Astrology Report for September 2015: The Harvest is Here, and Eclipses are in Season!


“Step right up and get your eclipses!”

Eclipses are extremely potent New and Full Moons. And no, they are not random events. Every year we have two eclipse seasons, with at least two eclipses each, sometimes more; so at the very least, we experience four eclipses every year.

This season, we have a solar eclipse in Virgo and a lunar eclipse in Aries/Libra.  A solar eclipse is when the Sun and Moon conjoin at the exact same declination, whereby the Moon’s shape completely blocks the sun’s rays from our point of view on Earth. Solar eclipses affect the whole planet, but they are rarer to observe. This is because only a portion of the world can observe the event, and also they are much faster than a lunar eclipse. This upcoming solar eclipse will only be visible from Southern Africa.

Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, last several hours and can be observed from anywhere in the world that the night touches. Fortunately, most of the world will get to see this one. If you live in India, you will be able to see the eclipse just before sunrise. Western Europe, Central and South America, and the East coast of North America will be able to view the entire event. If you live on the West coast, you will be able to catch the last portion of the eclipse at moonrise.

During a lunar eclipse, the Moon is hidden behind the Earth’s shadow and receives little to no light from the Sun, causing the Moon to appear reddish (little light) or even, if it’s a total eclipse, completely disappearing into the dark backdrop of stars. This month has a total lunar eclipse. If you’ve never seen a black moon, it is eerily surreal. Check it out if you can!

Even if we don’t individually observe the eclipse, it still affects the Earth’s reception of light, so we are all still affected by the event.

We are constantly receiving light, life giving energy from the Sun. The Sun’s rays give Earth an electromagnetic field; the sun rules the human heart, which in turn produces our own electromagnetic fields. Eclipses are distortions of this normal flow of information; we receive a celestial download with a new light coding from our universe.

The mechanics of our solar system are celestially perfect. How is it that the Moon perfectly aligns with the Sun from our point of view?! It appears to be divinely intelligent design. These eclipses are signals of our interconnection to a source beyond the visible spectrum. It is our birthright to evolve individually and collectively. Evolution requires pressure. Eclipses create pressure. They are event related, catalyzing transformation. Eclipse energy can feel stressful, so if you feel like you need extra rest, do so. It’s probably much needed processing time!

Astrologers believe that we, humans, are reflections of the Universe. So when the event happens in our heavens, events happen in our lives.

Wherever the eclipses fall in you chart, is where you will be affected in your life; *especially* if it interacts directly with one of your planets, then you will feel the eclipse more strongly than others.

This is a very eventful month! Mercury turns retrograde on the same day that Saturn reenters Sagittarius. Until then, Saturn savors the last degree of Scorpio, which is all about endings. If someone’s been fighting the good fight, this is often when they let go. True too, of joint ventures that have outworn their meaningfulness. This is a time to wrap things up that have served their purpose.

All times read in Eastern Daylight Time. For Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours.

On September 1st, Mars and Venus conjoin for the second time this year.

The first conjunction was at the end of February 2015, where we began a new cycle surrounding intimacy and relating. This second meeting of the two cosmic lovers is a continuation of this story. Since Venus is still retrograde it may indicate a dispute or a meeting of the minds with your mate. After all, the Moon is in Aries, which can either be combative or even just a little self-centered. Communicate your point of view clearly and try to sympathize with the other person’s stance as well.

Mars and Venus usually conjoin only once a year, but this year, we receive three conjunctions! The message is rooted in the polarity of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine: we are redefining the relationship. We are no longer divided into two polarities, but instead, a spectrum. Men, Womb-en, or any person can embrace both yin and yang. The triple conjunction of Mars and Venus is a sacred marriage, infusing themselves as one into the collective consciousness.

The Aries moon meets up with Uranus at 12:47pm EDT, so expect the unexpected. You may feel the need to break out of your normal routine or even run away!

