Jupiter in Libra: September 9th, 2016-October 10th, 2017


Jupiter, the great gas giant and lord of the entire Pantheon, enters a new chapter on September 9th upon his ingress into the sign of Libra.

Jupiter expands according to the quality of sign he travels through. With Libra being the sign of partnership, beauty and fairness, we can expect to see a collective emphasis in these areas. This is going to be a memorable year for Libras, as Jupiter promises abundance, growth, joy and prosperity. The other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, will also greatly benefit.

Yes, Jupiter is the joyous positive force who blesses us, but we must do the work to be rewarded! Remember too, that even too much of a good thing can be negative. The emphasis will be on partnership, so if there are issues in the dynamic, they will be magnified, demanding effort to smooth them back into harmony. Particularly for Libras, but also Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius, the scope of exaggerated issues may not be limited to relationship dynamic. Jupiter is about growth and he will be encouraging us to do so, in one way or another!

Jupiter is the inhale, the desire to expand oneself and enrich the experience of life. The realm of Jupiter is the higher mind, where the sky is truly the limit. Jupiter governs the development of knowledge through the pursuit of education or experience─ particularly via foreign travel or spiritual practice.

If we aren’t expanding our minds with Jupiter, we are expanding our waistlines or pushing our luck. Jupiter had an insatiable sexual appetite. It’s all about indulgence: food, sex, drink, extravagance with no end. Jupiter is also a risk taker, as he repeatedly cheated on his wife. This is where we get the gambling tendency with Jupiter, whether we gamble with love, money, health or reputation.

Primarily, Libra is the sign of partnership. The scales can be seen as “me” on one side and “you” on the other. Whether the scales are balanced at any given time is uncertain, yet what remains is that each side is in tandem with the other. It’s the balance of give and take and the awareness that we are all in relationship to one another. Libra is empathetic, often putting herself in the other person’s shoes. She is concerned with fairness and equality; the scales cannot stay tipped to one side for too long. Then it’s time to confront the issue. Libra values harmony and is therefore mindful in communication of important issues. She views both sides of the situation and tactfully presents the best solution in effort to satisfy all parties.

Ruled by Venus, there is a sweetness in the sign of Libra. She truly wants fairness for all. There is an art to her communication, with diplomacy and kindness. But don’t be fooled! Libra is a cardinal sign, an initiator and a leader. She knows how to get shit done, and she will word it *just* right. Libra can be staunch in her convictions because she feels like she has the most balanced perspective.

Overall, we will all become more aware of how we individually relate to others and to the world: the quality, motive and effectiveness.

What are we bringing to the table? What do we take away? We will become more conscious of harmony and mutuality in relationship dynamic. This goes for ALL relationships, not just intimate partnerships. Friendships, romance or business partners, even enemies all fall under rulership of Libra. The positives will be emphasized, as well as the challenges. All in all, these are opportunities for growth, as appreciation and effort increase for one another.

If there are big issues in our romantic partnerships, we will work with diligence to smooth them out. There is an inherent patience in the sign of Libra and a willingness to understand the other person and work together. We are each other’s mirrors. We only attract people according to our own vibration. We can learn the most about ourselves through intimate relationships. Over the next year, any issues will attempt to be worked out with love. Now is the time, because after Libra comes Scorpio, where it will be make or break.

We will celebrate the strengths in our relationships, perhaps treasuring friendships even more. Couples will celebrate their unique meshing of personalities and spirits. This will be an excellent time for wedding planning or renewing vows. Expect a new wave of power-couples to emerge in the public, as well as famed feuds and splits.

Overall, this is a very joyous shift for Jupiter. He is extremely relieved to conclude his sojourn through one of his least favorite signs, Virgo. This is because Virgo is a narrowing quality, contradictory to the inherent expansiveness of Jupiter. But with Jupiter's optimism, we still made the best of it. We purged unnecessary junk to create more space, both physically and figuratively; many of us learned a new skill or worked to improve our health. The minimalist movement gained traction. We perfected something in our lives in order to be of better service to ourselves and others. It’s with natural reason that Virgo, the perfectionist, asks us to cultivate ourselves to ripeness before partnering in Libra. Now we are ready.

While Jupiter was in Virgo, the sign of the worker and service, we witnessed the fight for $15 minimum wage. Similarly, we can expect the Libran industries to benefit: beauty, aesthetics, art, feng shui, interior design, fashion, perfume, relationship counseling, divorce attorneys, wedding planning (catering, cakes, florists, etc.), flower arranging. Any business that seeks to create beauty, balance and harmony will benefit greatly this year. 

But now it’s time to get serious…

Jupiter is going to talk to all of the outer planets, which will have magnificent effect on the collective.


