February Updates!


February 4th brought the Aquarius New Moon at 15°45 of Aquarius, but this degree also represents the cross quarter point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

In other words, we are half way to spring! 

In ancient pagan earth-worshiping traditions, early February was a holdiay known as Imbolc, meaning "in the belly." Quite literally the Earth is pregnant with new life. The increasing sunlight signals to the Earth that it's time to wake up. This way, by the time the Spring Equinox arrives at the end of March, we are already seeing daffodils emerge. And if you look closely, some of the trees are already beginning to bud. 

In our own lives, we are in Aquarius season, the strategic Air sign, which helps us strategize our next moves.

Follow along with me on Instagram for the most current astrology, but here's an excerpt from my New Moon post: 

This new moon falls at the Saturn/Neptune midpoint, which asks us to design more meaningful lives both personally and collectively. The Aquarius new Moon helps us think progressively, future-forward about innovating our lives to support this vision. Aquarius represents the higher ideals, but also our network— network might include likeminded individuals, colleagues, acquaintances (some say friends, but I’d argue only non-BFF friends). Use this #newmoon to make constructive choices about your community involvement.


Speaking of techy Aquarius, Stephanie Ginese, Lynette Ramos and I started a podcast! The Fallen Fruit began as a vision to gather women in our community and to create spaces for deep healing and empowerment. In my experience, women intentionally gathering together is a revolutionary act. It's deeply transformative and immensely valuable. 

In our first episode, we begin by getting acquainted! We discuss quantum healing hypnosis therapy, tarot, poetry, astrology, plant medicine, ancestral karma, journal keeping, sexuality, feminism, activism, consciousness, kundalini yoga and the very real hustle. And bad bitch, nasty hoe 

L I L I T H!

That's right, we are focused on the

Dark Goddess archetype - the side of self that is untamed, primal, eccentric. The dark side of the Moon that is the creative, intuitive, sensual part of you... It is her right to take up more space. It is her right to be heard. 

If all of this sounds good to you, please connect with us! 

Tune into The Fallen Fruit on YouTubeiTunes and Spotify

and any other platforms that host podcast. 

We are also planning The Wild Awakening Retreat for Saturday March 23rd, 2019 here in Cleveland for a day of Dark Goddess immersion. Stay tuned!


Love Horoscopes

In other news, February is a month of when we are thinking about


"Venus, the planet of love, is in Capricorn for most of February, and during this time, “quality over quantity” will be our mantra. The planet’s sojourn through Capricorn will help us get our priorities in order within our relationships, so keep an eye on the most important practices that can yield long-term success. Yes, that’s right, those with Venus in Capricorn tend to be serial monogamists. And so will the rest of us this month."

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