Astrology Report for February 2016, Part I: Fruitful, Fertile, Imbolc


*All times are read for Eastern Standard Time; for Pacific Standard Time, subtract 3 hours

Monday, February 1st, the Moon is in powerful Scorpio for the entire day, aligning with Scorpio’s ruler, Mars. Today is a very active day, potentially manifesting internally (processing, planning, healing, feeling) or externally (physical exercise, completing your to-do list or research). We can accomplish a lot today, colored by Scorpio’s impetus for transformation, progress, purging and growth.

Tuesday, February 2nd, the Moon enters visionary Sagittarius at 10:50 am. If you are on the East Coast, it’s okay to get a late start to your day. There’s an impulsive instinct ribboning throughout the day. If you feel inspired, go for it! The Moon in Sag inspires us to look to the future, towards exploring new horizons. No matter how we choose to expand, the idea is to enjoy all the while.  So if you are feeling it, take a gamble and see what else is out there!

Today is IMBOLC, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. The Earth is pregnant with new life. Today we celebrate fertility and the upcoming arrival of new life. By now, we all notice the days getting longer. This is a final gestational period before we spring to life on the Equinox.

With the Moon remaining in visionary Sag onFebruary 3rd, we are now concerned with manifesting of our vision into the physical dimension. We must make a distinction between fantasy and reality. If we keep saying, “next time,” or “one day,” without taking the necessary steps to make it possible, time will pass us by. Fortunately, we can be very resourceful during this period as Mars sextiles Pluto. When these two planets team up, “if there is a will, there is a way.” Mars in Scorpio does not give up easy. Try, try, and try again. With plenty of focus and staying power, Mars in Scorpio will lend us endurance to figure out how. We are offered the opportunity to tune into these energies and funnel them into grounding the dream into reality.

We may be prone to overdoing today, February 4th. The Moon is void all day in Sag, leaving us to deal with the excessive aspect of this sign. Beware of overeating, overspending, overdoing, being overzealous or saying too much. We may need to consciously use a filter!  At 7:44 pm, the Moon enters constructive Capricorn, where we have an easier time making more conservative choices. Capricorn is concerned with the higher purpose that the action will ultimately serve. 

February 5th, Venus and Pluto conjoin to begin a new cycle around passionately committing. This could show up in our relationships, towards something we value, something of importance, or it could also be work related; this is something we are working towards that is very near and dear to our heart. It could be dedicating ourselves to a higher calling. This is when we fully commit to something we’ve been involved with, but this renews or enhances the commitment. There is also a transformative quality about this commitment. For example, committing to a new attitude, like “I’m going to stop complaining about small things,” would transform you into a more gracious person. We are committing to something meaningful and/or something that will improve the quality of existence.  

Saturday, February 6th, it’s easier to see the bigger picture. We have the opportunity to see things from a higher vantage point, maybe allowing us to detach from the small dramas in life, or find a solution through the maze.  Little obstacles and imperfections are less important in the grand scheme of things. We see that there’s no need to trip up over the small things. The Moon is void in Capricorn for the entire day, perfect for reflection and continuing with ongoing projects. Avoid initiating anything important, if possible!

The Moon enters innovative Aquarius today. This is a Sunday that requires us to move. We won’t do well sitting around. The Sun squares Mars, urging us to take action. Do something fun, inspirational; work on yourself or towards your dreams. Aquarius seeks to improve the quality of experience for all. We are feeling social, drawn towards group activities. Venus sextiles Mars, and magnetism is high! Be aware of the Law of Attraction. We attract what we vibrate.


We have a NEW MOON at 19⁰ Aquarius on February 8th, exact at 9:39 am EST.

The Chinese New Year always occurs on the second New Moon after the winter solstice, which is halfway between the solstice and the spring equinox.

The Aquarian New Moon invites us to plant seeds around the future, innovation and improvement; along with opportunity to release or heal deterrents, moving with greater ease towards our higher path. The air quality of futuristic Aquarius implies that the lighter we travel, the more possibilities.

There is an obsessive quality to this New Moon, which gives us a strong fixation on either the past, present or future. From the present to the future, there is a deep passion, along with a strong drive to fully commit to something in alignment with our heart. Or, something is pulling us back into the past, obsessing about something we cannot change. True, we cannot change the past, but we can heal ourselves in the present. Sometimes we need to reach out for assistance on our healing path. The help is readily available through mentors, teachers, even doctors and therapists to help us let it go. The energy is ripe for spiritual connection, passion, commitment, deep concentration, shadow or light work─ all within the purpose of becoming lighter, like the Fire Monkey, who leaps from tree to tree.

