Astrology Report for March 2016, Part II: The Dawn of Ostara


*All times are read for Eastern Daylight Time; for Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours

The second half of March is busy as ever! The Goddesses Venus and Ostara take center stage. 

The emphasis for the rest of the month is on relationship, relating, values and the subject of fairness. How do we decide what is fair? How do we balance the best interest of all people? We can exercise our logical mind, weighing out pros and cons; but at some point we must also reference our heart space, where there is an intuitive knowing of the difference between right and wrong. It’s one of the first lessons we learn as children, but as we grow into adulthood, this innate knowing of fairness often becomes distorted. We all have experienced things that are unfair. In the wake of injustice comes a choice: to continue to fight for fairness or to participate in a dog-eat-dog world.

If we are paying attention to the political and social climate, obviously fairness and equality are major issues right now. One particular candidate is ordering his followers to physically attack protesters. He promotes an agenda of hate and separatism─ a complete blockage of the heart chakra. We have another candidate who strives to rebalance the economy and deliver basic human rights to all people; he is striving to correct corruption, greed and inequality, and instead, deliver peace of mind to millions of people. This candidate is compassionate and fair─ signifying a healthy heart chakra. We are literally witnessing a battle between truth and fake, love and hate, light and darkness, and I’ll even go as far to suggest heaven and hell, for they are each states of being.

Over the next couple weeks, Venus makes hard aspects to the outer planets, stirring dialogue around compassion, equality and fairness. Additionally, March 23rd’s Lunar Eclipse culminates in Venus’ domain of Libra, the sign of the scales, further highlighting themes of balance and relating.

Wednesday, March 16th, may feel like an extra magical day. We could be floating in the clouds, feeling extra connected to source OR we have an extra dose of brain fog.  We aren’t meant to feel our feet on the ground today, so just go with it! We might find ourselves feeling “at home,” or “at One.”  To maximize this possibility, we can hone into this energy with a ritual of gratitude. Consider all of the wonderful, magical people and situations in our lives. Consider that any pain or stress is all a part of the master plan. Often our greatest hurdles in life end up being our best teachers, which aid in the formation of our excellence. Find gratitude in everything every day, but especially today.

There is a fair balance of high vibes and challenges today, which may be reflective of yesterday’s poll results. Some will be elated, others furious, and others remain optimistic.

Thursday, March 17th may offer us a challenge, so hopefully we stocked up on plenty of high vibes yesterday. Ultimately, it may involve some shadow work, releasing of the past, emotional upsets, or even identifying a limiting unconscious pattern then consciously choosing to release it. Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and a lot of people are consuming alcohol, I would presume that for many, it will be emotional upsets. For those refraining from the celebration, there is an opportunity to consciously trace the frustration all the way back to the root. Send it compassion to transform and heal. 

We feel more optimistic on Friday, March 18th. Yesterday may have inspired us to see things a little differently. With the Moon transitioning from sensitive Cancer to the heart space of Leo, we can find gratitude and inspiration to move forward. The Leo Moon forms a harmonious trine with Mars in Sagittarius signifying a desire to move forward with courage and optimism. Today can be highly productive and creative, with a ribbon of philosophical wisdom weaving throughout the day.

Saturday, March 19th, the Moon is in creative Leo. Express yo’self! Show off your style, share love, play! Since Leo follows the Cancer crab, it’s here that we come out of our shells. Create possibilities. Take action towards what you love. The Moon turns void with a trine to Uranus at 4:43pm, allowing us to ride that creative wave until it ceases. Continue that enjoyment through the evening. Maybe even do something out of the ordinary!

At 9:30 pm PDT/12:30 am EDT,

the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This very first degree is the birth place from which everything grows. The Aries point is synonymous with the Spring Equinox, Ostara and the first day of Spring. We are now seeing new life begin to emerge. On each equinox, we celebrate an equal balance of sunlight and starlight. However, it’s the Spring Equinox promises the victory of light, rebirth and renewal. Ostara is the Pagan goddess of fertility and of the dawn. She is depicted surrounded by animals and budding trees.

