Saturn into Sagittarius: Heart Chakra Activation


I did a lot of mourning while Saturn was in Scorpio…

Sagittarius encompasses what comes thereafter the mourning process: the solace one finds after processing that which has occurred into a grander context. Trauma becomes a teacher; loss is understood in the context of the “Great Circle;” there is something bigger than ourselves at work here. Scorpio is the transformation, the death and rebirth; Sagittarius is the understanding, the bigger picture. The transition between the two signs says, “A part of me died, but I did not die.”

I’d like to share a personal experience. Like many others, the last few years have been very challenging. I lost a lot and I was forced to transform under harsh conditions. Recently, I’ve been finding much joy and gratitude in my new life. But I knew there was just one more blockage to push out of my heart chakra to feel like myself again...

My younger brother married the love of his life this weekend. Seeing them so happy, surrounded by all of their friends and family, and seeing all of their hard work and creativity that came from their hearts to create this special day….I found my heart overflowing with love.

My brother is a Sagittarius rising. He is a visionary. Jupiter has greatly blessed him, for he is good at almost anything he does. That’s the vision the archer holds as he gazes upon his target. From skateboarding and music, to sculpture, and now to love and architecture, when my brother hones in on something, he achieves it.

My brother walked down the aisle and stood waiting for his bride under the arch that he built. In his eyes I could see the young visionary I grew up with, now as a man, whom he has become by the grace of his amazing twin flame.

The great circle moves to the beat of the heart…

Their vows were so beautiful─ ornate and precious extensions of the heart. And both of their vows carried a Sagittarian vibe. My brother said something to this effect: “We meet here on top of the tallest mountain we’ve ever climbed…around us we see many peaks of other mountains. Some will be taller and more difficult to climb…I know you will be excited to climb them, and I will be excited to go with you.” Michael and Wesley are both insanely creative visionaries. They deserve each other more than anything, and their love is inspirational to all.

Sagittarius is the celebration of life, and seeks to find meaning of it all.  The Maid of Honor said in her toast, “Last night we were all joking ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ But I looked around and I realized that this,

this right here

, is the meaning of life. To see my best friend happier than I’ve ever seen her, being walked down the aisle by her beloved grandfather who has influenced her life so much. Here, with her mother who has done a superior job of raising my awesome and totally weird best friend; here, celebrating love with all of you, friends and family.

This is the meaning of life.”


I realized how right she was. No matter how immersed I get in my Sagittarian quest for truth…is that path really any better than this right here?

*   *   *

The mourning of the past is over and celebration of love is here. My heart is opening even bigger than before. I can’t change the past. All I can do is feel gratitude for being here now. I love where my life is now, and it could’ve happened differently, but I wouldn’t have the same perspective. With courage, I allow my heart to continue to open, to find forgiveness in understanding, to release heavy emotions so that I can live lighter; to nurture these great friendships that I too possess.

Driving home, I am reflecting on these truths. The trees changing color remind me of this great circle that we are so intimately apart of─ the Creator’s Vision. It’s all so vast─ the mountains, the gorges, the sky; and yet, here is little me, driving along in a temporary vehicle with my love beside me and my little sister sleeping sweetly behind me in the back seat. Contemplating this big beautiful world, I see two small butterflies chasing each other on the side of the road, oblivious to the big world around them─ and yet, they are the meaning of life. Love, freedom, beauty.

While Saturn is in Sagittarius, he is answering to Jupiter in Virgo, where you will find truth in the tree bark; you will find the Macrocosm within the Microcosm. You will find the Goddess everywhere because Creation is the highest expression of love. Wahe Guru.