Astrology Report for August 2016: Persistence 


*All times read for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT); for Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours.

Overall Climate:

  • We are going to have to keep up! This is going to be another eventful, busy month, requiring all our participation to create a new reality.

  • Mars is moving forward and so are we! After a much needed retrograde though Scorpio, we completed unfinished lessons and developed a new relationship with pieces from our past. On August 2nd, Mars reenters Sagittarius, where new philosophies will be formed as we simultaneously gaze toward the next horizon. We now have more clarity and passion to ardently move forward with our prospects. But first, there is one more hurdle before we can speed ahead. Mars must move past Saturn, parked at 10⁰ Sagittarius for the entire month. Saturn is both the task-master and the reality-checker. So as the Martian Warrior attempts to courageously crusade forward, Saturn says “STOP! Have you considered this? And what about this?” Perhaps for example, we started a new job that we really wanted, but the commute is too far, or the workload is greater than expected. Saturn asks us to be realistic with our vision, and to make necessary adjustments. It’s vital that our structures in our lives are sturdy and supportive so that we can depend on them long-term. Whatever the hurdle may be, the week of August 21st is when we can expect a culmination.

  • Jupiter opposes Chiron whole month, highlighting the collective wounds inflicted by religion, xenophobia, and outdated or tyrannical law. What we must remember is that it’s important that the hurt surrounding these issues emerge so that WE CAN MAKE HEALTHY ADJUSTMENTS. Utilizing wisdom from past mistakes, we can formulate new law, philosophy or belief systems in higher support of our collective well-being. Pope Francis goes through his periods of radical statements, so maybe we will hear more from him this month. Jupiter also affects the economy, so in this case, the economic wound is inflation.

  • On a personal level, we have taken the necessary strides towards our healing, and now we formulate a supportive philosophy that will maintain our progress moving forward. If we haven’t properly addressed the issue, it becomes inflamed and inflated. We will see people hit rock bottom this month.


Monday, August 1st, we empathize with others or we retreat inward to integrate and replenish ourselves after last week’s chaos. Uranus stationed retrograde on Friday, resulting in surprises, shake-ups, break-ups and breakthroughs. Some of us might still be reeling, so today’s Cancer Moon arrives in good timing, setting the mood for self-love, nurturing and sensitivity. Cancer rules our tribe, our emotional support system in life. Call on your tribe or show up for your tribe member today.

Venus trines Uranus, infusing creative insight with inspiration─ excellent for inventive solutions. Use this creative wisdom to reinforce the shaken foundation in preparation for our NEW MOON tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 2nd: NEW MOON at 11⁰ Leo, exact at 4:45 pm EDT. The Leo New Moon emphasizes how we shine our unique light into the world. Ruled by our own star, the Sun, Leo recognizes that we are all stars meant for shining! This New Moon reminds us that there is no reason to hide; we should be fully and authentically shining our light because we all have something special to offer.

For most of us, we need a balance in life: In order to feel fully vibrant like the luminous being that we are, we need to feel supported in the physical world. The New Moon makes a harmonious trine to Saturn, alluding to the structures and systems in our lives which support our vitality, success and full expression of self. Ideally, we have a career which supports our spiritual, emotional and practical needs. If not, this New Moon invites us to make adjustments that reinforce a healthy balance for such needs.

The Sabian symbol illustrates the aforementioned archetypes: “a huge oak tree *supporting* a swing, on which children are swinging.” The tree represents the time-tested structures of tradition, rooted, protective and supportive. As a society, we depend on such systems to maintain order. All structures eventually crumble once they no longer support. Children represent playfulness and the carefree, truthful freshness of youth─ evolutionary catalysts necessary for improve the standing structures.

One of the greatest gifts of life is enjoyment. Leo is where we play for the sole sake of enjoyment. You can’t run on empty for very long; we need to constantly fill our inspiration bank with new juice. Mars reenters Sagittarius today, inspired with fresh eyes on the vision. The tree can be also compared to the Tree of Life, which supports our spiritual development through knowledge, practice and the expansion of consciousness. Although our spiritual growth is the ultimate purpose of our existence, we are reminded on this New Moon of the importance of such support in the physical world which provides a container for magnificent human experience. 

Wednesday, August 3rd, the Moon continues its stay in vibrant life-loving Leo! The Sun forms an odd aspect with Neptune, blurring our perception.

