Venus and Mars creating passion in Virgo


Turn up the heat because Venus and Mars conjoin today, August 24th, 2019, at 1:05 pm ET.

When these planets get together, it can be mind-blowing passionate. This is a tantric convergence of the love planets, offering ample opportunity to feel love today—and believe me, there is enough to go around: self-love, cosmic love, love for the planet, love for people, your soulmates, friends and family, love for this magnificent universe that we can’t even comprehend—even love for the duality that leads to suffering in this life, in turn yielding deep wisdom and soul growth.

Mars and Venus together is MAGNETIC. Call it in, whatever your heart and spirit are craving right now. This is a very powerful alignment occurring at 4°07’, and these new seeds of intention will weave into the Virgo new moon on August 30th.

Interestingly, the previous two times that Mars and Venus joined were also in Virgo! Your Virgo house has been getting reawakened to its passion since Nov 2015, and again in Oct 2017.

Passion ignited by sign:

Aries: self-love via wellness, fitness and routine; health, work, pets, coworkers, employees

Taurus : romance, creativity, expression, playfulness, children, your heart’s truth, your uniqueness; sex

Gemini: home, family, emotional nourishment, safety, support, decorating, gardening, your private life

Cancer : intentional, loving thoughts, writing, communication, neighborhood, neighbors, siblings, peers, teaching, learning, local exploration, hiking, biking

Leo: values, priorities, resources; investing in material items that are in greater alignment with your truth and make you feel/look good

Virgo: YOU; learning to love yourself no matter what, so that you can call more love in; brightening your outlook, you are magnetic

Libra: love pours into your behind the scenes projects, clearing the subconscious to anchor in more love, spiritual connection

Scorpio: friends, community, network, discovering a deep sense of belonging

Sagittarius: your professional life, public contribution, been seen for your talents in a most authentic way, passion for what you want to accomplish

Capricorn: deepening your understanding of the world through education, travel, spirituality

Aquarius: intimacy, trust, investing with someone you love, compassion in endings, merging resources/emotionally, deep processing, compassion for self, forgiveness

Pisces: partnership, equality, relationships, relating, balancing the responsibilities, collaboration

(((This is also the area of life where the Virgo New Moon will occur. )))