Astrology Report for June 2015: Your Truth in Action


June kicks off with a potent Full Moon on Tuesday the 2nd at 12:19pm EDT, at 11⁰ Sagittarius.  Full Moons are powerful periods of realization and reflection; information comes to light.

We live in a world where we have access to an overabundance of information. What do we do with it all? Sagittarius seeks to find Truth, an understanding, a philosophy, or a vision.

“What is the big picture here?”

We can read 1000 internet posts a day, but why? Is it because we want to feel connected to something?

During the Full Moon, Neptune forms a square to the Sun and Moon. Perhaps there are deeper ways to feel connected. Neptune asks us to transcend ordinary reality and to connect with (our) Spirit─ whether through seva, art, music, meditation or going to the beach. There are infinite possibilities here, with a creative trine between Uranus and Jupiter. This Full Moon may call us to disconnect from media and connect with our own Godseed within ourselves.

Don’t be surprised if information continues to come to light throughout the end of the week. Whatever the story was at the beginning of April may continue to play out.

This is a high energy week with the Sun, Mercury and Mars conjunct in Gemini. We have the energy to accomplish the entire “to-do” list and then some! However, Pluto is asking us to make an adjustment in terms of our personal power: Where are we doing too much or too little? Where are we relinquishing our power and where are we claiming it? And we can ask ourselves, “What needs to be balanced in order to best serve my spirit?”

Mercury continues his retrograde motion, squaring Neptune. Mental-fog may be an issue for some, or it may be that messages get lost at sea. The fog can also be used to your benefit! Purposely surrender to the cosmic ocean, devotion, daydreaming or transcendence of your choice. It’s not that we shouldn’t make big purchases or sign agreements during Mercury Retrograde; we still have to live life! Instead, we just need to slow down, review, double check, read the fine print and be prepared to repeat things over again.

Venus enters Leo on Friday,June 5th, which may inspire us to finally leave the house and go buy that extravagant piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming about. Venus in Leo wants to shine. This is where you want to translate the majestic radiance of your soul into the woven pattern on your royal robe. However you are called to do so, demonstrate your creative excellence!

Mercury turns Direct on Thursday, June 11th. We may feel extra Neptune fog/ethereal today. Pay extra attention on your daily commute. The vibrations of Neptune echo throughout the rest of the week, as the Lord of the Seas turns retrograde in Pisces on Friday the 12th. Drop out of linear thinking and tune in to the higher octaves of Truth this week. The Sun joins the ongoing creative Jupiter/Uranus trine, further inspiring creative self-expression and expansion. Let your soul shine!

On Sunday, June 14th, the tone will change in a very noticeable way. This is because Saturn, whose been moving retrograde since mid-March, dips back into Scorpio for a brief stay. He’s returning to ask, “Are you sure you learned your lesson?” Saturn was in Scorpio from October 2012 until December 2014, and we were all reminded of our own mortality. It was a heavier, more austere time. Then, when Saturn entered Sag, it was like the weight of the world lifted; we felt free to explore again in a lighthearted way. Our perspective began to shift, and instead of feeling helplessly bogged down by the muck of Scorpio, we began to compost the waste into a personal philosophy, fertile ideas for new growth.

But now that we’ve had a taste of what’s to come, Saturn returns to Scorpio to say, “I think you forgot something.” Scorpio can be mucky, but it’s important to have muck. It’s a part of the natural cycle. As a society, when the problem becomes too big to ignore, we finally have to create a solution. For a literal example, Hawaii never had a recycling plant until this year. Until then, they just buried all of the plastic and metal separately. Now, Hawaii’s garbage will be unearthed and recycled. This can be looked at on a collective or personal level: Let’s transmute our muck into something sustainable!

Scorpio also rules sexuality, deep merging, and transformation. I suspect we will continue to see the gender revolution make the news. We may also hear back from our friend, ebola or even better, one of the missing airplanes. Scorpio conjures the unexpected emergence of Truth, which was once suppressed or buried in time. (Saturn will return to Sag in September 2015.)

Tuesday, June 16th heralds a New Moon at 25⁰ Gemini. New Moons are a time of seed planting and setting new intentions. Gemini rules the community, neighbors, siblings, the personal exchange, data, the mind, mental patterns, transportation, close-distance travel and early education. It could be as simple as, “I’m finally going to ride my bike on the Tow-Path to Peninsula,” or “I’ve been meaning to do the beach cleanup in my community.” It could even be finally letting go of something, as curious Gemini has a tendency to spread itself too thin.

On a deeper level, the New Moon offers us the opportunity to reprogram negative mental chatter into positive affirmations. Whatever the limiting narrative is, catch it, and replace it with a new positive affirmation. As a trusty reminder, place your affirmation somewhere you are sure to notice it each day. Mars, still in tight orb with the Sun, energizes this New Moon; giving us an extra boost towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

At the end of the week, June 18-20th, we are asked to make another adjustment: “What is prohibiting me from shining? Is the amount of work I’ve taken on appropriate? Does this work contribute to my goals?” Or maybe not enough responsibility is being taken towards achieving one’s purpose. What steps can I implement each day so that I can eventually feel completely aligned with my true purpose?

The Summer Solstice arrives on June 21st, when the Sun enters Cancer at 12:37 p.m., EDT. How fitting that Father’s Day falls on the longest day of the year when our Father Sun shines the most!

The Solstice chart is too interesting to not further elaborate on: The Sun (who is the main subject of the Solstice), Mars, and the Moon are all in stressful aspect to Saturn, the status-quo. People all over the country are growing restless over racial injustice and abuse of power by the police and court systems. The Moon is hidden in the 12th house of secrecy at 29⁰ Leo. This is quite the auspicious degree, with the Sabian Symbol of “An unsealed letter.” Perhaps information will emerge that will benefit the general public. The Moon forms an exact square to Saturn at 29⁰ Scorpio. This is a stressful aspect that says “The people’s needs are not being met.” The Sabian Symbol for Saturn’s degree is “the Halloween Jester!” The people will not be fooled by the charade for much longer.

There are many astrological factors pointing to July 6-17th for this story to further unfold. Astrology tells us that we are all living in a revolutionary time. We all have free will and it’s up to us how we choose to participate. We can choose to react (emotional response) or to act (personal will). Challenges can be difficult to face, but it’s also an opportunity to improve the collective quality of life.

We then have an exact Jupiter/Uranus trine, boosting innovation, growth and creativity on June 22nd; followed by the last exact Mercury/Neptune square on June 23rd (see above).

New information may come to light regarding the story from mid-to late March from June 21st-June 24th

. It may mean finally letting go of something that feels confining or outworn.

Mars leaves curious Gemini on June 24th and enters family-oriented Cancer. This could manifest as the summer heat discouraging us from leaving the house as much, lazing around and playing in the yard.

On June 29th, we are inspired to socialize in extraordinary ways. Pay attention to the interesting people you attract over the weekend!

Love, Light and Peace to the Universe...