Astrology Report for November 2015, Part I: Shifting Inward


(*All times are read for Eastern Standard Time; for Pacific Standard Time, subtract 3 hours)

It's getting cold in the Northern Hemisphere. Not only are we preparing for hibernation, but the astrological aspects are inviting us to shift our focus inwards as well. For the next two weeks, we will be working with some intense energies that require a degree of self-awareness. We have a New Moon on 11/11. “1’s” are associated with new beginnings, so this is a cool “co-incidence”! The New Moon encapsulates a few aspects that we will be working with for the next few weeks. These 3 aspects are:

1)  Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces: This is about expansion through healing or mentoring. We can either be receiving or giving the healing or mentoring, but this is about personal growth and expanding beyond the confines of a painful situation. Perhaps we are facilitating this healing for others. This does not necessarily have to be one on one therapy. Maybe it just means taking the initiative to go to a yoga class, or a cooking class. With the Virgo/Pisces axis activated, it’s these avenues of spirituality, artisan crafts, volunteer work that may be especially helpful. 

This may be a time when a problem gets so big that we can no longer ignore it. Maybe seeking professional psychological or medical assistance is truly what is needed. Sometimes we have a hard time getting our health issues addressed─ whether it’s anxiety over the bills or just going in general. So we tell ourselves, “It’s not that big of a deal, this can wait…” but now the problem is worse. This aspect lasts for the entire month of November, so if you have been neglecting an ailment, address it sooner than later!

2)  Mars in Virgo opposite Vesta in Pisces:  Mars is about courage and taking action. Vesta is about your inner truth, the flame that is your soul. Sometimes we get distracted from our purpose. Think back to the Lunar Eclipse on September 27th in which Vesta played an integral part. There is a theme here. Action is to be taken. 

This configuration builds up to the New Moon on the 11th, where we will plant new seeds surrounding our commitments and personal evolution. We can begin contemplating how we would like to take action towards our true heart path. We know when we are sacrificing our beliefs for the sake of harmony or for the sake of supporting ourselves in the physical world. Now something is outgrown and the purpose has been served. Time to plan our escape from this situation. Because this is an opposition, it means that there is something in the way. Maybe it’s ourselves! We need to get out of our own way! Let the fear, anxiety, doubt, guilt, whatever it may be, arise and let it go!! (Entire month of November)

3)Yod: consisting of the Sun in Scorpio sextile Jupiter, with Uranus as the apex in Aries: This formation looks like a pointing finger, also known as a “Yod”, or a “finger of God.” It’s the Universe pointing and saying that we must look at this! The Sun sextiles Jupiter (harmonious) and they both inconjunct Uranus (uncomfortable). Somehow there is a lack of balance between these forces of the committed and private sides of the self (Sun in Scorpio), random, creative genius (Uranus in Aries), and diligent, mindful detailing (Jupiter in Virgo). Without this balance, we are experiencing more difficulty moving forward. Has the routine become stale? Or do we need to commit to a routine more fully? Taking a look at your natal chart would give us a clearer image of where this is showing up for you personally. Even so, we know what we need to do! (November 5th-13th;  peaks on the New Moon)

The 3 Major aspects listed above can be summarized by Doreen Virtue's Hilarion card.

On Sunday November 1st, the Moon is in Cancer all day until going Void of Course at 10:35 pm EST. We may feel like doing something out of the ordinary around noon when the moon squares Uranus. It’s a slight feeling of rebelliousness. However, the Moon is in the family sign of Cancer, so it may also be a nice day to visit the family later on in the day. Cancer also rules ancestry: celebrate Dia de los Muertos by remembering all of those who came before you.

Mercury accesses the deep caverns of the mind on November 2nd upon entering the mysterious sign of Scorpio. We may become slightly obsessed, if we are so inclined. This gives more of a psychological tendency, which is an impetus for transformation by way of diving deeply inward. This is akin to unpacking the old boxes in the back of the closet that you have been ignoring. Once you begin to look at all this stuff you haven’t seen in a while, you might decide you are ready to part with some of these items. Others, we still want to hold on to, either for sentimental value or because it might be useful later on. This is Mercury in Scorpio. It’s also great for research because of its relentless, tenacious nature.

