Astrology Report for July 2017: Sensory Guidance


*all times read for Eastern Daylight Time; for Pacific, subtract 3 hours


  • Mars opposite Pluto: emotional confrontations, feelings dominate psyche; can be a war aspect with themes of use/misuse of power.

  • Uranus, at 28⁰ Aries: often the last planet the Moon aspects before turning void. This indicates unpredictability and instability, but also surprise and excitement. Keep in mind that the gift of Uranus is to stir the pot. Unexpected events within a rigid schedule would be more stressful than on your day off.

  • The Sun and Mars travel closely together for the entire month. Mars is traveling faster and the Sun is traveling slower than average. The Sun gains on Mars in Cancer until trading places in early Leo. Emotions and feelings strongly dictate actions leading up to the Sun's passage over Mars.

  • Eclipse season begins with the New Moon on July 23rd.

Saturday July 1st,Chiron represents the evolving relationship with the wound. Today, this influential asteroid stations retrograde. Ignoring the pain doesn’t make it go away; rather, neglect makes it worse! Part of Chiron’s gift is learning to make friends with our mortal aches and pains. It’s hard being human─ we hurt, we feel, we aren’t all knowing, and our soft squishy bodies are not invincible! In process of accepting our human selves, we must befriend our pain. We ALL have pain somewhere. No one is exempt. Over time, we realize that our imperfections can give us character, and even wisdom.

Remember that healing is a process and you can’t down the whole pill bottle at once. This is a good time to reach out to others who might need some reassurance on their healing path. Take care and be gentle today.

For more information on Chiron, and to read my personal Chiron story, click here

The Moon is in Libra and squares off with Mars and Pluto. This represents an emotional conflict, a confrontation or a disharmony. Libra is the sign of partnership, but also open enemies. If you know that your ex will be at the same party this weekend, choose wisely. Be honest with yourself if you can handle it. Emotions are strong right now.

Sunday, July 2nd, certainly carries an element of emotional intensity. Obsessive-compulsiveness, the inability to rationalize or forget may overwhelm the psyche. The Mars/Pluto opposition tightens to exactitude today. Healthy outlets and supportive circles are really important this weekend. This is also a war aspect, so know that people are prone to confrontation and picking fights. Feelings need outlets, so it really may not be personal; but rather a helpless impulse to blow off steam on the first person who crosses them.

In recent past, Mars/Pluto aspects also correlate with police brutality and sexual violence. It’s really about control and power. With all of the motor vehicle assaults lately, I’d be nervous about that too. I hate to dish a dark report, but just be on the lookout. Play it cool, stick close to your trusted tribe and consciously communicate your feelings.


On the brighter side, Pluto is where you access your potency; it’s a symbol of transformation, catalyst and power. When we act consciously instead of allowing emotions to control us, we can get to the root of what the emotion is trying to show us. If you are feeling intensely, get to the root of it. It takes more effort, but it’s ultimately more rewarding if you can do so.

Mars/Pluto is also profoundly sexual and regenerative. If you find yourself fighting with your partner for no apparent reason, maybe you should shut up and get naked. Then see how you feel.

The Moon is void all morning, until the Moon enters Scorpio at 1pm EDT. Go with the flow and be open to possibility.

Monday, July 3rd, the Scorpio Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. What are you doing to take care of yourself? Your feelings are your compass, sensitizing you to your body, roots, environment and those around you. Today is an invitation to honor your intuitive senses and replenish. Give to yourself and/or others in your tribe.

Tuesday, July 4th:

Have you given away too much of your energy this weekend? Have you had no time to recharge? The Scorpio Moon polarizes with Venus in Taurus, highlighting issues of overindulgence, privacy, and energy expenditure. Didn’t you get the message? If you haven’t done something healing or replenishing yet, you might want to make it a priority today. We are offered a choice: following your heart or following the group. There’s an element of stubbornness here, but the gift is evolution if you choose your resistance.

