Astrology Report for May 2016: Potent Wish Enhancing Serum


*All times are read for Eastern Daylight time, for Pacific Daylight time, subtract 3 hours

The Earth element grounds spirit into matter. For the entire month of May, we must be mindful of our thoughts and our words, because manifestation power is especially potent. There is a planet in each of the 3 Earth signs, 120⁰ from one another, forming a perfect equilateral triangle. Triangles transfer energy with ease, allowing for a harmonious collaboration of energy. Earth is all about physical creation. In the Bible, it is said that the Earth was created with the word. If this is true, then we create our world with our word. May is all about manifestation!!

Did you know that “Abracadabra” means “I manifest what I say”???!!!

Emotions charge our words and thoughts, like a wish enhancing serum. It’s important that we take this into consideration. Peaceful envisioning may not be as powerful as angry words. “Be careful what you wish for,” is a very real warning; we must be very specific, mindful and centered. We have many planets stationed retrograde at this time, marinating, absorbing intent slowly. Once these planets move forward, things are going to happen FAST. Just remember to focus more of your energy on what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want. Turn everything into a clear affirmation.

The grand trine is composed of Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus. Typically, Mercury zips along, rapidly moving more than a degree each day. However, just as Mercury arrived to complete this grand trine, he slowed down, preparing for retrograde motion. As a result, it just so happens that this formation is prolonged for the entire month instead of just a few days!

Another astrological energy looming overhead is the super rare Uranus/Eris conjunction. Society has not witnessed this alignment since 1927. The 1920’s were a decade marked by subversive cultural progression and a booming economy that collapsed like a red giant. As far as gender norms go, we are witnessing similar themes of liberation and controversy. This is a direct expression of the Uranus/Eris conjunction.

Uranus is revolution and rebellion, rattling the status quo. Uranus is future oriented, ruling social and technological innovation. With Eris, we see similar themes of rebellion. Eris was excluded from the party, so she planted a golden apple that seeded the Trojan War. She is the goddess of discord, sharing traits with Kali, of justified destruction, but also those of Persephone, the oppressed, excluded and violated.

In my last blog entry, I described Eris as embodying the feminine rage. This rage has been stifled from its expression far too long─ and now it is erupting. Last month, Mother Earth released pent up emotions in the form of destructive earthquakes. Mother Earth is the most oppressed of all women at this moment in time. Her voice will be heard as she claims her sovereignty. Eris represents the voice of the oppressed─ not just women, but people of color, the indigenous, the mentally ill and the littered oceans. As she joins with revolutionary Uranus, cries for fairness will be heard. Silence is no longer an option. We are witnessing an unleashing of the collective wound, calling out to be healed. The Black Lives Matter movement is a reflection of this ripening energy. As my one friend stated, “To all my white friends, of course all lives matter, but sit back and let my people grieve!” She couldn’t be more on point. The pain must be released so that we can collectively move forward in a higher peace. Chaos is necessary to create a new order.

The official Uranus/Eris conjunction doesn’t occur until June, but Uranus is lightning speed and we often sense his commotion in advance. We already got a taste of this energy last month when the Sun conjoined Uranus, then Eris a couple days later. This ignited the debate over which bathroom transgendered people should use. I suspect that this energy is going to cook up this month and that Trans people will be victorious. 

Sunday, May 1st, is BELTANE, the half way point between Spring and Summer. This is the last of 3 Pagan fertility holidays. Beltane is associated with May Day, when people dance around a May pole invoking the Sun’s warmth down into the fertile Earth. At this time in early May, crops are still susceptible to frost, so Beltane fires are lit to encourage the arrival of summer. Sacred sexuality is celebrated with the symbolic union of the Great Mother and the Horned God. Horns are symbolic of fertility, which is where we get the term “horny.” In old Europe, people would flock to the forest for indiscriminate sexual encounters. Any children conceived on the night of Beltane were considered children of the God and Goddess.  

Sunday gets off to a slow start. The Moon enters Pisces at 10:33 am, activating the meditative mind. With a conjunction to Pallas, it’s all about problem solving; ideas are conceived to uplift and reduce suffering. Even if it’s the adjustment of something small in your own existence to enhance happiness. Sometimes we are self-sacrificing, rationalizing, “I could do without.” You’ve gone long enough making do.  The Sun sextiles Neptune, heightening psychic sensitivity, creativity and empathy.