Leo is the King. On a personal level, sometimes we can be afraid of our greatness, dimming our light so we do not outshine others. This is the time for you to choose to step up to the plate and embody your greatness. Maybe you aren’t utilizing your full power to the greatest potential. Or maybe your delusion holds you back. We must step into our divinity and claim worthiness of achieving our goals.

Collectively, we might witness the misuse of power by someone idolized or idealized. Ultimately, this is a power-struggle to be crowned, amidst an unwillingness or inability to see things for what they are. Donald Trump embodies this energy: On one hand, people are hypnotized by his celebrity glamour and they believe him to be “king.” On the other hand, those who disagree with him can’t seem to understand how deluded he is and how he has amassed such influence (Pluto). This formation tightens over the next few days, peaking on Friday.

Thursday, August 4th, the Moon is in Virgo, where we are extra mindful of details. Today is all about tying up loose ends and perfecting anything in progress. It can also be a productive day for tidying and busy work. Later in the day, the Moon squares Saturn. Telling us “no,” or “you forgot about this other thing you need to fix/work on.”

Friday, August 5th,Venus enters Virgo; The lower expression of Venus in Virgo is nit-picky towards the self and others. Venus in Virgo wants themselves and everyone around them to be the best they can be. Venus in Virgo recognizes the greatest potential. However, even if criticism comes from a place of love, it may come off as unsupportive.

Virgo is also concerned with service and hard work. When Venus in Virgo is at her highest expression, she is a high priestess; offering her skills in a form of service. She wields a sheath of wheat, which she has steadily cultivated.

Virgo is sometimes understood as “Virginal,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean chaste. The esoteric meaning of virgin implies an independent, autonomous woman, who cultivated herself to the point of ripeness (hence the sheath of wheat). She is learned, skilled and is concerned with developing the self to perfection (purity). Therefore, the confusion becomes obvious: A virgin is pure, having little to do with whom she has laid, but instead, how she has honed her skills.  Virgo is the last zodiac sign concerned with personal development, so perfection is necessary before we can begin to join with others in the consecutive sign of Libra. Therefore, it matters not if the Virgo Goddess is a holy whore or chaste; all that is important is that she has cultivated herself with care.

So as Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo, she says to us: “You know what you love, but what about your skills?”

The Moon is also in Virgo, opposing Neptune today. We might be asked to see something we didn’t want to see or couldn’t see before. We get a more optimistic boost later in the evening when the Moon meets up with joyous Jupiter.

Saturday, August 6th, the Moon is void until 12:57 pm when she enters the sign of Libra. Void periods are best for not forcing yourself to do anything and definitely not the optimal time to start something new. Go with the flow, follow your intuition and your heart this morning. If work needs to be done today, enjoy a slow morning and kick things into high gear after 1pm. Venus and Mars square off this evening; this can be very passionate for better or for worse!! Wounds emerge for healing. Hold space for the heart. We win when love wins. Sexual energy is one of the most potent healing energy available to humans. If it’s in the cards tonight, make it a creative, magickal ritual.

Mercury squares Saturn in the morning, blocking communication and making it problematic to get your point thoroughly expressed. OR, this is an excellent energy for bringing up serious, difficult topics that are already tough to discuss.


Sunday, August 7th, the Moon remains in social Libra. Libra energy celebrates the beauty and harmony of the world: best friends, an exquisite meal, your favorite song… How do you define beauty and enjoyment in your world?

Mercury opposes Neptune, diffusing linear thought or awakening the imagination. This is also an excellent energy for meditation or spiritual focus. It might be a challenge to remain objective today. This is a whimsical, fantastical mind, excellent for creative pursuits.

Monday, August 8th

, launch anything important before 1:41 pm when the Moon goes void with an opposition to radical Uranus. Anything can happen. Splits, breakups, breakthroughs. One thing is certain, that Uranus brings the element of the extraordinary. Mercury conjoins the North Node of destiny today. Big headlines around someone’s words, perhaps lies and deceit. The words won’t necessarily be verbal, perhaps written. With Uranus making aspects to the Moon, we can expect a certain element of shock.

Tuesday, August 9th, the Moon lives in Scorpio. The usual intensity of Scorpio combines infuses with the softer energies of Venus and Neptune. Venus in Virgo shows us where we can improve while Neptune shows us the utopian ideal. Moon in transformative Scorpio shows us how it’s all possible.

