October and November 2019: Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Libra


Mercury in Scorpio
while Mercury can zip through a sign in as little as 2.5 weeks, Mercury will spend an extended stay in the appropriately persistent and deeply committed sign of Scorpio for a whole 9 weeks!!! 👻🧡 during this period, we can benefit from listening, careful observation before we act or speak and penetrating research. Perceptive Scorpio can pick up on subtle nuances undetected by most. Take advantage and absorb the missing pieces of data, be willing to look a little deeper even if it means turning down a metaphorically dark and obscure tunnel. You never know what you might discover. Mercury in Scorpio is deeply introspective and is only so private in one’s thoughts because of being so psychically attuned. Scorpios don’t always realize how little they share — to a mysterious and exuding Scorpio, it should be more obvious their message! But not everyone can read between the lines... until now! And for the next 9 weeks! Pause, listen, see 👁 We will be especially inwardly drawn once #mercuryspookygrade arrives on Halloween (until Nov 20) 🎃👻 Trick or treat? You’ll have to see for yourself!


Mars in Libra

Ferocious Mars travels through diplomatic Libra (October 4- November 19, 2019), softening the edge of the sword. During this time, communication, and negotiation are the warrior’s primary weapons. Ultimately, now isn’t the time for fighting for fighting’s sake, but how can we mediate the issue so that both parties might settle in satisfactory results. If you find yourself in a dispute, this is the time to use words, refrain from accusatory, separating statements and try to see both sides of the story. This is a lawyer placement— lawyers get paid to argue on behalf of their client, but it mostly remains civil on the surface, doesn’t it!? But we know that beneath the veneer, it can be vicious! Keep in mind, that with Mars in Libra, you’ll need to be the most polished to win. 💅