Astrology Report for January 2016, Part II: The Wolf Moon


*All times are read for Eastern Standard Time; for Pacific Standard Time, subtract 3 hours

Jupiter remains on the North Node for the remainder of the month. Again, pay attention to who you meet, or offers that you are extended; if you receive an offer to leap forward, and it feels right, think about saying yes. Mercury travels closely to Pluto for the entire month. Secrets may emerge. On a personal level, old memories may arise for review, remembering, or even healing and releasing if they are painful memories. This could be a deeply psychological period. You might hear from someone you haven’t heard from in awhile. If you are thinking of an old friend, reach out to them, because they are probably thinking of you too!

On Sunday, January 17th, the Moon is in earthly Taurus all day, governing the five senses. With a lunar opposition to Mars, there may be a need to get moving and honor the physical body. Use your body as a vehicle to blow off some steam: exercise, yoga, sex, or hiking. If this energy does not find a positive outlet, it may find one that isn’t so pleasant, like an argument. Never drive when you are upset. The urgency to act may be strong, since Mars is in all or nothing Scorpio. Go for it. Fight for it. Do it. With passion.

Juno colors today’s energy, which could bring on admiration, dedication, or her shadow side of envy and jealousy. The Moon sextiles Neptune at 2:28pm, inviting us to connect with the dream we are grounding into reality. Indulge a little this evening, when Venus squares Jupiter.

The Moon remains in Taurus all day Monday. There is a lingering desire to indulge, but there is also a huge potential for creative endeavors, so indulge creatively. We are going after what we want. There may be a sense that we are “destined” to do this, or there’s a sense of devotion to the act itself. This could also be a spiritual devotion. Neptune is unbridled bhakti, devotion and love, expressed. Neptune is the dream. Today, we honor Martin Luther King,who embodied his dream. His life purpose was devoted to creating a better world in which equality and fairness reign. That dream has begun to unfold into reality.

Our creativity, talents and gifts are also focused by the Sun’s conjunction with Pallas Athena today. Allowing our creativity to flow, is how we connect with our authentic truth. The same formula isn’t going to work for everyone. This is also illuminating our intellectual ability to plan and strategize. Pallas is the daughter born of her father’s mind. She is sly, weaving, somewhat of an outcast, but her brilliance halts other’s mockery. In other words, haters are gonna hate. Don’t worry, just be you; your truest, fullest expression of self.

Tuesday, January 19th,  the Moon enters Gemini at 4:13 am. Gemini wants to gather information: Socialize, read, inquire, discover, learn, experience and see. We may find ourselves confused or overwhelmed with information overload when the Moon squares Neptune at 6:09 pm. Instead, we may decide to check out and get lost on purpose. In the grand scheme of everything, “facts” are meaningless. In time, our current consensus of what defines “reality,” will soon be history, and today’s dreams will be tomorrow’s reality. Let go for tonight; allow yourself to pause linear thought. We will regain our focus in the morning, just in time for the busy day.

On Wednesday, January 20th, the Sun enters speedy, futuristic Aquarius. The eye is on the prize of the future, the past is in the past. The airwaves are electric, buzzing with thoughts. Catch a wave, tune into the collective consciousness that is continuously evolving.  We feel an energetic turbo boost at the beginning of the day. Inspiration arrives early and carries out through the afternoon. We feel like we can get anything and everything done. Order is not necessary, just ride the wave. Be open to new ideas or modes of thinking or doing. Inventive, original ideas flow faster than humanly possible to keep up with. Write down good ideas for rainy days. These ideas could be work related, or regarding a project you’ve been steadily working towards for a long time. Be receptive of new inspiration, especially if you’ve recently found yourself on a plateau.

Thursday, January 21st, the Moon is in homebody Cancer, further illuminating Monday’s creativity. We return to our endeavors, perhaps with fresher eyes after some of the clarity we gained this week. This is a great day to lay low at home, integrate and chill. Venus sextiles Ceres, which may inspire you to whip up a new recipe. Intuitive and creative cooking is a definite possibility.

Friday, January 22nd, the Moon remains in Cancer for the entire day. It might be an emotionally or psychologically uncomfortable day for some. Emotions clash with the mind. We try to reason, but the emotions are still there. It's easier to do what you feel, but it's not always the best choice. Sometimes we need to pause and strategize.

