Astrology Report for July 2016: Power of LOVEVOLUTION


*All times read for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT); for Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours.

Overall Climate:

  • Mercury is “Out of Bounds” from July 1-8th, turning the planet of communication into a bit of a renegade. One is less likely to bite their tongue when they would otherwise! Watch for people being extra outspoken and divulging secrets.

  • Chiron squares Vesta July 10-18th, helping us to nurture our truth, inner flame. Whatever is preventing us from expressing our truth to the world, or suffocating our light, we find a new relationship with that wound at root of it all. Come out of hiding. What do you need to do first?

  • Continuing over from last month, Mars and Chiron remain in a harmonious healing trine until July 21st. Many people have been taking strides towards living a less burdensome life. This is all about realizing that we don’t need to carry this issue around anymore; people are reaching out for help in order to release and heal the issue once and for all. Now that Mars is moving forward, we feel more confident on our healing path. July 10-13th can be extra powerful for healing the heart and mind.

Friday, July 1st, the Moon resides in the curious socialite sign of Gemini. Chances are that we already feel the pull of the holiday weekend. It may be more difficult to focus today, so if you have the option to take a half-day, there should be no question in doing so. Gemini is a social sign who likes to explore, play and learn through exposure to new things.  It has trouble sitting still, especially when disinterested. Venus and Jupiter are in harmonious aspect, encouraging high vibes, positivity, enjoyment, and good people in your circle.

If there is a karmic relationship, situation or obsessive fixation in your world, we have the opportunity over the weekend to either remain in the habitual behavior of the past, or to find higher understanding of the situation through compassion and a positive attitude. Connect with that new perspective. Having the courage to do so will clear your karma with the situation, freeing your focus for other experiences. Power, merging forces and/or release are themes here.

Saturday, July 2nd is another day of playing, socializing and exploring. Perfect for the holiday weekend! The Gemini Moon also loves learning, so today might be a nice opportunity to engage in educational fun. Think museums, nature centers, etc. With many astrological aspects, today is likely to be busy, eventful, expansive and fun. If you are a night owl, be ready for anything!

Sunday, July 3rd, the Moon enters homebody Cancer at 9:20 am. After such a busy day yesterday, some self-care and nurturing is in order. We may need a day to lay low, whether with our families or significant others. Do what you need, whether it’s a bike ride, swimming or meditating, today is a day to recover, revitalize, and to invite more comfort. What foods will make you feel the best? What is it that you need? The Sun trines Neptune; perhaps we are feeling more creative, sensitive, compassionate or maybe we just feel like we are on cloud 9. There may be a desire to serve others or the planet. 

Monday, July 4th is Independence Day, as well as a New Moon in Cancer!! Cancer is the sign of nationalism, tribe and family. How appropriate! Hopefully we are celebrating our country’s birthday with some of our favorite tribe members. Whenever a New Moon falls on your birthday, it’s a year of new beginnings and seed planting. It should be a big year for our country, which makes sense since it’s an election year and many hot topics are up for review, namely the issue of gun control. Let’s see what happens.

The New Moon culminates at 13⁰ Cancer, along with Venus and Mercury on either side, at 7:01 am EDT.

 All four celestial bodies oppose Pluto, the Lord of power, transformation, sex, death and rebirth. The chart inherently alludes to our relationship with power. Cancer is depicted by a crab, made up of a hard protective outer shell, and a soft mushy interior. Cancer is a sensitive, feeling based sign, but it is also an initiator. Cancer often comes off strong, but if things aren’t just right, he will retreat inward and will appear noticeably disgruntled. Cancer knows what his gut tells him is right, but will often sidestep the issue in order to avoid aggressively disrupting the feelings of others, which he will in turn intuit.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “One hand slightly flexed with a prominent thumb.” The thumb represents the will/ego. A rigid thumb belongs to someone who has a strong, inflexible will, while a flexible thumb belongs to someone who is easily swayed, pliable or relaxed. In the case of this symbolic thumb, this is a being who is strong in what he wants, but remains tolerant of the currents around him─ such is reflected in the astrological symbols.

The sensitive but willful stellium in Cancer combined with the power of Pluto alludes to our relationship to power. Are we overbearing and dispassionate? Then we need to learn to be more sensitive. Conversely, maybe we give in to others too often at the expense of our truth. In which case, we need to exercise stronger boundaries without forfeiting our love for others. On a collective level, why are we so obsessed with power and less obsessed with nurturing one another? Is love not the most powerful force?

