Astrology Report September 2016: Divine Dance of Shadow & Light


*All times read for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT); for Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours.

September begins with a bang. Specifically, a Solar Eclipse! Although not everyone in the world will be able to witness the event, it will be felt by all. In this type of eclipse, the Moon occults the Sun, intensifying emotions and stress. Since eclipses deal with both of our luminaries, things will be brought to light. If the issue is able to come to light from within, we may have an “aha” moment and say, “hmmm, I never saw it that way before,” and then you can never go back; if we are unable to see what we need to see on our own, the realization may be facilitated by an event.

This eclipse offers great potential for illumination. Eclipses are made of light, consisting of wavelengths and photons carrying information (energy). When the natural rhythm of light is disrupted, it’s as if we get a little jolt. The Solar eclipse occurs at 10⁰ Virgo, whose Sabian Symbol is “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.” Inherent in this symbol is duality: two perspectives and the cosmic polarity of light and shadow.

Virgo’s ruler, androgynous Mercury, is powerfully placed in the chart. Here, Mercury not only shares both perspectives of masculine and feminine, but having just stationed retrograde, Mercury can view both backwards and forwards! We have an ample opportunity to see ourselves in karmic limbo, seeing clearly our path which brought us here now and a choice of direction moving forward.

Mercury is exactly conjoined with Jupiter at the last degree of Virgo, urging the qualities of the sign to rally. IT’S THE LAST CALL! Jupiter is about to leave the purifying critical eye of Virgo, not to return until 2027, so it’s our last chance to see the flaws in something and to decide what to do about it. Do we accept the flaws with love or do we change it? Neptune on the south node invites us to leave something behind, something that no longer serves our higher purpose. Is it an attitude or a situation?

Remember, this is still a NEW MOON. In sowing the Virgo seeds, we integrate all that we have improved upon during the past year with Jupiter in Virgo. Whether we improved a skill, method, or health, there was something that we perfected. Honor your efforts and ability to fine-tune your life. What is the big picture of what you worked on? Is there anything that you left out or want to do even better? Set the intention and move on!

Indicative in the chart is another wave of awakening within the collective consciousness: people are invited to become more self-aware, seek illumination within themselves, and ground it into the world. In this Earthen school, we are here to learn, to awaken and to decipher truth for ourselves. This world teaches us through duality; there are varying points of view causing conflict. Go beyond the shadows and try to momentarily adjust your perspective to the big picture. We are all here to learn and duality is a teacher. Both light and shadow are teachers. It is all truly perfect on our path to spiritual awakening /remembering. Wahe Guru!


Path of totality travels from Madagascar, through Mozambique, Tanzania, the Congo, and Gabon. These countries may make the news in a big way.

Friday, September 2nd, the Sun makes his annual opposition to Neptune, heightening compassion, creative imagination, unity and spiritual awareness. Ideally, we want to connect with higher vibrations to transcend the burdens of reality. There are infinite modes of transcendence, so try to choose a healthy one, as we are still in eclipse season! Get in tune with your intuitive faculties. 

Mercury conjoins Jupiter for the second time, perpetuating big words, inflated ideas and optimism. At best, this energy manifests as expanded consciousness or spiritual connection; at its worst, over-zealous and rigid beliefs. The Virgo Moon goes void at 6:13 pm and enters Libra at 8:55 pm.  

Saturday, September 3rd, is a social day in which we can also get a lot of work done. The Libra Moon conjoins Venus, urging us to connect and share with those whose company we enjoy. There’s no time for drama or nonsense. Instead, let the emphasis be on group enjoyment and collective harmony.

Sunday, September 4th might be emotional, anxious or volatile. Give the energy a healthy outlet and productively move, release, sweat. Perhaps the pressure is personal and a discussion needs to be had. Try to remain centered in the heart instead of letting emotions control you. There is a separation energy in the evening, so if the root of your tension is with your partner, combine communication with wild healing sex instead of with anger. Passion can go in either direction!

