Astrology Report for October 2016: Lifting the Veil


*All times read for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT); for Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours.

Saturday, October 1st: In wake of yesterday’s Libra New Moon, the Moon continues its stay in Libra. The emphasis is on relationships, harmony and discovering beauty in the world. The Moon squares Pluto this morning, which may stir deep feelings. Listen to these messages. We are continually evolving. Moon/Pluto shows us our shadow, which is important to acknowledge. Venus forms a creative trine to Neptune, an ideal combination for a love spell or potion. Nurture your heart, connect deeply with others, or connect deeply with your spiritual creativity. This is a powerful loveliness which invites us to connect with our beautiful shadow and the core of our being. What is it we are truly craving or desiring on a deep cosmic level? Go after it.

Sunday, October 2nd, the Moon is void with Uranus coloring the morning and early afternoon. Of course, be ready for surprises! Anything can happen. This is a separating energy. The mind is restless and we may feel slightly untethered to the Earth. When the Moon enters Scorpio at 3:43 pm EDT, we should regain our steadiness. In the evening, our goals feel reinforced. Everything is in steady motion the way we have cultivated it to be so. We can rest feeling content with our efforts─ or perhaps our anxiousness keeps us up at night with said goals in mind.

Monday, October 3rd, is another useful day to connect with your infinite creative nature. The Moon conjoins Venus and trines Neptune offering incentive for creativity which nurtures one’s spirit. Creativity is the intuitive act of allowing spirit to express itself through you. It’s a flowing, effortless energy at its core. So you don’t have to identify with being an artist in order to be creative. Go with the flow, follow your intuition and be guided by your highest, truest nature. Peer into infinity and recognize your soul. You will feel rejuvenated. Healing may organically occur if you allow yourself to be open.

Tuesday, October 4th, the Moon conjoins Juno, asteroid of marriage. Juno’s symbolism isn’t limited to a committed couple, because of course, we can figuratively be married to just about anything! All in or all out. What are we wholly committed to? The Sun’s sextile to Saturn supports this imagery, as Saturn teaches us the importance of stability and Sun in Libra wants to partner, exchange and invite beauty into our lives. So as we work towards building our beautiful life, we remember the importance of making sure these structures are supportive and in servitude of our highest vision. The Moon goes void at 9:04 pm; time to kick back and relax.

Wednesday, October 5th, the heat kicks up a few notches. The expansive, visionary nature of Jupiter and Sagittarius is activated today, which can be really inspiring, but watch for fires. We might feel optimistic, joyous with an urge to socialize and play. There might also be a desire to learn or indulge in something new. Venus sextiles Pluto, which can also be used for conscious indulging with others. This can be a healthy fixation. The soft caution of fire comes with Mars’ square to Jupiter, which can be impulsiveness to act on one’s desire. At worst, the image of a semi-truck barreling down a city street comes to mind, which alludes to entitled recklessness at the expense of people’s peace. Channeled positively, this can be an incredibly lustful encounter. Overall, this configuration describes an abundance of energy. Use it how you wish! 

Thursday, October 6th, the Moon remains in expansive Sagittarius, but with a bit more reserve than yesterday. We might ask ourselves, “is this conducive to healthy growth?” Be practical AND have fun with it! The Sun and Venus each light up the World Axis today, which will stir headlines.

Friday, October 7th, Mercury leaves his shadow and enters Libra. Both hemispheres of the brain can come into harmony and our perception becomes a bit more balanced. Mercury in Libra wants to hear both sides of the story before weighing in. We can become more tactful when Mercury is in Libra and potentially a bit more creative. Mercury in Libra wants to see more beauty in the world and by way of perception and communication may take extra strides towards creating more harmony and beauty in the world and in the home. Mercury will stay here through October 24th.


The Moon is void for much of the day, infused with originality and inspiration. The Moon enters ambitious and loyal Capricorn at 4:40 pm. On the West Coast, this could be a productive 2nd half of your work day. On the East Coast, this might drive you to be more disciplined in your evening activities.