Legend has it that Ostara arrived late one year a found a bird whose wings were frozen into the ground. Since it would no longer be able to fly, Ostara turned the bird into a rabbit, but when the transformation was complete, it was discovered that the rabbit could still lay eggs! The rabbit would decorate the eggs and leave them for Ostara. This is where we get our weird Easter traditions (and even the name itself). Of course these symbols have nothing to do with Christianity! The only true parallel is that Christ (the Sun of God) rises again, conquering darkness. 

There are many ways that we can celebrate Ostara. The current fertility of nature creates an optimal atmosphere to contemplate the seeds we are sowing. Eggs and seeds both hold the promise of life. Whether we are planting seeds in the soil, or initiating new intentions in our lives, loving care and nurturing are required for the seeds to bloom into abundance. Sometimes people even wait until the next New Moon to officially celebrate Ostara, which would be April 7th. Follow your heart and honor this time however and whenever feels right for you.

Sunday, March 20th is the first official full day of Spring! An optimistic vision of new promise sails in. Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces. The heart unleashes infinite possibilities in the name of Love─ romantic, divine or universal. We may feel extra inspired, romantic, poetic, or compassionate. Love is a hell of a drug. It’s one of the best highs known to man. It will make you do crazy things, and later, when the high wears off, you wonder what you were thinking! This formation symbolizes the extreme ideal of love─ the kind that sacrifices, suffers, endures; the kind that sends you to the other side of the world. This is the highest expression of love. The only caution is that the rose colored glasses will obscure impracticalities and possible dangers. You’ll see only what you are willing to see. Watch for themes of idealism, fairytale romance, extreme compassion and sacrifice.

The week kicks off to an industrious start with the Moon in detailed Virgo on Monday, March 21st. Our rose colored glasses are still on and we feel like Superman and Wonder Woman. Anything is possible. There’s a lot to do and we are on it! Today is highly productive with a creative edge.

Mercury enters courageous Aries, adding an impulsive, fiery tone to the collective mindset. This is reflective of our readiness to burst forth into the world, free from winter’s wrath. We are bestowed with added mental agility, playfulness and bravery to go after new ventures.

Tuesday, March 22nd the Moon is void for the entire day, making zero aspects. Avoid initiating anything important, continue working on ongoing projects. Don’t make big purchases or buy new things. If it’s a routine item, no worries, but don’t get adventurous and try a different brand because you might end up feeling like you wasted your money. The day is colored by Pluto, lending us plenty of energy to use our gifts. What do you want to create? Take advantage of your personal power!

Lunar Eclipse: March 23rd, 3⁰17’ Libra, the sign of partnership and balance.

Our peers are our mirrors,

reflecting truths to one another. Without relationships, we might remain unconscious of our greatness, and simultaneously, our weaknesses. It’s through the support of our friends, family and partners that we can become more self-aware, ultimately moving closer to the embodiment of our truest, highest expression of self.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is, “Around a campfire, a group of young people sit in spiritual communion; the necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illuminated by the still insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values.” Essentially, a communal awakening of a young soul family.

The Sun in Aries alludes to the “Hero’s Journey” that we all individually embark on: the journey back to spiritual oneness─ home. There are many epic heroes, all with at least one chosen companion along the way. But this symbol’s description brings to mind Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The story is actually an allegory of the spiritual initiate (channeled by Theosophist, L. Frank Baum). Dorothy follows the illuminated path; along the way, she meets kindred spirits. On such a spiritual path to illumination, one needs courage to face the unknown, a compassionate heart, and brains for discernment and knowledge. At the end, when the false guru fails to deliver, the friends reflect to one another that they each possessed that which they sought all along.

The Libra Lunar eclipse is about connecting with our tribe and the value of comradery. You know who your tribe is because you immediately recognize them. If you haven’t yet connected with your tribe, ask and you shall receive! We are all united on the illuminated path, together.