Additional lunar influences of Juno, Lillith and Ceres, tell of finding new ways to partner in a mutually rewarding way. Radical love, love is a revolutionary act in itself. Here in Scorpio, we can alchemically alter our perception of the rules. Interesting how all of the players in today’s aspects carry a feminine energy. This is not a time to half-ass in relationships. Scorpio is all or nothing!!

Wednesday, August 10th, the Moon remains in the fierce sign of all-or-nothing Scorpio (“As above, so below…”), highlighting Mercury and Pluto, who tighten into an exact harmonious trine today. It’s all about the power of words, or the power of the pen. Words can harm, heal, uplift, or inspire. Every word carries a vibration. Today we become acutely aware of this magnificent power of speech. As human beings, we are the only creatures on Earth with this gift. The Bible suggests that the entirety of Earth was created with the Word. Human beings were given the blessing to become creators too, reflected in our ability to speak. Our words create our realities, so we must be mindful of our language. Complaining too much? It’s really just vocalized fear of not having what you need. Adjust your language to be more supportive of your desired reality that you want to create. Alter your statements so that they are affirmative.

Mercury also rules children and anything that allows us to communicate with one another. So this could also indicate developments in communication or transportation technology, early education or we might see young children banding together to make an impact on the world in a precious way.

Thursday, August 11th, we have an early morning void Moon, so use the morning to follow through with ongoing projects and duties. When the Moon enters Sag at 1:24 pm, take more deliberate initiative. The whole day is colored by the optimism and righteousness of Jupiter, as well as the desire to broaden understanding. Be prepared for a fiery boost this evening when the Moon meets up with Mars around 9 pm EDT. If you are trying to go to bed early, sorry! It’s going to be more difficult to relax. Mars stirs up our desire to take action; it’s also our passions, angers and things we are willing to fight for! If anything’s worth fighting for, it’s because of our passion (or pride).

Friday, August 12th, Pallas Athena retrogrades back into Aquarius, taking us back to whatever we were weaving in March and April. Born from the head of her father Zeus’ skull, Athena is the strategist. Unwavered by her emotional side, she’s a woman who is dutiful and wise─ especially in the air sign Aquarius. So we are revisiting the plans we were working on in March and April. If you can’t remember, that’s fine! Just understand that this is an ideal time to find creative solutions and to weave strategies in an original way.  This is excellent for prioritizing and focus. Athena remains in Aquarius through the next 4 months.

Saturday, August 13th,Saturn stations direct, taking us back to March. What was going on in March? This is a continuation of this story. Saturn is both a personal planet and a social planet, so this energy of this station will be felt by many and thus reflected in headlines. A lot of times on Saturn stations, we can feel a certain emotional heaviness, or maybe things just feel “blah.”


(This is because when a planet stations in the sky, it is closest to the Earth than any other time in its cycle. From our geocentric perspective, the planet appears to cease motion, gathering even more force. So when a planet is stationed, it hijacks the effects of other planets and shines an accentuation of its corresponding energy upon us.) 

The reason things might feel heavy is because Saturn’s domain is the physical world. Gravity. Time. Reality. Saturn is the realistic guy, who sometimes has to be the pessimist. The negative mind is actually a protective mechanism. Saturn isn’t really as bad as he sounds. He’s really a good guy! He helps us get our shit together and encourages us to stay healthy (time=mortality). With Saturn, we reap what we sow; hard work should pay off. But on a station, the general feeling is “eh,” or “ugh.” We feel the burden of Man today.

With a square to Venus, our Saturday enjoyment may be affected in an unfortunate way. To turn it around, plan something simple, maybe even frugal. There’s a sense of not being able to enjoy to the fullest. It’s okay. We need days like today to appreciate the joyous ones.

On a collective level, 2010 was a huge year for technological and social breakthroughs. This was when smartphones began to be used widespread and all of the apps that make life easier. This was also a time when the roots of the Occupy movement were birthed. Music changed, reflecting the new ways that we all relate to the world. Today, we reach a point in this 13 year Jupiter/Uranus cycle in which an adjustment is required. Clearly tension is high in this world.

