Gemini Full Moon: 12/3/2017: The Mind's Triplicity


Full Moon 12⁰ Gemini: 12/3/2017 10:47 am EST:

playfulness, curiosity, restlessness, wit, the mind~

The Moon is the closest to Earth right now, so we are REALLY feeling this one! The mind is the part of self that thinks it knows. There are 3 main expressions of the mind:

Positive mind: "I can do it!"

Negative mind: "I’ll fail anyway."

Neutral mind: "It is what it is."

Ideally, we should have a healthy balance of all three. Check in and see what you are feeling now. Is it different from normal? Similarly, there is a past, present and future: 3 modes of time. 

Ruler of Gemini, Mercury, has just onlystationed retrogradehours earlier, stands still between the past and the future. We can see both forward and backward in time, standing right here. We have both perspective forward and back, and ability to be in the present.  It is said that if you have anxiety, it's about the future; depression/guilt, the past; so we try to be in the present as much as we can, although we can't be there all of the time. 

Despite the gifts, confusion can also arise. The mind is not used to operating this way, so it can GET LOST IN THE PROCESS.

Neptune tightly squares the Full Moon, which can muddle reality and distort our normal thought process. We might go to extremes of doubt and confidence,  fantasy and fear, truth or untruth... Or, it’s a case of Divine Discontent – no matter what, it’s not enough! Neptune can also show us things we are grateful for, if we position ourselves to do so.

Lucky for us, Saturn conjoins Mercury, helping us to see clearly, remain grounded and aim to be pragmatic. However, the struggle is real right now. Neptune’s position is the strongest.


We are not seeing as clearly... yet. In a few days we will. So for now,

Do not assume.

Follow the directions on the box.

Go with what you know.

Check your sources.

And don’t psyche yourself out too much. It’s a Super-Full Moon in Gemini and we are full of ideas and not all of them serve us!!

(and if you ARE curious enough to try something new and it doesn't go as planned, you'll be glad you gained the experience!)

May ALL the LOVE surround you!!!