The symbol of the thumb prominently extended is a universal gesture of either a “thumbs up,” or a “thumbs down.” We need to learn to be really clear with others if we are wavering. Your vote counts and your voice matters (super relevant). In configurations such as this, Pluto, the lord of power, will either be embodied by the self, or projected onto another figure. You decide. Own it or give it away.

Tuesday, July 5th, may be a late start for people, and rightfully so! Getting anything off the ground before 12:28 pm will have its challenges. It’s then that the Moon enters passionate Leo. Leo is all about self-expression and even self-aggrandizement. Who had the most spectacular weekend? Let’s share stories because no one feels like working today anyway.

The influence of Mercury and Neptune enhances non-linear thought such as creativity, intuition, imagination, meditation─ or simply extending the desire to be on vacation. Brain fog or sleepiness are other possible manifestations.

Wednesday, July 6th, the Moon reigns in royal, loyal Leo. With a harmonious trine to Saturn, we can get a lot work accomplished today. What are you building towards? Is it in alignment with your beliefs and your true essence? The fiery quality of these planets inspire passion. It’s hard to put a lot of energy into something you aren’t passionate about. Sometimes work is just work, though work indicates being of service somehow, some way. No matter what your duty may be, do so with excellence.

Venus forms an exact trine with Mars, excellent for ease of relating with others, sexual chemistry, creativity, infusing action with consciousness and compassion, love, understanding, kindness, intuition, empathy, artistry and healing.

Thursday, July 7th, Juno enters Scorpio, officially ready to fully commit to someone or something. However, this might also be an official commitment to closure or a separation. Now that Mars is moving forward (planet of sexual relating, desire and action), we have a better idea of what we want. On and off again relationships will make or break. Compounding this energy, Venus (harmonious relating) forms a stressful aspect with rebellious Uranus. If the situation is limiting your peace, your heart or your joy, it must go. Release any binding relationships or situations now.

The Moon is void all day long, so focus on ongoing situations and don’t force anything off the ground. The Sun and Mercury travel tightly together, fusing insight and essence of being; together, they oppose Pluto, deepening the mind, delving into the psyche and propelling brain power. Today is excellent for discovering solutions, therapy, meditation, uncovering secrets and digging deep to the core. Again, with oppositions to Pluto, there is a theme of power-play. Who wields the power in this situation? You. Always. You either use it, or you willfully give it away. As with mentioned above, if you are in a limiting situation that makes you unhappy or unfulfilled, you have the power to change it. It’s up to you. There is no in between here. Either stay or go. 

Friday, July 8th, we can feel more expansive and positive. If we let something or someone go this week, we are seeing new possibilities with more clarity and enthusiasm now. It’s all about the details. With Jupiter in Virgo, “less is more.” By minimizing clutter in our life, the same room feels more open. Later in the day, we are invited to imagine, “what if?” Just remember to keep one foot on the ground; in other words, stay focused on what you truly want, don’t become too impractical.


Saturday, July 9th is an extremely dynamic day full of challenges. When we meet the challenge with an open mind and an open heart, great results may occur, yielding wisdom, victory and progress. One thing inevitable is that today will be eventful. It’s difficult to predict today’s energy further, as there is too much going on. But here are some provoking questions that may or may not be relevant today: What feels good? What feels right? How do I turn this into a strength/positive? What is necessary right now? How will these actions/attitudes affect the outcome? What do I ultimately want? What is unacceptable? Is this supportive? Is it in my heart? What needs to change within me in order to achieve my dream? What do I need to let go of, so that I can be more focused? What should I be focusing on? What can I do to make the desired change?

Sunday, July 10th, the Moon resides in harmonious Libra. If yesterday was chaotic, hopefully today can be more peaceful. Make amends, converse, justify, relate or sympathize, if need be. Otherwise, simply allow enjoyment into your day. Libra appreciates beauty, aesthetic, symmetry, fairness and fun for everyone. The mind may be busy today; find an outlet by sharing with others, writing, reading, running or biking a scenic route. Engage with the world.

Monday, July 11th, if you weren’t jolted awake last night, perhaps you had some wildly vivid dreams instead! Today is a great day for business, following up with clients/contacts. There may be a choice or a small conflict around 1pm EDT.

