Astrology Report for June 2016: Rising with Reason


*all times read for Eastern Daylight Time, for Pacific, subtract 3 hours.

Overall Climate: 

  • From June 1st-7th, the Sun, Moon and Venus will trigger an ongoing powerful configuration known as “the mutable T-square,” involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in hard aspect. This energy climaxes on the New Moon, infusing a new freshness into the dream we have been working towards.

  • Mars retrogrades in Scorpio for the entire month, where we revisit the past and heal once and for all. This adds a certain intensity to the month, with great tenacity to complete, bury and rebirth. Scorpio is a really hard worker and doesn’t give up. Channel this energy in a healthy way.

  • Lending a helping hand is Chiron, who forms a harmonious trine to Mars. Chiron is the sage who faced a lot of challenges in his upbringing, who later transmuted his strife into wisdom. He trained many warriors to the likes of Ares/Mars. Together, Chiron and Mars symbolize a peaceful warrior, but definitely not passive. He has seen the depths of hell and takes nothing for granted; he is focused and fierce, but rooted in the compassion of the heart. Both of these guys are moving slow, gathering utmost force, to lend support as we retrace our footsteps through the murky swamp of Scorpio. When Saturn was in Scorpio in 2014, many people faced big, life-altering challenges. Big change cannot be integrated overnight. This is why retrograde periods are helpful─ to allow us more time to understand and integrate the lessons.

  • Uranus/Eris Conjunction: These two last conjoined in 1927, in a monumental decade marked by subversive cultural progression and a booming economy that collapsed like a red giant. As far as gender norms go, we are witnessing similar themes of liberation and controversy. Click HERE for my article to read more about this iconic symbol.

Wednesday, June 1st, the morning gets off to a powerful start with the Moon in energetic Aries. Initiate anything important before the Moon turns void of course at 11:42 am. With Uranus’ influence, the remainder of the day should be inspirational, high energy, creative and even ground-breaking. Void periods are usually chill times, but with this much energy, it’s not a day to kick back and relax. Instead, actively have fun and get moving! Do things that don’t require a deadline and enjoy yourself!

The Sun squares Neptune today, tightening the grand square formation. This aspect alone, asks us to be curious, and creatively dream: Gemini Sun likes to gather new information, but with Neptune, the information may not be linear or verbal. You won’t find all of the answers on the internet; sometimes you have to find them on the inner-net. This deeply sensitive formation supports deeper meditation and connecting to the collective consciousness─ even the Akashic records. Energy levels may be lower, or you find that you run out of steam quicker. This is a highly empathic aspect, which may heighten empathy and psychic senses for many.

Thursday, June 2nd, the Moon is in consistent, loyal Taurus all day. Taurus relishes in simple pleasures: the sun beaming though the clouds, textures, colors, scents, taste. . . With nice aspects to Saturn, the day can be very productive, but also, by listening to your body, wisdom can be attained from within.  

Friday, June 3rd, the Moon continues her residence in Taurus until 7:02 pm when she goes void with an opposition to retrograde Mars. Taurus can either be really lazy and indulgent, OR a driven, momentous steamroller. Once Taurus decides how to function, there is no stopping. You will be the judge of which kind of Friday today is going to be.

Saturday, June 4th, we have a powerful New Moon, exact at 11:00 pm EDT. The Sun and the Moon conjoin with Venus at 15⁰ Gemini, infusing Venusian pleasure into this new cycle. Follow your bliss and get more curious about what you love. Love, fascination and inspiration amplify creation, which is really important to integrate on this New Moon, because it occurs in direct relationship to a much larger aspect pattern that first presented itself last summer.

This aspect is a “T-square,” a stressful configuration resembling a 3-legged table. If one were to rely on such a table, there would be an urgency to stabilize. The New Moon arrives exactly in place to support our efforts, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, and squaring both Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Combined, this T-square is asking us on an individual and collective level, “What’s the vision of the life I want to create?” Neptune is the dream, the true heart path, the vision of heaven on Earth.

Saturn and Jupiter ground that vision into reality by honing the necessary skills, integrating smalls steps into one’s daily life and ensuring that the plan is practical enough to execute. “Will I feel supported in all aspects once this vision is real?” Cover all of your bases. It’s really important that this vision we are creating vibrates with our heart and supports our soul’s mission.

The lesson here is to dream big, but can the dream be supported? Jupiter and Neptune have a tendency to overinflate. If we don’t infuse enough practicality, the bubble is bound to burst.