If you’ve paced yourself, good for you! The thing to watch out for this evening, is the slickness of the tongue. Wit and hilarities are all good and fun until something comes out the wrong way. Mercury square Uranus gives mental agility, intuition, and quickness of the mind, but the words come out raw and unfiltered. Honesty is always best, but sometimes it’s the delivery that seals our fate. Tact is a virtue!

We’ve been preferring a slower pace over the past month, but now Venus enters Gemini (8:11 pm EDT) and we are ready to bring more stimulus into our world. We are all craving a little more excitement, inspiration and new juice. Socializing, mini-adventures, are what summer is all about. If you are wondering if you and your mate are exclusive or not, you might want to hold off on that question until Venus enters Cancer on the 31st! That is, unless you are really sure!

Wednesday, July 5th, fire warms the residual emotional dampness. Now it’s time to look forward and rekindle our passions. The Moon is in expansive, visionary Sagittarius. What’s on the horizon that you are galloping toward?

Mercury enters the heart of Leo, where heart infuses the mind. A renewed enthusiasm for learning may arise, but this aspect can be a bit of a know-it-all, as people take more pride in their opinions and views.

Vesta conjoins the north node of destiny, inviting us to connect with our eternal spiritual flame. What gives your soul purpose? Vesta cultivates the ability to sacrifice, ritual, and dedication. It’s time to devote more energy to the fire that excites your spirit.

The Sun trines Neptune and squares Jupiter. Might we hear more about this health care bill? Creativity is enhanced, but beware of seeing what you want to see. There might be a quality of overdoing, overextending or domineering. Even a good soul can unknowingly blind others with their light. You may feel encouraged that anything is possible! However, Jupiter usually enlarges whatever is going on.  

Thursday, July 6th, the Sagittarius Moon conjoins with wild woman Lilith, suggesting that the instinctive, primal side of Sagittarius may be activated today. Cravings for freedom, nature, open spaces, open sky, adventures, journeys and quests. Choose activities which make you feel free. Go with your instincts. 

Friday, July 7th, feel inspired this morning. You can see your future and it’s exciting! You see the illuminated path and the rush of possibility warms your spirit. The Moon turns void of course in Sagittarius, tinted by Uranus, the agitator. Positively, the settled matter at the bottom of the bottle, swirls upward, bringing the mixture to life. Like the rising of the kundalini, the potential is awakened. The day invites new ideas, renewed vitality, and can be positive for the nerves. Mercury and Venus perfect their sextile formation, acknowledging a harmony between head and heart, communication and desire. The Moon enters Capricorn at 1:45 EDT.


Saturday, July 8th, is a quiet day with few aspects. In the reserved, contained and focused sign of Capricorn, today is best spent tending to practical matters or working toward something of of long-term benefit. It’s a chill, down to earth day, combining ease and effort. The Moon sextiles Neptune and squares Jupiter within the 6:00 hour, making way for a slightly indulging meal and good company. Seek beauty. The Capricorn Moon wants to be frugal and order something smaller or healthier but Jupiter challenges that you deserve to treat yourself. Which planet will win? It’s all about balance and reaping rewards if earned. 

Full Moon :: Sunday, July 9th :: 00:07 am EDT :: 17⁰09 Capricorn

The Capricorn Full Moon answers to what you began building in January 2016. Wherever this degree lands in your chart is where you laid new foundation in your life, and now, we are seeing the results.

Capricorn rules our long-term goals, ambitions, where we are invested and what we are building; it’s where we have a grounded purpose and do the work on a gradual basis. “Rome was not built in a day,” is the motto here. In construction, the most important aspects are the foundation and the skeletal structure. Do the large structures in your life still feel supportive? The Full Moon aligns with the Mars/Pluto opposition, illuminating resourcefulness and willpower, but also, our feelings. Maybe the structure is sturdy, but are you comfortable there? With Mars/Pluto, it’s vital that we are passionate and excited about where we direct our energy. Wilted passions could become reinvigorated.