Monday, May 2nd, the Moon conjoins Neptune, connecting us with the dream. What is our heart yearning for? Opposing Jupiter in Virgo, we consider the skills we need to achieve this dream. Grounding imagination with practicality, we can expand through practice and the honing of our skills. The Moon later conjoins the South Node, creating a window to release anything that no longer serves.

Tuesday, May 3rd, the Moon is void until 1:04 pm. The morning is colored by Mercury retrograde. Review, reconsider, redo, remind. The Moon enters Aries headfirst, at 1:04 pm; now we are a bit more energetic and impulsive. Venus opposes Juno for the day, reviewing our commitments, finances and loyalty. In that regard, mediation may be in order, or a meeting of the minds. We take pride in our progress as the Sun trines Jupiter; we feel expansive, optimistic, and positive in our pursuits.

Wednesday, May 4th, the Aries Moon trines Mars and Saturn. This is a day for action. Get moving, get motivated. Take action! You may feel that you have extra energy to spare. Go the extra mile!

Thursday may begin with discomforts and disagreements. Remember that there is always a silver lining. Take this as a challenge to remain centered; don’t let the environment upset your peace. If you can stay centered, you can objectively take action and avoid complicating things further with emotional distress. “Act, don’t react” -Yogi Bhajan

Friday May 6th is a New Moon at 17⁰ Taurus, exact at 3:30 pm. New Moons are periods of renewal and setting intentions. Taurus signifies loyalty, beauty, enjoyment and indulging in the 6 senses. Taurus rules the throat (people with Sun and Mercury in Taurus often have excellent singing voices!), but also LISTENING.

The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is "A battle between swords and torches.” The sword is the physical and the torch is the light, spirit. Often we are too willful; we push too hard, forgetting that spirit will always support our highest destiny. We must remember to focus on what we want, but without fighting the current. Spirit will always show us the way, often surprising us with how easy it can be if we “Let go and let God” (-Yogi Bhajan). This is a classic case of “might versus light.” Connect with the true light of your soul and let it flow through you. When you are being authentic, everything becomes effortless.

Taurus is both the charging bull and the sacred cow; this dichotomy is especially pertinent to our Sabian symbol. The charging bull is the might, the sword; the cow is the light. There is a reason that the cow is revered as sacred in India: its large empathic eyes sagely take in the surroundings, grazing, basking in the Sun; her meditative mind is pristine. In either form, Taurus takes its time. The bull is slow to anger, and the sacred cow has trouble getting motivated. However, once Taurus is in motion, there is no stopping. This is why Taurus is dependable, consistent, and loyal. In this New Moon, we honor the Taurus medicine in our world, and invoke it into our lives. 

Saturday, May 7th, the Sun trines Pluto: we connect with our place of power, feeling vital and infinitely resourceful. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 12:35 pm. Float, share, explore, energizing one another with ideas; tell stories, and exchange bits of information. If there is a clash of ideals, don’t be the one to initiate a war. It is Mars retrograde and you will lose. Try to be open to another point of view and perhaps both people will end up seeing something in a new light,

Sunday, May 8th, the Moon remains in Gemini for the entire day, lending itself as the missing leg on the 3 legged table. Today, we experience an aspect known as a GRAND SQUARE, involving the Moon, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. We’ve been working with this energy for some time. Again, it’s about manifesting the dream into reality, discerning between truth and fiction and forming new laws and philosophies, both personally and collectively. 

Ask the right questions and you will eventually discover the answers. How do you know that you are perceiving truth? Truth is either absolute or it is relative. Get curious. How can we ensure that this dream will bring happiness? Happiness is as fleeting as the butterfly, yet we are always chasing it. Buddhism explains that we must not get too high or too low. Go after it, but be present and be grateful. If this is difficult to understand, you aren’t fooling yourself. Challenges are bountiful opportunities for growth, which is one reason why we are here.

Monday, May 9th, Jupiter stations direct in Virgo, taking us back to January 7th. What was your New Year’s resolution? Jupiter in Virgo is all about perfection of the self, one’s craft, abilities and talents─ but also making improvements in health and wellness. Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11th, 2015; that week, I had several clients tell me that they (or people close to them), were beginning diets or cleanses. (This is why astrology is so amazing to me: out of all of the weeks to begin a diet?!)