Tuesday, July 12th, initiate new projects or make important purchases before 11:01 am. The morning should get off to a rapid start, feeling inspired, anxious and alert. Today is potentially both industrious and sensitive. The Moon enters deep Scorpio at 4:52 pm; all or nothing. Get down to business or don’t!

Venus enters Leo in the early hours of the morning. Venus rules relationships, beauty and values, while Leo rules the heart and its expression. Venus in Leo is not shy about showing love and appreciation. She is a proud lioness, creative, unique and talented, unafraid of shining bright. Leo has a flair for the dramatic. The time is now to express the truth of your heart, sharing your gifts, talents and bliss with the world. Venus in Leo is loyal, royal, honest, and at times impatient. Venus in Leo is the quintessential summer romance, whether reigniting the flame with your partner, initiating a playful romance or even diving passionately into something you truly enjoy. Let your heart sing! Allow unbridled love into your life─ it’s our birthright.

Wednesday, July 13th, the Moon resides in Scorpio for the entire day. Listen for taboo or controversial subjects. All or nothing; intensified one way or another. The Moon trines Neptune at 4:46 pm, heightening an interest in the otherworldly, mystical, magical, non-dual realms of existence.

Mercury follows Venus into Leo tonight at 8:47 pm, infusing the heart into the mind. Mercury in Leo speaks from the heart, for better or for worse. We will all be a bit more opinionated, rigid, and entitled to our beliefs than usual. This goes against the inherently childlike, flexibility of Mercury; he’s not the most comfortable here in Leo. People are going to feel extra dignified, righteous and deserving than usual. On the plus side, it will become easier to connect with our self-worth here. Leo season is all about swag. Show yourself! Celebrate your assets!

Thursday, July 14th carries themes of empowerment, intuitive knowing, healing, sensitivity, power and productivity on any level. There is a heightened passion in our being today. The Moon goes void at 6:22 pm, officially ending the work day. However, the evening still wants us to be active. If you don’t have an outlet, angst or arguing is possible.

Friday, July 15th, the Moon enters worldly Sagittarius at 5:14 am. With pleasant aspects to Mercury, we are feeling good about an idea or outlook. Things seem to make more sense today. There’s an overall sense of positivity, pleasure and harmony.

Saturday, July 16th, there is no filter. People are feeling rebellious, uninhibited, spontaneous, wild and revolutionary. Don’t be surprised if there are big headlines today in regards to impassioned demonstrations. There’s a sense of enthusiasm infused in the righteous hearts and minds. Persistence blinded by conviction says “No” is an unacceptable answer. People will tend to go to extremes today, and will feel justified in doing so. If you are celebrating tonight, it’s due to be a late night. Expect an extra boost of energy at 11:45 pm when the Sun trines Mars.

Sunday, July 17th, the queen of the asteroid belt, Ceres enters the sensuous sign of Taurus. Ceres rules nurturing and nourishment, hence her maternal nature and her namesake, shared with the root word of “cereal.” She will reside in Taurus throughout April 2017, so pay attention! Taurus rules physical pleasures and anything physical through which we find sustenance. What physical support are you lacking? Perhaps it’s clothing, or money. These are basic physical needs. Maybe you have too much clothing or home goods and you want to donate them to others in need. This is all about finance, food, land and physical security─ personally and collectively.

Sunday morning is a void period, so it’s time to play! No need for work or shopping. Chores, ok, but you probably will want to whip through them to generate more time for play. Uranus colors this void period, so do something spontaneous, random or enlightening. Discover something new. Be a scientist and study something. If you need to get things done today, not to worry! The Moon enters thorough, dedicated Capricorn at 3:33 pm, which is a very supportive energy for ambition. 

Monday, July 18th, the Capricorn Moon urges us to be productive in spite of our heart’s desire to play. Honor your truth. Decide what’s most important. What is going to help the dream manifest? The Moon conjoins Pluto at 9:25 pm, bringing intensity to the evening.

Tuesday, July 19th, we have a FULL MOON at 28⁰ CAPRICORN, ripening at 6:57 pm

. Full Moons are periods of culmination, when we sit atop the mountain peak and decide where we would like to go next. This Full Moon chart presents an opportunity for radical change, if need be.