The tenacity of Mars/Pluto can make it challenging to let go. You’ve put so much time and energy into this creation, which conditions our readiness to release and evolve in a new direction. Jupiter exasperates any issues and by now, it’s too big to ignore. You must do something now.  Saturn trines the north node of destiny, aligning you with your purpose. What feels best and seems to flow? The path of least resistance is probably your bet, reserving energy for new growth.

The Sabian image for this degree is “The union jack flies from a new British warship.” Pick your battle. A new ship is setting sail. Perhaps it’s time to rebrand the mission.

Monday, July 10th, the Sun perfects its opposition to Pluto, which is an aspect of potency and depth, however, we are able to make light of life’s complexities. The Aquarius Moon wants to connect and relate. With a trine to Venus in Gemini, conversation is anything but dull! Consciousness can be intense, but when you have good friends to laugh about life with, no one’s getting thrown in the cenote! Be the observer and take on a dark sense of humor!

Ceres moves into Cancer, behaving as the fiercely protective divine mother. Out of bounds and prone to extremes, look out for themes of over-protection, custody, defensiveness and unwarranted mothering.  Ceres remains out of bounds for most of the month; ruling nourishment and grains, I wonder if we will want to overeat!

Tuesday, July 11th, may be a chatty morning. The networking Aquarius Moon makes an early trine to Jupiter in Libra, who wants to connect and relate. Focusing might be an issue today, so instead improvise and be creative. In the evening, the Moon trines responsible Saturn, when we turn in at a decent hour and make more sustainable choices. We are invited to let go of a habit that doesn’t serve us so well.

Wednesday, July 12th, everything is perfectly imperfect. Just allow any surprises and go with it. The Moon enters Pisces at 11:51 EDT, when we soften and relax our focus. d rigidity. The more flexible you can be, the smoother the day will flow. Saturn people may have trouble with this. There a kite formation, so if you can lighten up enough, the unexpected change of course can take you somewhere magnificent.



Thursday, July 13th, are we still figuring out this health care bill? Today’s yod formation seems to carry such themes of legislature and hidden agendas. The Moon conjoins Neptune, so even though you want to drop out into abysmal oneness, it’s important to pay attention. Don’t be fooled.  You can dream deeply when you sleep tonight.

Friday, July 14th, some of us don’t want to adult today! Maybe we are feeling bummed out about something or we can’t get the motivation we need. The Moon turns void with a trine to Mars in Cancer at 1:00 pm EDT. It’s hard to do something if we don’t feel like it! Feelings will color the afternoon and early evening until we get reenergized at 7:52 pm when the Moon enters impulsive Aries. Something might “click” around 5 pm, when you see something for what it is.  

Saturday, July 15th, exact aspects are quiet in the sky today. But we might be feeling the tension of the Mars/Uranus square, which perfects on Monday. This can be a volatile combination if not mindfully handled. Challenging on the nerves, people may feel at their wits end. “I don’t give a fuck any longer!” The impulse to break free, break rules and quit limiting situations is on the table. More positively, the is an overall desire to experiment and to get closer to the “edge.”

Knowing that this energy is prominent this weekend, we can consciously choose ways to break the mold that aren’t so reckless! Mars square Uranus is the “pedal to the metal” aspect and gives a need for speed, so buckle up and seek your thrills. But be safe! The evening is made for enjoyment and socializing, but go easy, as we are prone to over-doing.

Sunday, July 16th, shake it free or give it an outlet. The energy I spoke of yesterday is still present, while today, Luna conjoins with Eris, the enraged feminine archetype. In mythology, Eris had every right to be pissed off. Know that your anger and frustrations are justified; but what can be done about it? There is a kite formation today, which can elevate and transport, but first the heaviness must be left behind. We are not always in control of what’s going on around us, but it’s up to us how we respond to it.

The Moon squares the Sun, moving toward the last chapter of this lunation cycle. What else do you have to do to feel nurtured and to extend it to others? Mercury inconjuncts Pluto, so we might hear or uncover something that rubs us the wrong way.