Old memories or patterns are stirred up for reviewing when retrograde Mercury joins Pluto once again. They will be dancing together for a few weeks. The last time these two conjoined was December 20th, so whatever that story was, it may reemerge this week. We might ask ourselves, “Why is this showing up? Am I ready to find peace with this story or pattern and release it as a burden?” Let the wound heal into a scar, and create tougher skin. If you are not yet ready to release, it’s okay. There is no rush. Healing takes time. Walk yourself through the story with compassion; talk to yourself like you would a small child. Slowly find forgiveness for not knowing better. Honor your strength and endurance to keep up, despite what you’ve been through. Love yourself for having the courage to be here now, as a human being, who is not all knowing, who is learning and growing each and every day.

Saturday, January 23rd is a FULL MOON, exact at 8:45 pm, at 4⁰ Leo. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “An older man in evening clothes, of poised and military bearing, stands alone before a mounted moose head.”

This Full moon is about acknowledging your accomplishments and trophies. Leo governs self-expresion, enjoyment and pride. Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of? Where are you leaving your mark on the world? This is not only a period of reflecting on what you have accomplished thus far, but also a chance to envision what your “moose head” might be. For a hunter, a moose is the cream of the crop─ rare, giant, and majestic. Sought by many, achieved by some, success usually does not come easily. It’s usually something attained with careful cultivation of skill and much patience.

Success can be personally rewarding, but it can also be alienating. Mark Twain once said, “There’s always something about your success that displeases even your best friends.” Judy Garland has said, “It’s cold and lonely on the top…lonely and cold.” Often, we must sacrifice something, big or small, to make our dream come true.

There are many paths to the top of Success Mountain. We can be ruthless, stepping on others’ heads to get on top. Or, we maintain our dharmic integrity on our path. Leo rules the heart and how we express what’s inside. Let this Full Moon remind us to have compassion for those we encounter on our path, and to take time to be grateful for those who have assisted us on our path. Let us also remember to do what we love, following our true heart path up the mountain. Let us express truthfully from our heart, authentically, with reverence and gratitude. May we become victorious by simply honoring our heart. This Moon is known as "The Wolf Moon", so we can either travel in packs, or become the Wolf of Wall street.

Venus enters Capricorn today at 3:31 pm. Now she is truly ready to focus. It will be much easier to implement those New Year’s resolutions now. In Sag, Venus was extremely indulgent, craving take-out, rich, fatty, or sugary foods. Maybe you resisted temptation, or maybe you caved, but the temptation was real. Now, Venus will be more interested in a more conservative diet. She wants a routine, something to work towards. Venus in Capricorn is extremely loyal, whether committed to another person, goal or cause. She is refined here, aware of what’s acceptable and what is not. Venus doesn’t necessarily have a finer taste in Capricorn, in fact, she can survive on the raw basics; what it comes down to, is “will it serve the end goal? How is this useful?” 

Sunday, January 24th, the only major aspect is the Leo Moon’s square to Mars in Scorpio. Passionate, productive and powerful are today’s key words. Use it however you must.  The Moon goes void in Leo at 9:51 pm with a trine to Uranus; it all becomes clear now. If you are up late, or living on the west coast, this could add creativity and spontaneity to the mix.

Monday, January 25th, Mercury turns direct today, which is good news if you experienced a troublesome retrograde period. However, the Trickster God often transitions with a bang. Often we are moving too fast, and we forget to turn off the coffee maker after we pour our last cup; the coffee pot explodes as we are trying to run out the door, and now we’ll be late to work because we have to attend to a kitchen disaster (thanks for this real life example, Robin!). Just be ready for anything, because the day is also colored by lightning-speed Uranus. When Uranus and Mercury team up, expect the unexpected and be ready to laugh at yourself; “the jokes on you” with Mercury and Uranus is the “Eureka!” So when you are asking the universe “why, why did that have to happen?”, and you receive some insight out of the blue, thank Uranus!