The Sabian symbol is “two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging knowledge,” which alludes to the childlike nature of Gemini. Ideas are grounded and clarified via speech. When we share our personal experiences with others, we begin to find more understanding. Children symbolize brightness, purity, curiosity and creativity. Call on your team to share, relate and stimulate; bring fresh inspiration to the vision.

Sunday June 5th, the Moon goes void in Gemini at 12:47 pm with a sextile to Uranus. The remainder of the day is quiet in the sky. As above, so below. This is a day made to integrate and chill. Be flexible. Since Uranus colors the day, there is an opportunity for creativity, or breaking the normal routine. So we might be active, but this is not a day that requires hard work.

Monday, June 6th, Venus finally catches up with the Sun. They have been travelling in close quarters for some time, but today, they meet in exact conjunction, blessing the Gemini area in your chart with beauty, vibrancy, charm, creativity and sweetness. Wherever 17⁰ Gemini falls in your chart is where they kiss you.

The Moon is in sentimental Cancer today. Take comfort in what feels natural or special. Perhaps we stay close to home tonight or meet up with our tribe. We do what’s familiar and comfortable. Further sensitizing today’s energy is the Moon’s trine to Neptune. Neptune heightens empathy, compassion, and thus, the desire to escape the cruel world! Today is excellent for mediation, day dreaming and creatively floating around the house.

Tuesday, June 7th, Juno moves back into Libra. She is only here for a short time (until July 7th), bringing us back to the week of December 5th, when we made decisions in regard to loyalty in partnerships. Partnerships require balancing, fairness and mutuality. Juno dips back into Libra to give us another look at the situation at hand, before we decide with finality once more. Juno has a tendency to get jealous and make irrefutable judgements, especially in Scorpio. In Libra, she might decide to give someone another chance to redeem themselves or lend a kinder glance at the situation. Commitments, as well as the terms and conditions are up for review.

We have a Grand Trine in Water today too! The sensitive Cancer Moon trines Mars and Chiron, who have been helping each other go back in time, reworking and revising loose ends from the past. Saturn in Scorpio was a mucky time (2012-2014). Many of us went through hell, and others bore witness, all experiencing this transformative period from a different stance. Nevertheless, it changed us. Some of us have battle scars, but we have lived to tell the tale─ having gained courage, wisdom and endurance to keep up! It’s impossible to integrate these shattering effects all at once. Now, we get to revisit once again, hopefully walking away completely restored and confident in our new step by August.

Tomorrow is the exact conjunction of rebellious Eris and revolutionary Uranus. Maybe we decide to break free from any heavy emotions/ memories/ people. We are done carrying this! Anger may flavor any emotional outbursts. The water trine helps to formulate a healthy outlet for that which is ready to release.

In the grand scheme of all of these planet’s journey’s, today has the potential to make great progress in healing. On its own, a Grand Trine in Water heightens compassion, emotional tides, sentimentality, psychological investigation, spirituality, empathy and ethereal connection. Let go, float merrily down the stream and spirit will guide you to exactly where you need to be.

Wednesday, June 8th, is a drastically different day than yesterday! The heat is kicked up when the Moon enters fiery Leo in the wee hours of the morning. Tonight heralds the exact conjunction of Uranus and Eris. This is a very rare transit, the most recent occurring 89 years ago.

For more details, check out my article HERE.

The effects of this transit have been building for the past year, and will continue to ripple into 2018. So although we may not see anything culturally pivotal today, the energy is certainly amped up because of the Leo Moon: High vibes, creativity, hanging out with friends, shining in your most authentic light.

Thursday, June 9th, the Moon remains in the proud sign of Leo. We are all supposed to be proud of who we are, expressing our authentic truth. This just comes a bit easier when you are born under the constellation Leo. Today, we will want to be extra mindful of people’s pride because there is a tendency to have a sharp cutting tongue. Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars in Scorpio; a compromise may be in order, within the self or with another. With patience (and listening), great resourcefulness can come of this aspect.

Friday, June 10th, the morning may feel a bit unfocused until the Moon enters Virgo at 9:46 am. Then we are in work mode! Virgo is task oriented and focused on attaining mastery of a skill. Making an aspect to Pluto, there may be a bit of discomfort in the early morning, but with the inherent potential to make great headway on tasks or goals.

Saturday, June 11th, throughout the day, our Virgo Moon triggers the mutable t-square and the recent New Moon. On a personal level, we are asked to decide what is truth and what is fiction. We are all able to deceive ourselves at times. Every once in a while it’s a good idea to check in and see if your plan is sustainable. Developments in the creative vision.