Monday, July 17th, the Taurus Moon seeks to satisfy senses and desires today. When it comes to spending, try to keep the pleasures simple; we’ve got rose-colored glasses on, so we can easily delude ourselves. It’s a great day to fall in love because we won’t see flaws, or we will glamorize them. Probably not the best day to make impulsive decisions, unless it’s a decadent dessert! On the plus side, the Neptune energy is ideal for art, meditation, music, wandering and other fluid activities. 

Vesta enters Virgo today, so after you indulge a bit today, you may be drawn toward reprioritizing. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. This is a great time to begin healthier rituals. What small improvement can you integrate into the daily routine? Mars perfects its square to Uranus today (wild impulsiveness) while Neptune erodes our sense of importance. It’s about to be a weird day. 

Tuesday, July 18th, can be a very productive day. You shook off what you needed to and now it’s time to hunker down and return to the practical matters, meaning and duty. You are a steam roller, but so is everyone else! The evening is nice for socializing and enjoyment. The Moon squares the nodes of destiny offering a choice: doing what you feel versus doing what’s best for the group, or passion versus disassociating. Choose to get heated or not.

Wednesday, July 19th, the Gemini Moon makes no aspects today. Enjoy a spontaneous day and use it how you like! Mercury trines Saturn helping to solidify an idea. Words have meaning.

Thursday, July 20th, Mars leaves moody Cancer and enters passionate Leo at 8:19 am but we may not feel the complete shift until the Sun enters Leo on Saturday.

The Gemini Moon merges with Venus for lighthearted conversation, banter and playfulness. It’s going to be one of those days when it’s hard to sit still. This is the type of morning where you’ll want to treat yourself to a coffee after your morning workout. Venus in Gemini has an easy time spending $5 here and then $8 there. This combo answers to Mercury on the north node, which means that someone’s words, spending, frivolousness, carelessness is going to have an impact. Mercury is also the salesman, the thief and the trickster. Let’s see what happens! The Moon opposes Saturn, which makes for a productive afternoon and evening. Duty calls and tasks are taken care of, even if you’d rather be doing something else.


The Sun squares Uranus, enriching us with a desire for excitement. “What else is possible?” asks Uranus. What has become too limiting and needs to change? Uranus transits carry a vibration of suddenness. Changes can happen like lightning speed. You didn’t see it coming! That person just moved out, quit their job and went on an adventure. Uranus challenges our worldview and complacency.  

Friday, July 21st, Mercury remains aligned on the

north node in Leo, which says, “this is who I am, this is my truth.” The message arrives unfiltered, because the truth cannot stay hidden any longer. There’s a sudden recklessness, where the consequences are no longer outweighed by how one feels. The truth is spoken and now there’s no going back. A new structure, a new reality adjusts accordingly. The person feels they will die if they don’t speak up.

Maybe this resonates with you on a personal level. It’s time to honor your senses: emotional, intuitive, psychic. Emotions are not something that we should learn to dominate with rationale. Emotions are a physical-sensory experience reflecting what is going on in a layer of our aura called the emotional body, which carries non-verbal memories and imprints. Our senses and our instincts are meaningful! They are often more useful tools than the mind, which is ruled by the trickster Mercury. The mind often deceives, while the gut never lies. Now more than ever, it’s important to listen.

Saturday, July 22nd, today is a unique day because it is the only day of the year in which both the Sun and Moon, our two luminaries, are in their home signs of Leo and Cancer (respectively)! I’m excited to observe this, but I imagine that aside from some of the emotional restlessness in the air, there will be a general contentedness that all is in order and as it should be.

We are all a living process─ an evolutionary unfolding of divine expression. The light of the Sun is the love of Creation; it’s life. The Moon represents the Primal Mother who nurtures our development and receives us unconditionally. The primal symbolism of the Sun and Moon is everywhere: the yin-yang, night-day, extrovert-introvert… we live in a dimension of duality. May we all connect with the courage to shine, express our authentic truth and radiate our soul’s essence into the world, while also feeling emotionally supported, loved, heard and nourished.