Monday, September 5th, the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:36 am and remains quiet for the duration of the day. This is a contained power. Use it however you like.

Tuesday and Wednesday, are powerful for healing. In light of the eclipse, you might see something you weren’t ready to see until now. There is a readiness for change; you’ve done the work, time has healed and a new paradigm naturally eases in. New building blocks are integrated, which reflect the renewed sense of personal value.  The Moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius at 9:20 pm.

Thursday, September 8th, we are working towards the vision we have been trying to manifest. Hard work pays off. Today can be immensely productive. Let the curious mind wander, but don’t get too distracted!

Friday, September 9th, carries a most magnificent event: Jupiter’s ingress into Libra! We conclude one chapter and begin another. We should noticeably sense a shift today! Click here to read more, as much will come of this transit!

Saturday, September 10th, Saturn makes his final square to Neptune, concluding exact aspects of the mutable t-square. Over the last year, these planets have helped us to synthesize a vision of the life we want to create, and take the necessary steps to achieve such goals. The work is underway and progressing forward now! There might just be one more kink we need to work towards: are we playing it too safe or not being practical enough? The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:55 am, so the day is excellent for perpetuating our goals in motion, or general productivity.

Passion or obsession ignites on Sunday, September 11th, with Venus’ square to Pluto. This could indicate an obsession with something or someone. Is the obsession healthy or not? This energy may demand transformation of values or relating. Finances might be a part of the issue.  We feel conflicted because we feel so passionately. However, if the relationship is manipulative or abusive, the adjustment should be making a total exit. The Capricorn Moon offers us resolve by inquiring, “Is this useful?” Capricorn concerns itself with establishing sturdy, reliable building blocks which ideally sustain us over time.


The work week begins with a jolt on Monday, September 12th. The Moon goes void at 6:00 am with a square to Uranus. Be ready for surprises and upsets this morning. Anything can happen, so try to give yourself extra time en route. Watch out for crazy drivers or unexpected road blocks. The purpose is to agitate and awaken, and to remind us to never get too comfortable. People will have zero filter today, so watch out for angry outbursts, rage quitting and explosions. Regret always comes later, so try to keep your cool by remaining centered and playing defense. The Moon enters Aquarius at 5:28 pm, alleviating some of the pressure. 

Tuesday, September 13th, remains an impassioned day, so direct the energy where it’s most useful. The Sun’s square to Mars reflects the urge to go forth in the pursuit of passion, desire or will. It’s almost uncomfortable to have this amount of energy bottled up, so this energy is best directed towards something you enjoy, a personal goal, or moving something that you’ve been meaning to move for a long time. Apply yourself constructively and positively. Mars can be love or war, so choose wisely! The Aquarius Moon is social, group orientated and inventive, so maybe call on your tribe and get creative in working towards something together!

Wednesday, September 14th, the day begins with a buzz! There is ample energy and inspiration here, but launch anything new before 11:31 am when the Moon goes void. The remainder of the day continues to be lively, energetic and active, infused with originality, spontaneity and intuitive creativity. Be genuine, be yourself, connect the dots.

Thursday, September 15th, the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune, heightening sensitivity, compassion, artistry, intuition and dreams. Intuitively connect with your natural flow and choose accordingly. Be sensitive to your own needs and mindful of others. Free time is best spent in the flow of fluid activities.

Friday, September 16th: LUNAR ECLIPSE, 25⁰ Pisces, 3:05 pm, further clarifies what was revealed from the Solar Eclipse with a renewed confidence in what needs to be released moving forward. Both Sabian symbols of the Luminaries indicate departure.

The Moon at 25⁰ Pisces is “the purging of the priesthood,” or out with the old and in with the new. There is a readiness for a new paradigm. Old ideology now requires an update, or even a complete overhaul!  On a personal level, we may need to purge subconscious programming that became conscious in light of the recent Solar Eclipse. Replace with a new mantra or ideology which supports spiritual growth and healthy cultivation of self.