On Wednesday September 2nd, we slow down to smell the roses when the Moon enters Taurus. At 1pm EDT, the sensual moon trines Jupiter, so it’s a great day to treat yourself to a big healthy, indulgent meal. With a sextile to Neptune in the evening, transcend the ordinary through the senses either through a yoga class or curling up to watch a movie with your mate. It will certainly be a great night for dreaming.

The Moon is still in Taurus on Thursday, September 3rd, although the aspects aren’t as pleasant. Hopefully no one turns into a charging bull, but try to take the higher road should disagreements arise.

It’s going to be a chatty Friday with the Moon in Gemini. If you are an early riser, it might be a drudgey start, but once the day gets going, expect the mood to lighten significantly. You never know who you might cross paths with. Remain open. A helpful contact could be established for some people today.

Saturday is the last quarter Moon before the Eclipses begin next week. If you are a sensitive or lunar person, you may already be feeling the eclipses by now. Take extra vitamins to assist with the extra stress on the nervous system, but also to prevent sickness. People tend to come down with colds during eclipse season. The Sun trines Pluto which is great for going the extra mile in your workout, or for getting things done around the home. If you are working today, the day should go smoothly with this extra energy available to you. The Moon is still in Gemini, which makes for a social Saturday night with friends.

The Moon is in Cancer on Sunday, September 6th making for a great day to visit with loved ones or for nesting at home. Venus stations direct today, coming out of her 40 day retrograde. What has Venus taught you in the realm of love, money and values since July 25th? Some of these lessons will reappear as an opportunity to continue to work with this energy. Venus wants to make sure that we understand her lesson. She is asking, “are you sure this is what you want? Are you willing to do the necessary work to make changes?” Venus remains in her shadow until October 8th, allowing us to continue to ground and integrate her teachings. Check out my article on Venus retrograde if you need a refresher.

Monday September 7th is Labor Day! The Moon is still in Cancer, a great placement for gathering with close friends and family. Make sure there’s plenty of food for everyone because moodiness is in the air around 2:05 pm EDT when the Moon opposes Pluto. Someone’s going to be crabby, or hangry! Perhaps something from the past is brought up untactfully. This could be a small conflict or break-through.

On Tuesday, we may be inspired to break our routine and do something different. New ideas pierce the clouds like lightning. If you are feeling especially inspired, write down your ideas to save for later. These are creative building blocks. The Moon enters playful Leo at 10:36pm EDT, so it may be hard to wind down at night. Have fun, but make sure you are able to get to work on time in the morning because

Wednesday could be a dramatic day at work. Mercury squares Pluto, bringing the unseen to the surface. This is a very psychological transit which is great for deep thought, writing and research, but not so great if you have a manipulative coworker, sibling or any relationship contact. Avoid getting dragged into drama today. Expect a secret to come out.

On Thursday September 10th, the Moon makes nice aspects to Mars and Uranus. There is a need to express feelings. Perhaps someone says sorry for yesterday’s drama, or we are able to respond to whatever came to light yesterday. This is also a great evening for romance. Mars is the red planet: hotheaded or hot and heavy. Either way, it’s a great energy for smoothing out any kinks. We are feeling the intense energy of the upcoming solar eclipse by now.

The Moon conjoins with Jupiter on September 11th and opposes Neptune on the 12th, bringing these two idealistic bodies into opposition. Be wary of what you hear, as truth tends to be exaggerated. Jupiter tends to inflate and embellish; Neptune seduces, hypnotizes with her smoky censor. It’s smoke and mirrors. We will see what we want to see. This is when glitches in the matrix arise because everyone is so sure that they are right. What we need to realize with this opposition that will last over the next year, is that we are in Hazy Maze Cave and it will be difficult to detect truth with our eyes. We must listen to our hearts. This is what’s going to make the election interesting. Who will be America’s sweetheart? Bernie Sanders seems to be a dream candidate, but can he trump the unbelievable Trump, who seems to have infinite resources? Expect major publicity stunts this weekend surrounding our presidential candidates or others in the public eye. Expect headlines related to water, and celebrity lawsuits/notorious legislation over the next few days.

