Astrology Report for February 2016, Part II: Awaiting from the Mist


*All times are read for Eastern Standard Time; for Pacific Standard Time, subtract 3 hours

While Jupiter remains on the North Node, Chiron creeps closer into orb with the South node. This is often a time when people hit rock bottom─ self-destructive habits finally get the best of them.  Chiron represents our mortal wounds, yet also embodies the healing process. Healers, mentors, gurus and teachers fall under the rulership of Chiron.

Unlike other centaurs, Chiron is revered for his skill in medicine and mentoring. He trained many famous warriors and healers such Ajax, Achilles, Jason and Asclepius, whose serpent entwined rod lives on as the symbol of modern medicine.  

Now is a period of time in which we will see many people finally seeking the help that they need. The quest for help will begin with a realization, inspired by their own scary experience, or through witnessing another’s. Mental break downs and overdoses are possible. I know a guy who was recently hospitalized for alcohol detox. Another friend who’s been battling depression has finally booked a therapy appointment. Paris Jackson revealed that she recently joined AA. Here in Cleveland, Johnny Manziel is definitely going through a personal, yet very public, crisis.

This transit works in accord with Jupiter on the North Node, which, as I’ve been explaining, is supposed to lead us up to the next level; Chiron on the South Node serves to help those who need to release, heal, and finally overcome the heaviness that holds them back from escalating upward. If  they can break the cycle now, they will truly accelerate forward in June when Jupiter returns to the North Node once more.

*     *     *     *     *

Wednesday, February 17th, the Gemini Moon goes void at 11:37 am. If you have something important that you need to initiate in the early morning, do so before this time. The remainder of the day will still be buzzing and busy with plenty of energy to follow through on ongoing projects. Gemini is a social sign, also very curious to gather new information. At 2:24pm, the Moon moves into sensitive Cancer. Cancer is a home and family oriented sign who wants to take care of the self and others. Cancers are known to withdraw for short periods, so it might be a quiet evening at home for many people.

Thursday, February 18th, the Moon remains in homebody Cancer, but today, Cancer’s sensitivity is heightened by the intensity of Pluto and a trine to mystical Neptune.  Cancer is a nostalgic sign, so we may take a trip down memory lane, with Power (Pluto) being a theme. Memories of empowerment or disempowerment reiterate where we are at on our path. Pluto is both shame and guilt, and once processed, are transmuted into valuable wisdom, even self-empowerment. We can call on our spiritual guides today with the aid of Neptune to help us navigate the emotional waters or to simply connect with a greater, divine force.

Friday, February 19th the Sun enters Pisces at 12:34 am. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and here, we retreat inward before reemerging in the spring (Aries). It’s here that the winter seems to motionlessly drag on, yet we can feel the anxiousness of nature’s rebirth. Plants are preparing to burst forth, trees are slowly beginning to bud, and birds are preparing to lay their eggs. As human beings, this may be a period in which we are conscious of spring’s arrival, so for this last little bit of time, we are more reclusive and working on ourselves.

Pisces itself is a sign of dual nature, symbolized by two fish. One swims downward towards the earth (maya, personality, ego), while the other swims upwards towards the heavens (higher self, transcendence, oneness). For a Pisces, one fish swims harder than the other. Pisces are often empathic “sharers,” in which boundaries are softened and they feel everything. This is often why confusion is associated with Neptune─ they are one with all and it’s difficult to discern where one starts and where one begins. This is why solitude is very important for Piscean people, for it’s here that their aura can be one with itself. It is overwhelming to constantly function with such heightened sensitivity; this is why many Pisceans turn to escapism: drugs, alcohol, art, theater, movies, meditation, yoga, spirituality and self-less service, to name a few. Going back to the two fish, some have healthier escapes than others. A Pisces never finds true freedom until the personality becomes the servant of the soul.

While we are not all born under the sign of Picses, the Sun illuminates the Pisces section of our chart for the next month. We are invited to serve our higher self, our community, and connect with the vast cosmic ocean in which we are all ONE.

The Moon turns void at 9:36 am, and does not enter Leo until 9:17 pm. Today is not the best day to initiate anything important; however, with the Moon’s last aspect being a trine to Mars, we can still get a lot accomplished today.  

Saturday, February 20th, the Moon is in Leo, and Leo is all about the heart-space and creative self-expression. With an opposition to Venus and Mercury, we must remember to share the spotlight equally. Everyone is unique, but with an equally valuable contribution. As the sign of children, we can become super playful under the sign of Leo. Have fun, but beware of Leo’s shadow-side of pride, drama and hogging center stage.