We as a collective are continually evolving. Perhaps we are overdue for an institutional purging! Our current order is clearly no longer sustainable. Are we ready to live in a more unified world instead of the perilous self-centered modality of global decay? Perhaps this sounds utopian, but that’s the realm of Pisces. We are invited to dream big and envision the world in which we want to create.

Supporting this possibility is the Sun’s Sabian Symbol: “a flag at half-mast in front of a large public building.” This image doubly indicates departure, loss, letting go, mourning, grieving, or even honoring the departed. Half-mast also brings to mind being stuck in the middle, so we may be presented with a choice in our direction.

Jupiter on the World Axis is also highly significant. Jupiter can expand people beyond the physical body and into the ethereal realms, further suggesting departure, but also a collective conversation in regards to fairness and balance. Jupiter’s placement may manifest as a public figure who represents fairness, equality, diplomacy, or even a bigwig in the Libran world of beauty and prose; this could also be someone who represents religion or spirituality, captivating people with inspiring messages. This is a person who gives hope. Perhaps someone steps down from power and is replaced with someone who embodies these attributes. Jupiter also deals with the law, so perhaps there is an important judicial decision or trial.

I would like to hope that there isn’t much devastation from these symbols, however, Uranus and Eris are inconjunct the Sun. This could indicate pressure to change from the progressive end of the spectrum, but it’s also unpredictable and can be quite volatile. Let’s see what happens. Just remember that whatever change occurs is for the benefit of our collective awakening.


Saturday, September 17th, is a mega-spirited day. The energetic Aries Moon is doubled by a fiery harmony between passionate go-getter Mars and the quickness of Uranus. Today can be immensely productive, creative, inspirational and fast! A lot can be accomplished today in terms of work, play or creative pursuits─ whatever you choose! The only requirement is that you use it before you lose it. This isn’t an uncomfortable containment of energy, but rather, an opportunity to expand upon your unique desires, interests and abilities.

Sunday, September 18th, has a wild streak to the day. Do something extraordinary. This is a great day for spontaneous play. Surround yourself with company you enjoy, or else conflict is possible. This energy calls for freedom in relationships. If both parties can’t support one another’s uniqueness, there is a disagreement, struggle or separation here. The Moon goes void at 4:11 pm with a constructive trine to Mars. Anything that happens before this time has a greater chance of taking root.

Monday, September 19th, the Moon resides in Taurus for the duration of the day. We are confident in our values and desires and will stand firm! Taurus is a sign of dependability and as a result, can be stubborn, adhering to consistency and determination. Venus sextiles Mars, reaffirming our sense of personal values and in relationship with others. If anything needs tweaking, pitch your idea and see what happens.

Tuesday, September 20th, Mercury enters into trine with Pluto, lasting for the next few days. This aspect inspires deep thought, detective work, transformation of perspective. It could reveal something previously hidden in our consciousness. This is excellent for meditation and focused intent.

Wednesday, September 21st, the Moon resides in the curious, chatty sign of Gemini for the entire day. Today may be challenging, and it will be the little annoyances that cause the trip-ups! Mercury is stationing to move direct (Yay!!), so although we are almost in the clear, it’s on these days of planetary stationing that we feel the energy most acutely. To avoid some of these annoyances, try to leave the house early and give yourself extra time getting places. And maybe expect that things might not go as planned and that way, if nothing goes wrong we can consider ourselves lucky!

Mercury officially stations direct in the wee hours of the night at 1:31 am, so expect tomorrow to carry a similar quirky, Mercurial vibe.  

Thursday, September 22nd, the Sun enters Libra at 10:21 am, heralding the Autumnal Equinox. Summer has ended and we reach the time of year when daylight merges to meets darkness halfway. From here, the daylight will continue to wane leading up to the Winter Equinox. Life in the northern hemisphere is beginning to prepare for the looming period of darkness. We are now seeing the rich colors of autumn blooming in the leaves. The squirrels busy gathering food and the birds migrate overhead. We can hear the leaves rustling along the ground and crisp autumn scent carries on the breeze; the whisper of Samhain drawing ever closer.

