Astrology Report for October 2015: Entering The Void Moon (Pt I)


Now that Saturn has left the last degree of Scorpio, we now have longer “Void Moons.” What does that mean? The Moon is like the lantern that lights the way, highlighting where we should direct our attention. Every few days, the Moon enters a new sign where she will make aspects with other planets. Once the Moon has made the last of its major aspects before changing sign, the Moon is said to be “Void of Course;” she has nothing more to highlight, so for the time being she is patiently awaiting her next move.

As above so below…

It’s said that while the Moon is Void, that we should not be initiating anything important. Instead, we should be following through with that which we already began, minding the non-essentials or just taking it easy.

For example: Have you ever put a bid on a house and it doesn’t go through? Or applied for a new job without receiving a “yes” or even a “no”? Maybe you submitted your bid during a void moon.

I purchased a coffee grinder on a void moon. No biggie, right? It’s just a coffee grinder. Since I bought it 2 months ago, the lid melted on the stove top as veggies baked away in the oven, AND I dropped a piece on the ground and a chunk of plastic broke off. Yet, it still works! If I would have bought it on Mercury retrograde, it might have just been defective in the first place.

This month, I’ve provided this nifty chart for easy reference:


Give it a try this month, and see if it helps your timing at all. Void Moons are said to carry less weight in Sagittarius. Also, the nicer the last aspect, the nicer the void period is (ex: sextile to Venus on the 3rd); the more tumultuous the last aspect, the more difficult the void will be (ex: square Uranus on the 7th).

That concludes this month’s lesson, now on with the October 2015 Astrology Report!


October is not quite as wild as last month, which flew by! We will have a moment to indulge in the changing leaves. Indeed, change is in the air.  Speaking of changes, I’ve decided to break my Monthly Forecasts into two entries, because I realize it is a lot of material to take in! Of course, this column’s original intent is to be revisited as needed, not to be read all at once. 


On Thursday, October 1st, the day gets off to a slow start until the Moon enters Gemini and triggers a challenging Grand Square involving Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. All of these planets are in a heated debate about what needs to be done. It may be a late work night because the energy is abundant and there is a strong vision. There is a strong sense of putting the work in, so that your true dreams can manifest in time. 

By Friday October 2nd, responsibility and hard work are out of sight. The Moon is in chatty Gemini and everyone’s planning their weekend escape. You might find yourself caught up in a discussion about a movie plot, a Radiohead concept album or losing track of time on your yoga mat. Expect to be participating in, or sharing with others about activities we do to transcend the mundane.

Saturday morning is active and smoothly social. Get things done early on. It’s a good night to snuggle in early as the Moon enters Cancer in the evening. It’s a great night to organize a dinner party with close friends or family. The Cancer Moon is also talking to Mercury retrograde. Both of them like to reminisce into the past and are content to just “be.”

On Sunday October 4th, the Moon briefly triggers a Mystic Rectangle with Pluto, Neptune and Mars. This is a time where we can look at the obstacle straight in the eyes and call upon our other gifts to address it. Gather your resources; use the power of your intuition and ability. 

The Moon is void ALL day on Monday October 5th. It’s a great day for catch up work and setting yourself up for success tomorrow. The Moon went void with a square to Uranus, so expect the unexpected. Things might not go as planned, so give yourself extra time for each task today. 

Tuesday October 6th is a major day in astrology. The Moon proudly enters Leo early in the morning and the Sun finally reaches its exact square to Pluto, which we have been able to feel building up over the last few days. Power becomes a theme. Where do we need to create a balance of power within ourselves? There is definitely an imbalance of power in the world; if we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves. Take a look in the mirror. Where are we being too passive with our power? Sometimes it’s easier to let others call the shots instead of claiming our right to succeed. There is a way to be in control of oneself without being despotic towards others. Be that lighthouse. Check yourself to see if you are limiting anyone else from shining. The world will be a better place when everyone has the courage to shine from their true heart. There is room for everyone to shine. 

This aspect may also reveal some information that’s been long buried under a layer of shame. With the Moon in Leo, it may pertain to someone who is notorious or generally well respected.

Mars also comes into exact opposition with Neptune today, reigniting the impetus, “what actions can I take on my dream?” I hate to say it, but this combo can also insinuate religious war, war on drugs, or fighting for one’s beliefs. Hopefully no blood is drawn. Mars is also courage and passion towards Neptune, that which transcends. Everyone has a transcendent practice, whether it’s art, meditation, theater, movies, or even alcohol. Just like anything else, too much escapism can be unhealthy. With Mars in health oriented Virgo, one may decide that it’s time to stop drinking.  This combo is also the Divine Masculine. Along with the Sun/Pluto aspect, we may see a man in power do something noble for humanity.

Mercury is on the World Axis for nearly a week, from October 6th-12th, and opposes Vesta, the asteroid of one’s truth. This means big headlines. Someone isn’t who they say they are. Someone is called out on their lack of integrity. Money is an issue. 

