Astrology Report for March 2016, Part I: Eclipse Season Begins


*All times are read for Eastern Standard Time; for Pacific Standard Time, subtract 3 hours

March begins on Tuesday with a Sagittarius Moon. We search for meaning as we try to discern between truth and fiction. Are we in denial about something? What does it all mean? The Sun is still in close orb of misty Neptune: the lines are blurred and we may not be seeing clearly. When we cannot depend on the mind, it’s best to quiet the mind in meditative practices to allow spirit to show us the way. Pay attention to signs, dreams and intuition. But don’t fool yourself!

We have a “Finger of God” formation: destiny points the way. We may have to take a chance, surprise ourselves and do something we didn’t think that we could do. Venus in Aquarius helps us to detach from our emotional rooting in the past, to take a chance and invent something new. Combine these forces and funnel them into the North Node and Jupiter: expand, reach and grow. Say yes to opportunities that push you out of your comfort zone, and closer to your greatest potential. This formation lasts through March 6th, so we have a few days to get the message.

Wednesday, March 2nd, the spotlight is on Juno, asteroid of commitments and marriage; she stations retrograde at a very potent degree. We will see famous breakups, the dissolution of power couples and even financial splits. These are big splits in which people have been very invested with one another over time─ both emotionally and/or financially. Not everyone is going to break up, but this is a time when people who crave more freedom are rethinking their emotional or financial bonds. Maybe the relationship just needs to be reworked. But those that are weak, or have run their course will call it quits at this time.

Mars is at the last degree of Scorpio March 3rd-6th. This is really, really important because he will return to this degree on May 27th during his retrograde. Over the last couple of weeks (think back to February 17th) we may have received a clue as to what the Mars retrograde period will teach us. Remember, retrograde periods are useful for revisiting and reworking any unfinished business, so this is actually really healthy, but it may not be much fun. This is because Scorpio rules the serious shit: life and death, shame, guilt, buried emotions, finances; basically, the heavy really life stuff! Think back to 2013-2014. What was the difficulty during that time? Saturn was travelling the late degrees of Scorpio and there were hard lessons that transformed our lives forever. Mars is here to make sure that we didn’t forget anything, and to ensure that we truly learned our lesson. The Mars retrograde will be about finding official closure and moving forward in a new, more enlightened way.

Thursday, March 3rd,the Moon is in studious, ambitious Capricorn all day. We are working towards our dream!

Friday, March 4th may feel a bit more austere with the Moon’s conjunction to the Lord of the Underworld. Some will feel strong in their power, while others may feel more powerless. We might find ourselves fixated on an emotionally charged issue. Pluto can rehash past hurts. Pluto ultimately wants us to turn that shit into gold, but it takes time. The mood lightens later in the afternoon when the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter. Now we have a broader vantage point.

Saturday, March 5th is busy, busy!! We will definitely feel the energy shift today as 2 planets change signs.

Early in the morning, Mercury enters dreamy Pisces. Those with Mercury in Pisces natally have trouble thinking linearly. Their thoughts move in all different directions simultaneously, and reading can be difficult for some. So for the next 16 days, we all fall under honorary Pisces-mind. The Pisces mind can also be excellent for art, meditation, intuition, dance, telling a story through non-verbal media, prayer and going with the flow. Non-linear. Infinite. Cannot be contained.

Mars enters Sagittarius and he is looking for an adventure! He may be looking to expand our horizons and reach for something new. Mars will spend a lot of time in Sag due to his upcoming retrograde. Now through May 26th, we will be searching for new inspiration, travelling, or learning something new. Then, when he returns to Sag in August, we will be forming a new philosophy through the end of September as to what the whole lesson meant in the grand scheme.

Saturday, the Moon is in social and inventive Aquarius. Be receptive to spontaneity and getting out of your comfort zone a bit. Maybe even break your own rules!

Sunday, March 6th, vitality or self-expression might feel more limited than usual, as the Sun makes its biannual square to conservative Saturn. We may have begun feeling curbed yesterday. For whatever the reason may be: extra responsibility at work or home, taking the backseat, or maybe it’s just a hangover or a cold. With the upcoming eclipse, we often feel a bit more drained or stressed than usual, which weakens the immune system. This is why a lot of people catch colds near eclipses. This aspect actually comes in good timing, to conserve and protect our energy during this time.  

Monday, March 7th gets off to a slow start and remains slow throughout the day. Great for floating or following a non-linear schedule; not so great for motivation to do anything extra, or an urgent work load. Pace yourself today and go with the flow.

Tuesday, March 8th heralds a SOLAR ECLIPSE with the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Ceres united at 19⁰ Pisces.

Solar Eclipses are super potent New Moons. Here, we will begin a new cycle surrounding our relationship with our wound or our shadow, and subsequently how we nurture ourselves in a healing way.

