Living Astrology: Uranus Eris Conjunction and the weekend of 6.11.16


I recently published an article regarding the rare and powerful Uranus/Eris conjunction.

In my reluctance to make a negative prediction on my friend’s beautiful yoga website, I withheld predicting anything dreadful, and focused on the elements of revolution and sovereignty.

But the fact is that revolution is both ugly and beautiful… chaos is necessary to forge new order…

This past weekend, I attended a beautiful wedding between two young ladies. Just about any wedding will make me tear up because love is the most magical thing, and the ceremonious merging of two people in love is even more enchanting. Being that this was my very first gay wedding, emotional tides were extra high.

“How beautiful that we live in a time and place that is evolved to the point of acknowledging everyone’s love.”

There were many miracles to be celebrated that day. The weather was calling for tornados, but by the grace of the Goddess, the rain clouds parted, revealing a blessed blue sky.

As we made our way back home the next morning, we learned the horrible news of Orlando’s club, Pulse. Shocking, mortifying and sad, to say the least. Then we learned about the man who was caught harboring explosives en route to LA’s Pride weekend. “

Where is all this rage coming from?”

In the wake of last summer’s Marriage Equality act, it would seem like this community could finally begin to feel complete freedom.  But now… why would someone would commit such a horrible act against this glorious community? I had much to contemplate, given the dichotomy of the weekend.

Every light has its shadow.

Every couple steps forward, there’s a step back.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

I blamed the Uranus/Eris conjunction, which tightened to exactitude only a few days prior on June 9th, 2016. This is a major, rare and disruptive aspect which last occurred in 1928.

Uranus and Eris together indicate a period in which waves of people awaken to their divinity, to their sovereignty, and to that effect, will resist anything that threatens such. Uranus is a revolutionary, a catalyst of evolution and progress, while Eris is a woman whose wrath is purposeful, divine and destructive. These two planets will defend the underdogs of the world and liberate people from oppression; they will fight for justice, disrupting the status quo. Uranus rules lightning and earthquakes, bringing an element of shock and surprise, while Eris rules general discord and feminism. Both planets can harbor chaos and destruction in the name of equality and freedom. Eris is somewhat like Kali: anything outworn will be destroyed while simultaneously birthing something new.

However, Eris birthed a slew of miseries: Strife, Hardship, Pain, War, Murder, Manslaughter, Ruin, Oath, Starvation, Forgetfulness, Battles, Disputes, Quarrels, Lies and Anarchy. This past week, many of her children have regrettably made their presence known─ not just at Pulse nightclub, but in the political arena as well. People across the country stand united, infuriated over voter fraud and mainstream media manipulation. Hillary Clinton named herself the Democratic nominee. This too is a manifestation of Eris: a powerful woman who will stop at nothing. The Stanford rapist and his father have infuriated women everywhere.

Her wrath is divine…this is just the beginning….

Let’s not forget that the Uranus/Eris conjunction arises in Aries, ruled by Mars. Under the rulership of Mars and Aries, we find adrenaline, adventure, battles, blood, bombs, bravery, chivalry, conquest, guns heroism, impulsiveness, lust, madness, manslaughter, military, passion, penetration, quickness, self-orientation, selfie-sticks, sexuality, sharp implements, sovereignty, valor, virility, and weapons (among many other things; every astrological symbol has it’s positive and negative expression).


This is why these issues of gun control, leadership, sex and sexuality are so huge right now. Uranus in Aries. There must be revolutionary reform, nothing less.  A small change won’t reflect the magnitude of this archetype─ It must be a massive shift.

There will always be those that resist. Just like how some people have still clung to racism despite considerable progress. There will always be radicals on either side: Progressive radicals and resistant radicals striving to maintain the past. These resistors are fearful, and it manifests as hate.

Uranus is the planet typically associated with homosexuality. I saw a meme this morning stating:

“Congrats, murderer, you have turned the focus of the LGBT community, one of the most powerful progressive movements, onto the crumbling edifice of one of our country’s biggest problems, gun reform. I don’t know if you’ve seen what they have accomplished in the last 25 years, but these queens get shit done.” -Don Winsor

This quote pairs nicely with our astrological symbolism. Uranus in Aries is gun reform and perhaps the most effective movement yet will be primarily led by the LGBT community and their allies. Every time there is an incident like this, people get upset for a little while and then nothing happens. Perhaps this time, it can be different, yielding progressive results in the name of love.


Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. We can thank Eris: She is the raw exposure of the wound, screaming,


Eris caused the Trojan War and her planetary discovery prompted the chaos of the IAU and the subsequent demotion of Pluto. Nothing Eris does is small. It’s large, ugly and demanding of change.

There are many wounds exposed in this country right now. These issues have been building over the past year as Uranus gained on Eris. People are angry and people are hurting. Ripping a bandage off is accompanied by a scream, but then at some point, people must gather around to figure out a solution.

Luckily, both Uranus and Eris are inventive, creative souls. Uranus’s discovery arrived in the midst of the scientific revolution and is therefore associated with such discoveries. Eris is the subvert queen. Let’s not forget the Trojan Horse, and also, Eris’ child Lies. For better or for worse, people are going to get creative. They will do whatever is takes to win (ahem, Hillary). Eris justifies her vengeance, like Robin Hood, raising the question:

“Is it still wrong to steal from those who have stolen from us?”

One of my favorite astrologers, Eric Frances from Planet Waves mentioned the astrological correlation with Eris on the day that Steven Colbert subverted the White House Correspondents dinner! Via his TV persona, he delivered an epic, comedic mockery of all in attendance, particularly directed towards then-President Bush. 

Since Eris represents both the subvert and the victorious feminine, it will be interesting to observe the remainder of this election. Will Hillary be crowned? Or will she be punished for secretive behavior? There’s the email scandal on top of voter fraud claims. Either could be the modern Trojan Horse.

So yes, Uranus and Eris promise revolution, but first we must be brave enough to look at the ugly severity of our wounds. We must put down the selfie sticks and get more creative in order to solve and transcend. We must have courage to challenge the oppressors and have enough will to change ourselves if necessary. Perhaps its necessary to get revved up enough to persevere on what may be a long battle. The people united together will be victorious.

****On a separate but related final note:

as I am wrapping up this article to post, I notice a headline regarding yet another death in Orlando─ the snatching of a 2-year-old by an alligator, here in the wake of the Pulse massacre and the murder of the singer. This is an uncanny amount of chaos going on in this southern city. I looked up the chart of Orlando Florida (yes, cities and countries have birthdays too!) only to discover URANUS AND ERIS transiting the core of the chart, a very potent point known as the IC. The city is being shocked, startled, and awakened. It will be interesting to see what Orlando does to bounce back. As fate would have it, Mars, the ruler of Orlando’s IC, lives in the 8th house of death, regeneration, healing, and rebirth. Let’s see what happens in Orlando over the next couple of years. 


May we ALL be awakened to the highest expression of LOVE, TRUTH and SOVEREIGNTY.

Wahe Guru

Blessed Be...