Hi Regulus, I'm Venus. I'll be staying awhile.


Venus arrived at her station degree this past Saturday. She won’t actually turn retrograde until July 25th, but we are all hearing her call.

I was seeing Venus everywhere this weekend. It was a weekend ripe with enjoyment, pleasure and great company. The Taste of Tremont was yesterday. I love people watching, but yesterday, everyone was more vibrant in my eyes.

“Humans are so beautiful,” I thought. Despite the 95⁰ heat, everyone was enjoying themselves. It was neat to see how different groups of people dressed like each other. Tribal as ever! I was delighted in observing these various Cleveland tribes. It inspired so much love in my heart.

Twice, someone kissed my hand yesterday. When does that ever happen??? So Venusian. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said one gentleman. The other was from a beautiful mermaid goddess, who came up to me and said, “You are so beautiful, I just wanted to tell you.” I responded, “It’s a reflection of your own beauty.” So Venusian.

The other thing I am noticing is the archetype of Virgo. Even though the majority of Venus’ retrograde will occur in the masculine sign of Leo. Venus begins her retrograde at 0⁰ Virgo, a feminine sign of the autonomous, cultivated priestess. Virgo cares about perfecting herself, and she cares about the Earth, acknowledging Mama Tierra as her sustainer. How can we perfect our habits of living to be more sustainable?

Venus remains at this degree for two whole weeks, reinforcing its significance. 0⁰ of Virgo aligns with the fixed star Regulus, who only drifted into Virgo from Leo in 2011. Many astrologers have suggested that Regulus’ shift would ignite a collective change in values, from Patriarchal to Matriarchal. Several astrologers are also suggesting that this Venus Retrograde is amplifying that shift.

Who knows, but it’s certainly necessary. Before writing this article this morning, some really strong issues have been on my mind. Ultimately, I am encouraging people to contemplate your lifestyle! We, HUMANS, are destroying this planet!

One of the biggest offenders is the holocaust of animals so that humans can feed themselves. I realize that a lot of people feel that they need meat to sustain themselves. If you do, please consider where your meat is coming from. Local farms have much cleaner practices, which is better for your health and the health of our sustainer, Mother Earth. The practices of meat farms are disgusting and you can see literally see pools of blood and feces from Google Earth. Those pools of course run off into the Earth, with dire ecological consequences. We are literally committing suicide by allowing ourselves to continue living the way we do. Things need to change on this planet, and FAST.

Despite all the beauty at Taste of Tremont yesterday, I was shocked that there were no recycling bins! Think of all of the plastic bottles that end up in the garbage after events like this. They are happening everywhere and all the time! Someone who inspires me so much is Zero Waste Girl. I feel that I do a great job of recycling, but I feel that it isn’t enough. I’m asking myself,

“What changes can I make in my lifestyle to reduce waste?”

I’m wondering if only drinking beer from a growler would help? A local store owner in my neighborhood is promoting the #BYOJ, Bring Your Own Jar movement. It’s less convenient, but I feel that it’s not that difficult to do. Making small, easy changes in our routine to help our Earth is the least we can do.

The point is, shifting to a matriarchal value system would clean up our planet and improve the quality of life for all. The patriarchal system we’ve been living out of for millennia has brought us many wonderful advancements, but now we need to learn responsibility.

Those are a couple of big Venus in Virgo issues on my mind. Thanks for reading. I hope these energies inspire you too.