Capricorn rules our ambitions, career and the reputation we are building for ourselves (for better or worse). The Sabian Symbol for 28⁰ Capricorn is

“A large aviary,”

wherein we can hear the endless overlapping chatter of birds. Birds represent our spiritual destiny, inherent in the climb up success mountain; but also alluding to words in general. How do the vibrations of our words affect our destiny? Every word vibrates a frequency that first pierces our electromagnetic field, which then attracts like vibrations. Even more basic, are we gossiping too much or being too judgmental of others? What are others saying about us─ is it helpful or hurtful? The sounds of the aviary can vary from obnoxious cacophony to harmonious melody.

On a collective level, Capricorn is the status quo, dominating societal structures and patriarchy. The challengers are evolutionary Uranus and the arch-feminist Eris, whose power is greatly enhanced today as she stations retrograde in the sky. We are in for another major shake-up. Revolutionary tides are high and the oppressed grow restless. The greater the chasm between the rich and the poor, the greater the disdain for the bourgeoisie by the ever more righteous proletariat.

There is always a choice: to open your heart to love/evolution, or to resist change, arthritically gripping to “the good old days” like an out of touch bigot. Karma is no joke. Destiny is no joke. Our ultimate destiny is the Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth, as we cycle through the great cycle of Precession─ away from darkness and back towards the Galactic Center of Oneness. There is no fighting it.

Uranus promises shock, yielding either madness or awakening. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun’s degree at 28⁰ Cancer,

“An Indian girl introduces college boyfriend to her tribe,”

further details Uranus’ message: integrating something new, evolution, disregarding tradition, breaking the mold and merging cultures. The caution is xenophobia, judgement, upset, resistance, or hateful outrage.

There are many ways these symbols could be interpreted. In combining the two Sabian symbols, we are reminded to exemplify higher love, despite the chatter around us, and to maintain harmonic coexistence in a busy, diverse atmosphere.

With such a dynamic chart, look out for eruptions (volcanic or demonstrative); volcanoes erupt when there is too much pressure to be contained. If a fire should occur, know that it is a purifying burn in order to create balance in our defunct world. Uranus and Eris together are ultimately trying to awaken humanity to their spiritual sovereignty and will do whatever it takes to get us there.

Wednesday, July 20th, the Moon remains in inventive Aquarius. Connect with your inherent originality. With a constructive sextile to Saturn, great resourcefulness is readily accessible. “How is this useful? How else can I use this?” Aquarius likes to fidget and figure it out for himself. Venus forms a harmonious aspect to Saturn; our values shape the structures in our lives. This is a physical manifestation of the heart’s values.


Thursday, July 21st, people are going to be extra dramatic today, either because they aren’t getting what they want, or because they want to be listened to. One person will be fretting over details while the other person remains detached. Nothing seems to be in sync today, and that’s okay. Chaos is the prerequisite of order, so it’s welcomed. Don’t try to make too much sense of it or you will drive yourself nuts! An adjustment may be in order to alleviate discomfort. Speak your truth and come from your heart. Be gentle, but clear. If built up pressure hasn’t yet released itself, it will wish to do so in the evening. With the influence of Mars, it could be an argument, or it could be sexual.

Friday, July 22nd, the Moon enters mystical Pisces in the early morning, perhaps coaxing you to stay in bed dreaming longer than usual. Lunar aspects are quiet today until the evening comes. There’s an aspect of not getting what one wants or needs. Pisces Moon might be the martyr, sacrificing his desires for the whole, or he will victimize himself until he gets what he wants!

The Sun enters Leo, joining comrades Venus and Mercury. It’s officially Leo season!

The Sun God is the King of the solar system; all orbit around his glory, gravitating towards his light. Appropriately, the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leo is a sustaining energy, so it is here that we are in the unwavering heat and peak of the summer season.

Like a King, Leo is outspoken, holding back nothing (for better or for worse). This is where Leo’s get their pride: should anyone disagree with the King, off with their head! But that’s one thing we can always count on form our Leo friends: honesty, generosity, loyalty and royal beauty. Leo’s always have swag: from their strut to their style, jewelry and hair. Leos are always putting their little stamp of uniqueness on everything, obvious even in their words, gestures and works of art. With the Sun in Leo, it’s easier for everyone to shine authentically. After all, it’s too hot for bullshit anyway. Wear what’s comfortable, do what you love. We are no longer in the shy sign of Cancer, so come out of that shell and play outside!