Also known as the Pagan feast holiday, Mabon, this is traditionally a period of harvest, both physically and figuratively. It’s a time when we reflect on the past year and analyze what ventures and efforts were the most fruitful and where we could do better next time. We can also reflect on our lives as a whole and use this time to set long term intentions for ourselves. To gain more clarity on one’s harvest, this is a time when a lot of people feel the need to fast before they feast. Overall, it is a celebration of all of our hard work by relishing in the fruits of our labor. “You reap what you sow…”  It’s feast season! 

The Gemini Moon opposes Mars giving us ample energy to get moving. Satisfy our vitality and curiosity by exploring, chatting with others or learning.

Friday, September 23rd, Venus enters the passionate sign of Scorpio. Passion indicates whether you’re all in, or all out. In Scorpio, Venus wants to commit, but first we will explore which of our commitments are most worthy of our energetic investment and which ones don’t make the cut. By the end of the month, we may decide to release that which we aren’t wholeheartedly passionate about, simultaneously committing harder to that which brings us more joy, empowerment, or even to that which is more lucrative.

People disappear when Venus resides in Scorpio, subconsciously attuned to the Scorpion’s desire for privacy. If you don't truly feel like doing something, don’t! This is a great time to recharge our batteries in solitude and invest our focus deeply within. Venus remains in Scorpio until October 18th, when she’ll be ready to party in Sag. This energy will be the most potent around the upcoming Pluto station, as well as October 3rd-5th.

The Moon resides in the homebody sign of Cancer for the entire day, enhancing the desire to nurture oneself in whichever way is needed. Spend time with close friends and family. The mind is creative in the depths of one’s own energetic field. Go within and recharge yourself.

(((This could be a potentially tumultuous weekend/beginning of next week. The revolutionary planets are highlighted.)))

Saturday, September 24th, is also a very sensitive day, but the energy is active. Take some time for yourself, acknowledge any surfacing emotions and then get out into the world. There is potential for breakthroughs and illumination, but often we must emerge from our shell to find it. Connect with your tribe or honor that desire to stay close to home and remain low key. The night may promise some surprises when the Moon makes her last aspect to Uranus at 9:42 pm. Time to get wild!

Sunday, September 25th, get a late start when the Moon enters Leo at 9:48 am. It’s a mixed bag today with the liveliness of Leo and tomorrow’s impending Pluto station. There is certainly an intensity here, coming from the brightest light of Leo and the darkest of shadow from Pluto. The Lord of the Underworld often takes us on a journey to the depths, both emotionally and spiritually. If you are connecting with your divine royal sovereignty, today can be extra potent to deeply acknowledge your timeless truth of both shadow and light. The spirit never dies and infinitely lives on. In death, there is rebirth─ the very domain of Pluto. If you are feeling low, remember that nothing can defeat you. Persevere.

“There is a way through every block.”

Today is the second conjunction of Uranus/Eris. This duo is majorly contributing to much of the tumultuous revolutionary energy we are seeing: The rise of the oppressed claiming their sovereignty at any means, the collective push towards wholly recognizing gender and sexuality on a spectrum. This is a collective awakening to our divine sovereignty and spirituality: "We are all human beings having a spiritual experience, with the right to express our truth purely and without fear of judgement. Nothing will take that away." Eris and Uranus demand a release of the collective wound. Releases can be violent actions or tears, powerful words, or divine ecstasy. In order to vibrate higher, we must release the collective burdens. We are all ONE, but we are also divinely unique individuals.  

To learn more about this ongoing astrological energy, click here and here !