The Neptunian fog begins as we approach Neptune’s station to turn retrograde on the 13th. It’s best not to fight it, but rather, to tune into it. Allow the fog to cloud your rational mind for a few days here. Check out of reality and allow yourself to dream, sense, intuit, and love unbridled.

Sunday, June 12th may well be a day of following through with any mundane house tasks, or it could be a laid back day of casual adventure. The Moon goes void at 10:47 am, with a sextile to Mars. So no use initiating anything major. Also, don’t bother spending the day shopping. Void periods usually yield infertile fruits; meaning, if you buy fruit during a void moon, something’s going to be wrong with it, or you won’t wear the clothes you buy.

Mercury enters his home sign of Gemini today. Everyone is going to be a bit chattier than usual. So if you weren’t as social last month due to Mercury retrograde, you can officially come out of your shell. An innate curiosity is more easily stimulated now. Mercury in Gemini craves new stimulus. Get out into the world and explore!

Venus sextiles Uranus, inspiring great creativity and random jilts of inspiration, as well as social spontaneity. 

Monday, June 13th, we have a busy astrological climate. We arrive in the thickness of the fog as Neptune stations retrograde. We might feel “out of it,” or experience slight existential confusion, “What is my purpose? Why is there so much suffering in the world?” Neptune softens us, heightens compassion, and swells our sensitivity. Extra tears have been known to shed on Neptune stations, and rain is also common.

Additionally, we have a fated yod formation, which aims to reconcile the part of ourselves that wants to play, shine, learn and grow, with the transformative, wild impulse of Uranus, and also with Mars in Scorpio, who’s lurking in the swampy, heavy part of the zodiac. Essentially, we have some purging to do. There is work to be done. We must face the icky, heavy stuff, so that we can release, heal and live lighter, happier lives. Be a radical and release that baggage! Today may bring clarity on how to expedite this process.

This yod formation could also indicate releasing a heavy or toxic situation that’s been weighing on your shoulders for some time, in favor of a lighter, more enjoyable situation.

Tuesday, June 14th, the Moon remains in relationship-oriented Libra. Get on each other’s level. Relate, share, listen, advise. Weigh the situation out. It’s a high energy day that may conclude as a social night out, or doing something out of the ordinary.  It might be hard to sleep unless you use the extra energy in your reservoir.

Wednesday, June 15th, the Moon enters powerful Scorpio at 9:18 am. Later in the afternoon, there may be a rebellious streak with the lunar conjunction with Lilith. No one will appreciate being told what to do, which could indicate resentment or lash-out’s.

Thursday, June 16th, the Moon remains in the intense realm of Scorpio, making excellent aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune. If your spiritual antennas are functioning, tune in and you can receive a message from the Universe, or your spirit guides today. Creativity, intuition, healing and growth are easily accessible today. 

Addendum.... Part II:

Friday, June 17th, launch anything new before 9:52 am. If you can’t make that happen, today is best used for following through with ongoing pursuits. With Mars coloring the day, we can get a lot accomplished!

The compassion of Venus is enriched by her ingress into watery, sensitive Cancer. While Venus frolicked through Gemini throughout the past month, she gathered new information and experiences, not yet ready to settle down. Here in homebody Cancer, she’s ready to get tribal: tend the nest and grow some roots.

Venus in Cancer amplifies our nurturing instinct. The Cancer crab carries its home on its back. This is picnic season, where

you pack everything you need, and then plenty to share with others. The sign of Cancer heralds the summer season. The Earth is ripe with abundance. We have everything we need. We feel nurtured and have enough to share with others. By now, you should know who your tribe is for the summer. Nurture and share with one another. Cancer is a family oriented sign, so if you haven’t connected with certain family members in a while, you may suddenly feel the call to do so.

Saturday, June 18th, the Moon resides in Sagittarius all day. With a conjunction to focused Saturn, we may feel inclined to be more moderate in our evening festivities. All in all, Sagittarius still wants to have fun. The mist of Neptune encourages us to escape reality or transcend it.

Sunday, June 19th, is a great day for seeking adventure and expanding one’s worldview. Get creative and get out into the world!

Monday, June 20th, is one of the most powerful days of the year;

today happens to be both the Summer Solstice and a vibrant Full Moon!