The Lunar Eclipse will be visible from North and Central America, as well as Australia and Eastern Asia. This is only a Partial Lunar Eclipse, so not to worry if you can only catch a portion of the event. The eclipse comes to exactitude at 5:01 am PDT/8:01 EDT/ 12:01 pm GMT.

Thursday, March 24th the rosy glasses begin to peel away. In the wake of the Lunar Eclipse, we are extra sensitized. Revelations around our relationships emerge. All of them─ romance, friendships, business, etc. The lighting changes during an eclipse and we see things in a new light, for better or for worse. This energy will continue to unfold throughout the week, and periodically over the next 6 months. Today may be a highly emotional or volatile day. Monitor your thoughts, as thoughts become words. Say what you mean, but be careful how you word it. Tongues are extra sharp today. The Moon goes void at 4:55 pm with an opposition to Uranus. This could indicate separations, breakups, revelations, arguments and cases for freedom.

Time moves slowly on Friday, March 25th when the Lord of Time, Saturn, stations retrograde in the sky. Saturn stations often bring feelings of “blah,” blue, or even of sadness, depression or negativity. It’s not the happiest of days, but we do have an opportunity to see things in plain sight, for what they truly are. The saying, “the truth hurts,” could be attributed to Saturn. It’s healthy to see things clearly, but it’s not always enjoyable. Adding to the pot, Venus squares Saturn, making it difficult to get what we want. We are told “no” in a big way today. Something isn’t fair or maybe something is needs to be rebalanced. The good news is that there is a silver lining: somehow all of this will be helpful.

The Moon enters powerful Scorpio at 2:09 pm, enhancing emotional depth, but also, the prospect of digging deep, resourcefulness and the tenacity to keep going.

Saturday, March 26th, the Moon remains in potent Scorpio all day. Scorpio rules composting: transmuting garbage into nutrient rich, life-giving gold. Soil! Remember, we are still in the period of seed planting!!! This has most likely been an eventful and/or challenging week. We are going to use the Scorpio energy to integrate all of this new information into our vision and move forward regardless. Rise above! The Sun trines Mars giving us an extra boost of vitality. We may feel driven, empowered and supported by unseen forces.

Easter Sunday, March 27th, is colored by Venus. Relate, share and enjoy, regardless if you are observing Easter or not. The Moon is void all day, which isn’t the best placement for initiating major projects or purchases, so might as well spend time with our favorite people or enjoy a lazy Sunday at home.

Monday, March 28th the Moon is in visionary Sagittarius all day, meeting up with Mars. Keep the eye on the prize. There is plenty of zeal to go after what you want and feel completely justified in doing so. Go for it! Later in the evening, the Moon squares off with Neptune. This is an energy around lies, deceit, doing something that you don’t truly feel aligned with, but it’s something you feel that you have to do. Truth is not something to be messed with. All the distractions in the world cannot save you from your magnificent truth. The day you embrace it is the day you are set free.  

Tuesday, March 29th the Moon remains in philosophical Sag for the day. Today has the potential to be extra constructive if we can find a way to infuse practicality with wild creative inspiration. Be receptive to good ideas. Venus is on the South Node, which could indicate female departures. Watch for women saying good bye─ leaving a job, moving away or even leaving the earth. This could also indicate an old friend returning from the past.

Wednesday, March 30th the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn at 1:45 pm. We are thinking practical, and digging deep (thanks to Mercury’s square with Pluto). This energy is excellent for detective work, research and meditation. There are magical resources deep within the caverns of the mind. Reach within for that wisdom. Memories from the past may emerge, whether painful or positive. Find the gold and use it.

Thursday, March 31st Mercury conjoins Uranus causing ideas like come in like lightning. Minds are moving fast. Be cautious on the road today! For some, this may feel like anxiety. If so, you need an outlet. Go for a walk, get out of the house; retreat into nature or get to yoga class!!! At the end of the night, we can feel deeply introspective or emotional when the Moon conjoins Pluto.  

May the Divine Feminine Awaken and reclaim her power; May the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine dance in harmony together again, now and forever. . . Wahe Guru!

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


All images discovered on and graciously borrowed from google images