insights of astrology and Quantum Healing Hypnosis to offer you a most illuminating experience. Your astrological chart is the blueprint for your life. It’s my belief that the entire birth chart is karmic. A person has a living geometry of both blessings and obstacles woven into their unique astrological chart. Your birth chart serves as a guide in this life, but it is not static. Our charts evolve with us through the journey in life.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a potent modality that pierces the subconscious and gives you access to the superconscious mind also known as the quantum field. In the quantum field, time collapses and one is able to access any information that is relevant to healing and expansion. This state of consciousness is natural and has been compared to the experience of lucid dreaming. In this expanded state of consciousness, we can illuminate our current patterns so that we may heal or rework our relationship with them. Past lives and/or archetypal imagery offers insightful awareness into our current dilemmas, and reveals undeniable facets of our truth, our soul. Quantum Healing therapy can initiate healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels sending ripple effects through time and space, healing the past, present, and future.

Combining these two modalities can facilitate swift and effective results in your life.



We offer you two packages, and each one includes a follow-up consultation via Zoom with both practitioners. Your follow-up consultation is an opportunity for you to ask follow-up questions, seek additional guidance or provide feedback. All information is confidential.  

Astrology + Hypnotherapy: individual sessions

Begin with your 90 minute astrological consultation or your 3-4 hour Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. Each session must be booked within 10 days of one another. Your 30 minute Zoom follow-up will be scheduled within 2 weeks from your services.


Astrology + Hypnotherapy: Quantum Synthesis

This intensive day retreat is designed for those who crave the deep dive. Beginning with a 90 minute astrological consultation, we will explore your desires, patterns and discuss your unique astrological signatures. We will then take a short break to enjoy a quiet, and light lunch to ground you in preparation for your 120 minute hypnotherapy session. Lynette and I will be co-present throughout this 5.5 hour journey, combining our insights and healing expertise to offer you an in-depth, soulful and potent illuminating experience.   

Due to the nature of this package, please inquire via email, and include your availability.