We have a SOLAR ECLIPSE at 20⁰ Virgo, on Sunday, September 13th, at 2:41 am EDT.

This is a highly charged New Moon that will set the tone for the next month, and will echo into the next six months. The Virgo energy invites us to focus on our abilities, our health and how we can serve others. Chiron directly opposes the Sun and Moon, calling for the release of an (un)consciously self-destructive pattern for the sake of our health. Perhaps it’s an old wound, or even fear-based programming from society. With Lilith conjoined the North Node of Destiny, we are asked to embrace our wild, instinctual nature and break free from the notion that our wounds make us unworthy. We all acquire a certain amount of baggage as we go along in life; we carry these heavy chips on our shoulders and try to hide our shame and suffering from the world. This of course, is exhausting!  

 “Suffering is part of our training program that makes us wise.” –Ram Das. This eclipse invites us to cherish our wounds because they are our teachers. Mercury squares Pluto, so this healing may require some deep inner probing, or even seeking assistance outside of ourselves through therapy or other healing modalities. This isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. Chiron is also a mentor, so if the eclipse interacts strongly with your natal chart, someone may come into your life who is here to offer guidance.

In part, our wounds uniquely define us, but they also unite us.  We sometimes suffer alone, feeling as if no one else goes through challenges of the same caliber, or even more burdensome. This eclipse offers us the chance to find compassion for ourselves and others. This eclipse, however, may encourage us to stare our wounds in the face and say “thanks, I understand now.”  Transform and release. Make peace. It’s time to view our scars as victories!

On September 14th, Ceres stations direct. She reminds us to nurture our health and to tend to anything wilting. She is the Goddess of Harvest and she creates the seasons. How neat that she stations just a week before the Equinox! We are reminded that everything is a cycle. We needn’t mourn the end of summer, for summer will return again.

The Moon remains in Libra all day on Tuesday September 15th. Expect a highly charged social and eventful day. Interactions with others may be mutually energizing.

Wednesday September 16thmay be off to a slower start until the Moon enters Scorpio at 11:43 am EDT. Small talk never lasts very long on a Scorpio Moon. People crave deeper connections and often divulge a glimpse of their shadow side. 

September 17th is an extremely eventful day. Primarily, Jupiter and Neptune reach their first of three exact oppositions. I previously described this energy above (September 11th and 12th), but with the Moon in Scorpio, it’s possible that the Scorpio’s stinger may pop an overly inflated bubble. Last month I predicted celebrity scandals and exposure of bad behavior. The Ashley Madison files were released and revealed Josh Duggar, a beacon of Christian family values to be a fraud. This is the deception of Neptune. Jupiter expands. Big bubbles eventually burst. With the Moon in Scorpio, more dirt could be dug up on big personalities this week.

However, if you are in the business of acting, film, music, art, theater, or spirituality this is a very positive energy. Jupiter opposite Neptune can be highly creative and highly spiritual. It’s a great combo for transcendence from the mundane.

While Jupiter is in Virgo, he is concerned with the workers of the world; Neptune is the dream. The discussion concerning the minimum wage will gain momentum. Workers’ benefits and paid sick/maternity leave will continue to be a debate.

Saturn also reenters Sagittarius today, where he will stay for another two years. We should all be able to feel the mood lift significantly.

Here, Saturn is concerned with our belief structures. Religious and legal institutions will fall under scrutiny and may require some adjustments. Student debt should gain even more attention now, as this is within the Sagittarian domain. Saturn would like to figure out how this system can be repaired. Wherever the foundation is faulty is where Saturn has work to do. However, this is a difficult placement for Saturn to be, as he is in Jupiter’s home sign, and thereby answering to Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn are complete opposites, so this is hard for Saturn. For the rest of the year, neither Saturn nor Jupiter are the happiest, as Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo. It seems like no one is happy! Doesn’t our world seem that way?! At least within the structure of society?

