Astrology Report for October 2015 (Pt II): The Thinning Veil


On Thursday October 15th, the trine between Mars and Pluto tightens to exactitude. Mars is passion; here we are reminded that we have to be truly passionate about where we direct our energy. We only have a certain amount of fuel in our tank and we must use it wisely to get to our desired destination. The Moon in Scorpio helps us to be clear about where our desires are: it either is or isn’t. Mars rules sharp edges, so cut out what is wasting your time and invest your energy where you are truly passionate.

The Sun makes its annual opposition to Eris, warrior woman of discord. As astrologer Eric Francis has observed, many times that Eris is highlighted by transit, we see a strong woman in the news, themes of feminism or revolt.

Friday October 16th, the Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:18am EDT, and she’s a busy woman all day. We are called to duty early on in the morning when she conjoins with Saturn. The Moon goes on to square both Venus and Neptune, creating the most gentle T-Square ever. T-Squares are normally really challenging, however, this formation is softened by the yin energies of all three planets combined. We can expect to experience heightened compassion and empathy for our fellow man and for the planet. There may be a desire to selflessly serve others. Saturn’s involvement asks us to be really clear about what it is we desire. Wishy-washy just won’t do! Moreover, this is a very strong, active energy that tightens to exactitude at 10:53pm EDT.

Mars meets up with Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday, October 17th; the Sagittarius Moon squares the pair, further illuminating them into our conscious awareness. Amplified ambition, passion, a renewed urge to take action, and awareness of the details. We might be inspired to take steps towards improving our health or skills, or to get crafty! Virgo likes to make things with our hands.  There may be a desire to create something of significance, to connect with the divine or a philosophical idea. At the very least, carve some pumpkins for Halloween this weekend!

Sunday morning can be laid back if we desire, as the moon is void all morning. When the Moon enters industrious Capricorn at 2:52pm EDT, we realize there is work to be done. The Moon squares the Nodes of Fate, where Vesta sits on the South Node of the past. We may have the sudden urge to clean out an old drawer or to box away the summer clothes. Vesta rules the hearth. We are working around the home, or preparing a warm meal.

The Moon is still in Capricorn on Monday, October 19th. It is a very busy Monday with lots of aspects! Remember your dreams upon waking; these are important symbols communicated to our consciousness from our own subconscious realms. The morning starts off smooth, with a lunar trine to Venus. Later in the day, the Moon conjoins Pluto and trines Jupiter. There is ample energy to get a lot accomplished. Today, you have the opportunity to make big strides towards your goals. It feels as if an energetic reservoir has been tapped. Beware of power struggles, as some people can take this energy too far, at the expense of others. Use this power to remain regal in your own right. Don’t let another’s agenda or misuse of energy sway you from your earthly divine mission. 


the Moon goes void at 4:31 pm EDT with a square to the Sun. Where are we neglecting ourselves? Maybe we are just feeling tired from all the work we did yesterday. This is catch up time. The Moon enters Aquarius at 9:38pm EDT, where we may feel the desire to break our evening routine.

On Wednesday, October 21st, Mercury conjoins Juno, trined by the Aquarian Moon. These are positive alliances, where innovative or off-the-cuff ideas can be freely shared. This is a commitment, a partnering energy in Libra; whether new or old alliances, this is certainly a social combination.

Mars forms an exact opposition to Chiron on Thursday, October 22nd. This is an energy around sexual or creative healing, or taking action towards one’s own healing. This healing could be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Also today, Mercury and Juno are closing in on an exact square with Pluto. This energy can indicate envy, jealousy, or obsessive-compulsive behavior in our relationships. Something is revealed. We become aware of our own unconscious destructive behaviors in relationships, or we are the ones orchestrating the revelation to another. This is deep-sea diving in the psyche. The Aquarian Moon offers innovative solutions for handling our issues.

The Sun enters murky, mysterious Scorpio on Friday, October 23rd, at 1:47 pm EDT. Meanwhile, the Moon enters infinite Pisces in the early morning. By the evening, there is a notable shift in energy. Maybe we are feeling more sensitive? Psychic? Emotional? Creative? Whatever it is, we are feeling the subtle energies of mortality in the air. It is officially the steady season of fall in the Northern hemisphere. The trees are scarce with leaves and the wind howls. We are feeling nature transition. No matter how many years we have experienced this shift, it’s always spooky. This is because we are reminded that we are intimately a part of this same cycle. They say that the veil is at its thinnest on Halloween. We are one week away; today is an activation of that sensitivity. Scorpio feels all, and processes it into a grand cycle of existence.

Saturday, October 24th, the Moon conjoins Chiron in Pisces and opposes Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo. This is a reconciliation of the past and the future. There is an opportunity here, if one allows oneself to see it, and to sit with it until the energy begins to spiral. Healing vs suffering. Which will you choose? Sometimes it’s easier to keep on going the way we are, even if that means remaining in a place of suffering. This is where Pisces can be associated with the Martyr. Virgo, is where there is work to be done. Sitting around will leave you stuck. It’s here in Virgo that you are supposed to reap what you sow. Jupiter is offering a blessing for those who rise to the challenge.

This last week in October carries many indications of a rise of the sacred feminine.