Alexander Ruperti says of this cycle: “every time Uranus conjoins Jupiter, a new trend toward social, cultural, religious and psychological transformation begins in the world…at that time, changes in world conditions become necessary and everyone must participate in them.” We are at a point in time where some of us need to make a choice, as a part of this collective shift. What do we believe is the most important? How do we cast our vote for change? Our efforts in this cycle will culminate on/around December 26th, 2016. There is still work to be done!!

Sunday, August 14th, the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, supporting loyalty to our work and loved ones. Maybe yesterday we weren’t able to tackle all of the things we wanted to, so in goo timing, today is a day for doing. Imagination and creativity are strong today, as well. Do something fun that makes you forget about life’s burdens and celebrates the magic of life.

Venus nears the North Node of Destiny, peaking tomorrow and flowing over into the next day. This is a female who has cultivated herself. Opposed from Neptune, some believe her to be God’s gift to humanity; however, this could also indicate a deceptive quality around her. This may also be a female artist who overdoses. Neptune is otherworldly,  inspiring many to find an escape, whether than escape is spiritual or toxic. Fantasy is another mode of escape, which is where the idealism and deceit come in.

Monday, August 15th, the Moon remains in Capricorn travelling closely to Pluto. There might be an intense focus today, excellent for working towards your goals and discovering new ways to excel. This is also great for detective work, uncovering answers, solutions or finding the missing key! This placement can also manifest on the emotional plane, heightening feelings and bringing the past into focus. The detective work can be done on the emotional level to break through heavier feelings. However the Plutonian energy manifests, it is super powerful and potentially transformative.

Tuesday, August 16th, the Moon enters Aquarius at 7:52 am. The Sun makes his majesty’s biannual trine to inventive Uranus. This aspect is all about shining your originality into the world. We all have unique gifts to share. Today we can celebrate our individuality and even discover new ways to shine more authentically. This aspect also creates more inspiration and inventiveness in the world. Uranus transits often bring scientific or energetic breakthroughs, seeing things in a new light than ever before.


The evening remains energetic and productive as the Moon sextiles Mars. This can enhance the social and creative atmospheres as well.

Wednesday, August 17th, Venus trines Pluto. This is a magnetic connection, a commitment that comes naturally and makes sense. Venus rules relationships, so this could be indicative of a partnership, but it could also be a financial commitment, or a commitment to oneself (as Venus rules our money and values too). The Moon in futuristic Aquarius supports our ability to see these choices objectively as we consider long term implications of this commitment.

Thursday, August 18th: FULL MOON, 26⁰ Aquarius, exact at 5:26 am, EDT.

Infused in the Full Moon energy is the mastermind brilliance of Pallas Athena. She’s a woman with a plan, considering all of the necessary elements. Aquarius too, is an excellent organizer. Inventive and original, Aquarius likes to bring people together to achieve a collective goal, no matter how big or how small. So this Full Moon highlights our community, subsequent involvement, and who’s on our team. What groups do we enjoy participating in?  

The Full Moon makes a lovely sextile to revolutionary Uranus. A breakthrough is called for. Since it’s a nice aspect, the change is necessary and well-received. There is a readiness for the transformation. However, both the Moon and Uranus make a hard aspect to Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo. We’re looking at themes of law, college tuition/debt, worker’s rights, wages, the middle class, xenophobia, belief, and the people united. These are all very current issues, all expressing themselves through this Full Moon. Mercury’s involvement gives a voice to the people’s convictions. The highest expression of Aquarius is “One people, one planet.” We are all in this together as one global family. When we reduce suffering for another, we reduce it for ourselves too. We are a unit.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree: “a light breaks through the clouds, and a perfect rainbow forms.”

On a very primal level, when one sees light beams alone coming through the clouds, one can only contemplate the divine beauty of it all. To add a rainbow into the visual is truly sublime. What a gift it is to be alive and to be a part of it all!

In the Bible, God tells Noah that the rainbow is a sign of their covenant, that humanity will not be destroyed by higher forces. I like to think that this rainbow comes in good timing, because it means that we have a collective responsibility for our own destiny. As human beings, we are powerful, even more powerful when we come together (Aquarius). There are so many areas of life that we could systematically improve, in order to expand the happiness of all beings on Earth. The time is now to organize.

