Living Astrology: Venus in Scorpio, where did everyone go?


Venus entered mysterious and private Scorpio on Friday, but I didn't really feel it until the Moon conjoined with her on Monday.

The Moon illuminates. And often when a planet changes signs, we don't notice a shift in energy until the Moon highlights it.

Just some observations: I noticed that on Monday, I holed up inside all day, recovering from the weekend. I did not leave the house until later in the day when my boyfriend and I went on a hike in a new area of the Metroparks. It just happened to be a trail along a wetland swamp.... Scorpio is a water sign and rules the murky dark waters, hiding a trove of riches beneath.

The following day, I went to work. When I'd left on Saturday, I had a FULL book of clients. But by the time I came in yesterday, I learned that 3 people had rescheduled. No big deal. Then 3 people no-showed. This never happens. I only did ONE haircut yesterday!! Unbelievable! I'm not sweating it though because I understand why: people went into hiding with Venus in Scorpio, conjoined with the Moon in Scorpio! People were subconsciously tuned into the energy, craving privacy in their thoughts, solitude, and time to recharge their batteries.

Scorpio is all or nothing: if you don't feel like doing something this month, you probably won't.

During this time, we will be exploring which of our commitments are worth our time and energy, and which activities aren’t worth our energetic investment. By the end of the month, we may decide to release that which we aren’t wholeheartedly passionate about, simultaneously committing harder to that which brings us more joy, empowerment, or even to that which is more lucrative.

Venus will remain in serious Scorpio until December 30th, when she enters party-time Sagittarius. New Years Eve should be a blast! Beware of going to excess because Venus can be very indulgent in Sag. 

One Love, One Planet