Libra represents the scales of justice, while Jupiter is the judge. Collectively, this is going to show up largely around the issues of justice and fairness. Currently, we are dealing with vast inequality among the distribution of wealth, racial inequalities, the unlimited power of corporate giants like Monsanto, money in politics and still gender inequalities. Jupiter in Libra will demand action towards fairness.

Jupiter will be activating the Uranus/Pluto square, a rare alignment that connotes revolution and collective transformation of ideals. When we think of “the 60’s,” that was Uranus and Pluto working together to birth a new society with new ideals. Years later, we are in the next major turning point in that story, which began to unfold around 2010 with the Arab Spring and the birth of the Occupy movement. While Uranus and Pluto are finished making exact aspects to one another, their dance is far from over. Jupiter will oppose Uranus and square Pluto, in effect yoking them back together in a huge, loud, extravagant way.

Simply put, Jupiter is going to activate and enlarge the urge for revolution and collective transformation of ideals on a worldwide scale. The issues will get too big to ignore and demand a rebalancing.

Part of the revolutionary energy that we are seeing is from the Uranus/Eris conjunction, which is liberating the oppressed and freeing ourselves in new ways. Gender and sexuality are now recognized on a spectrum. It is not black and white. Jupiter will trigger another wave of liberation, encouraging sovereignty, mass awakening and freedom of personal and sexual identity. There will always be resisters, but with Uranus, there is no turning back, only moving forward.

Libra is an air sign, and air signs govern the sharing of ideas. Ideas will get bigger─ they don’t have to be practical, they can be absolutely idealistic. You have to dream and think big. Leave the grounding and detailing for later. Every single thing that exists first began as an idea. This is going to be an excellent period for great thinkers, philosophers, teachers, writers, communicators, authors, therapists, inventors, friendship, conversation. We cannot be afraid to discuss possibilities in vivid detail.

Jupiter is also going to be talking to Neptune in Pisces. As Jupiter talks to Neptune, we can expect to take a closer look at the reclassification of marijuana and thus, the alteration of legal penalties and perhaps the release of people serving time for said offenses. Neptune in Pisces deals with the world’s water crises. The aspect between Jupiter and Pisces calls for an adjustment. Something must change, however, immediacy most likely won’t be demanded until Jupiter meets up with Neptune by hard aspect (square in 2019 and conjunction in 2022). This may also call more people to their spiritual, compassionate and/or artistic side. This alignment may also demand more transparency of the government from the people. Again, this is not a quantum leap energy in the area of Neptune in Pisces, but an adjustment of what is.

Jupiter will also be talking to Saturn. These two have a very important relationship which deals with social and societal conditions, the economy and the imperative balance of focus and expansion. For the past year, Jupiter and Saturn found themselves in a stressful square. Compounding this discomfort, neither planet liked being in their signs, prompting action! We got a lot out of it, of course. Just look at everything that happened last year. Individually, we should have made significant improvements in our lives; and collectively, much tension has been released in order to be healed.

This year, Jupiter and Saturn can work together constructively. They are entering their last Ptolemaic aspect before seeding a new cycle together in 2020. But first, there is a little more work to be done. We must collectively reflect on the past cycle which began in 2000. What worked well and what didn’t serve us? What can we do better next time? Interestingly, the Jupiter/Saturn cycle is 20 years long, falling on election years. Usually, political patterns follow suit. Hopefully we are closing a period of deceptive leadership which was seeded during the Bush 9/11 era in 2000.

This Jupiter/Saturn pattern demands individual involvement. We must get involved. Every single person votes with their mind and action. Together, we are the hive mind. Jupiter in Libra asks that we think big, because together, anything is possible. Our collective vision is powerful. What actions can we take that will enhance the collective well-being in our country and in the world? Jupiter in Libra will seek to find more balance and fairness. When everyone’s basic needs are met, the world is more beautiful for all.

Historical Research:

In years past when Jupiter traveled through Libra, we’ve seen people put their differences aside in the name of peace, compassion and comradely, even love! Most recently in 2005, Pink Floyd reunited with Roger Waters for the first time since 1981, while Russia and China worked together in its first ever joint military exercise known as the “Peace Mission.”

John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their famous “Bed-In’s” while Jupiter traveled through Libra in 1969─ a noteworthy power couple at that.

Famous rivalries and major breakups also happen. It was when Jupiter last traversed the sign of Libra that North Korea announced their possession of nuclear weapons as protection against perceived hostility from the United States. In 1993, Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation. Honduras and El Salvador signed a peace treaty just days after Jupiter’s ingress in 1980, while in 2005 Czechoslovakia split into two countries called “the Velvet Divorce.” You can’t get much more Libran than that!!

If Jupiter in Libra is about fairness, it’s appropriate that in 1993, the Pope finally pardons Galileo after 400 years! Iraq held their first primary elections in 2005, which was the first time since 1958 (also a Jupiter in Libra year).