We’ve been preparing for this eclipse since Chiron arrived on the South Node back in January: many people hit rock bottom, admitting that they need assistance on their healing path. Chiron represents our mortal wounds, yet also embodies the healing process. Healers, mentors, gurus and teachers fall under the rulership of Chiron. Unlike other centaurs, Chiron is revered for his skill in medicine and mentoring. He trained many greats, including Asclepius, whose serpent entwined rod lives on as the symbol of modern medicine.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is appropriately: “Master instructing his pupil.” Are we the master or the pupil? If we are early on in our healing journey, we are receiving council as the pupil. Or, perhaps now we are at a point where we have been passed the torch of mastery, with a duty to serve or heal others.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the cosmic ocean to which we all return; it’s the ethereal dimension to which we all eventually surrender, the celestial womb of Oneness. Pisces is where we lose ourselves to a greater force; that force is either a higher divine force, the flow of creativity or surrender to a lower crutch such as depression, isolation, drugs or alcohol. Pisces inherently carries the promise of rebirth, so there is hope for healing our wounds. Now we are doing the work. The prayer of serenity comes to mind:

“God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change; 

courage to change the things I can; 

and wisdom to know the difference.”

Surrender is accepting that which we cannot change. Once we begin to accept, we can translate hardship into wisdom.

Wednesday, March 9th, the morning begins a bit slow, ramping up when the Moon enters energetic Aries at 2:40 pm. So long as we aren’t feeling drained from the energy of the eclipse, we should have ample energy to exert. Use it however you decide is necessary. We get an additional boost of inspirational energy when the Moon trines Mars at 4:51 pm.

Thursday, March 10th, the Moon is in fiery, impulsive Aries. We can be extremely productive throughout the afternoon, but later in the evening, we might feel a bit more spontaneous, with an urge to rebel a bit. Meet friends for happy hour, catch a show or eat out at a new restaurant. The idea is to break your routine or break the rules!

Friday, March 11th, Mercury joins Neptune and the mental fog ensues once again. Clarity can be distorted. Take caution against making big decisions, purchases or signing important contracts today. We might think we have all the facts, only to realize that we misunderstood something. Take heed with communication: texting, emails, and even face to face chit chat. The person on the other end might take the message the wrong way, or you might find yourself confused as well. Today is a good day to double check on important exchanges. Otherwise, wander with purpose if you can. Today is a great day to practice non-linear, fluid activities, like art, yoga, meditation, dancing, surfing or hiking.

Saturday, March 12th, we have a harmonious grand trine in Earth. Jupiter and Pluto have been in and out of trine formation, which helps us expand our self-worth, acknowledging our potential. A bit of clearing and healing where we trip ourselves up has been in order. Today, the grounded Taurus Moon forms an exact trine with both Jupiter and Pluto, helping us to be realistic, practical and productive in our pursuits. These Earth trines are so helpful right now, as we are in the midst of a grander aspect pattern (Saturn square Neptune), which blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. We can be grateful for days like today, in which we can truly see things for what they are. 

Venus leaves the detached sign of Aquarius today. It was fun not being so emotionally bound for a while, but now she enters romantic Pisces. She has a fantasy, a fairytale vision. She might want someone to save her, or to become someone’s savior. Venus in Pisces can be the most pristine romantic ideal, but as we all know, perfection is rare and even true love can be messy!

Venus in Pisces symbolizes divine tantric union, twin flames, soul mates, soul family, Christ Consciousness, divine rapture; supreme compassion, empathy, selfless service with a higher purpose... But it's also the way we can deceive ourselves through fantasy, or blurred lines between reality and belief: I think of the quote, “remember that time you mistook a lesson for a soulmate?”

The shadow side of Venus in Pisces is codependency and getting lost in the vortex of your relationship, losing regard to the rest of your life in the process. Venus governs our values, so this energy may not necessarily affect our relationships, but instead, something that we value, or something we are creating. As long as we aren’t too attached to perfection, we can pursue our vision, open to creating as much of it as humanly possible.

Sunday, March 13th could be a challenging day for some people. Venus, Mars and Moon are having a heated debate. Venus has an ideal vision and wants everyone else to play along, but Mars craves freedom. This could manifest as a disagreement with someone else, or this could be an inner discussion: “I want this, I want that, but I can’t realistically have both.” The question is, “you haven’t seen it all yet, so how do you know that this is what you want?” Moon void from 5:46 am until 5:03 pm, so don’t make any decisions until 5:03 pm when the Moon enters sensitive Cancer; by then it will be easier to trust your gut.

Monday, March 14th: Today could also be an extremely challenging day for some people. The arguing planets include Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Ceres and the Moon. Essentially, it’s hard to get the facts straight. On one end of the spectrum, facts don’t even exist since we live in a holographic universe, and we create our own reality; but in order to create our own reality, we have to be clear about what we are consciously creating. When we are manifesting our dream into reality, realism and imagination must coexist.

Tuesday, March 15th, our minds are greatly focused today, but there is also a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. The Moon goes void at 1:03 pm, with a square to the Sun: it’s hard to shine today. Perhaps we are feeling drained, or maybe we feel blocked somehow. The Moon goes into homebody Cancer at 8:57 pm. Surround yourself with comfort and love!

Blessed Month! Take extra rest and care during this eclipse period.

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


*all images graciously borrowed from google image search