The Moon ripens to fullness at 7:02 am EDT, at 29⁰ Sagittarius (this is our astrological blue moon, our second opportunity to revel in the Sagittarian lushness of the higher mind, expansion and vast understanding). The Solstice occurs at 6:34 pm EDT, when the Sun ingresses into Cancer.  

The Solstices are powerful times of energetic shifting, whence the Sun charges the Earth’s magnetosphere (aura) with more energy than ever. Congruently, the Sun charges the electromagnetic fields of all living beings on Earth, giving our auras an upgrade of cosmic energy. When we tune into these energetic shifts, we can consciously direct this extra electrical charge into various aspects of our lives.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, resonant with more energy than any other day on Earth. Today, we are invited to celebrate the fullness of life, as well as the richness of our vitality and vibrancy. Celebrate your light! Light is a vibration encoded with cosmic information, so this is an optimal period for meditation.

While every being’s auric field is enhanced at this time, sensitive people will especially need a healthy outlet to direct this energy. Containing extra energy can be uncomfortable for some, producing intensified emotions, anxiety and irritability─ much like the symptoms felt in the wake of a solar flare.

On this day of maximum power, the cosmic Sun God shines its light onto the full face of the Moon, urging us to honor the magnitude of our own light. Both the Sun and the Moon’s Sabian symbols allude to being blessed by the light of the Divine, and by others: “bathing beauties before large beach crowds,” alludes to being seen, appreciated and acknowledged; “the Pope blessing the faithful” alludes to divine blessing, either direct or through a human conduit. One way that we can share our light with the world, is to beam our talents and gifts. Many of our innate abilities are God-given, the universe’s blessing. Be proud of your skills and shine that light! When you feel at your brightest, share that light with others. Pay it forward, even with a simple a compliment.

In perfect synchronicity, the Full Moon chart has many other aspects speaking to our innate gifts, talents and skills…

Jupiter has been in Virgo for almost a year, urging us to hone our skills and talents. Jupiter is prominently placed on the North Node of Destiny, where we aim to level up. Now is the time to come out and SHINE (if you haven’t yet done so)! While Jupiter has been on the North Node, many musical and acting greats have passed on to the next level, the non-physical dimension. We may see another king of craft pass on at this time.

Tuesday, June 21st, the Moon is in productive Capricorn. But don’t attach yourself too much to the “right” way of doing things. Neptune distorts the linear mind today, opening us to nonsensical, intuitive and creative modes of thinking. We enter Pluto’s cave in the afternoon, inviting us to dig deep. This can be an aspect of personal power and extreme productivity, but it may also invite a heaviness. Pluto rules the hell realms where we transform. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. This might be an evolution in your story. With a nice aspect to Jupiter, optimism is our best friend, to help us find the blessing in the situation, which heralds expansion and growth.

Wednesday, June 22nd, the morning gets off to a vigorous start, best utilized for following through with tasks or projects that have already began. The energy kicks up again for a second wave around 4:00 pm EDT when the Moon enters whimsical, quirky Aquarius. The entire day carries an edge of originality and spontaneity. Juno turns direct at the last degree of Libra, also at 4:00 pm. The last two weeks may have given us some clarity on how we commit; now we are moving forward with that wisdom.

Mercury squares Jupiter, turning up the volume of the mind and in our vocal projection. The mind may be extra busy or curious today. This aspect may also reduce any verbal filtering we usually rely on. With the knowledge of astrology, we can exercise more caution before we speak during this time. If your meditative mind is cultivated, today might be a particularly vivid and enjoyable experience when you go within. 

Thursday, June 23rd, the Moon remains in futuristic, innovative Aquarius. Infuse this energy into your creative vision. What have you been building? What have you been working towards over the past year or so? It’s time for an upgrade. Use the inventive energy of the day to integrate into your new structure. Aquarius is also a social sign, so it’s a great day to build community.

On Friday, June 24th, launch anything new before 11:48 am. The rest of the day is best utilized for following through with ongoing commitments. With a square to Mars, emotions might be intensified in the morning. There is a possibility of butting heads with another person, situation, or it may even just be internal. What you want is in conflict with what is needed. There may be quick bursts of emotion. Just be sure to take responsibility where it’s due. The power is in the heart. Always come back to the heart center.

Saturday, June 25th, the Moon resides in the sign of compassionate Pisces for the entire day. Infused with the beauty of Venus and the divine love of Neptune, our creative and intuitive capacities are magnified. Surround yourself with love and beauty today. There is work to be done, however. Execute your duty, but integrate the divine aspect of appreciation and gratitude. Allow love, beauty and creativity to permeate the day. Dream. Integrate. Build your dream into reality.