The Sun makes his biannual square to Pluto, inviting us to reflect on our use of our vital energy. Are we connecting with our full potential? To what effect are our efforts fruitful to our own standards? Sun square Pluto may invite us to reassess how we are utilizing our energy, both within and without. In the world, this can be major shifts, power-plays, endings and progressions. See what comes to light within these few days.

Saturday, October 8th, the Moon continues its journey through Capricorn. Today can be immensely productive with the lunar conjunction to Mars (our action principle) and later in the evening, to Pluto. Mars in Cap is extremely driven these days and the energy continues to build. It’s a fruitful time to be ambitious and actively working towards our goals. Make good use of this energy by making a commitment to yourself to do something every day.

Mars makes his way to conjoin Pluto (which only happens every 2 years), peaking at the Full Moon on the 16th and then again on the 19th for the exact conjunction. This is huge. The combination of these two planets is extremely dynamic, for Pluto is the reservoir of power and Mars is the fiery warrior who carries out the power. Like a pipeline or a nuclear power plant, this energy is inherently powerful and useful, but also extremely dangerous. Blow ups are possible at any moment, so we must be mindful and responsible here. Capricorn can be productive, responsible and mature, but sometimes ambition can narrow one’s focus so much that hazard ripples in its wake. Mercury is on the World axis, so let’s see if someone uses powerful words for better or for worse. On a personal level, we are feeling this energy build; do something both useful and kind. 

Let Sunday, October 9th be a day of spontaneous fun. Curiosity urges us to do something out of the ordinary. If you need to get anything important accomplished or want to go shopping, you’ll have the best luck doing so before 12:51 pm. The morning can be really productive if need be. Breaking the usual routine might prompt new discoveries or ignite a sense of freedom vital to being a human in the modern world. Break your own rules today and have lots of fun. But be safe! This energy can be a bit reckless if we aren’t careful.

Monday, October 10th the Aquarius Moon makes a creative trine to Mercury and Jupiter. This is also an extremely social energy. Network and share ideas with others. Big ideas are worth sharing. Get inspired together. 

Tuesday, October 11th, the big inventive ideas continue to bubble up as Mercury conjoins Jupiter. This is extra juice in the tank. Mars in Capricorn wants to work, work, work. We are filled with more inspiration and ideas to keep chugging away. The Moon goes void at 7:49 pm with a sextile to Uranus. Tonight is a social evening. Continue to network and share with others.

Wednesday, October 12th, the Moon enters otherworldly Pisces. Float, dream, create, wonder, empathize.

Thursday, October 13th, the Moon remains in mystical Pisces, making a sextile to cavernous Pluto. “What does it all mean?” we might ask. Today might pique big questions. “Why do humans feel so much?” Mercury squares Mars, inspiring passion in thought. The mind stirs and we may feel emotional. We can apply this existential depth creatively. Make a discovery. Ceres enters Aries, which raises themes of how we are able to provide for and nurture ourselves.

Friday, October 14th, the morning is pleasant. The Moon is void until entering Aries at 11:08 am, so it’s okay to get a late start to the day; we should notice the energy kick up around this time. Mercury sextiles Saturn offering us a bit more seriousness and focus in the afternoon. In the evening, it’s all about the pleasure of connecting with others, with the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter in Libra.

Saturday, October 15th, seems to be quite the vivacious day! The morning gets off to a jolt. Don’t be surprised if you are unable to sleep it. The Sun’s opposition to Uranus can be quite awakening. Be open to surprises, shocks, splits, rebellion and the urge for freedom. Break the routine today and beware that other people are feeling rambunctious as well. Supplementing the spunk, the impulsive Aries Moon squares its energetic ruler Mars. There is ample energy demanding to be used, so get moving and have an adventure!

Mercury squares Pluto inviting us to release anything limiting us from realizing our soul’s full potential. Say “good-bye” to baggage if Uranus unveils a limiting pattern. Mercury/Pluto offers us the potential to see something in a new way. Today’s key words are “big reveal.” Clues might be blatant, or they may be subtle. Listen to what others are saying: there could be a hidden, helpful clue. Building up to the Full Moon, see if anything significant emerges to light and beware of lunatics! Mars squares the Nodes of Destiny, which often indicates violence or trouble.