Jupiter then turned retrograde January 7th, initiating a new wave of healthy intent. Think back to that resolution: how is it working out for you? Do you feel complete? Is this new habit going to stick? I know several people who have lost a significant amount of weight this year. If you are still making progress on your health or talent goals, not to worry. You’ve probably at least made some progress troubleshooting. But Jupiter is moving forward now, and so can you! Jupiter will remain in Virgo through September 9th, 2016.

Click here to read more about Jupiter in Virgo

Monday, May 9th, the Moon enters Cancer at 1:24 pm. The early morning void may indicate an anticlimactic start to the work week, but it’s great for following up with anything left over from last week. Venus sextiles Neptune, which is an aspect of generosity. Spoil your loved ones a bit. Do something nice for someone else. Invoke more beauty and harmony into your world.

Tuesday, May 10th, might be one of the busiest days of the month, as there is a lot happening in today’s chart. The Sun and Mercury form a grand trine with Pluto and the North node, encapsulating potential for personal growth reaching towards one’s destiny. It may feel like a sense of divine content, “I’m on my way and I’m well cared for, in the hands of the divine.” The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto, providing an emotional outlet. Perhaps appreciation arises by way of reflecting on your journey. Cancer rules past memories. Honor your process and the unfolding of your highest self into your earthly self.

Venus and Jupiter are in divine harmony as well. There is beauty and enjoyment everywhere. When Jupiter and Venus get together, it’s all about indulging, following your heart and feeding your soul. Invoke joy for the sake of enjoyment.

Finally, there is a fated formation (a yod) involving the Moon and Venus pointing at Saturn. Are the structures in your life supporting your emotional and financial needs? Is this structure sustainable and supportive of a beautiful life? This is something we are forced to look at and an adjustment may be in order. Luckily, there are so many other helpful aspects to help us figure it out! This can also manifest collectively as we try to rebuild a weakened system in America.

Wednesday, May 11th, the Moon is void for the entire day. Rest, integrate, reflect and relax. Whew. We probably need this after yesterday. But don’t get too cozy, as the void is colored by Uranus. Be ready for surprises! Sudden flashes of insight may enter your auric field. Integrate and separate. It’s easy to see things for what they are today. Uranus rules airplanes, so elevate! It’s difficult to discern something when you are inside of it, so “get above it.” Compassion and meditation are excellent tools to rise.

The Moon enters lioness Leo at 5:32 pm. Share, express from your heart. Speak your truth. 

These are intense times that we live in, but Thursday, May 12th, we are cut a bit of slack. With an abundance of harmonious trine aspects, there’s ease and flow to the day. Mercury trines Pluto, excellent for writing, researching, meditation. This isn’t an aspect for small talk, but instead, deep, meaningful conversation. Even with strangers!

The Leo Moon encourages authentic self-expression, and exploration of the heart─ building blocks to the new vision we are creating. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we are envisioning a new set of commandments. The old laws are no longer serving us. We have outgrown them. When we connect with our true heart space, truth becomes crystal clear. It is only then that we can form a more supportive philosophy that serves both personally and collectively. We are all ONE.


Friday the 13th is a sacred day under Venusian rulership. Friday is named for Freya, Norse Goddess of beauty, love and war─ exactly like Venus (simply, varying names for the same archetype). “13” is sacred among women because there are 13 lunar cycles per solar year. The negative connotation of this day parallels the persecution of women.

Personally, I will be making a point to ritually align myself with other Goddess sisters on this day, honoring our intuitive sensitivity and inherent feminine power. Women are the vessels of creation, the most powerful force in the entire universe. This is the era in which the feminine reclaims her power; but not in a dominating way─ the feminine and masculine reclaim their divine unity together, elevating and enhancing one another’s gifts. We honor our differences, instead of demonizing them. In recent years, feminists have fought for equality, but in doing so, have masculinized themselves. It’s time that we claim our unique power, without compromise. We are women, we are sensitive, intuitive, wise, and powerful in our own way.

On this day, Venus joins Mercury in the Grand Earth Trine. This is excellent for connecting with loved ones: hold space for one another, enjoy each other’s company; share ideas, advice and stories. This is perfect for ritual and manifestation circles. Remember, affirmatives only! The wish enhancing serum is strong! Use the power of the group to support one another’s visions. The Moon goes void in Leo at 1:02 pm, so we have no choice but to enjoy and truly honor the heart space.

