Astrology Report for August 2015: Evolutionary Choices


Are we moving faster through space?

It feels like we are in a perpetual state of transformation. 2014 was an intense year and 2015 has been eventful as well.

It seems that August is going to raise big issues in the world. We will be witnesses of the world; we may not be directly affected at first, unless these aspects acutely interact with our chart. The issues that are amplified this month will continue to play out over the next year. These are big aspects with plenty of processing time available to us. August will bring a few loud kabooms, but in between each pulse remains the echo.

This is a good thing because Venus remains retrograde throughout the entire month. This way, we can remain focused on the lessons of Venus. We are making adjustments to our values, tweaking our current relationships or learning important lessons through others.

The other big players this month are Jupiter and Saturn, who are two opposing poles of reality. Jupiter represents growth and outward expansion. Jupiter is also buoyant, jovial and optimistic, though often overlooks possible dangers. Saturn, on the other hand, represents focused concentration, narrow discipline, reason, fact, responsibility and containment. Saturn is realism at best, and austerity at worst. Saturn and Jupiter need each other like yin needs yang. This month, the two planets begin their year long conversation in regards to our collective evolution on Earth.


The first week of August is the busiest week of the month, and Saturn is the star of the show.

Saturn turns direct on Sunday, August 2nd, at 28⁰ Scorpio, moving towards Sagittarius. Remember, Saturn already had a brief visit to Sag earlier this year, but he returned to Scorpio to clear up some unfinished business back in June. By mid-September, Saturn will be back to work in Sagittarius. This will be the last we hear from Saturn in Scorpio until 2041. So before he goes, he has some important points to make!  

When Saturn stations, the setting changes. We aren’t as bubbly or smiley. Things just simply *are,* for better or for worse. It’s common that people feel unusually depressed, or sometimes there is an event that triggers this. Saturn wants people to quit inflating themselves with fantasy and look at things for what they are. This isn’t always easy to do! Especially if you have Jupiter or Neptune very prominent in your chart. If your natal Saturn is more dominant, you may not even flinch!

Since Saturn is still in Scorpio (leave already!!), his station may be flavored by endings, loss, mortality, or just deep crap in general. When our garbage emerges to the surface, we have an opportunity to compost it. Ask yourself, “Why is this coming up? How is it meaningful? What is this showing me?”

On Monday, August 3rd, Saturn and Jupiter make their first of three exact squares. This is a major aspect part of a much grander cycle pertaining to societal and environmental growth.

This first square occurs in the final degrees of the fixed signs Leo and Scorpio; and the following two occur in the mutable signs of Virgo and Sagittarius. This first square presents the problems: what’s holding us back as a society? Where do we need to make changes?

Everyone has their opinions. 9/10 Americans want their food labelled. However, Congress just introduced the Dark Bill, which will keep that information in the dark. Meanwhile, Canada is banning microbeads!

The problem is that with these planets in the fixed signs, change is very difficult. We are set in our ways, systems are already implemented. Jupiter has a vision, but in Leo, he doesn’t want to get his hands too dirty. Saturn in Scorpio reminds us of mortality: all systems eventually die out and evolve into something new. Mercantilism became Feudalism, which became Capitalism. What’s next? Many people are suggesting that we are at the end of a Capitalist era. Most millennials are beginning their adult lives in serious debt and social security prohibits timely retirement. Our economic system no longer works as well as it used to.

How can we grow (Jupiter), by using less (Saturn)? Additionally, we are discovering that we can share expensive resources. From AirBNB, to ridesharing with Uber, and even sharing music and television shows on YouTube, people are realizing that we can maximize our enjoyment by sharing. Once someone figures out how to broadcast sports for free, Time Warner might find themselves out of business. Humans are creative and they are using their creativity to create loopholes in society. When living isn’t as expensive, we don’t have to work as hard (Saturn) and we can have more enjoyment in life (Jupiter). The idea behind Uber was for people to share vehicles. What are some other ways we can use less and enjoy more?