Wherever Jupiter travels in your chart is the area of life that is being enlarged, enriched andblessed. The Tibetan word for “blessing” is "chin lan" which translates into "magnificent potential to transform." By whole sign:

Aries: Partnership and relating of all kinds. You will become hyper aware of the quality of how you relate to others, and such implications. New partnerships may form and others cease. The people in our lives are our mirrors. You can learn a lot about yourself when you become aware in partnerships. Equal exchange and the expression of value. Creating beauty and harmony in relationships.

Taurus: health, work and routine. Relationships with coworkers can be strengthened. If you are thinking of getting a pet, this is a lucky time to do so. Your routine may get busier, but it should be enjoyable. Any health issues will be magnified if insufficient attention has been given. Continue to improve health and design a routine that supports a happy, healthy life.

Gemini: children, romance, creativity and playfulness. This should be a fun year for you Gemini, especially if you did the work with Saturn last year. If you are still doing the hard work, Jupiter offers you some relief by encouraging you to take time to play. Saturn fun is not extravagant, it’s simple, but it can be just as rewarding. Make pleasure a priority. If you have children, this year may be eventful and dynamic for them.

Cancer: Home and family. Perhaps you move into a new or bigger home, or your family grows. Marriage and birth in the family. Growing roots or learning more about heritage. Improved or more defined relationships with family members.

Leo: learning and relating. You may find that you don’t have enough space on your bookshelves for all of your new books. This is a year for gathering new information, reading, writing and conversing. There is a thirst to learn more. Friendships can become strengthened and new ones formed. Generally positive for siblings of yours as well.

Virgo: Finances. This will be a great year for generating money. And you will want to spend it! This is a great year for big purchases that will support your prosperity in the physical world.

Libra: You! This will be a major year of growth, self-discovery and reconfiguring your relationship with the world. Remember, the first relationship we have is with ourselves. In cultivation of the self, we will attract subsequent relationships which reflect the self.

Scorpio: the unseen. Blessings come out of nowhere. A kind stranger, or a guardian angel. This is also growth in solitude. Take time for yourself to synthesize, meditation or get creative. Great rewards can arrive by way of selfless service to others. Volunteer and be the kind stranger to another. Pay attention to your dreams!

Sagittarius: friendships, groups, community. Get involved! Interact, contribute and organize with others. Strengthen the tribe and the collective vision. This is about working with others on a shared goal or value. Join a group with similar interests or strengthen involvement. Expand the vision, dream big.

Capricorn: Career and social standing. This is an excellent year for recognition of your efforts to succeed. Of course, you reap what you’ve sown, so if you’ve been working hard, this will be a monumental period. Blessings are career related. This is also the house of marital status, so it’s a great year to get married (or divorced if that would create more harmony in your world). You will be extra visible. Go for it!

Aquarius: developing the higher mind, getting a certificate or travel. You are invited to expand your perception, Aquarius. If you’ve been considering going back to school or taking a class, now is an optimal time to do so. Travel to the country you’ve always dreamed of, or study a spiritual discipline.


Pisces: Commitment, joint accounts, investments. You will be taking this relationship stuff a bit more seriously, Pisces. Either they are in, or they are out. Quality of relating is very important because of the emotional investment. Investments are expected to pay off one way or another. You may benefit from an inheritance. 

Important Dates:

Saturn conjoins the Great Attractor, answering to Jupiter in Libra, in mutual reception with Venus in Sag. Venus and Jupiter will be in MR October 19th- November 11th. During that time, Saturn conjoins the Great Attractor* and the Law of Attraction will be HIGHLY potent, especially for manifesting with clarity and intent the type of partnerships you are trying to manifest.

Most potent are October 29th and 30th, which is also the New Moon. Do a ritual on the 30th. Still within orb, October 26th thru Nov 2nd. Retrograde from February 6th, at 23⁰ back to 13⁰, stationing direct on June 9th.

Jupiter in Libra will be ruled by Venus. Wherever Venus goes, she will color this experience. Interestingly, Venus retrogrades from March 4th through April 15th.This period will especially be potent for relationship growth.  

Jupiter square Pluto: November 18th - December 3rd 2016; March 24th - April 9th; July 30th - August 12th 2017.

Jupiter opposite Uranus: December 18th – 24th 2016; February 20th- March 18th; September 24th – October 2nd, 2017.

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune:October 19th – 28th, 2016; May 9th – July 17th, 2017

Jupiter sextile Saturn: November 21st, 2016 – January 27th, 2017; August 22nd- September 2nd, 2017.

*the Great Attractor is a  point in the cosmos with an extreme gravitational influence. Scientists are baffled as to what is behind this enormous beckoning force. 

Blessed be and may Jupiter exalt you!


*all images graciously found on google