As above, so below.

However, once Jupiter enters Libra next year, Saturn will have an easier time getting to work. Expect the Joel Osteen types to be catching headlines, and for those with Messiah complexes to receive some revelations!

Lastly, Mercury turns retrograde today at 15⁰ Libra. The Messenger God will remain retrograde until October 9th. Mercury usually spends about 20 days in a sign, but instead, he will spend 67 days in Libra, placing an emphasis on relationships and partnerships. He wants us to make sure that we are understanding the lessons of Venus’s recent retrograde, as well as the lessons of the upcoming lunar eclipse. We can continue to take stock of our current relationships. Mercury retrograde is a time to redo, rework, rewrite, review, rehash etc.


Back in the June column, I wrote about Saturn’s brief visit back into Scorpio:

“I suspect we will continue to see the gender revolution make the news. We may also hear back from our friend, ebola or even better, one of the missing airplanes. Scorpio conjures the unexpected emergence of Truth, which was once suppressed or buried in time.”

Since then, parts of the missing plane were found on the French island, Reunion. Also, an Ebola vaccine was tested and found to be successful. Both of these news stories made headlines within days of each other at the end of July.



Friday September 18th is a great day to get things accomplished early on in the day. The Moon goes “void of course” at 3:49pm EDT, so make sure to tend to important affairs before then. The Moon is void until late night, so it’s a great day to leave work early and get a head start on the weekend. Do something pleasurable.

Saturday, September 19th, the Sagittarius Moon illuminates the Jupiter/Neptune opposition. So we may hear more from our inflated celebrities and/or presidential candidates. It’s also a day to follow your dreams, be creative or explore somewhere new. It’s the weekend, take a journey and have an experience! Maybe there’s an activity that you’ve been putting off all summer. Now is the time to do it.

 The Moon forms a fiery grand trine with Venus and Uranus on Sunday, making for a social, creative and spontaneous afternoon. Do what makes your heart sing. It’s more of an inspirational, enjoyable energy than a working energy. You may feel inspired to skip the house chores and go have an outdoor adventure.

After a really fun weekend with awesome aspects, the Moon enters Capricorn on Monday at 8:33 am EDT. This is a highly industrious energy to kick off the work week. We return to work renewed and ambitious towards our projects. This energy carries over into Tuesday, another powerful work day. The Moon conjoins with Pluto early in the morning, so there may be a small hurdle to jump over within the self. Just remember not to hold yourself back from achieving your goals. Talk it out internally and keep chugging along.

Wednesday heralds the arrival of the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX! The Sun enters Libra at 4:21 am EDT. We have a lovely trine between Uranus and Venus that should bring positive interactions with others for the day. Libra is a partnering energy which is concerned with balance, fairness, and harmony, as well as creating beauty. This is a great time of year to come together with friends and family and celebrate the Harvest, the end of summer.

This Equinox chart predicts the vibe of the next 12 months for our country, therefore coloring the topics of the 2016 Presidential election. The Leo Ascendant highlights our rank as a world power. Some people would like to see our taxes invested within our own land rather than policing the world. We are definitely lagging in the ranks of education, healthcare and even sustainable energy amongst other world super powers. Mars is on the ascendant insinuating heightened passion towards these issues, even anger! Mercury retrograde in the second house suggests a push to return to grassroots values. The “Black Lives Matter” movement will continue to loudly push for reform. A strong opposition highlights the “us versus them” mentality within our own country. People are ranging from extreme conservativism (backing Donald Trump’s crazy promise to deport millions of people), to extreme progressive values. Finance and “American values” will be hot topics. The North Node conjoins the Sun, assuring that in time, something positive will come out of all of this commotion.

