A Look at Saturn in Capricorn: December 2017- December 2020

We’ve done enough seeking. The future is NOW.


It's time to find your TRUE PURPOSE, and fully embody it. Capricorn is a physical sign, where we ground down the Sagittarian ideals. In the physical dimension, we must act. No more complaining, no more wishing. Either make it happen, or quit wasting energy. 

Saturn is at home in Capricorn, where personal responsibility, integrity and the fruits of our actions (karma) amount to something. Every action has a reaction; words are of equal vibratory nature that makes up everything tangible. Look around. See things for what they are. 2016 and 2017 notoriously blurred lines to the point where nothing seemed clear. But now, it's going to be starkly different. 

One thing that is excruciatingly clear is that the current order is no longer supportive of the majority, but only a select few. 

In the United States, the rot has been gradually exposed since 2008 with the crash of the housing market. Not coincidentally, the plummet coincided with Pluto's ingress into Capricorn. Pluto doesn't give two shits whether we learn the lesson or not, but Saturn does indeed. Saturn is like the stern teacher who calls you out on all of your BS; at first you hate him, but then you  later realize that he really cared about your success and well-being all along. It's about respect. No more baby games. Saturn has returned to his home sign, like parents coming home  after their teenagers threw a kegger. 

No doubt, the peak of this 3-year transit will be the conjunction (union) of Saturn and Pluto, occurring in January, 2020. 

The last time Saturn and Pluto conjoined was during the Reagan Era, which seeded the very snag which led to the unraveling of the middle class. Trickle down economics? Tax breaks were given to the wealthy, which has amounted to the bulk of the issues we are dealing with now.

Occupy Wall Street seems to mark  first distinct outcry against the massive inequality of wealth. But it wasn't enough; the movement lacked concrete (Saturn) goals to achieve change. But finally, Saturn is here to help.  In one single week, the FCC abolished Net Neutrality and the Republicans passed a widely opposed tax bill, serving the interests of the wealthy elite. Saturn is all about sobering up, and now we are all waking up from the "American Dream," and realizing it is only but a dream. As this 30 year cycle comes to a close, it's our responsibility to learn from our mistakes and do better this next time around. 

Pluto is all about power; use/misuse/abuse; moving from powerlessness to empowerment; exposing the truth, healing and evolution. Saturn wants to create a structure around power and lay some ground rules. Everything is up for review: What's acceptable and what's not? We can only hope that the recent theme of holding people accountable for inappropriate behavior can extend beyond Hollywood and into the corporate and federal rings.

A LOT has changed since the 1980's: globalization, technology,  the internet,

increased life expectancy... 

Saturn wants to know what the rules are. Speed limits and traffic lights were created long after people were driving cars. In many cases, rules create order and can help protect.  So it's no wonder that people are now trying to regulate the internet. The problem, however, is that the terms and conditions of the Net Neutrality Bill are oppressive to most people, instead serving corporate interest. 

We are, however,  in a time when children are technologically more advanced than their parents, ushering in a whole new set of concerns around safety. In the next three years, we might see more programs introduced to help parents regulate their children's online activity. 

Another concern of Saturn in Capricorn is


. With social security drying up, many of us are wondering how we'll ever retire. This transit should at least ignite the conversation about how we can change the current order and implement a new plan which serves our ageing society. We all deserve to be comfortable as we age! 


We are going to need to set some controls in place.

"Too Big to Fail"?

That's what they said about the Titanic.

Interestingly, the last time Saturn was in Capricorn and

Jupiter was in Scorpio

was 1959.

My mother was born in 1959 and recently lamented that "there is no rule book for this! How do we know if we are doing to right thing in making choices for our parents?" She stated that her generation is paving the path of rearing children and then caring for their parents in a similar fashion. Over the next 3 years, we might collectively try to figure this out.

We are living longer, so how does this affect things like retirement, IRA's and social security? How can be better prepare for our own inevitable ageing? And how can we support our elders (and inevitably ourselves) as they age?

 recently saw a brochure for a retirement community which boasted top-notch art classes for their residents; now that's awesome! I hope to see retirement communities begin to look as enticing as college campuses. If you live to be 90, where would you like to be living?  And how will these facilities be funded? 