Friday, August 19th, the Moon is in dreamy, mystical Pisces, adding an otherworldly element to the day. Ruling fantasy, there’s a desire to transcend “real life;” find a healthy escape that makes you feel timeless. Pisces Moon also heightens compassion. We can ground heaven on earth when we selflessly help others. The shadow side of Pisces is addiction or escaping reality via excessive intoxication. Be aware of your escape mechanisms. The Moon opposes Venus this evening, helping us to focus on the beauty and enjoyment that life has to offer.  

Mercury oppose Chiron. On a personal level, this could help us be more analytical in regards to solving the problem that ails us. Collectively, this could be words that wound or heal. 

Saturday, August 20th, Moon goes void at 8:21 am with an opposition to Jupiter. This could be a positive separation from something─ a situation or a belief. Jupiter is the judge, and he’s looking at all the small details that matter. This void period is great for cleaning house─ mentally or physically. Moon enters Aries at 3:18 pm kicking the afternoon into high gear! Aries loves an adventure, so go play, explore!

Sunday, August 21st, the Moon is in energetic Aries for the entire day, so we can accomplish a lot today. This doesn’t have to be a productive day of work; instead, it’s likely to be a day jam-packed with fun and random activities. So get out of the house and have an adventure! In the afternoon, the Moon squares Pluto, heating up passion for better or for worse. Something needs to be released so it’s important to have a healthy outlet.

Monday, August 22nd, the Sun enters Virgo at 12:38 pm. Virgo is a depicted by a cultivated woman bearing a sheath of wheat, symbolizing the readiness for harvest. Virgo is a “mutable” sign, as it is the time of year when Summer begins to turn into Autumn. We will see the first signs of Fall, leaves turning colors, cooler nights and the arrival of pumpkin ales.

People are prone to saying too much today as Mercury conjoins Jupiter. No filter. Pay attention to what you hear; secrets might get blurted out and people will passionately speak their truth with zero qualms. Just be mindful that your words won’t negatively affect you down the road.

The Moon is void for the entire day, colored by the randomness of Uranus (we already have no filter, so this definitely doesn’t help!). Be ready for surprises until the Moon enters Taurus at 5:19 pm.


Tuesday, August 23rd, the Moon is in Taurus making nice aspects. With Venus’ opposition to Chiron we can expect to the archetype of a female in distress─ a crisis, meltdown, or even overdose. On the other hand, this could be some kind of financial crisis. On the flipside, Chiron transmutes his wounds into wisdom and strength. We may witness someone at the culmination of their recovery, strong in their power with an uplifting message. Whatever it is, compassion will be amplified. 

Wednesday, August 24th, Mars finally meets up with Saturn for the final test of the Mars retrograde lesson; think back to your plan of action from March and April and how it has unfolded thus far. Most likely we went after a goal, gained experience, and now we are really clear on what we would like to go after and how. Mars is the gas pedal and Saturn is the breaks. So right now we are feeling like we have one foot on each pedal. There is one more kink in the plan to be worked out. We are being cautioned to halt for a good reason. Mars is fearless, naïve, while Saturn is the wise one, so we must acknowledge his council before advancing forward.

There is an afternoon lunar void from 3:38 pm until 7:40 pm when the Moon enters playful Gemini.  Plan accordingly!

Thursday, August 25th, can be a super challenging day. Action is required. Tension requires release, so get moving. Stir the pot. Big change is possible if you put in the effort. If the current situation is causing any suffering, we have a choice, to remain comfortably uncomfortable OR to be bold and reach for something new. Change is not easy, but can be super rewarding. Change is especially accessible to us this week. These are intense times and we must remain both strong and receptive. Some people won’t be able to withstand the pressure.

Friday, August 26th, the pressure persists today, although it might be on a more emotional level today. It’s important that we communicate with those that we care about. Personal communication is the solution today. When we exchange with others, we get out of our own head and move beyond our limited scope of perception. The Moon is in playful, chatty Gemini, so try all the flavors! Talk to everyone in the room because you can learn something from everyone.

Saturday, August 27th, the Moon in Cancer, making beautiful aspects (much needed after a tumultuous week)! The Moon trines Neptune, casting an enchanting veil of magic in the world. Rose colored glasses? Check! We are ready to indulge in life’s sweet delicacies today as the refined palate of Venus conjoins with exuberant Jupiter. We feel abundant, blissful and joyous in the celebration of life. Share, laugh, love, sing, dance. Be merry!