Full Moon October 16th: culminates to ripeness at 24⁰ Aries in conjunction with Eris and Uranus. The (r)evolutionary energies are going to kick up─ in both directions!! This is a maverick energy, which shocks, agitates and awakens, and it's not necessarily kind.

On the progressive end of the spectrum, people defend their sovereignty─ asserting individual rights and resisting oppressive patriarchal chains to free all people who have been victims of racism, prejudice, homophobia, sexism, and even those who have been conditioned to categorize their gender and sexuality within mainstream societal standards. This energy’s purpose is for all people to claim their Creation-given right to freely exist in one’s truth. “God said yes to me…”

This Full Moon answers to the New Moon of April 2015, when the US Supreme Court heard the plea of the Obergefell v. Hodges case, which lead to the passing of the Marriage Equality Act just two months later. In a nutshell, that judgement was an exact reflection of what the Uranus/Eris conjunction aims to do! This Full Moon shall again emphasize this energy.


Mars, the ruler of Aries, conjoins Pluto, lending yet another accent on transformation and rebirth. Pluto reveals truths that will support our spiritual evolution. Mars and Pluto form a helpful aspects to the Nodes of Destiny, suggesting that even if things get messy, progress is underway. Eris and Uranus are willing to get their hands dirty in order to serve the greater good. Pluto and Mars square Mercury, suggesting the emergence of secrets, incriminating documents or impassioned, pivotal words. We might see a warrior who brings the truth to light, risking a destructive rippling effect; a subvert like Snowden or Assange comes to mind.

The Sabian Symbol for 24⁰ Aries describes “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia,” which to me suggests fruitful winds of change, or “the wind in the sails,” in which movement becomes automatic. Wind is the air element, ruling the free-flowing communication, speech and ideas.  Fruitful ideas stir the minds of the people. 

Monday, October 17th, we’ve got a harmonious kite formation linking the Nodes of Destiny with the Moon in Taurus and also with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn; we are invited to connect with our power and drive to achieve our goals in a way that propels us closer to our soul’s destiny. The Earth element trifecta describes our resourcefulness, practicality, and skillful use of our innate talents. It’s our soul’s destiny to utilize our creation-given gifts. The Moon goes void early today at 10:47 am, providing for us an entire day of follow-through with ongoing projects, or a day to go with the flow and nurture the spirit by connecting with one's gifts.

Tuesday, October 18th, the 24-hour lunar void period concludes with the Moon’s Gemini ingress at 10:30 am. The biggest astrological news today is Venus’ arrival into Sag! It’s time to party! After taking some time to retreat and nurture our soul’s needs, Venus is recharged and ready to mingle. It’s time to lighten the mood a bit. Sag is a showy, festive sign, so if you haven’t thought about how you will honor Halloween this year, you can begin now. Venus in Sag can be a bit flamboyant, so this year’s costumes and decorations should be big, loud and fun! Venus is Sag likes to indulge a bit more, so be mindful and enjoy simultaneously. Venus in Scorpio is all or nothing, sinking her unrelenting claws into her desires; but now, she decides to release her grip and seek the next vision. What else is out there? It’s all about the adventure, the enjoyment, the experience and the excitement of the new frontier.

Wednesday, October 19th, Mars and Pluto culminate in their long awaited conjunction, conjuring themes of power, sexual prowess, empires, corporate schemes, patriarchy and espionage. Mars can be a hero or a terrorist (or both depending which side you are on!). This is the degree of the last Uranus/Pluto square so lookout for radical acts of liberation, exposure of corruption or cover-ups.

Personally, we are beginning a new cycle around how we go after what we want. This conjunction alludes to our capacity for transformation, evolution, progress, power and our ability to peel back more layers to get to our soul. In Capricorn, this is about authority, personal authority over the structure of our consciousness. What makes us feel truly infinite?