Sunday, February 21st, the Moon forms a harmonious grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. This is a wonderful combo for creative ingenuity infused with practicality. Often our wildest dreams are just that; but with Saturn in the mix, we are able to ground our vision into something tangible. Today’s energy is free flowing and great for almost anything our heart desires─ but particularly excellent for taking action towards our goals, making improvements in our home or within ourselves. 

Monday’s Full Moon occurs at 3⁰33’ Virgo.

The Sabain symbol for this degree is “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus, linking two seaside resorts.”

Resorts are happy vacation places, but it’s a patient journey there. The Virgo moon opposes Sun and Neptune in Pisces, which creates some confusion. We can never see where the traffic begins (how infuriating!), but we can see it backing up behind us. This imagery is akin to a funnel.

The February Full Moon is known as the “Quickening Moon,” as we subconsciously feel the latent forces within nature and within ourselves stirring. This is a period just before the rebirth of greenery, wildlife and our own emergence back into warmer weather. It’s a period of preparation, patience, anticipation and imagination. So right now, we are at the top of the funnel, in traffic, progressing in speed as we near the opening, the birth canal, where we spring forth with eagerness of Aries.

The motifs of the Full Moon chart indicate a reaping of the hard work we’ve done to create positive change within ourselves, as well as a responsibility to keep up! The work is never truly done.

Tuesday, February 23rd, the Virgo Moon squares Saturn at 1:02 pm, bringing themes of responsibility or challenge. How do we translate experience into mastery? We must do the work and put in the time. Later in the evening, the Moon joins Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny, providing a grander perspective, and optimism towards the future. Pay attention to who you meet or any offers you receive.

Wednesday, February 24th, the Moon turns void with a sextile to Mars at 9:22 am, remaining void for the whole day. Void periods are not good times to initiate anything important, however, this void period can be very productive for following through with ongoing activities. The Moon enters pleasant Libra at 5:41 pm. This might be a great evening to meet some friends for happy hour. Libra governs harmonious relating, relationships, mutuality, social exchanges and sharing.

Thursday, February 25th, the Libra Moon makes pleasant aspects to Saturn and Venus: Helpful people, enjoyable company or crystalizing a commitment. Mercury sextiles Saturn helping us to see more clearly; we might be able to identify patterns with ease, as well today. 

Friday, February 26th, the Moon is void in Libra for the entire day. Again, voids are not ideal periods for initiating anything of great importance. Wait until tomorrow. Today might be an odd day because it’s colored by unpredictable Uranus: the rebel, renegade punk who beats to his own weird drum. He’s eccentric, but cool, challenging the status quo. Normalcy will be disrupted today. Something won’t go as planned, or we might find ourselves dropping everything. Someone might cut you off on the road, out of nowhere. Surprise! High energy without an outlet is anxiety. This is all with the purpose of shattering complacency and mixing things up. Uranus keeps us on our toes.

From today through the 29th, we have a Yod (finger of God) aspect pointing towards our future and our growth. The Universe is asking us to look outside the box for inspiration, to innovate in new ways. We might have to invent a new method of going after we want, or at least tweaking it a little. When it comes to the Yod, it’s something that we are forced to look at and pursue.

Saturday, February 27th can be a much more productive day than yesterday. The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:26 am. We might find ourselves a bit more serious today, or even reclusive, perhaps hiding out for a good chunk of the day─ either recharging from yesterday’s highball, or accomplishing a great deal of work in order to enjoy some hard earned free time later. This is an all or nothing sign. Go with your gut!

Sunday, February 28th, the Sun makes its annual conjunction with Neptune. Depending on how sensitive we are, we may have already entered the fog a few days ago. This period of fuzziness will continue for a couple of days. Neptune blurs the lines and we are lost in the cosmic sea. A great way to navigate through the waters is to practice meditation, art, music, dance, or yoga. These are all fairly fluid practices, synchronizing our rhythm with the universal flow. We might be extra forgetful during this time. Take caution of misunderstandings. People might not explain things clearly, and we might not hear them clearly either. It’s like the game telephone. Don’t be afraid to ask people to clarify once again─ it could prevent bigger issues (especially in the workplace)!

It’s February 29th, Leap Day! Lucky us: we get 5 Mondays in February. How often does that happen?! We can get the week off to a powerful start, thanks to the Scorpio Moon’s conjunction with active Mars. Go after it and go hard. Start with the most important tasks, so that by the time the Moon goes void at 2:55 pm, we are ready to ride the wave and wrap things up. The Moon enters visionary Sagittarius at 6:56 pm. Venus sextiles Saturn, solidifying commitments to people, values or even a monetary goal. 

Blessed Month!

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


(all images graciously borrowed from google search)