Monday, September 26th, there are two major astrological events. Firstly, Jupiter conjoins with the Sun, which is overall positive and happens just once every year. This is an intensification of whatever is going on. Are you feeling joyous today? Then you will be bursting happiness through the seams! There is a visionary quality here. You see your ventures clearly and are impassioned about what you are doing. However, there is a chance that you could be feeling the magnified opposite…

Pluto stations direct at 11:01 am. Pluto is also an intensifier, quadrupling the effect of feelings, thoughts, sensations and communication. If we are feeling low, it’s helpful to embrace it and explore. Find the root of the matter and figure it out. Pluto rules root canals, so be your own detective and metaphysical surgeon and nip it in the bud! Although Pluto rules deeper emotions, he is a transformer─ there is always a way out. Pluto transits can feel cathartically blissful, finding yourself reawakened and renewed in the wake of a shitstorm. “This too shall pass…”

Tuesday, September 27th, we have more headlining astrological news! Mars finally leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. It’s been a long 10-month journey. Our Martian hero spent some time in the Scorpio swamp, helping us to work through residual muck. He then moved into Sag and helped us to process and understand why we had such troubles. He then retrograded back into the swamp to do some more cleaning up/composting with his renewed understanding, then returned back into visionary Sag to form a new conquest. Now, he is finally ready to put the work into this new goal.

Mars loves being in Capricorn because his energy can be used towards achievement. This makes us all work a little bit harder and with more focus. The mantras of Capricorn are, “hard work pays off,” “reap what you sow,” and “slow and steady wins the race.” Because Capricorn is so loyal, there isn’t a huge rush; there’s a trust that one can depend on one’s own efforts and eventually attain the desired outcome. This is a great time to set intentions for how to wisely use our time and energy during the upcoming cooler seasons.

Today remains a mixed bag of intuitive feelings. The Moon remains un Leo until 4:52 pm, followed by a short void period leading up to the Moon’s entry into Virgo at 5:43pm.

Wednesday, September 28th, the Moon is busy in Virgo for the entire day. Use the lingering Plutonian intensity to fuel your efforts to make it all happen. It’s all about the little things today. There is as much desire to “do,” as there is to escape. Perhaps it’s checking off your to-do list which liberates you. Make sure to answer to Neptune’s call somehow, either by intuitively going with the flow or by participating in fluid activities such as yoga, meditation, dancing, artistry or playing music; or even open a bottle of wine and watch your favorite movie. Do something that makes you feel free.


Thursday, September 29th, is super quiet in the heavens. The Moon talks to Chiron, which can help us transmute wounds into wisdom over time. Chip away, chip away.

Friday, September 30th, is a NEW MOON at 9⁰ Libra.  Doubling with Jupiter’s ingress into Libra, this New Moon represents beginning a new cycle around our relationships and the quality of how we relate to others. Venus is the ruler of Libra and her glyph (♀) looks like a hand mirror. 

Our peers are our mirrors.

 The Law of Attraction offers that “like attracts like,” and thus, we attract those into our lives who reflect ourselves most. This is why our relationships with others evolve over time and we stay closer in touch with some people more than others. If you are dissatisfied with a relationship, it’s easy to move on; but if you find that you are dissatisfied with many relationships, it’s either a reflection of your own growth or the necessity for you to change course. Venus is the magnetic principle, so attune your frequency according to the relationships and experiences which you would like to attract.  The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful on this New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for 9⁰ Libra is, “Three old masters hanging in an art gallery.” Some keywords here are: wisdom, aesthetic, cultivated, admired, revered, praiseworthy, adornment, gilded, respected. Essentially, it’s the company you keep! If we are to share space with our most cherished, who would these people be? Fill your space and time with nothing less than beauty, inspiration and honor. Additionally, this symbol invites us to be gracious of our most treasured friends, mentors and family. 

May we have courage to face our shadows and shine at our brightest in our spirit's light. May we persevere together on this path towards TRUTH. May love reign. May every soul be awakened to their highest manifestation of self. . . . Wahe Guru. 

Love to  ALL, peace to ALL, light to ALL.

-Catherine O'Neill

*all images graciously discovered on google image search