Tuesday, January 26th, the Virgo Moon makes nice aspects to Venus. Helpful people, or people working together. This is a very productive, supportive combination. We might crave healthy foods today! The Moon opposes Neptune at 2:52 pm. We want to make a positive mark on the world. If we are working, in service to others, it’s possible that we might make contribute to making “a dream come true;” it doesn’t have to be major or life changing, it might just mean making someone’s day. Maybe you are working towards your own dreams coming true too. Today has the potential to be busy, productive and helpful.

Wednesday, January 27th, Ceres is at the last degree of Aquarius. Ceres has the same etymological origins as the word, “cereal,” ruling cultivation, agriculture, and how we nurture and nourish ourselves and others. In Aquarius, it’s the science of food and agriculture, for better or for worse. While Ceres has been in Aquarius, the FDA approved GMO salmon, and the House of Representatives passed the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know, aka, Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015). This would allow food companies the choice of labelling whether their ingredients are GMO or not, as well as country of origin. 9/10 Americans want to know what’s in their food. This Bill has not yet passed by the Senate or signed into law by President Obama. However, we may hear more from these stories this week. GMOs and pesticides are largely controversial; because while the technology allows us to grow more food and feed more people, the long-term risks of consuming them are still unknown, and therefore potentially hazardous. This debate clearly demonstrates the shadow side and the higher expression of the Ceres in Aquarius archetype, aka, food sciences.

The Moon opposes Chiron today, calling for self-love, healing, honoring ones healing process, and forgiveness. Chiron also represents our mentors, teachers, healers and counselors; some of whom may show up for us today. Pay attention to who you meet today, or any offers; there may be a helpful connection for you here.The Moon goes void at 7:11 pm with a conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo. Less is more.

Thursday, January 28th, Ceres enters Pisces. Ceres has the same etymological origins as the word, “cereal,” ruling cultivation, agriculture, and how we nurture and nourish ourselves and others. In Pisces, Ceres might spotlight on hydroponic gardening, caring for oceans and marine life, and making sure that more people in the world have access to clean drinking water. Here in Cleveland, Erin Huber, CEO of Drink Local, Drink Tap, raises money so that she can visit Uganda and dig water wells is arid villages. Many of these people must walk up to four miles, just to access fresh water. Because of Erin, these kids can have fresh water in their own backyard, and instead, spend more time in school. Pisces also rules spiritual practice, so we may see another wave of people turning to meditation, yoga or qi gong. Water is definitely going to be a major focus. If you haven’t heard about the Seabin project, you must check it out! Seabins are recycling bins for the ocean. This amazing invention is one of many that could potentially make a huge impact during this time.

Moon enters Libra at 10:00 am, urging us towards harmony in groups, seeing both sides of the situation and weighing things out properly. Fairness is key.

Friday, January 29th, the Moon squares Mercury and Pluto, rehashing an old story or pattern. It might be the same one from last weekend; but now that the Messenger God is moving forward, so are we. Maybe we now have a solid understanding of the purpose it served in our lives. Now we can release it with gratitude: it happened, it taught us something valuable, and now it is gone. We will remember it fondly, like an old friend.

The evening has potential to take a wild turn of events. Ride the wave. Do something out of the ordinary, meet new people, try something new, or just go with the flow. Your uber driver might be extra quirky with some random stories. Who knows! Just be safe out there. Everyone will be feeling a little mischievous, adventurous or wild tonight. If you typically go out on Fridays, maybe you rebel against your routine and stay inside.

Saturday, January 30th, the Moon is void in Libra all day, until she enters Scorpio at 10:50 pm. Today is a great day for socializing and enjoyment. Venus sextiles Neptune, it could turn out to be a particularly fun and memorable day. Time will disappear when you are having this much fun. Pay attention to who you meet. Serendipitous encounters are possible, especially in the late morning/early afternoon.

Sunday, January 31st, the Moon is in deeply sensitive and powerful Scorpio all day. Mercury squares Uranus and Vesta, so you may be called to defend your beliefs. Stand up for what you believe in and speak your truth! Today is best spent trusting your intuition. If you need to stay home, chill and float around the house all day, do it. You never know where the current will carry you next. If you have things that you want to accomplish, do it. Today is a powerful day, but we get to choose. As long as we are in alignment with our heart, we will feel rejuvenated at the end of the day.

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


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