On September 24th, the Aquarian Moon makes an innovative trine with Mercury. Ingenuity and brilliance may suddenly strike! Use this fuel for transformation, finding solutions or deep research when Mercury squares Pluto in the evening. Mars enters Virgo at 10:18 pm EDT. Mars in Virgo is very industrious, detailed and organized. This is a great period to do some organizing at home or to begin a healthier routine.

September 25th is going to be an eerie, otherworldly day. Pluto is stationing direct. There may an urge to escape from the world later on in the day when the Moon enters Pisces. It can be a sleepy or a dreamy energy, but with Pluto stationing, it’s going to feel like we are in a Tim Burton film. The Moon makes hard aspects the Mars and Saturn, so there may be some kind of conflict, or it might just be that you don’t feel like doing something that you already agreed to do. This will not be the most joyous of Fridays. There’s a heavy feeling of responsibility, or even frustration, here.

Saturday morningis a great morning to sleep in. It might be hard waking up due to the Moon conjoining astral Neptune. If you are a vivid dreamer, maybe last night’s sleep will be the most exciting part of the weekend so far. If you didn’t have much fun on Friday night, you should be well rested enough to take advantage and truly enjoy the day. The Moon is void all day, so it’s not recommended to tend to important matters anyhow. Catch up with bare necessities around the house or preferably, make up for last night and do something enjoyable! The Moon remains void until 3:30 pm EDT on Sunday. 

On September 27th, we have a LUNAR ECLIPSE at 4⁰ Aries,highlighting the axis of relationships. The Moon is conjoined with Vesta, the goddess of the hearth and the sacred flame. Fire is a concentrated energy; and “focus” is the Latin word for “hearth.” We are being asked to examine and reconnect deeply our own sacred flame. What makes our fire burn? Mercury conjoins the Sun and squares Pluto, inviting us to go within and connect deeply with our true divine purpose, independent of the outside world. Why are we here, now? Kundalini, the creative energy, arises from the sacral chakra, ruled by fire (sacral=sacred). Having passion makes life more vibrant. We are encouraged to tend this flame that keeps us truly alive. Our entire existence revolves around our fire: the people we attract and how we interact in our world. We attract what we radiate. The Sun opposes the Moon in Libra and conjoins Juno, goddess of divine marriage. With what do our passions desire to commit? We can also take stock of our current energetic investments, partnerships and commitments. What is not supportive of our sacred flame? Is there something that is suffocating our flame? Juno is the Queen of Heaven, she is mighty and she is fierce. She invites us to shed situations where we feel small.

The hearth is the central point of the home: the fire was placed in the middle of the home to heat the entire space. A fun activity: find the central point of your home and see what is currently there. Is this your peaceful place? If not, create a ritual and rearrange your hearth in honor of your sacred flame. Make it an altar, or your safe space. Having a strong commitment to yourself invites healthier relationships. If you are not true to yourself, you will attract artificial relationships that are unsupportive of your true purpose and potential. Allow yourself to feel whole by surrounding yourself with situations that feel absolute.

Juno also had a reputation for being a jealous queen. Envy for another can strike when they seem to possess a quality of wholeness which we have trouble connecting with in an authentic way. This is the negative side of Juno. The key here is Vesta, illuminating personal truth and integrity. We are all unique individuals. Relish in your secret sauce!

The Aries Moon opposes Mercury on Monday the 28th, so watch your tongue! You might say something impulsively or even offend someone without meaning to. The energy is extremely heightened today. Expect the unexpected.

The Moon enters Taurus at 3pm EDT on Tuesday the 29th and makes a productive trine to Mars. It’s great for following through with projects and may give a boosted stamina for the evening. If you aren’t too distracted with work, it could make for a very sexy evening!

Mercury joins with the Sun again on September 30th. People are going to want to talk about themselves. We just need to be conscious of sharing the conversation. Celebrate yourself and others.