Saturday, July 23rd, the collective wounds is pierced and the destructive ways of the past have a price on the present. I hate to make a “negative prediction,” but there are certain fate-oriented aspects in today’s chart that indicate an upset fueled by overly righteous beliefs. Let’s hope that it can manifest as a peaceful protest for justice and progress. However, the inherent possibility for destruction and/or transformation is very real and cannot be ignored one way or the other.  Heal the past. Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, July 24th, the Sun enters Aries at 8:33 am. Go anywhere, do anything! Aries is headstrong, impulsive and ready for action. This is an excellent energy for starting projects, exploring and athleticism.

Monday, July 25th, Vesta enters Cancer, heightening our commitment to our tribe and family. Vestal virgins dedicated their lives to the sacred flame. Wherever Vesta resides in our charts is where we selflessly dedicate ourselves without a question. Her entry into Cancer inspires us to prioritize our families even more.


The Aries Moon squares off with the Lord of darkness at 11:30 am, intensifying emotions. We are prone to outbursts here, so be careful if you are feeling intensely while in a professional environment. Should you get heated, tensions are softened or justified later on when the fiery Moon trines the fierce heart of Venus in Leo.

Tuesday, July 26th, be ready for surprises this morning. Avoid initiating anything new or making big purchases until 11:37 am, when the Moon enters reliable Taurus. The remainder of the day is excellent for working at a steady pace towards your goals. Take your time and enjoy every moment. Taurus is a sensuous sign, appreciating everyone, every breath, and every bite of food. Taurus isn’t a risk-taking sign; he is content where he is. You can always count on a Taurus for consistency!

Wednesday, July 27th, Mercury and Uranus team up to pump new ideas into the mind, as well as the collective consciousness. New ideas and concepts are up for grabs! Time to tune in. Electrical currents are high! Everyone is a superconductor today, so if you deal with electronics in your everyday life, know that they might go berserk when you touch them! Also, your electric magnetism is heightened, so be careful what you wish for and be mindful of your words!! Be mindful of your nervous system and only say YES to what you can appropriately handle. Pay attention to who you meet. Today is inherently spectacular.

Thursday, July 28th,if necessary, launch anything new or shop for anything important before 11:13 am when the Moon turns void. A moon or planet becomes void when it makes its last Ptolemaic aspect prior to changing signs. Since it’s not making any new connections, it’s not likely that any new connections we make will stick. Void periods can still be fruitful when we continue with anything ongoing. This particular void period is energized by the will and desire of Mars, and thus can be extremely busy and productive. The Moon enters Gemini at 2:17 pm, concluding the void period. Be free! The remainder of the day carries a lighter, more playful energy.


Not to worry, Uranus retrogrades function differently than Mercury’s; Mercury is a personal planet and concerns himself with the everyday affairs of humans, while Uranus is an outer planet, invisible to the naked eye, and therefore concerned with generational consciousness. So rest assured that your everyday life won’t run into the typical Mercurial snags. However, on a personal level, we can all think back to Christmas time of 2015. What developments were going on in your world? This is a continuation in that story. Collectively, Uranus will make his presence known with shake-ups, break-ups, surprises, shifts and sudden realizations. Uranus stations often herald earthquakes and other disruptions. The day that Uranus entered Aries was the very same day of the Fukushima disaster, followed by the rise of the Occupy movement. The urge to rebel is strong. Distinctly positive is Uranus’ association with scientific breakthroughs and discovery. Let’s see what happens today!

Saturday, July 30th, the Uranian presence remains, coloring the entire day. The Moon is void for the majority of the day so don’t force anything; do what naturally flows, if you have the pleasure of doing so. Be random, spontaneous and have fun. Chase that which intrigues. The Moon enters the tribal sign of Cancer at 5:09 pm; connect with your tribe and take comfort in the familiar after a vivid day.

Sunday, July 31st, is an excellent day for emotional bonding, tending the hearth, and nurturing your mind, body and soul with good company, good vibes and nourishing food (defined however you wish!). Essentially, do what feels good. The Moon is in instinctual Cancer today. Whether it’s recharging your batteries at home or being active, do whatever it is you need to find balance. Emotional tides deepen at the end of the day, perhaps recalling the past with fondness or disdain. Cancer rules the memory, nostalgia and the past.  

May every soul be awakened to their highest manifestation of self. . . . Wahe Guru. 

Love to  ALL, peace to ALL, light to ALL.

-Catherine O'Neill