Sunday, June 26th might herald an “aha” moment. There’s something we’ve been trying to understand or see in a new light─ or maybe we’ve even been resistant to revisiting the past. This particular aspect funnels into the work we’ve been doing with Mars retrograde; he is preparing to move forward in a few more days, so before he does, there’s one last thing we need to “see.” Be open today and tomorrow. This relates to the story from 2014, and also, this past February. It’s all about making peace with reality’s dark side (Scorpio): Everyone suffers; everyone goes through hell at some point. But eventually, we have to find understanding from that lesson. Today and tomorrow are optimal for spiritual growth, evolution and understanding.

Monday, June 27th, the Moon enters fiery Aries in the wee hours of the morning, so we may have an easy time leaping out of bed! Venus trines Neptune, coloring the week with sensitivity and openness to giving and receiving love, as well as amplifying emotions, intuitive and creative faculties. So we have a dichotomy of fire and water today, which creates steam. This can be steamy love, or it may be steam coming out of your ears!!

Chiron stations retrograde today. Chiron represents our relationship with our wound, and our efforts to heal. Continuing in the same vein as yesterday, there may be something we see, and subsequent emotional releasing. On a collective level, we will see how this manifests: There are many collective wounds that have recently emerged for healing, mainly surrounding the issue of equality. Hopefully, we can utilize the loving energy of the Venus/Neptune trine to find higher understanding and to remember that we are so loved by Creation. Everything has its Divine purpose. We are never given something we cannot handle. Everything is perfect. Everything is LOVE.

Tuesday, June 28th, the Moon remains in energetic Aries. Depending on how the last few days have unfolded for us, today we may continue to release and renew. It’s all perfect. Cocoons are dark places where one must first traverse before becoming a butterfly. When we emerge, we are still sensitive, but we have a better sense of self, personal power and magic. Tonight, the Moon conjoins Eris and Uranus, bringing out a sense of rebelliousness. Break free from whatever the limiting circumstance may be. Give yourself a break. Find freedom in the moment.

Wednesday, June 29th, Mercury enters sentimental Cancer. The memory fondly recalls one’s roots. Here is a deeply instinctual, imaginative and psychic mind. The Cancerian mind is sympathetic and finds it easy to be compassionate for their fellow man. This is due to Cancer’s spongey sensitivity which soaks up their environment. This can be overwhelming for Cancer, which is why it’s necessary to have downtime to just be with oneself and recharge. It can be exhausting feeling everyone’s emotions! This is another reason why Cancers are usually family or tribe oriented: it’s enjoyable to herd with the familiar.

Mars stations direct! Whatever was realized since mid-April (or even more precisely, since the end of May), we are now moving forward. We may have acquired new answers or insight regarding this story. 

Mars still has some work to do in Scorpio until he enters Sagittarius on August 2nd. It’s in Sagittarius that we find understanding in the wake of the mucky Scorpio stuff (whatever is taboo, or not fun to look at, for example, death, suffering, illness, taxes, endings). It’s the celebration after the funeral. It has taken us time to lay something to rest. We are almost there, but at least we are now moving forward with more confidence than before.


Thursday, June 30th, the Moon is in Taurus until 8:19 pm. It’s an optimal day for productivity balanced with enjoyment. Taurus on its own is simple and content to just be, enjoying whatever comes its way. Taurus is a sensual sign that relishes in the nuances of the physical world: the softness of the sheets, the textures in painting, and the eclectic blend of flavors in a dish.

Venus makes her annual opposition to Pluto. This could be a heart of darkness, or the sacred heart. Pluto is both, for he is the movement from darkness to light, the divine Guru of the underworld. To have Christ Consciousness, one must spend his 40 days in the desert with Pluto.

Venus and Pluto together can also manifest as an intense love; a divine merging or an obsession. This can be a love that heals, transforms and elevates one another. Conversely, this could be a manipulative relationship in which one person is still operating out of fear.. This is a great aspect for investing or combining resources with a loved one, or even a mediation of personal values. There are many ways this energy can manifest, but another mode would be sacred sex, sex magic or tantra. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the entire universe because it is the creative energy. Everything that has ever existed is because of this cosmic principle. This same energy can be harnessed through sacred practice and utilized for healing. 

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."

-Carl Jung

May we all be guided into the highest light, living our highest truth.