Poetry of a Pluto Transit

The house is shaking from thunder,


Vibrating a transformative murmur.

Things are coming to a close;

The winds of change madly blow,

"It's time to let go, time to let go...

Let got of what no longer serves you;

Make the break, strip away the old you.

Outgrown the old, you are a new you;

Step aside and reveal the true you."



I'm sick of all the suffering,

I've had it with all the loss,

I know its all a part of the great circle,

But I've really had enough.

I'm angry at the world, but

Angrier that I have anger

Was once a peaceful person,

But the world's shown me how to suffer.

We were karmically connected,

But not the way I'd once thought.

You've scarred, raped and abused me,

Left my body to rot.

I wonder what I did to you,

in a past life now forgot?

To deserve this punishment,

betrayal, pain and loss...



Shedding like a snake,

Peeling all the layers back.

This is me: raw and peeling,

Itching to be free.

All that's old and fading,

Shedding my skin.

All that's new and liberating.

The Eternal Serpent,

Timeless and healing,

Infinite God,

Quetzequatl and Hermes

The Eternal Serpent,

Timeless rebirthing,

Fertile wisdom, Kundalini

Kali-Ma, Adi Shakti


Pluto transits are usually the most transformative out of any transit. The are slow, grueling periods of catharsis. Deeply psychological, these transits are usually accompanied by either violation, loss, trauma, humiliation, shame or guilt. Something will happen that will trigger these feelings. It's easy to feel like everything is slowly crumbling away, or that there is a greater force against you. This is true, that force is called "death." Nothing lasts forever on Earth. Everything changes. Empty handed we come, and empty handed we will go. We easily get attached. These Pluto transits are useful because they remind us that we can get on just fine, no matter what, even without the thing that brought us comfort, security or joy. These transits show us our power; but first we feel powerless. Change is the only constant in the entire universe (as we know it!)

There are two choices in a Pluto transit: obsession or surrender. Some people will grasp onto the past. It's hard to accept the change at first. We can obsess over the person who hurt us, for example, or the painful memory that we cannot change. The other option is to surrender to the greater force of the universe: the giver of life and death. This is why many people have spiritual awakenings as a result of a Pluto transit, possibly combined with a compulsive desire to understand. For me, I became obsessed with astrology when Pluto squared my natal Sun. This was both because I wanted to understand the rhythms of the cosmos, and so that I could better understand how to navigate the tides of life. 

Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, has great talent of uprooting. Things that we've buried have a way of emerging from the grave. Also, we notice when our belongings, connections or habits get really old. We might ask ourselves if we should continue in that vein. We know what we need to do, and if we don't act on our own accord, the universe will choose for you. Pluto will take away what is toxic or outgrown. It might be tough, but he ultimately wants to empower you. We may have a compulsive desire to purge the old and make way for the new, by way of physically cleaning house or even mentally cleaning the attic. Often people seek out a therapist or healer during this time, to assist with the purging process. Sometimes, we have to admit to feeling powerless alone, to seek empowerment elsewhere in the community. After a while, we find that it actually feels really good to release. We are ultimately making room for brighter light to come into our lives. We will often be pleasantly surprised and one day find ourselves grateful that everything happened the way it did. "The Ecstacy of Healing," is a  very real experience. 

As I previously mentioned, we become severely aware of our mortal limitations. This may inspire one to become the best version of themselves moving forward. We will inevitably shed our skin. We might say, "I will never be that 'me' again, but I will become a wiser, stronger, more grateful 'me.'" Pluto is the modern ruler of the sign, Scorpio, who is not only embodied by the scorpion, but also the eagle, the serpent and the phoenix: It will sting like a scorpion, then we will focus like an eagle, we will shed like a serpent and reborn, we will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. From darkness to light, Wahe Guru.