The Moon opposes Pluto early in the morning, which helps us to access our inherent gifts, power, potential and resources. Today we have x-ray vision to detect underlying truth and meaning. Pluto helps get to the root of the issue and once you see it, you can’t look at it the same and evolution naturally unfolds.

In perfect harmony, today is the day before the new moon, which is ideal for reflection, quiet contemplation and going with the flow. Today is not the day to begin a new adventure or begin something momentous. Rest and allow.  

New Moon :: Sunday, July 23rd :: 0⁰44’ Leo :: 5:45 am EDT

The immense heart of the Leo New Moon is energized by a tight conjunction with Mars. Leo represents the expressive, creative qualities which are limbs of our soul’s essence. What makes us alive is the divine spark which lives in our heart; the heartbeat pumps lifeforce through the physical body and simultaneously generates the auric field. The heart is also where we feel intensely.

This new moon begins a new cycle around how we pursue joy, and fulfill our hearts desire. It’s also a chance to check in with what we are projecting into the world. Ruled by the radiant Sun, Leo is the star in the spotlight whose performance influences the room. This is why Leo’s have a reputation for being dramatic! You are the star of your life, so what’s the story you are projecting? 

Mars governs action─ the conscious choices we make each day. In Leo, Mars makes decisions to the heart’s accord. What does your heart desire? This placement can be incredibly passionate, ambitious and willful and anything standing in the way should heed the warrior spirit. “Love conquers all.”  

Mars is the War God. Why does man battle? Pride, honor, ego… or for matters of the heart. But the heart isn’t always pure. Much of the issues in the world are caused by greed and megalomania, or said another way, heart chakra blockage! Only hurt people hurt others. The Sabian symbol reads: “under emotional stress, blood runs to a man’s head.” LOVE can be the only answer.

Eclipse season is here! This New Moon culminates with a Lunar Eclipse! Eclipses carry a fated quality in the collective, and in our personal lives if it aspects sensitive points in our natal charts. Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, especially. Pay attention to what arises for you on and around this New Moon.


Monday, July 24th, positive vibes fill the morning, with a renewed warmth and optimism. Jupiter offers an opportunity to see something in a new way or reach beyond the norm. Venus opposes Saturn, which speaks of appropriate boundaries and limits in our relationships, finances and desires. This is a period of checking in with the rules you’ve set for yourself. Have you been doing a good job saving money? Have you been celibate for too long? Or do you need to guard your resources better? This is simply a time of checking in, although it feels abruptly in your face. There might be an interaction or event in which you are confronted by your value system. This is a chance to reinforce your values or to make any changes that feel right. Are we too closed off or are we too liberal with the matters of the heart? What needs to change?

It’s important to pay attention to whatever arises on/around today;

Mercury enters its “shadow.”

In other words, when Mercury turns retrograde next month, this is the place he will retrace his steps back to. If your phone goes berserk, back it up. Pay attention to what happens between now and August 12th, as this will play into your Mercury retrograde story. Don’t do anything different, don’t be afraid to take action, just simply pay attention. This is also the eclipse degree at the end of August. Super potent. Stay alert.

Mercury trines Uranus, which offers creativity, miraculous flowing insight, a sharpness and quickness of the mind, wit, and a clarity of consciousness. Today has much potential for productivity, creativity and social enjoyment. What an awesome, dynamic day.

Tuesday, July 25th, Mercury enters their home sign of Virgo at 7:41 pm EDT. In Gemini, it’s all about gathering information, while in Virgo, it’s about assimilating it. Like the digestive process, it’s about sorting the information: “This is useful, this is not.” Mercury in Virgo gives us more discernment, refinement and attention to detail. Mercury will have an extended stay in Virgo (due to retrograde motion), now through September 30th. Thus, we will have plenty of time to triple check anything we are working on.

The Moon joins Mercury in its passage to Virgo. Virgo emphasizes the daily routine which creates our reality. The small choices you make each day add up. If you want to master something, you must put the time in regularly. Today is ideal for nurturing your routine, health, skills and your vocation. The Moon aligns with Vesta, which is about devotion, service to something bigger than you. What are you working toward?