We are reminded that LOVE WINS on Sunday October 25th, when Venus and Jupiter form their 3rd conjunction of the year. The 1st conjunction at the end of June was visible just after sunset, a beacon of beauty that led to the Marriage Equality act. This energy vibrated throughout the rest of the summer. August 4th was the second conjunction; a week later, Kim Davis made headlines. That was the retrograde energy of the issue being revisited in the form of controversy. This energy should manifest more in alignment with the 1st conjunction, forward motion and upward spiral. Humanity is here to evolve. Historically speaking, we always do, even if it means taking a few steps back in the process; we always progress. Our galaxy is a spiral. Spiraling towards the light is our inherent nature.

We are invited to open ourselves to love, acceptance, compassion, empathy: towards ourselves, others and to our Mother, Gaia.

Vesta’s retrograde ingress into Pisces reiterates these themes, but also with the reminder to remember our connection to God; we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Inherent in all existence is the God particle. We are all divine. We must remember that when we mistreat or degrade another, we are degrading a piece of ourselves because we are all one. We are all God. We are all creators. We create our own reality by taking responsibility for our experience. We have the power to heal, to act, to be kind. We all are participants. It’s up to us if we collectively create Heaven or Hell upon Earth.

Vesta will remain in Pisces until December 4th.

On Monday, October 26th, the Aries Moon conjoins with Uranus. Break the pattern, free yourself. Be genuine, creative, enlightened. Pursue truth. The Moon will appear full tonight, so make sure to check it out!

Tuesday, October 27th heralds a FULL MOON at 8:05am EDT.

The Full Moon occurs at 3⁰ Taurus, with the Sun at 3⁰ Scorpio, highlighting the axis of intimacy, passion, sexuality, and deep merging. This is all or nothing. It’s important to be clear. But Neptune reminds us not to settle for less. Maintain the dream, but be very clear about what that dream is. Mercury and Juno oppose Uranus and Eris. This is a make or break energy. You are either going to commit, or you will destroy it and walk away. This is either a romantic or business partnership. It’s going to be a relationship in which resources are shared. In any employment, you are making your employer money; when you receive a paycheck, you simultaneously share your earnings by way of taxation; when you deposit your check, you are sharing your income with the bank. There is a trust here. Where there is trust, there is Scorpio. If someone has breached the trust, there will be hell to pay with Eris (you saw what she did to Pluto in 2008, right?).

Chiron opposes Venus, asking us, “Is this arrangement supportive? Can I grow in this situation?” Perhaps we have done all the growing that we can here. If the situation is harmful, the solution should be clear as day. Jupiter remains in harmonious aspect to Pluto, lending us extra energy to be assertive. Pluto also offers an opportunity to transform the situation. Transformation is possible of the existing situation, depending on how much of it is not of service towards your higher self. Perhaps something can be reworked. In the case of Taurus/Scorpio, it’s usually black and white. It’s either stay or leave. The transformation happens when one door closes and another opens.

Wednesday October 28th triggers the eclipse from last month. What emotional process uncoiled? This is a continuation of the story. The Moon is void in Taurus all day. Dwarf Planet Ceres re-enters Aquarius today, inspiring innovations in agriculture, farming and sustainability. She will remain in Aquarius through the end of January, 2016.

The Moon enters Gemini in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday October 29th, opposing Saturn at 8:41 EDT. There is a feeling of having to get things done before Halloween weekend arrives. Maybe this is getting the last accessories for your costume and having to wait in long lines. There is definitely a sense of duty, responsibility or not getting one’s way this morning. At 2:11pm EDT, the moon squares Neptune: this is an attempt to escape the blockage, even if you aren’t finished dealing with it yet. Maybe the issue is put on hold while you escape to an afternoon yoga class, or a bloody-mary at lunch.

Jupiter is approaching opposition with Chiron, which will become exact on 11/4, but we are already feeling it. Jupiter is also inconjunct Uranus. This is a feeling of uneasiness and requires an adjustment. Either, you are taking a break from the healthy changes you promised yourself because it’s Halloween; or you are being too hard on yourself and you feel like you can’t enjoy. Remind yourself how much fun you had this summer, but also remember how boring January and February are going to be if you live in a cold wintery area!! Find the balance of what you need. If you are one who has fallen off of the healthy goals, just remind yourself how important it is to stick to your plans. It’s not going to get any easier, as the weather is going to keep us indoors more, and our families are going to try to stuff us over the holidays. This is a time of reconciliation with our desire for personal growth, whether it’s our waistline, our health, or our spirit.

Friday, October 30th brings a creative trine between the Sun and Neptune, bringing us back to the magical time of July 1st. This can be highly creative, artistic, transcendent or dreamy. Great for Halloween parties: be whatever you want to be!

Saturday, October 31st: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! The veil is at its thinnest. A grand water trine between the Sun, Moon and Neptune heightens this sensitivity to spirit. We are all at the threshold of this portal to another world with this formation. It’s almost as if two worlds are meeting at zero point. With this configuration, I’d be weary of who is behind the mask─ for it may not be a costume!! It’s All Hallows Eve, Samhain; the Christians adopted this day as All Saints Day. It’s a day of ritual. Practice whichever one you like! Celebrate the end of the harvest, honor your ancestors, and indulge in all things spooky and unseen. 

Blessed Samhain; love to the planet and to all of the souls who came before us. Today we honor our ancestors; for all who came before us were survivors.