Skin, bones, teeth and hair(all indicators of age) are also under Saturn/Capricorn's domain. We might see advances in dentistry, skin-care, anti-ageing and even in hip-replacements. Recently, scientists discovered the gene responsible for grey hair and balding - both symptoms of ageing! Let the clinical trials begin.

The Good News: 

Saturn in Capricorn has limits. This ingress signals a time of getting realistic about your time, priorities and goals. Simplify to have only what is necessary. Slow it down and say no to unnecessary clutter in your life. 

A slower pace means that we can steady our stance, our drishdi and our mudra; ground it ALL down. 


Doing the necessary Saturn work of having a steady paycheck, visiting the dentist every 6 months and the mechanic every 4 months ensures the lower risk of chaos. Live within the means of WHATS POSSIBLE. The last 3 years challenged us to push beyond our wildest dreams, and now its simply about sustainability so we don't crash and burn. 

And a bit of Bad News:

Saturn/Capricorn deals with conservation and conservatism, so things may have to get worse before they can get better. Fears breed stricter safety measures, born out of a 3-year-era of xenophobia, Black Lives Matter and gender equality. So we may first witness greater attempts to control, restrict and regulate.

Butnature conservationwould be an excellent thing! As Uranus moves into Taurus in May of 2018, we will shift our focus to sustainable farming and infusing technology with agriculture. This is where Saturn in Capricorn will be exceptionally helpful!Watch for when Saturn trines Uranus July- October 2018.

What about Me?

This transit affects everyone collectively, however it's gonna feel personal for some:

  • Capricorn (Sun/Moon/Ascendant)

  • Aries, Cancer, Libra (Sun/Moon/Ascendant)

  • Born 1959-1961

  • Born 2/14/1988 - 6/10/1988

  • Born 11/13/1988 - 2/7/1991.

If more than one of these apply to you, feel free to contact me at any time. I'd be happy to guide you through it.  Saturn transits can be very challenging, as it's all about growing up. 

If your birthday falls into the aforementioned dates, congratulations! You are beginning your first or second Saturn return. If it's your second, think back to 28-30 years ago. What was going on for you? How were you challenged and how did you grow? Watch for similar themes repeating.

If you are having your first Saturn return, here's a special article just for you! Everyone's first Saturn return is a Rite of Passage into adulthood. It's an invitation to get serious about creating the life you actually want. Your twenties are all about experimentation, and your thirties are about crystallization. But before you can crystallize, you must get realistic with yourself. 

You are going to feel old. 

This is when you notice your first forehead wrinkle, find your first grey hair, have your first root canal and see a specialist for your aching back. You've played the bachelor card and now you've gotta decide if you want a family or not because your female peers have a biological clock you are unfamiliar with. It's really about discipline, taking responsibility and learning self-preservation. 

In your twenties, your motto was "I've got time." Well NOW is the time. You are going to become hyper-aware of TIME. You start making strides in your career and start saving for retirement, so that by the next time Saturn comes around when you are approaching 60, you actually have a retirement savings. 

But there is much more involved, so stay tuned....

Some key dates for Saturnine Catalysts of Re-ordering: 

  • February 2018: Saturn opposes USA's Venus and Jupiter. This could be harsh. Repeats June and November 2018.

  • April 2018: Mars aligns with Saturn and then Pluto. This will aggravate the tensions greater.

  • July-October 2018: Saturn trine Uranus (no exact)

  • November 2018: The South Node of karma enters Capricorn to facilitate the release of what no longer serves us, under Capricornian domain.

  • December 2018: South Node aligns with USA's natal Pluto

  • January 2019: Saturn opposes USA's natal Sun and Trump's natal Mercury (13⁰ Capricorn/ 13⁰ Cancer); repeats in August/September.

  • April-Sept 2019: South Node conjoins with Pluto and then remains with Saturn through September;

  • October 2019: North Node conjunct USA's natal Sun; solutions, solutions, solutions.

  • January 2020: Saturn conjoins Pluto at 22⁰ Capricorn, and further, opposes USA's natal Mercury (24⁰ Cancer)

  • 2022: USA experiences it's first Pluto Return


We will get through this! It will be hard, but so worth it! Everything we are worried about now, we will strive to create  solutions. Together, we can do it. 

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and unity to ALL....