Compounding today’s message, Vesta, the infinite Divine Flame, enters regal Leo, where we shine. We are invited to connect with our divinity and authentic self-expression thereof. Be fearless of your unique contributions to the world. So long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, express your truth without qualm, without worry for how bright you shine. Inspire others with your light. No more hiding. Connect with your life-force, your qi, kundalini, sacred, sexual, healing creative energy. The mantra is: “I am that; sat nam. Truth is my identity.”

Thursday, October 20th, we have a pleasant early morning void period, colored by the vibrant vitality of the Sun. The Moon enters Cancer at 11:28 am, ready to take action. It might be a big of a wacky day. People are bound to speak impulsively.

Friday, October 21st, the Cancerian Moon triggers Mars, Pluto and Mercury this afternoon, which can stirs the desire to move, release, emote and perhaps channel these emotions into our work. Today could also be nostalgic. 

Saturday, October 22nd, the Moon enters Leo at 3:34 pm following a tiny void period. The Sun enters mysterious Scorpio at 7:46 pm. Scorpio is a “fixed” sign, and represents the steady ripeness of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The trees are scarce with leaves and the wind howls; no matter how many years we have experienced this shift, it always feels a bit spooky. It’s believed that the veil between worlds is at its thinnest on Halloween. As Samhain draws nearer, our psychic sensitivity heightens. This is why Scorpios can feel everything and are attuned to notice subtleties and the subtle realms.

Scorpio’s association with mortality is due to the seasonal theme of death in nature. It is indeed a deeply psychological period in which we cannot deny our mortal connection to the great cycle of life.  Everything lives and dies. It’s through this intimate awareness that we are reminded to live more fully.

“All or nothing Scorpio…”

“One door closes and another opens” What may not be as widely known is that Scorpio governs the primal house of creation and conception. This is why Scorpio is known for their sexuality and ability to regenerate. Whether we are applying this to the soul’s ability to reincarnate or to a person’s ability to get back up again after they fall, the inherent power in this sign becomes obvious and we can thereby understand the fearful stigmas surrounding Scorpio. We only fear that which we don’t understand. Go deeper!

Sunday, October 23rd, the Moon remains in Leo and activates Jupiter’s quincunx to Neptune. This aspect has to do with law, fairness and equality in relation to prisons, hospitals, religious institutions, pharmaceuticals, drugs or even water. All of these are big issues in the world due to Neptune’s long sojourn through Pisces. As of this writing, Erin Brockovich exposes the widespread presence of carcinogens in our water, while the prison strike continues. Neptune is oppressed people, so the DAPL issue is also relevant. Pharmaceutical CEO’s have been selfishly inflating the prices of medicines that save people’s lives; in the name of fairness, might the law decide to limit this deathly selfishness?   Jupiter is the letter of the law, so let’s see which issues are amplified today and a few days on either side (as this is a large aspect).

Monday, October 24th, the Moon goes void in Leo at 8:21 am and remains void all day. Today is best for routine tasks and following through with ongoing projects. With Uranus’ positive influence, we can expect the day to be creative, stimulating, vivid and maybe even a bit dramatic.

Mercury enters Scorpio, inviting the mind to delve into the psychological depths of consciousness. Mercury resides in Scorpio through November 12th. This time is best used to go within and to be your own spiritual guide or detective. Get to the heart of your soul. Go deep within. Anything you would like to transform or purge? Past lives can be accessed or communicate with your shadow. Before we can ascend in vibration, we must experience the shadow realms. That is where the most important work is done.

Tuesday, October 25th, Venus squares Neptune, which can dissolve the ground the beneath our feet. On one hand, compassion and empathy for others is at an all time high, perhaps at the expense of better judgement. On the other hand, this is blind idealism, faith or idolizing someone upon a pedestal. With the election drawing near, this energy is important. Venus deals with women, so this might help Hillary Clinton.  This is excellent energy for creative and spiritual pursuits and for connecting with our loved ones in a safe space. The Moon is in Virgo, which may help lend a discerning lens. Virgo’s critical eye can be of utmost help during hazy periods such as this. The Virgo Moon aligns with the North Node of Destiny, so let’s see what happens!