Saturday, May 14th, the Moon enters Virgo at 1:52 am. We’ve gathered much inspiration and now it’s time to focus on the details. The Moon squares retrograde Mars, so we might see something we hadn’t noticed before. This is excellent energy for problem solving. We may not get to the bottom of it today, but we can make significant progress. As Mars retrogrades through Sagittarius, we are reworking our vision, and reformatting our belief system. Sagittarius lends optimism. We will surely figure it out, in time!

At 1:02 am on Sunday, May 15th, the Moon opposes Neptune. Connect with your bliss on the physical plane or the dream plane. Neptune transits are amazing for lucid dreaming. This also shows up as idealism, fantasy, otherworldly musings, and alcohol!

Later on Sunday, the Moon highlights Jupiter and the North Node. We have an optimistic glimpse of the future, where we are headed and where we idealistically see ourselves. This weekend may have been extra inspirational on some level. We are integrating it now. Thoughts are super charged with the Earthen Grand Trine. Manifestation power is strong. Think positively!

Monday, May 16th, again, we have an early morning void Moon. Wait until the Moon enters Libra at 1:33 pm to launch new tasks. Until then, follow up on previous projects. Libra is a social sign, so we want to connect and share with others. Bring yourself back into balance.

Tuesday, May 17th, the Moon is in Libra for the entire day, making harmonious aspects to Saturn. Today can be a very productive day; perfect for group collaboration. The positive energy of Libra is being able to see each side of a situation; sometimes it takes another set of eyes. We are more efficient when we work together. Feelings deepen at the end of the night.

Wednesday, May 18th, the Moon goes void at 11:23 am. The void is colored by freedom-loving Uranus. Maybe there’s a rebellious streak to your afternoon, ditching tasks that you “should” complete. There is a fated “yod” formation, with Chiron, Venus and the Moon. This is about healing a situation or honoring imperfection. Nothing is ever perfect, which is an issue for some of us (especially if we have a lot of Virgo or Capricorn in our charts). An adjustment is called for─ perhaps in one of our relationships. We have relationships with friends, lovers, co-workers, but this could also be a relationship with a situation. Maybe we need to adjust how we show up in a relationship or the quality of how we relate to others. 

Thursday, May 19th, the Scorpio Moon encourages us to draw inward. Perhaps we are craving privacy or introspection today. The value of doing so allows us to deeply reflect, seeing things we wouldn’t otherwise see if we were extroverted all the time. Reclusion allows one to gather momentum, and nurture their energetic reservoir. Scorpio is an extremely sexual, regenerative sign; so this can appear as a focusing or healing energy. Moon conjoins with Juno, so jealousy is possible. Stop comparing yourself to others! It only creates unhappiness! This is also a contemplation of current commitments.

Friday, May 20th, the Sun enters fun-loving Gemini!

Gemini governs the transfer of information from point “A” to point “B.” This energy is mimicked by the abundance of butterflies and bees fluttering from flower to flower.  Ruled by the lord of communication, Mercury, Geminis have an innate gift of chatter─ weaving words with cunning aptitude. Their vernacular knack would have us believe that they have both a dictionary and a thesaurus built into their brain.

Gemini, the puer aeternus, has a childlike curiosity, propelling their whimsical nature. Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac, fluttering about. Now that the weather is getting nicer here in the northern hemisphere, we too can be social butterflies, exploring our community and socializing with the people we didn’t run into at all this winter. The air is abuzz with inspiration and new possibilities. Gemini is fun, witty and hilarious, but they are also known for being flighty; why wouldn’t you want to keep your options open this time of year? There is too much fun to be had; anything is possible!

Fertility is abundant in the earth and in our lives. A plant is rooted in the Earth for stability, but it is also growing and changing. Be the plant. Find your groove as you reach for the sky. Trust your roots. There is magic to be made on such a potent, powerful day. 

Saturday, May 21st is a FULL MOON at 2⁰ Sagittarius, exact at 5:14 pm.

**It should be noted that this is the first of TWO Sagittarian Full Moons, the 2nd being the unregimented “Blue Moon.” ** Full Moons are periods of heightened energy. Sagittarius is the visionary of the zodiac, the philosopher, the bridge between cultures. He is optimistic, well-travelled and wise. But let’s not forget how much fun Sagittarius like to have. It’s all about taking a chance, taking a risk and learning something in the process. This Full Moon is a ripening of the New Moon from November 22nd 2014. What were your intentions from this time? What have you learned? How has your perspective shifted since November 2014? Now we can reflect in celebration of our growth.

