Astrology of November 2017: The Subtle Here and Now


Jupiter and Venus,

 the two most luminous planets in the sky join together on the morning of November 13th , just before sunrise in the eastern sky. Trust me, you're not gonna want to miss this. So get up early and cast your sleepy eyes on this magnificent ball of light. The two planets will be so close to each other, that their auras appear to merge.

Why is this so unique? Declination. Venus and Jupiter conjoin every year, but for one, we can't always see it. For two, they might both arrive at the same zodiacal degree, but they might be far apart in terms of north and south in the sky.  However, this time Venus and Jupiter will conjoin at the same degree of declination AND of the zodiac. Truly a spectacular sight, and assumed to be the same celestial phenomenon known as the Star of Bethlehem. 

Pay attention!

Remain alert to the subtle sensations in your body as you move through your day on

November 15th: You'll get a clue as to what your Mercury Retrograde story will be about. No, it hasn't happened yet, but the "dread" might begin to sink in. Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to go back and review, re-do, revisit, realize, remember... We can't always crusade forward. There is so much value in reflection... realization. 

Mercury begins retrograde motion in Sagittarius on December 3rd, appearing to move backward in the sky until December 21st. But because the Trickster retraces his steps, it is where he is on this day that marks where he eventually returns to. So again, pay attention to clues and take note of possible themes. 

More clues emerge as Jupiter moves away from the rays of the Sun, from November 17th onward. Since mid October, truth bombs have been dropping left and right, but what do we do about it? The path will become increasingly more illuminated from here on out, but don't expect to have all the answers right away. Jupiter still has a long ways to go through the underworld. 

Tuesday, November 7th, The Moon is in the sentimental sign of Cancer. Great day to reminisce, dig up old memories, good or bad! Relax into your comfort zone and nurture your home. Call your Mom or Dad and you might get a good story out of them. In the evening, the Moon makes a tough aspect to Mars, inviting possible moodiness or an upset of some kind. Perhaps you need to let something out. Let the tears flow or say what you need to. Talk it out.

Wednesday November 8th, The sentimental Moon might dig too deep with an opposition to Pluto. the  keeper of the crypt of a secret lock box of things to deal with later. Could be an issue with healing or power. The evening might get rambunctious if you're up late! But it could be really creative and healing, so know that it might be worth it to stay up past your bedtime! 


Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas becomes a renegade when he moves "out of bounds" on November 10th.

Through December 7th, it might be difficult to hold your tongue. But at least you're speaking your truth.

Mercury in Sagittarius gives lofty ideals and an altruistic sense of righteousness. You're honest, but you might not have a well rounded perspective. You're right and everyone else is wrong.

On Monday, November 13th, there is an aspect of the Zealot. Extreme beliefs on either side of the spectrum. This person speaks confidently, but they don't have all of the facts...

This is because Mercury squares Neptune, blurring the lines of reality and fantasy. 

We want to believe it's true. Or not true. But it's just too hard to discern right now. Smoke and mirrors. Beware of the magicians in the spotlight. 

Thursday, November 9th: Power becomes a theme as the Sun and Pluto connect. Check in with your solar plexus. Are you standing tall enough? Or perhaps your voice booms over everyone else. Are you a leader who encourages everyone's unique gifts or do you outshine the rest? Have you toned it down too much for fear of your own luminosity? Notice if you aren't speaking your truth clearly enough. The Moon is in Leo, which encourages authentic expression. It's an energized,  chatty day filled to the brim with warmth, so go ahead and give it a try. 

Friday, November 10th, claim your crown; step into your birth right. Seek joy. Wrap up and release the old way. 

Saturday, November 11th, complete the secret pact with your higher self. Juno finally conjoins Pluto. This has to do with loyalty and commitment to something empowering, or strengthening. What are you committing to now that promises to elevate you in some form? At what means are you willing to go to achieve this? Sometimes we must let something else die, which is not always easy. With Pluto, you KNOW deep down what must be done. 

Speaking of transformation and growth, today is the final exact trine of Saturn and Uranus. These two have been in and out of formation all year, encouraging us to update the outworn aspects of the current order: moving toward renewable energy, inclusiveness of individuality, technological breakthroughs. Let's see if we hear anything from Elon Musk today!

The last time that these two outer planets formed into an exact trine was May 19th 2017. Looking back, we already see some of these themes reemerging: 

  • Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting with a 15 year old. Now he begins serving his sentence.

  • Cabinet Members step down and resign

  • Formal bid to but Calexit on the 2018 ballot

  • Manchester bombing and a car crashing into people in Times Square; this seems to be a theme this year

  • Net neutrality

  • Barnum and Bailey had their last performance. Pressure from animal rights activists?

