Welcome to Your Saturn Return


***If you were born between February 1988 and January 1991, ready or not, it’s time to grow up!

By the time Saturn– the planet of maturity, wisdom and hard work– returns to its place in orbit that it was when you were born, you are nearly 30 years of age and beginning to face the reality of your life. You are going to feel old for the first time. Maybe it’s the worsening hangovers, a receding hairline or finding your first grey hair. That forehead wrinkle becomes emboldened, your back hurts all too often and you are slowing down a touch – and you realize what the older folk said was true. You just didn’t see it coming so soon.

Just yesterday you were a carefree 20-something with nothing but a sea of possibilities before you. “I’ve got time….”you used to say. Well now that time has come. You are nearly 30. You might be half-way through your years by now, and if you’re lucky, a third. But you begin to ask yourself if you are anywhere close to where 20-year-old-you thought you would like to be“when you grow up.”It’s time to quit getting wasted multiple days a week and take a sober look at the reality of your life.

What have you built for yourself thus far? Do you want that married life? Quit pretending you don’t and actually imagine your life as an older person. If you still have roommates, do you think that one day you might want to live alone? What will it actually take to get where you want to be?

Usually, there is some kind of wake-up call. For me it was getting a root canal. My tooth was dead, and I felt the weight of mortality upon me. Not only that, but I had to fork over $3000 to take care of it. A solid reminder that while you could live in Thailand for 6 months on that money, you also need it for these expensive *just in case* adult scenarios. I had a couple more expensive incidents that gave me the understanding of WHY you need a savings for emergencies ONLY.

Your wake-up call will be different, but the overarching message has to do with responsibility and TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.  

Rest assured that by the end of your Saturn Return, you will be more polished, practical and have more of your shit together; you’ll be more focused, having realized that your health and your end goal are a more worthwhile investment than the bar down the street.  


If this sounds harsh,good– its supposed to be. You are done being coddled.This is the time where you are officially responsible for your life.Your first Saturn cycle is a 29-year guided walk through. Breaking the cycle down into quarters, or turning points of development, we see that at 7 years old, you are in 1st grade, on your own for the entirety of the school day. This is the first taste of independence you get. You also begin losing your teeth around this time.

At 14, you begin high-school in the full throes of puberty. You begin taking more responsibility– for your wardrobe, who you hang out with, and you might even fall in love for the first time. Braces are also a common experience at this age, while your hair becomes an important way of defining oneself. You might also hear people comment on how “mature” you’re becoming, but it’s a very awkward time because you are still very immature.

At 21, you are allowed to drink alcohol and you might be finishing college at this age. You realize that with more freedom, comes more responsibility. You start thinking about your first career and having your independent place in the world. As far and the physical body goes, you look like an adult now and you start getting your hair done professionally –  you might even get a tattoo.You are responsible for yourself, but mom and dad are still there for you– you might be paying your own rent and buying your own groceries, but you are still on their insurance and phone plans. You can still get away with not knowing how to do your taxes and spending your paycheck frivolously. You are finally enjoying freedom and you’ve earned it! And there is still much exploration to do. Think of this time as adulting with training wheels.

But now that you are almost 30, you should know how to take care of yourself (and maybe even others) by now.

This is the time that most people get married, have a child, buy a house, or do something that signifies greater responsibility. Saturn is all about cause and effect.You put in what you hope to get out.That newly forming wrinkle? Get yourself some retinol and wash your face every night. You gain weight faster – join the gym. You want to be CEO? Show up on time every day and keep your wits sharp.Be a better partner and a better planner. Be more realistic. Because by the time of your second Saturn Return, you will be almost 60 and hopefully close to retirement. Think about what you want that to look like…. You want to be in shape? You want to have a savings? Maybe some grandkids? Well, time to get moving then!


Saturn Return in Capricorn:

First of all, I just love you guys. My brother and all of his friends are beginning their first Saturn return right now. You guys also have Neptune in Capricorn, which will flavor your experience. Neptune is all about the dream, the ideal vision, hope…

But Saturn comes along and says,

“Is this doable? Does this still make sense?

” “Yes,” you meekly insist and Saturn just laughs. Kids, I hate to break it to you, but some of your dreams are going to die. You aren’t going to be a famous musician. No one is going to discover you. From here on out, you get more and more washed up by the day. Haha, just kidding. We want you getting distinguished. For some of you, you’ll be able to turn to dream into reality by breaking it down into smaller goals and showing up for said goals every damn day.

Best case scenario: building your empire becomes a lifestyle. It’s time you realize how valuable your time and resources are. Your friend invites you to go to a thing on a Tuesday night; the old you would’ve said, “fuck it, why not?” But the new you will say, “no fuck that; I don’t want to be tired at work tomorrow and I’d rather spend money on a night out somewhere I’m certain I’ll like.”

Plainly, it’s about priorities and knowing who the fuck you are.

Your 20s are all about experimentation; your 30s are about self-actualization. You’ve been around the block at this point. You know what you’re about and you ain’t got time to waste. Saturn is about crystallization. Saturn is also about limits and you will be shown where your lane is. You must know your limits, your boundaries, what’s possible/what’s not, what’s realistic/what’s not. Time is the most distinct limit we have to obey. You’ve got an allotted amount of it and now you must use it wisely! You’ll have time to change your mind again later at your midlife crisis, but for now, you need to build something with what you’ve got

Build the adult life you’ve been putting off. And do it well! One of my favorite astrologers, Rick Levine says

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

But if you don’t change now, it will be much harder later on. Saturn really isn’t a bad guy, I promise. The Saturn archetype is the wise elder, who is actually rooting for us! Think of Saturn as a stern, loving parent like Yoda, Dumbledore or Gandalf, or even Tabatha Coffey, Gordon Ramsay or John Taffer. They will all tell you how much you suck, but then tell you how awesome you are once you take the steps to improve.

How long will this last?


Saturn is in Capricorn until through December 2020.No matter what, your Saturn return always lasts for a long as Saturn transits the sign. For everyone, it’s a 2.5-3-year journey.  Mine just wrapped up, and I will tell you that it’s hard facing reality, but it’s so worth it. I know you can do it and become a more polished version of yourself on the other side of it! And from what I hear, the work never gets easier, it just becomes part what you do to ensure your security, success and eventual happiness. And this kind of happiness is not fleeting like a cupcake. This is the long-term joy that comes from labor, dedication and cultivation– the kind that doesn't come easy. Real talk. You are creating your CASTLE, your LEGACY and living your PURPOSE. ....And GO!

Lots of Love,

Your new Saturn enthusiast,


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