How can we expand as a society and still conserve? Saturn is relaying the message of the underworld: If you don’t change, you are going to destroy yourselves. We are such a wasteful society. It’s time to clean up our act. The fixed energy says, “I know I need to change, but I’m so comfortable.” Let’s get creative! Today, I decided to go out for a latte. Instead of getting it to go in a cardboard cup, I chose to bring a book and make an experience out of it. Sipping out of my ceramic mug, I noticed a gentleman who brought his own mason jar! How cool. This BYOJ movement is really taking off.

New Frontiers vs Traditions: What also comes to mind is extreme conservativism versus our socially progressive society. There will always be resistors to change. We live in a super progressive time, but not everyone is ready to evolve. Many will resist the current at first, but eventually will have to go with the flow. In the United States, Marriage Equality was granted (woo-hoo!), but embarrassingly, we are still trying to conquer racism in this country.

Some people will cling to old-fashioned symbols, while others will urge towards Globalism. Nations have their own practices and laws that protect its citizens. But the problem is that corporations transcend borders. What we are beginning to understand is how “progress” without regulation is endangering wildlife, waters and ultimately, ourselves. If we kill all of the bees, it is no longer progress. Certain areas in China are already having to pollinating their plants by hand! Can you imagine?!

One country’s (or corporation’s) carbon footprint affects the entire globe. With the passing of the TPP bill, Congress has given corporations power to sue other countries. What’s going to happen when Monsanto sues a small third world country? What will that country become? Are certain entities getting too inflated with power (Jupiter)? This is where Saturn can be very helpful. With the energy of Saturn, perhaps some parameters can be drawn in order to protect the best interest humans and the environment. 

Also on August 3rd, Ceres, the Goddess of Agriculture, retrogrades into Capricorn, also an Earth sign. We still have a lot of fire energy going on, but slowly, we are being called back down to Earth. We are inspired and on a roll; but now, slow it down and consider what’s practical and what’s sustainable. 

On August 4th, Venus conjoins Jupiter for the second time and on the 5th, she squares Saturn for the second time. She is weighing both sides of the story. We may have to make a difficult choice. This is tricky, because we just did all of this work last month around following our hearts; in this circumstance, having it all just isn’t possible. This is most likely a relationship or money issue, ultimately, a test of values. It might appear that not everyone is on board with your plan. Venus is retrograde, so this may involve a past relationship or problem.

Mercury meets up with Venus on August 6th and 7th. We are able to analyze and integrate the week’s turn of events. What did we learn this week? Mars makes a helpful trine to Saturn, to ground and apply the new lesson. Mercury squares Saturn, so there is still a part of us that is saddened or still unsure how to feel about it. It may be hard to communicate your reasons clearly to the other person, or it may be hard to see the other person’s point of view.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 7th. Details, details, details! Mercury loves being in Virgo, where his agile mind doesn’t miss a beat.

Mars struts his stuff into Leo on August 8th. If it’s been hard for you to get motivated lately, be ready for an extra boost of vitality! Mars didn’t like being in Cancer last month, but he enjoys being in Leo. Do what truly makes you happy! Mars in Leo inspires fiery passion and amplified courage. This is a showy energy, so beware of jealousy! This is also a helpful placement for confronting our fears with courage. If Venus retrograde is bringing up any relationship issues, this is a great catalyst to get them out of your heart and onto the table. Once your fears enter the light of day, they are much less intimidating!

The Moon in Gemini made for a social weekend and we feel refreshed come Monday. Monday’s aspects are generally smooth which makes for a pleasant day. 

On Tuesday, August 11th, the conversation between Jupiter and Saturn takes to a new level…

Jupiter’s had enough of Leo (being ultra-glam is so much work!). He wonders what getting his hands in the Earth would feel like.  On August 11th, Jupiter strolls into skillful Virgo. At first, he feels a little uneasy. Jupiter is in “Detriment” in Virgo. It’s not his favorite place; Jupiter is the BIG picture and Virgo concerns itself with details. But Jupiter’s positive outlook inspires his quest to make the best of his time here in Virgo. 