The Moon enters Leo at 10:48 am EST, where we want to express ourselves. Leonian energy is creative, playful and has its own signature mark about itself that makes it unique. Celebrate your individuality by showing it off!

Also today, Mars and Venus form their 3rd conjunction of the year. We are reminded that LOVE WINS today, as their first conjunction heralded the Marriage Equality Act.

Tuesday November 3rd is Election Day, so don’t forget to vote! We have a 4th quarter Moon, which goes void at 8:46 pm, so try to get to the voting box beforehand. That shouldn’t be too hard. Today, we feel the Jupiter Chiron opposition tighten (see above #1).

Wednesday November 4th, the Moon is void for the entire day. This is a nice to play catch up; this is not the best day to initiate anything important. On void moons, I’ve noticed that I don’t do so well with timetables; going with the flow seems to be more efficient. I can still get a lot done, as long as I don’t force myself. The Moon enters Virgo at 9:22 pm EST.  

Mars tightens his opposition with Vesta today (see above #2).

On Thursday November 5th, the Virgo Moon activates a challenging T-square with Saturn and Neptune. Today might carry some challenges along the way. This is an energy that compels us to work towards our dream, and to be realistic about that vision we hold. It may be that we make adjustments to our vision.

Indeed, the energy surrounding adjustment is in the air: Jupiter inconjunct Uranus. Somehow there is a lack of balance between these forces of random, creative genius (Uranus in Aries), and diligent, mindful detailing (Jupiter in Virgo).

Without this balance, we are experiencing more difficulty moving forward. Has the routine become stale? Or do we need to commit to a routine? We know what we need to do.

We will be working with this energy as the Sun comes to sextile Jupiter and inconjunct Uranus as well. This formation looks like a pointing finger, also known as a “Yod”, or a “finger of God.” It’s the Universe pointing and saying that we must look at this! This Yod will echo through November 13th.

Friday November 6th: Mercury forms a creative trine with Neptune. This watery combination may be sensitive, spiritual, poetic, theatrical or has a desire to escape the ordinary.  The Moon conjoins Jupiter today, activating the Yod (#3 above). We may receive clarity on how to adjust ourselves in order to experience less difficulty.

Saturday November 7th, the Moon goes through a very brief void period before entering Libra at 10:14 am EST. Today is about nurturing our partnerships, and relating to others. The day should be action oriented and otherwise pleasant. 

On Sunday November 8th, Venus enters her ruling sign Libra. Venus is all about values, aesthetics and partnership, so she is very much at home here in Libra, the sign of relating and partnership. In Virgo, Venus is picky and analytical, which is part of choosing healthy relationships; but here in Libra, she is more likely to idealize her mate in the name of true love. Venus in Libra is social, and likes things to be mutually satisfying for all; she cares about maintaining the group harmony and will change the subject if things get too controversial!

As it just so happens, the Moon is in Libra all day! However, things may not be quite as pleasant as Venus would prefer… this is because the Moon makes stressful aspects to Uranus and Pluto, turning the crazy up a bit. There may be an upset during the day. The Libra Moon may help us keep our lips sealed to keep to peace, or rather, express our discontent with tact and diplomacy. The Moon turns void at 9:42 pm EST, inviting us to relax.

On Monday, we get a slow start to the week due to the Moon’s void for the entire day. On void moons, the energy is best spent without a schedule─ even if there is work to be done. Just allow yourself to flow between projects and eventually it will all fall into place. The moon isn’t making aspects, it’s sort of just floating. I’ve found that I do a lot of floating on void moons, purely through observation. If you are on a time crunch, it’s just going to take a little extra effort.

The Moon enters sexy Scorpio at 11:02 pm EST.

On Tuesday, November 10th, we are preparing for tomorrow’s New Moon. So wait until tomorrow to initiate anything important, if possible. The Moon is considered “dead” the day prior to the New Moon. She does, however, make a lovely trine with Neptune. This is a creative, imaginative, dreamy energy. Great for letting yourself off the hook to play. Joy and personal growth through freeform, boundary-less action or non-action.