The Sabian Symbol for 2⁰ Sagittarius is “The Ocean covered in whitecaps.” We see the waves moving, but what remains invisible are the forces creating these waves. There are greater forces at work, in all aspects of our lives. Spirit is always working in our favor, behind the scenes, in ways that we can’t always see─ and in ways which we can’t always understand. Our lives are interwoven through time and space, like the Flower of Life. Full Moons highlight polarity, the microcosmic manifestation of the Law of Balance, and also, karmic law. Spirit is working in your favor to liberate us from ourselves, by balancing our karma. However, subconscious programming is another undercurrent in our lives, which influences our choices. Through meditation and certain forms of therapy, we can become aware of this programming and reverse anything counterproductive.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 2⁰ Gemini is “Santa Claus filling stockings furtively.” Santa Claus is modeled after the benevolent and abundant Sky God, Zeus, or Jupiter. This symbol alludes to the unconditional love of the Creator─ but also selflessly giving without expecting a pat on the back. The Gemini Sun is ruled by Mercury, who is stationed still in the sky preparing to turn direct tomorrow. A stationary planet is ripe with utmost power. Still in perfect triangular formation with Pluto (depths unseen) and Jupiter (prosperity/giving), manifestation power is stronger than ever on this Full Moon. Take this as an opportunity to give thanks where its due, grounding more abundance and joy into your reality. Do something kind for others, or show appreciation for someone who enhances your life.

There’s an impulsive desire to move, or take action, with the Moon conjoined Mars.  but Mars is retrograde so we cannot move forward yet. We are taking a few steps back to reassess our direction. Know that there is a higher purpose, spirit wants us to see. Wherever this Full Moon occurs is also where Mars retrograde is transiting your chart.

Check HERE for a reminder as to where energy is being reworked in your life.

The Sun conjoins Vesta. Vesta is the soul’s eternal flame. What makes you thrive? When reconsidering how we take action in the world, it’s important that we remember to nurture this sacred flame that is our truth. Gemini medicine is playfulness, so if you’ve lost touch with your flame, go play! It will help you to gain clarity if you are feeling stuck.

Lastly, independent and rebellious Lilith enters Scorpio today, joining with Juno. It’s going to get catty with these two alpha females. Perhaps breaking a commitment with toxic person is in order. Scorpio is all or nothing. Wherever you have been on the fence, it’s time to make or break. It might take some time to become confident in your decision. We have until the next Full Moon in Sag on June 20th, which also happens to be the Summer Solstice─ which is going to be one of the most powerful days of the entire year!!! 

Sunday, May 22nd, the Sun comes into exact opposition with Mars, raising an issue with authority or having to be the authority in some way that doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable. Either way, there is a push for action. The Moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius, so we can be productive visionaries today. Mercury officially turns direct in Taurus today─ integrate the lesson with gratitude. The Earthen Grand trine is of utmost power (wish enhancing serum), moving forward now!

Monday, May 23rd, the morning gets off to a vigorous start. Get moving and launch projects early. The Moon goes void in Sagittarius at 11:37 am with a trine to Uranus. The remainder of the day is inherently creative, spontaneous, productive and inspirational. Follow your heart!

Tuesday, May 24th, Venus follows the Sun into Gemini. Venus in Gemini is the quintessential “summer love;” she’s looking for a good time and she’s not necessarily looking to get attached. She wants to keep her options open, keep things light and fun. If you are in a relationship, this energy can be integrated to find new things to do together. Plan some fun dates! Venus is Gemini wants to gather new experiences and to try all of the flavors.

mmediately upon her Gemini ingress, she opposes Mars, her cosmic lover. Venus is the Goddess of Love and War; if this doesn’t make sense, consider that Venus is values─ what she likes and doesn’t like─ she is cause, supplying the reason for war. Mars is the passionate warrior, driven by his desire to leave his mark and satisfy his queen. With these two facing off, a battle of the sexes is always a possibility (and in this scenario, the women have the upper hand). Just know that we may butt heads this week over beliefs, values and opinions. Have your facts straight or be schooled!