Jupiter remains in each sign for about one year. So we will enjoy Jupiter in Virgo until September 2016. Virgo is concerned with the details, organization, perfection and honing a craft or skill. This is why Virgo is represented by a woman holding a sheath of wheat: she has perfectly nurtured this plant’s growth to fruition. 

Jupiter will invite us to expand through other Virgoan pursuits such as productivity, work, daily routine, and heath. Planetary health and agriculture will also be hot topics. Expect new discoveries pertaining to food, diet and toxins. It should be a good year for the job market, particularly, the service and health professions. 

For more information, please check out my Jupiter in Virgo article!

On Wednesday, August 12th, Mercury opposes Neptune. The lines are blurred between fact and fiction. It’s a great night for dreaming, so don’t feel bad for catching some extra zzzz’s. Brace yourself for some Neptune fog-brain today and know that you aren’t alone! Just try to be a little bit more aware of yourself while driving this week, because people won’t be as focused. If you are awake long enough, Mars will pierce through the clouds around 10pm EDT, and you may get a late night jolt of inspiration. 

Vitality is through the roof on August 13th with a trine between Uranus and the Sun. Put last night’s musings into action today. Inspiration, spontaneity and innovation are in the air. Ride the waves and do something liberating!

Yesterday’s gusto carries over into the New Moon on August 14th. The New Moon occurs at 22⁰ Leo at 10:53 EDT. The Sun and the Moon are conjoined with Venus. How lovely! At this point, Venus has been retrograde for 3 weeks and she may have already taught us some valuable lessons. New Moons are a time of planting new seeds. What have we learned in the past 3 weeks? We’ve probably discovered a clearer vision of what our heart truly wants. This New Moon offers us the chance to ground these new intentions. 

However, this beauteous conjunction is tempered by Saturn. Perhaps there is still something else we are missing from Venus’ lesson? He reminds us that to truly achieve our heart’s desire, that we also must be willing to work for it. Sacrifices may be called for. We may have to sacrifice some short term enjoyment, to have long term bliss. In Leo, we connect with our heart-space; but what about how our personal desires affect our loved ones? Relationships are give and take. Venus retrograde also brings back people from our past. This New Moon may be centered on renewing an old spark!

August 15th, Venus and the Sun form an exact conjunction. Venus is making her transition from Evening Star to Morning Star. 

Pluto forms a trine with Mercury today as well. Deep thoughts. Psychological investigation. We are still in a seed planting phase. Whatever revelations we are shown can still be integrated into our New Moon intentions.  

The third week of August is certainly the quietest...

The beginning of the week is a breeze. Monday and Tuesday have nice aspects until Tuesday evening. There may be a little disagreement at dinner.  Or perhaps we are reminded of something painful from our past. 

Wednesday, August 19th, retrograde Venus becomes inspired by a trine from Uranus. We may receive an “aha” moment in regards to a relationship or money issue. We receive the spark we needed to make a connection and solve a problem. We may feel inspired to reach out to someone whom we have lost touch with, or we may hear from someone unexpected. 

By Thursday, we are already feeling the Sun’s square to Saturn, which becomes exact on Friday, August 21st. We may feel like our sense of self-expression is blocked or we may be working too hard. We may find ourselves in a situation of duty or extra responsibility. This square also happens at the very last degrees of each sign, which is about endings and wrapping things up. Watch for public figures who may retire or come down on hard times. 

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, and meets up with Jupiter on the26th. By now, we are hearing the call to nurture our skills, and our health. Virgo is a mutable sign governing change. Summer is beginning its transition into autumn and the harvest is near. What would we like to harvest in our own lives? If we already have the answer to that question, then we can ask ourselves how we can make our harvest more bountiful. What details have we left out thus far?  Mercury enters Libra on the 27th to keep our perspective balanced. “Begin and the pressure will be off…”

We have a Luminous Super Full Moon on August 29th at 2:35pm EDT. The Full Moon occurs at 7⁰Pisces, with the Sun at 7⁰Virgo. On a personal level, the area of life highlighted by the Full Moon will depend on your chart. We are seeing the fruits of something we began at the beginning of March. What intentions did you sow during the spring? The Virgo/Pisces polarity is where we lose ourselves; be it through devotion, service to others, nurturing a craft, divine transcendence, or even through intoxication.  