Sunday, August 28th, is a much needed quiet day. The Moon is in sentimental Cancer. We want to be homebodies or connect with our tribe today. Lay low and nurture yourself, by whatever means necessary! In the evening, the Moon squares Uranus at 5:41 pm, bringing a breakthrough or a surprise. Expect the unexpected or break your routine.

Monday, August 29th, the Moon is quiet in Leo for the entire day. It’s a contained sense of purpose, or perhaps creativity.

Venus enters Libra at 10:07 pm. Here, Venus is concerned with the nature of partnership. Here we can get clear on who we are as a partner, or even the partnership that we want to manifest. In a partnership?  While Venus was in Virgo, we were either more focused on personal goals, or we were shown what we could do better in our relationships. After all, the two are related: the better the relationship we have with our self, the better we can show up for others. So while Virgo is about perfecting, here in Libra there is an acceptance and appreciation of what is. Libra knows that we all have things we can improve on, but it’s in the act of partnering where we connect with people whom we can balance our strengths and weaknesses together.


So now is a great time to become more mindful of how we partner, and appreciative of the relationships themselves.  If something is still out of harmony in a relationship, Venus in Libra will try to work it out. Giving and receiving are big themes now. Appreciate the beauty of relating; appreciate your friends and loved ones.

Tuesday, August 30th, the Moon is in Leo, quiet again. 

MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE at 9:04 am at 29⁰ Virgo.

 So we can expect the usual commute and communication snags. It’s important to remember that Mercury doesn’t retrograde to ruin your life. It’s nothing to be feared! Instead, we are being asked to see things differently. Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times each year. From our geocentric point of view, Mercury moves the fastest; very appropriate since Mercury governs mental processes. The untrained “monkey mind” has 10,000 thoughts per minute. When you’re moving so fast, it’s helpful to take a few steps back. That way, we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. Mercury retrograde is also helpful for reflection, absorption, meditation, or just focusing more inward in general.  It’s a great time to listen more and speak less.

It’s interesting that Mercury pauses at the last degree of Virgo. Each sign has 30⁰, so that last degree of 29⁰-30⁰ is suuuuper potent! Additionally, Mercury is the lord of this sign; mental clarity is strong here, which is much needed with all of the chaos in the world right now. Both Mercury and Virgo have been big voices this month, emphasizing ongoing theme of the worker, the middle class, and using our skills to be of service to others. Mercury remains retrograde until the Autumnal Equinox, September 22nd, stationing direct at 14⁰ Virgo.

Where does Virgo fall in your chart? This is the area of life where we will be taking a few steps back. Interestingly, this is the same area in which Jupiter has been working with us over the past year. Jupiter changes signs next month, from Virgo to Libra. This Mercury retrograde period will help us to integrate all of the improvements Jupiter has helped us to make.

Aries: the relationship of health and routine, pets, work, skills and how we can be of service to others

Taurus: how we enjoy in life, romance, children, artistry, fashion, music, authentic self-expression of gifts

Gemini: home, family, ancestral roots, your inner core, your soul

Cancer: siblings, the mind, knowledge, learning, reading, writing, education

Leo: being more mindful of finances, security, values, talents and gifts and how we use them

Virgo: the self, who you are and what that means. You will feel this retrograde the strongest! It will have a deeply personal message, so pay attention!

Libra: the subconscious mind. Meditate, listen, revisit and look at it in a new way.

Scorpio: group involvement, ideas for future innovation, networking, co-creating with others

Sagittarius: career, reputation, social-standing, marital status; what can we do better?

Capricorn: world view, higher education, travel, spirituality, taking a chance

Aquarius: how we intimately share with others: sexually, financially, emotionally. Endings and new beginnings.

Pisces: communication in relationships. Ghosts from relationship past may return in dreams or you might hear from them! This applies to everyone during Mercury retrograde, but especially you, Pisces. Relationships in general are up for review. Be extra mindful in communications with partners, friends and in business. 

Wednesday, August 31st, Ceres stations retrograde in Taurus, drawing our awareness to our basic needs and security. What do we need to feel nurtured? Launch anything important after the Moon enters Virgo at 11:22 am. There are no major aspects to report today.

May we persevere together on this path towards TRUTH. May love reign. May every soul be awakened to their highest manifestation of self. . . . Wahe Guru. 

Love to  ALL, peace to ALL, light to ALL.

-Catherine O'Neill

((All images graciously found on google image search))