Sunday, November 12th: why are you so spaced out this morning? Blame Neptune or admit you had too much fun last night! Snuggle on the couch or get your booty into a downward dog and float to the front of your mat. Keyword, f l o a t.

Remember to wake up early tomorrow morning to see the luminous Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

Monday, November 13th, today could be a deeply sensitive and introspective day. Not only is the day influenced by an irritable edge from Saturn (nothing seems to go as planned!), but the marriage of Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio brings up more issues around sex, intimacy and themes therein of healing and wounding.

Essentially, more shit emerges that we purposely swept under the rug. Why do we need to talk about this? Because if we don't address it, it's going to fester and mutate into something even harder to make sense of. Where have you felt violated, humiliated or embarrassed?  This is an excellent time to seek the help of a professional to help us rewrite the story. We all have wounds and traumas of varying forms, so we shouldn't have to carry the shame. Talk about it.  

This combo has magnificent healing powers, so tune in if you'd like! Excellent for sex, intimacy and deep convos with friends. Expect the mood to brighten by the day's end, but don't expect to have all the answers. As I mentioned previously, Neptune is blurring the lines of reality and it's hard to see clearly. Thus, the instincts of Scorpio kick in. Instincts are the (mostly) unconscious urges and reactions that we have- so with the themes of cars driving into crowds, I'd be watchful today (and sadly, I can't not mention this).  Instinct is our very first primal language of survival. Honor the feeling. 



The perfect cusp image between Scorpio and Sagittarius!

Tuesday, November 14th, 

Moon in Libra wants to debate this evening. Healthy sparring with your mates. Watch a sports game, play poker or hit the gym after work. 

Wednesday, November 15th, there might be some excitement as the day begins to wrap up, but tonight's an evening to be sensible. You've had enough fun. Make dinner, meditate, read, go to bed. 

Thursday, November 16th, Love is in the air! Maybe it's the cold weather encouraging us to move in closer. Or maybe it's just this tumultuous world which urges us to choose at least one person to trust. Love fully. Engage. Go deeper together.  Weave your own fairytale. How does the story go? Venus trines Neptune, which has the power to move you emotionally. Think of your best friend's wedding vows, or a baby smiling at their mother. But Venus is in Scorpio, so again, it could also be a Haunted House that you paid $20 to experience! What's the illusion you want to see? The point is the feeling

Friday, November 17th, say what you mean and mean what you say! Mercury sextiles Mars, imbuing passion into speech. Make a choice in direction today. How will you proceed?

Scorpio New Moon (26⁰ 11): November 18th, 6:42 am EST

This new moon offers bountiful potential for healing. It's time to shed that itchy layer of dead skin. Think of the recent discomfort as a CATALYST for growth. Scorpio is a potent sign of transformation; but often transformation has a  prelude of crisis. Before that sparkly diamond landed on your finger, it was a drab piece of coal; between forms, it endured a thousand-year chrysalis period of pressure-cooking within the Earth. Change is the only constant in our lives, and Scorpio knows this intimately. To Scorpio, EVOLutionandLOVE are synonymous. 

It's going to be a sensitive time. Your instincts are in the forefront of your awareness, defying rationale. What are you feeling? Anger? Passion? Compulsion? You must honor your primal, intuitive knowingness, as this was your very first language. The way you first learned to perceive was not with the words which you speak. Notice the emotional and psychic impressions you receive. Logic moves to the side for now. You KNOW what must be done to move through this energy. Don't keep yourself small. Scorpio is an all or nothing sign, so you really need to go for it!

Again, this period is ripe for renewal and healing. But often there is a push, a reminder of why we do the work...

Mars, ruler of Scorpio, makes a harsh square to Pluto, amplifying compulsive behavior. I NEED TO... I MUST....

Mars is also receiving help from Saturn, expressing a readiness to build a new order. What's the new attitude that serves your highest potential and supports your growth? Even though there are some volatile energies, the emphasis is on moving forward. Sometimes a bit of agitation is necessary for change to take place, as we are seeing here in the United States.  

New Moons are usually quiet periods of introspection, and the Scorpio new moon is doubly so. Allow yourself as much alone time as you need. 

The degrees of 24-26 are activated, so think back to that age. What changes did you make? How did you grow?

(You can also visit the ages of 54-56.) And when in doubt, go with your gut!

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. You are all my family.

May we all be awakened to our heart, and align our hearts together to create a

New Earth, rooted in righteousness, love, equality, abundance and compassion for all.

Wahe Guru

-Catherine O