This is an extremely powerful Super Full Moon, occurring closer to the Earth than usual. Many planets involved in the Full Moon chart are at extremely potent, *public* degrees. Many larger aspects that will continue to play out over the next year are seeded within this chart, suggesting that whatever come to light during this time could be majorly influential, monumental, or even scandalous.

The Sun is conjoined with Jupiter and the Moon is conjoined with Neptune; both Jupiter and Neptune are co-rulers of Pisces, plumping up the Pisces imagery. 

Neptune and Jupiter will arrive in exact opposition in September. We will begin to see the Presidential candidates begin to make big inflated promises. People will see what they want to see. The glamour of Pisces will entice people one way or another. Jupiter and Neptune have big dreams and can be delusional at times. Fortunately, by next year, Saturn will bring a dose of reality and we will be able to see more clearly.

Some believe that Donald Trump is the “strawman,” (which totally embodies the Virgo-Pisces archetype) a distraction to the masses as someone familiar, who will inflate the extreme Republican archetype beyond belief, only to drop out of the race and get behind someone who doesn’t seem as extreme in comparison. Pisces also rules idol worship: We potentially have yet another Bush and Clinton in the race. These families could also be considered “celebrity”. Bernie Sanders seems like a dream to many liberals. Many hope that he can “save” America (Neptune). 

2009 was the last time Neptune and Jupiter conjoined. When these two meet up, many people experience heightened intuition, psychic activation, spiritual yearning, and a desire to find Truth. This lunation can bring us spiritual fulfilment. We may feel a strong connection with source and feel more sensitive to our surroundings. We may feel inclined to spend time away from the noisy world in quiet meditation or deep thought. Spending time in nature or near water would be highly beneficial. 

We may feel inclined to be of devotional service to others, or to receive spiritual healing services from trained professionals.

We are invited to weigh our urge to escape with our duty to serve. Full Moons illuminate, bringing clarity to an issue. Are either of these polarities extremely out of balance in our lives? Go with the flow. Your spirit will tell you what you need. 

Many people seek moderate to extreme escapism to cope with the times. Mercury is conjunct the North Node of Destiny, inspiring us to use our noggins! It’s easy to get lost at sea with all of this Pisces energy, but Mercury in Libra invites us to weigh all sides to obtain a balanced perspective. We are reminded to exercise logic with intuition, combining our head with our heart. 

The Full Moon chart also features Mars and Venus conjoined within 2⁰, closing in on their second conjunction of the year, which occurs August 31st-September 1st. The first conjunction was at the end of February 2015, where we began a new cycle surrounding intimacy and relating.

Mars and Venus usually conjoin only once a year, but this year, we receive three conjunctions! The message is rooted in the polarity of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine: we are redefining the relationship. We are no longer divided into two polarities, but instead, a spectrum. Men, Womb-en, or any person can embrace both yin and yang. The triple conjunction of Mars and Venus is a sacred marriage, infusing themselves as one into the collective consciousness. 

August concludes with the Sun’s annual opposition to Neptune on the 31st. We may feel foggy or aimless today. Neptune softens the vitality of the Sun. It’s a good day to rest if you feel like it! If you need to get things done, don’t make a linear schedule, but allow yourself to float through the day.

***Despite my efforts to be neautral, I realize that I may have come off as biased towards certain aforementioned issues. I have a very strong Jupiter in my chart and I can be over zealous sometimes! However, this is an issue I feel very passionate, and urgent about. I feel that now is our time to clean up our act. Many people who are born with a Jupiter/Saturn square feel like “this is my last lifetime to get it right.” I feel that this is our chance to get things right. It’s not too late to turn things around! Some people feel overwhelmed and believe that they can’t make a difference on their own. Everyone matters! And everyone’s contribution helps! I wanted to share a movie that I saw a few years ago. It has some radical ideas. I don’t agree with everything in the movie, but it’s thought-provoking nonetheless:

And an extremely inspiring TED Talk worth checking out:

Love, Light and Prosperity to All!