The qualities of the Fire Monkey imply that things are going to move fast this year. The good news is that we will have plenty of stamina to keep up, with the ability to adapt and learn quickly. The monkey is playful, quick witted and loves a good joke. The caution is to maintain conscious presence. The uncultivated mind is known as the “monkey mind.” It may take some extra discipline amongst the fast fire, but it would be helpful to regularly practice meditation. Be the light: it’s contagious like wildfire.  

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A big white dove, bearing a message.” The universe speaks to us in symbols, numbers, dreams and synchronicities. We must be open to receiving such messages. We can also open to receive through divination, being in nature, prayer and meditation. This message could give us an answer to we’ve been looking for, or it could arrive as a divine sense of peace or completion. 

Tuesday, February 9th is Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:31 am and aligns with mystical Neptune later in the evening. Pisces loves to escape the monotony of the 3rd dimension. Elevate through consciousness or via enjoyment in festivities. Venus trines Jupiter, inspiring us to do what brings us joy. What would make you feel happy today? These aspects are perfect for indulging in life’s simple pleasures.

Hopefully yesterday was a fun day because Wednesday, February 10th is a busier day. We become aware of what isn’t perfect. We may feel inspired to reach towards improving and healing that aspect. There’s ample energy towards envisioning, productivity and commitment towards our passion.

February 11th, the Moon resides in Aries all day, igniting a fire within. There’s lots to do and plenty of energy to fuel it. We may feel spontaneous or brave today. Go for it!

We continue to ride the fiery crest of Aries into Friday, February 12th, where the Moon conjoins with rebellious Uranus. There is a wild streak to the day. Break your routine to mix things up. It’s easy to ignite an early start to the day. There’s enough vigor to burn for the whole day, but if we don’t pace ourselves, we may be running low on fuel towards the evening. However we choose to spend our energy is perfect.  The Moon squares Venus, inspiring us to socialize with good friends.

February 13th: After an early morning mini void, the moon enters Taurus at 6:36 am, and squares Mercury. We are torn between remaining comfortable and steady and doing something different. Our body desires simple comfort while our mind is eager. Ultimately, we will probably choose to relax and enjoy a simple Saturday. No need to force something. Be receptive. It will happen organically how it is supposed to.

Mercury enters Aquarius this evening, clearing his retrograde shadow. Whatever the lesson of Mercury retrograde was for you, we’ve figured it out for now. Every retrograde story comes in 3’s: the preview, the main event and the review (to make sure you learned your lesson!). Maybe the story occurred in your relationship, your workspace, home or finances. Whatever the story, it is complete for now and we are moving onward!

Happy Valentines day!

How fitting that the Moon resides in Taurus for the day. The Taurus energy is perfect for love, indulgence, chocolate, sex and champagne. If you are celebrating with a loved one, the Taurus energy is perfect for expressing gratitude, appreciation and how much you value your loved one. If you are celebrating alone, treat yourself! Your body is your temple, for you to worship. Appreciate yourself and do something enjoyable. Ruling the 5 senses, Taurus appreciates flavors, scents, touch, and aesthetic sound and visual. So get cozy and surround yourself with love, beauty and enjoyment.

The week gets off to a airy start. On Monday, the Moon enters social butterfly Gemini at 9:35 am. Conversation is light and smooth. If you are flying solo today, follow your curious bliss. Gemini loves exploring the neighborhood, reading books, learning something new and being spontaneous. Following in the vein of yesterday, we are going to do what makes us happy and brings us joy today. Light and simple.

Tuesday, February 16th can be extremely productive. We are moving fast and we are doing the work today. Luckily, we have the energy and drive to do so after such an enjoyable weekend and a chill Monday. We are prepared to catch up today on things that we don’t necessarily want to do, but things that we have to do. Even if we love what we do, we can still feel stressed by it sometimes. There is a lot to be done. We feel the weight of time, but we have enough energy to make lots of progress, so it’s not really a big deal.

Venus enters Aquarius today, where she finds herself a bit more aloof than while she resided in Capricorn (since January 23rd). So while we hunkered down and committed to our goals over the last month, we now feel a bit more flexible. Aquarius has the ability to be a bit detached, caring a bit less. At the same time, Aquarius really does care for the future and improving the quality of existence for all. While Capricorn is regimented, rooted in tradition of what’s already been established, Aquarius says, “What if there’s something more sustainable out there?” She’s ready to take a chance, take herself a little less seriously, improvise, invent, rebel and experiment with something new. You never know until you try. 

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, light,  and peace to ALL....



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