Wednesday, May 25th, the Moon continues to reside in productive Capricorn. The most potent time of the day is 10:24 am, when the Moon enters the prolific cave of Pluto. Remember, that Pluto is a part of this strong Earthen Grand Trine. Earth is the element that grounds spirit into matter. Remember, that this grand trine is all about manifestation. Here, we have the danger of going too deep into the shadow. Shadow work is super important, and I don’t want to down play our valuable shadow. However, when the wish enhancing serum is this strong, we must resist eating that pomegranate. Read: don’t feed your negative mind today! There is plenty more time to do that work. Today is not the day. Do whatever it takes to turn any negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

Thursday, May 26th, the Moon is void in Capricorn, which can still be productive if used to follow through and wrap up. The Moon enters radical Aquarius at 10:27. Now we can bend the rules a bit. Think outside the box, break your routine. Aquarian energy is quirky, inventive and future oriented, like Nikola Tesla.

Jupiter forms an exact square to Saturn today. We’ve been talking about this energy for a year now. Jupiter is the expansion principle and Saturn is the contraction principle; together, they are the inhale and the exhale. We need both to remain balanced, healthy and alive!! Neither of these planets are in signs that they like; however, they are both in relationships to Neptune, who resides in its favorite sign, Pisces. So these two are figuring out how to work together: how to expand by focusing (Jupiter), and creating a new set of commandments to live by (Saturn); together, they are supporting the ideal vision of Neptune on an individual and collective level. One way this shows up is the water crisis (Neptune); we must reduce our consumption (Jupiter in Virgo), supported by a philosophy (Saturn in Sag) that values preserving the Earth. If we can do this, the dream that all human beings have the right to clean drinking water, will be realized.

If you butted heads earlier this week, the issue should be smoothing itself out by now...

Friday, May 27th, Mars regresses back into the murky waters of Scorpio, where he will reside until August 2nd. Check out my article on Mars retrograde HERE. We are revisiting anything we didn’t resolve from Saturn’s time in Scorpio (2014), and also, to make adjustments to anything we initiated in January. Mars is here to do a secondary sweep and to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Have courage that it will be finished after this sojourn. 

"In Scorpio, the Martian passion blazes a trail of certainty; it is easy to execute a decision because his heart tells him so. Everything will fall into place eventually. In the sign of Scorpio, Mars doesn’t get caught up in the details. It’s all or nothing; things are spelled out very clear. Do or die. Mars in Scorpio is very passionate and deeply commits to his pursuits. These are usually not fleeting commitments. Scorpio has a strong fixation, tenacity and does not give up easily. Mohandas Ghandi had Mars in Scorpio and led a life of passion, endurance and dedication to a cause." - AstroLuminus, January 2016

We will noticeably sense a shift today. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but will begin to see more clearly.

Saturday, May 28th, the Moon progresses forward in Aquarius, squaring off with Mars, just before entering otherworldly Pisces at 5:06 pm. The day can be heady, great for problem solving and technical creativity. The square to Mars may indicate the duty of doing something that you didn’t necessarily want to do. Someone will feel detached and the other person will feel upset that the other person doesn’t care as much as they do. Someone is deep and another is skating on the surface. The issue will either squash quickly, or it will be ignored for sometime, with the Pisces escape artistry. The evening can take a softer, more magical tune, or turn into a shit show of debauchery. That’s Pisces for ya!

Sunday, May 29th, the Moon conjoins Neptune. Make it a healthy escape from reality. Meditate, watch a movie, plan a dream date. This is also Memorial day weekend. Remember loved ones, tell stories, enjoy the company of family and friend. Get out of town, get creative and enjoy your favorite summer beer. Manifestation is still really strong. Dare to dream, but stay grounded by remembering how powerful your thoughts and actions are right now.

Monday, May 30th: Happy Memorial Day! The Moon conjoins Chiron, the wounded magi─ perfect for remembering those who selflessly offered themselves in service to this country. Even if you disagree with war, or the way our country abandons veterans, today, compassion is elevated for our fellow man. Honor the selfless warrior spirit in others. It usually rains on Memorial Day as a divine symbol. A sprinkle should be guaranteed, with the Moon in watery Pisces.

Tuesday, May 31st, the Moon is in fiery Aries. We might feel backwards today. We want to play during the day and be productive in the evening. Chances are, we had a nice long weekend and we haven’t settled into work mode just yet. 

"The Earth does not belong to man; Man belongs to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” — Chief Seattle

May the humans of Earth be awakened to the highest wisdom of love....

Wahe Guru.


*All images graciously borrowed from google images