The Leo Moon trines Uranus on Wednesday, October 7th. Intuition is on point! Break out of the box and approach the usual in a different way. Be authentically you in your self-expression.

On Thursday, October 8th, the Moon follows Venus from the last degree of Leo to the first degree of Virgo, activating the Divine Feminine energy. This is where Venus began her retrograde on July 25th. That chapter is done. Honor the teachings of Venus today by reflecting on all that she has shown us since then, in the realm of love, money, values and beauty. If you are a woman, also honor yourself; if you are a man, honor the women in your life today. Here, Venus is ready to do the work in love; for love is not just the fluttering of the heart. Love takes work. Venus is ready to mind the details in a loving relationship, thus considering the needs of the other and helping each other with everyday tasks.

Venus officially clears her shadow today, October 9th. Mercury also turns direct in Libra, stationing on the World Axis, at 10:57 EDT. Relationships and marriage make the news, as well as the judicial realm of the courts. The Moon highlights the Mars/Neptune opposition. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are highlighted and come together with Mercury in Libra. 

On Saturday, October 10th, Venus squares Saturn. Patience, patience. This is Saturday where work needs to balance with play. Pay your dues to Saturn early on in the day by getting some work done; honor Venus in the evening by allowing yourself some enjoyment. Pat yourself on the back, because the acknowledgment may not come from others today. 

It feels like a NEW ERA! And it is, with all of these planetary shifts. As above, so below…. 

Sunday, October 11th: Jupiter makes a trine to Pluto (who is answering to Saturn in Sag), while Jupiter is answering to Mercury in Libra, still sitting on the World Axis. This is huge. Expansion through transformation, the death of the old and the rebirth of the new. Some themes that might play in: religious, spiritual, university, equality, corporations, finances. This arrangement will affect some people personally, but this aspect is largely affecting society. Something is going to shift, if not today, yesterday or tomorrow. But no need to fret! Trines are usually constructive and painless (The square next year might hurt a little). This will also play into the New Moon tomorrow, so its effects may even last up to a month. 


Monday, October 12th heralds a NEW MOON at 19⁰ Libra, at 8:06pm EDT. The Sun and Moon tightly oppose scientific Uranus. Something is bound to shift in the collective, and within ourselves. Libra is the sign of relating to others. The way we relate to one another in the world has evolved, mirroring the technological advances. Maintaining friendships is much different now. We can stay in touch with hundreds of people by simply scrolling and liking people’s pictures. While convenient, (and slightly voyeuristic) it’s much less intimate. Communication God Mercury sextiles Saturn, lord of tradition, reminding us that a good old fashioned luncheon or phone call helps us to nurture our friendships. Uranus is the innovator. Maybe we need to break our routine and spice things up in how we relate to others. Channel Uranus for an upgrade. 

Mars and Jupiter trine Pluto, so there is ample power available to us; there is enough to take care of our own business, and still plenty to share with those we love or whom we depend on a daily basis. Libra not only rules romantic partners, but anyone who is a friend, colleague, coworker, client─ those who we regularly interact with and rely on in our daily routine. Venus, ruler of Libra, opposed Neptune, heightening empathy and compassion for others. This New Moon offers us to begin a new cycle in relating, cooperating and appreciating the other people in our lives. 

The Moon is void all day on October 13th, until she enters intense Scorpio at 5:38pm. Feelings are intense. There is no grey in Scorpio: just black and white. The Moon makes beautiful aspects all day on Wednesday the 14th. Everything seems to just flow, conversations are deep, but mutually pleasant. There is plenty of energy to get through the day’s tasks with ease. Events recall the Solar Eclipse from September 13th; it’s the next chapter unfolding in that which came to light.

On Thursday October 15th, the trine between Mars and Pluto tightens to exactitude. Mars is passion; here we are reminded that we have to be truly passionate about where we direct our energy. We only have a certain amount of fuel in our tank and we must use it wisely to get to our desired destination. The Moon in Scorpio helps us to be clear about where our desires are: it either is or isn’t. Mars rules sharp edges, so cut out what is wasting your time and invest your energy where you are truly passionate. 

Friday October 16th, the Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:18am EDT, and she’s a busy woman all day. We are called to duty early on in the morning when she conjoins with Saturn. The Moon goes on to square both Venus and Neptune, creating the most gentle T-Square ever. T-Squares are normally really challenging, however, this formation is softened by the yin energies of all three planets combined. We can expect to experience heightened compassion and empathy for our fellow man and for the planet. There may be a desire to selflessly serve others. This is still a very strong, active energy that tightens to exactitude at 10:53pm EDT.

Stay tuned for October Part II !

So much Love, Light and Prosperity to all!!

Namaste and Sat Nam, brothers and sisters of Light.

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