Gemini Full Moon and conversations at the Thanksgiving Table


What does this image say to you?

It might say:

"Hi I'm daddy Zeus and I'm fertile AF."

The cornucopia is known as the "horn of plenty," and it's no coincidence that the devil wears horns. And well, there's still the word "horny," (you old devil you). Pan the ancient God of Fertility is half goat, half man. Much like the drunken, lustful Satyr, or hey, how about a Centaur?

This year, the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day. Sagittarius is represented by the image of a Centaur - half horse, half man. And to this day, one of the most iconic symbols of Thanksgiving is in fact the cornucopia. 

Zeus is frequently depicted holding a cornucopia. In the image above, it almost stands erect from his groin as if referring to his notorious fertility. From the cornucopia overflows an abundance of fruits - something Zeus obviously did well after fathering half of the Greek pantheon. 

We have seven days of the week named for the 7 visible wanderers of the sky. "day" comes from deity, "month" comes from "Moon." The calendars we use today would not exists without knowledge of the skies.   

Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, Jupiter's day. And it's always the 4th Thursday of the month, ensuring that it arrives during Sagittarius season. Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, and together. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, overdoing it and sometimes, gluttony. It's happiest in the sign of Sagittarius, which seeks distant horizons to discover, understand, experience and generously offer advice- aka, what they have found to be truth. One truth often attributed to Sagittarius? "Eat, drink and be merry!" 

Sagittarius is one of the more celebratory signs, so it seems to be no coincidence that Thanksgiving is a holiday when we are encouraged to overeat, overstay and over-drink the night before. Oh and the thankfulness part? Jupiter is a planet of generosity. Praise the Gods! Look at the bounty we've been given! 

2019: Jupiter in Sagittarius

GEmini Full Moon

art: Amrit Brar

The Gemini Full Moon occurs late evening on November 22nd, just after Thanksgiving festivities wind down (on the east coast, the Full Moon is exact at 12:39 am, on the 23rd.)

At 00°52' of Gemini, the Moon squares Mars in Pisces and opposes the Sun, Jupiter and retrograde Mercury together in Sagittarius.

Gemini is the sign that rules ideas, communication, how we take in information. It also rules gossip, writing, and reading. 

Gemini is a DUAL SIGN. Like there are two hemispheres of the brain, there are always two sides to every story.


is a sign of versatility, and as we know there are a multitude of facets/angles/perspectives our minds can perceive. Ruled by Mercury, the past informs the future. Our perception of reality is informed by our experiences and shapes who we are. Mercury is a trickster, and sometimes the mind plays tricks on us. It's fickle. It's a child. That's why we practice meditation to gain a better relationships with the mind. 

The Moon in Gemini wants to communicate, but at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Likely, there are varying POV's and politic might be a sensitive subject. Fortunately astrology offers us some forewarning guidance before we sit down to eat.... just a *little* contentiousness with this Full Moon. 

With the lineup in Sagittarius, people can often become self-righteous: "My POV is the TRUTH; your truth makes no sense." And with the Moon in Gemini, again, there are MANY ways to look at something. 


There are a lot of versions of how Thanksgiving came to be. The version I prefer? This is a very controversial "holiday," that glorifies a whitewashed image of a meal shared between the Native American people and the settlers. We know what really happened. We remember when the government hosed the people at Standing Rock in the freezing cold at Thanksgiving, 2016...

Again, this is seems to be a Full Moon fraught with tension. Outbursts, frustration and anger are possible - if not because someone forgot the gravy at home (thanks Mercury retrograde and Neptune stationing direct fuzzying our focus) but because we disagree.

Perhaps we do our best to keep the debates as civil as possible. Shouting isn't very effective DIALOGUE. Once voices get loud, no sense can be made. Anger for anger's sake and then we lose track of what we were discussing in the first place! The key here is to COMMUNICATE, which includes listening, asking follow-up questions and trying to be kind, even when you don't agree. But also, do not shy away from expressing your viewpoints as well! Keep your head level, and maybe, just maybe, we can begin to understand one another a little better. What are the things we do agree on?

Love is always the answer,

But always speak your truth,