Wednesday, October 26th, launch anything new or go shopping before the Moon goes void in Virgo at 2:33 pm. With a constructive trine from Mars, today can still be extremely productive. It’s all about the details today. This can also be a day in which we nurture our health. The Moon opposes Chiron, drawing our focus to where we feel inadequate. Love and nurture yourself today. We are reminded that LOVE WINS when Venus sextiles Jupiter. Connect and share with loved ones to keep that kindness moving in a circle. Venus and Jupiter together in each other’s signs (mutual reception) is optimal for relating and celebrating life with others. Great enjoyment and pleasure here if you do  what you love or need today.

Thursday, October 27th, Venus squares the Nodes of Destiny alluding to a prominent female, a love story, or something to do with money in law or politics. We could hear from Hillary Clinton in a big way, or maybe that EpiPen lady. The Moon enters Libra at 9:51 am, kicking the day into motion.  Mercury conjoins with the Sun, which is optimal for important communications, signing papers, submitting proposals, distributing flyers and general communication (exact at 12:16, but potent all day).

Friday, October 28th, the Libra Moon makes sweet aspects for most of the day. The morning is generally positive, optimistic, pleasant, smooth, while the afternoon can be really productive. Around 4:11 pm, the Moon talks to Pluto  in Capricorn, possibly disrupting the peace. Stay positive and be mindful of your energy because the magnetic power of attraction is at an all time high (click here!!!) . If your center is disrupted, use this as an opportunity to focus on the ideal outcome or solution. Look within and look ahead.

Saturday, October 29th, the Moon is void for the entire day. Keeping in mind the potent period we are in, today is best used for intuitively connecting with spirit: your spirit, ancestors, kindred spirits, nature or Creation itself. The day is colored by an irritated Mars in an unpredictable, combustible square with Uranus. Play it safe out there, kids! This energy is volatile, accident prone, erratic and explosive. This is also tremendous courage, which doesn’t take heed to caution. Considering Uranus’ tightness to Eris and what these two represent, expect revolutionary acts this weekend. Liberation and sovereignty are big themes. Mars can be a hero but he can also be a terrorist. As the Great Attractor  is being activated among revolutionary cries, envision a world in which everyone is free, in which everyone has their needs met and there is subsequently no desire for violence, but instead harmony and equality for all.

October 30th: New Moon 8⁰ Scorpio.

The Sabian Symbol is “Moon shining across a Lake,” which emotes a sense of tranquility, and sense of peace, along with the ever-present mysterious infinite sky. The New Moon trines mystical Neptune, which reinforces this sense of peaceful wonder amidst the infinite unknown. All is God; everything is the Goddess.

Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, rebirth and alchemically transmuting lead into gold. In our personal lives we can take the heavier energies that keep up in the past, and with diligence, turn them into fuel moving forward. If we do not do so, the vengeful vindictive lower energies of the sign will preside. Scorpio has an obsessive quality; obsess over your passion, but choose what your focus is. Having poisonous emotions towards others or towards situations outside of our control only harms ourselves. Pick your passion as you pick your poison. Get intoxicated on the mystery of life! Expand the perspective into the infinity of the night sky.

This is the Samhain New Moon and the Veil is at its finest. Peer into the unknown. Converse with the ancestors. Unlock your tribal roots. Let your hair blow wildly in the wind and cackle with the cosmic intelligence. Venus and Saturn align on the Great Attractor, optimizing the magnetic pull toward your soul’s destiny. Use this energy wisely and maybe practice an intentful ritual for yourself.

Monday, October 31st, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and BLESSED SAMHAIN! The Moon appropriately resides in mysterious Scorpio, holding therein all the creative powers of death, sex, magic, healing and rebirth, while churning the mortal wheel of life's mysteries. Celebrate our soul’s infinity and honor this sacred life we are so blessed to experience.

May we have courage to face our shadows and shine at our brightest in our spirit's light.

May we persevere together on this path towards TRUTH.

May love reign.

May every soul be awakened to their highest manifestation of self. . . .

Wahe Guru. 

Love to  ALL, peace to ALL, light to ALL.

-Catherine O'Neill

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