Wednesday,11/11/15 is a NEW MOON in Scorpio!“1’s” are affiliated with new beginnings, so it’s quite amazing that we have a New Moon on 11/11! (Intelligent design??) We are beginning a new cycle surrounding committed partnerships. What are we seriously passionate about? Scorpio has an obsessive quality along with its passion. This New Moon invites us to plant new intention seeds surrounding intimacy and emotional investment. Scorpio also rules death and endings, which leads to rebirth.

The Sun and Moon conjoin Mercury, who is on the world axis degree of 15⁰, creating exciting headlines in the Scorpio arena of sex, death and finances.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are 3 major configurations occurring throughout the month, whose energies peak today; hugely emphasized in the New Moon chart, their influences are prolonged until the Full Moon. One of these configurations may speak more loudly to us individually, but we are offered to integrate them all into this new lunar cycle

Thursday, November 12th, Mars enters Libra. Mars isn’t quite himself here in Libra. Mars prefers to be impulsive, freely acting on his own desires without a care. But in Libra, he is forced to hesitate before acting, considering the needs of others in lieu of his sole desires. Here we are prone to indecisiveness, because we are extra concerned with the needs of others. This is considered a difficult placement in a natal chart due to a tendency to lose sight of one’s own goals, overwhelmed by the desire to please others and create harmony within the group.

Mars is on the World Axis and conjoins the Nodes of Destiny. This could indicate violence making the news. I hate to suggest gun violence, but it’s possible… Also, aggression, invasion, phalluses, or bullying.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:14 pm EST after a short void period, conjoining Saturn and squaring Neptune in the evening. Don’t stay up all night worrying about the past or future. Neptune has the tendency to distort. This energy is best used to see things for what they are. Dissolve the hardened edges and reimagine a positive solution. Be ready to have wildly vivid dreams!

Friday November 13th, Vesta stations direct from her retrograde adventure. We have soul-searched inwardly since the September 27th Lunar Eclipse. Then Mars recently asked us how we will take action, and now we are ready to implement our plan in the outer world. This is about our true heart path, the path of our higher self, not our personality.

The entire day has positive aspects, opening the gate of harmonious social interactions, mental clarity and inspiration.

Saturday November 14th, the Moon is void for the entire day in Sagittarius, before entering Capricorn at 7:21 pm EST. The Moon squares the Nodes of destiny, offering us a reconciliation between the path of the old way and the higher road of the future. Which will we choose? Healing action or apathy?

The Moon squares Mars, who is still holding a prominent space on the World Axis. Martian themes are strong tonight, so be extra careful if you plan to be out late tonight. Beware of machismos and reckless drivers.

Sunday November 15th, the Capricorn Moon squares Venus and conjoins Pluto. This is intimacy in relationships, or psychological processing. Perhaps the memory of someone from the past reemerges.  

*HUGE* astrological news is that the Lunar Nodes change signs on November 13th, from Aries/Libra to Virgo/Pisces. For the last 18 months, the North Node of Destiny traversed Libra, urging us towards cooperation and mutual respect. The passing of the Marriage Equality act definitely fulfilled this destiny here in the United States. Now the North Node is in Virgo, following the path that Jupiter began to blaze back in August.

Virgo themes will echo over the next 18 months: worker’s rights, agriculture, health, and artisan crafts and grassroots movements.

We will have to recon with the South Node in Pisces, which will allow us to effortlessly escape into the abyss of social media (the South Node is emerging from self-aware Aries, who puts their “selfie” first). The South Node of Pisces is the easy way out, “Someone else will do it;” Pisces is the great ocean where all individual drops of water become one. It’s easy to go with the flow and let others do the work, but that won’t fulfill the greatest potential. Tune in, gather the facts and take a position; this is no time to be apathetic!!

Piscean pesticides and pharmaceuticals need the scrutiny of Virgo. Healthcare, water, sustainability and agriculture are going to be hugely important topics over the next year and a half. They need attention. It’s important for each individual to have a voice and band together. Hone spirituality as service, not as an excuse to retreat. Be a shining light in the dark without fear of “lowering your vibration.” The time is now.  “The stars can't shine without darkness…”

That concludes the first half of November! Stay tuned for Part II!

For a more in depth evaluation as to how these energies affect you individually, email me to set up a personal reading!

Love, Light, Health and Healing to All on Earth!!