Activating the Great Attractor (October 29th-30th, 2016) 


The Great Attractor is a mysterious point in the Cosmos with immense gravitational pull, attracting our own galaxy (along with countless others) at an astonishing speed of 600km/minute.

This anomalous point in the cosmos continues to stump astronomers, as this force derives from the shrouded “zone of avoidance,” which we are unable to perceive at this time. When astronomers are finally able to explain this enormous cosmic wonder, it may alter our entire understanding of the Cosmos.

The Great Attractor is remarkably close to the Galactic Center; 14⁰11 Sagittarius and 27⁰05 Sagittarius, respectively. The Galactic Center has its own immense gravitational pull, but not nearly as monumental as that of the Great Attractor. It’s believed by some astrologers that natal planets conjoined these points indicate an individual whose purpose is to share cosmic wisdom with the world. Do you have any personal planets at these degrees? Another important point to consider is the Super Galactic Center at 1⁰09 Libra.

Keeping the Great Attractor in focus, I’ve done some digging and discovered some influential people with natal planets within tight orb of 14⁰11 Sag:

Jim Morrison and astrologer Robert Hand’s Sun, Albert Einstein’s Moon; Alan Watts and astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s Ascendant. Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones’ Mars, Paramahansa Yogananda’s Venus, Yogi Bhajan’s midheaven, Mahatma Gandhi’s Saturn, and Frank Sinatra’s Mercury.

I too have Saturn conjoined the Great Attractor and while I feel that my mission is to communicate the cosmos, I don’t believe the same could be said for everyone. Many people have a planet at this degree; I hypothesize that such planet alludes to one’s mission, be it “cosmic” or not. In the end, everything is God anyway! Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court William Rehnquist’s Jupiter conjoins the Great Attractor. Known for his conservative religious views (Jupiter), I’d imagine Rehnquist felt destined to serve and uphold the law (also Jupiter). Not everyone would consider his mission “cosmic,” although it's obvious that Jupiter played a solid role in his life mission.

Since this point has such immense gravitational pull, I theorize that a wider orb should be allowed; and further, that one who has a planet near this degree not only feels a stronger call to their destiny in general, but that the planet helps describe such destiny. For example, Charles Lindbergh who executed the first trans-Atlantic flight has Uranus at 20⁰ Sag; Uranus rules flight! Might Lindbergh have felt destined to do so?

The Great Attractor will be activated with remarkable potency on October 29th when Saturn and Venus miraculously align on the Great Attractor at the exact same time. Compounding this power, Venus is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra, which occurs when two planets are in each other’s ruling sign thus greatly assisting one another. Venus and Saturn will remain in tight orb with the Great Attractor until the Scorpio Samhain New Moon on the following day.

So what does this mean?

The Law of Attraction will be of utmost power during this time, which is also the period when the veil between worlds thins to its finest. This alignment presents us with fruitful opportunity to project into the world that which we wish to attract. October 29th is optimal for release, and after the New Moon on October 30th is optimal for planting seeds of new growth. Be really mindful of your thoughts during this time!

Conjunct the New Moon is Mercury, ruling the electrical impulses of the mind and the vibrations of our words. Venus is the magnet, while Jupiter is the belief and the expansive vision. Saturn then crystallizes the vision into reality over time. This is an optimal period for love or money rituals, and at its highest utilization, to connect with your soul’s true destiny. If you need an answer from your spirit guides or from a loved one who has passed on, this is an excellent energy to attempt to connect with them. Again, be extra mindful of your thoughts, words, actions and even with who and where you share energy. Use this time to be wise, conscious and connected to your true heart space.

Blessed Manifesting

Blessed Samhain.

Wahe Guru. 

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