Astrology Now: Focus on Your Abilities

January 16th, 2018: New Moon in Capricorn, 9:17 pm EST, 26⁰ 54'

Holy Shakti!

There are six planets in Capricorn! The message is loud and clear:  


Since Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn, we have been feeling our feet more firmly planted on the ground and the superfluous “what if’s” dissipate. We have done enough soul-searching (for now); we’ve tried on all the hats and now it’s time to pick one – and make it the right one. It’s time to get serious about giving form to our potential – do what you know, do it well, and make it meaningful.

While Saturn resides in Capricorn for the next 3 years, this is the first New Moon since it’s ingress (and in its own sign no less!), which offers us a period of planning. This could be the to time to draw up your 3-year plan of actualization – then break down each year into quarters and so forth. Capricorn is all about building supportive structures that will stand the test of time. And time is valuable – we don’t want to waste it either – so maybe we need to create an itinerary to help streamline our process toward our goals.

With 6 planets in Capricorn, we are not only planting seeds, we are sowing an entire field. Capricorn loves the saying “measure twice, cut once,” so if you aren’t completely clear on your master plan yet, go to your drawing board. Writing is the first step to giving your ideas form. Capricorn can sometimes be pessimistic or doubtful. Trust that the experience you have and the wisdom you’ve gained is enough to give you EXACTLY what you need right now. Work within your means and you’ll have everything you need. No one ever knows it all, and life still goes on. Capricorn is a sign that honors limits and reason, but also MASTERY.  

Uranus squares the New Moon, reminding us that there will always be disruptions along the path, but you’ve got to maintain your focus. Stay cool, stay centered and return your gaze. A mini grand trine supports us to have confidence in our abilities as we begin this new chapter of becoming.

****It’s with this New Moon that ECLIPSE SEASON BEGINS!


Pay attention to the subtle changes in your bodies (you have more than one) as you move through the next couple of weeks as we approach a Leo Lunar Eclipse. Often, everything just feels more intense during eclipse season. It can feel like karmic tax season, where we rebalance our cosmic currency. Reap rewards or pay up. The good news is that it's also a time of spiritual course correction. If you have veered too far away from what you came here to do, you will be directed back. Watch for opportunities to grow! Eclipse season is 6 weeks long and begins now!

This New Moon  also occurs within 1 degree of the United State’s natal Pluto in the 2nd house of values and money. Let's see what happens. 

And a little bit of Aquarius...

Venus and the Sun respectively enter Aquarius on January 17th and 19th. Venus is more concerned with her friendships and group affiliations now than romantic interests. If you are dating right now, this is a time where cerebral connection may be stronger than physical attraction.

Aquarius marks the peak of winter; it’s symbol is akin to electric airwaves. When it’s this cold, there is no moisture in the air and we get static electricity – shocking! Its symbol could also reference wi-fi or telekinesis. Either way, it’s about getting zapped with new ideas by connecting with like-minded people, who share your vision for the future… especially once Mercury joins the Aquarius brigade on the 31st.

Friday, January 19th: Get inspired! Mercury sextiles Neptune, which is perfect for making a vision board (ok, or a pinterest board). Get excited about what you are creating. Neptune tends to over-inflate for better or for worse, so heed making mountains out of mole hills. Visualize your goals manifest.

January 23rd- 25th: Go within, see things for what they are. The debris has been cleared from your lenses and it’s a stark difference from the way you used to see it. Mercury conjoins Pluto and sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio. We’ve been processing a lot of our experiences lately and now we arrive at another crux. It might be ugly, it might be beautiful, but above all, it’s empowering to face the reality of our experiences – shadow and all. What’s the story? Jupiter helps us to rewrite the dialogue from one of wounding to one of growth and wisdom


January 26th: Ok, we can lighten up now! The Gemini Moon adopts a lighthearted, playful swagger. Keep the jokes coming! Mars enters Sagittarius, tempting us to toss our resolutions in the fireplace and resume debauchery. Mars in Sagittarius seeks to find “the moral of the story,” and one of his favorites is “eat, drink and be merry…”

Mars will be in Sagittarius until mid-March, inviting us to get excited about the journey we are on. Mars in Sag seeks meaning. Working in tandem with Jupiter in Scorpio who is exposing all of the rot, shadows and psychological wounding, Mars in Sag helps us to rewrite the Epic. You are living the Hero’s Journey. You are the protagonist of your life, and the protagonist always overcomes and is always victorious.

Mars in Sag also wants to explore, broaden the mind, and attain greater understanding. The challenge will be to remain rooted in our Saturn project, as we are tempted by seemingly greener pastures. 

January 31st, 2018, 8:26 am EDT: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, 11⁰37’ Leo

Love is your birthright;you were born to be fully expressed, adored, radiant, unfiltered…

But at some point when we were young, we realized that we can get in trouble for expressing our hearts truth, so we learned how to adapt in world with social constructs. This Lunar eclipse can help us to objectively see where we have toned it down waaay too much. Leo governs all matters of the heart: passion, play, children, creativity, gratitude, appreciation and pleasure.


The Sun and Venus conjoin the South Node in Aquarius, inviting us to release old ideology that limits us from experiencing a fuller heart. Aquarius is of the mental realm, so perhaps it’s your idea of what love or friendship looks like that is cutting you off from more enjoyment in the present! The Moon inconjuncts Neptune, helping us to ditch the idealist vision. What you have in front of you is perfectly imperfect, so cherish it now.

In the same current, maybe you are in an unloving or unsupportive dynamic. Sometimes “we accept the love we think we deserve;” this lunar eclipse can help you see that you deserve better.  

But since Leo is about leadership, how can we take responsibility for our own pleasure?  What's the drama you play into that keeps you from experiencing more love? With the usual flow of light (information) disrupted, we can see our usual patterns in a new way, gaining greater awareness of ourselves. It doesn't have to be dramatic to be enjoyable. Notice where you hold your truth back from being fully known. Does it serve you? 

Recount the strides you’ve already taken to experience more love in your life since August, when we had the Leo Solar eclipse. We will continue to open up to more joy and gratitude through the end of 2018.

The Moon combines with Ceres, producing a Queen Mother archetype. So of course, I checked Queen Elizabeth’s chart and sure enough, she shares this configuration natally. It’s no wonder The Crown is gaining popularity in its second season. This eclipse falls on her Moon, followed by another eclipse in July which highlights her nodal and ascendant/descendent axes. Plainly, The Queen’s legacy is hugely illuminated this year. 

In another political side-note: This eclipse occurs on Trump’s natal Pluto,highlighting his relationship with power. Whether we like him or not, he is a man of influence, holing one of the most powerful positions on the world stage. However, he is also widely known to misuse and abuse his power and frequently indulges in power-tripping. Watch and see if he engages in another power-play, implodes in powerlessness or pays up for misdeeds. Donald was born on a lunar eclipse, so he is more sensitive to them.  

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and unity to ALL....