Wednesday, July 26th, do we ever truly awaken from the dream? Is any of this real? Are facts even facts? Neptune asks that we surrender to the flow, at least in the morning. Whatever happens, happens; whatever you feel should be honored. It is what it is. For now. Everything is in motion and life is a kaleidoscope. Our orientation shifts in the afternoon when the Moon aspects Pluto. Time to get to work! You are an autonomous extension of the whole, with free will, desires and complexities. Use it to serve the now. The evening might be a cranky one, with the Moon’s square to Saturn. There’s a disappointment with the way things are, but it will surely pass.

The Sun finally overtakes Mars. These two have been travelling closely for the entire month, which has intensified the will, sharpened our edge and illuminated our warrior spirit. We sense a shift; the battle is behind us and now we don’t have to put so much effort. We become the sword. Now how will you wield it? 

Thursday, July 27th, enjoy a peaceful and introspective morning by going with the flow. The Moon is void all morning, which is great for follow through and routine activities, but don’t force activity if you can avoid it. We are under the influence of Venus and Chiron this morning, suggesting themes of “the harmony produced by witnessing the process.” Just allow and see what wisdom arrives. The Moon enters Libra at 11:37 am EDT. Now we can initiate and it will have been worth our while to wait. Relate, listen, share, harmonize your energies with others in the symphony of living vibrations that is life. To harmonize doesn’t mean you can’t polarize or stand out!

Friday, July 28th, the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Libra, infusing optimism and abundance into the day. So what if you overindulge a bit? Jupiter reminds us that we should enjoy the present moment. We are free and sovereign beings, so why not immerse in life’s pleasures once in a while? In the evening, Pluto gets involved and urges us to look a little deeper. This is excellent for meditation or deep conversation. Get to the bottom of it and evolve the experience.



Saturday, July 29th, do the important things early and then break free at 5:30 pm EDT. You build the sand castle and now you can stomp on it. Uranus encourages us to take a chance, get wild and do something out of the ordinary. See what else is possible. The excitement stabilizes with the Moon’s entry into Scorpio at 8:23 pm. Riffing off of the Uranian unpredictability, Scorpio has both a dark and dirty sense of humor, which makes for a fun night, but also bonding. Whether, trusted friends or acquaintances, everyone’s bound to feel a little more intimate with one another by the end of the night! 

Sunday, July 30th,

 leap out of bed with the impulse to get moving. The Moon squares Mars, indicating a restlessness or a passionate will. The square can feel frustrating without adequate outlets. What’s in your way? Venus sextiles Uranus, which is the craving for excitement, freedom and authenticity. What makes you feel free, unlimited and blissful? What makes you feel like you are thriving? Treat yourself a bit today, but only because you simply deserve it!

Monday, July 31st,

 the Moon is void for the entire day. Allow yourself to go with the flow if you can. These all-day lunar voids are gifts of rest, catch-up, going with the flow and allowing for us to be intuitively guided. Much of our lives are ruled by schedules, commitments, responsibility and expectation, while days such as today offer relief. If you are reading this in advance, it might be opportune to take an extended weekend. The dog days of summer are here.

Venus enters the sensitive sign of Cancer, emphasizing our feeling nature. Venus in Cancer seeks to belong─ to be a valued member of the tribe. In Gemini, it was all about working the room, but in Cancer, we know who’s in the tribe. Cancer is the sign of the family, so we seek to feel at home in our environment. Food and nourishment are huge parts of this. What is the food your soul needs? Maybe it’s not literal food, but since Cancer governs our roots and we are rooted in the physical body, we must listen to what our body is telling us. Allow yourself to receive the nourishment you crave, and rest if need be.

The Moon squares the nodes of fate, offering a choice of direction. Remember, it’s eclipse season, so it will definitely feel fated. The level of intensity that this is felt depends on where the eclipses are occurring in your chart, but especially for Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. 

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....