Cleveland, The Whole World Is Watching


Someone asked me if the Cleveland Indian’s American League Champion Win was in the stars.

 My answer: “of course!”

The chart for Cleveland, OH has Jupiter in the 5th house, which indicates a love for sports! Compared to other cities, we have many professional sports teams to our name. The 5th house is often represented by sports and artistry, while Jupiter makes everything bigger; thus, we have one of the most loyal fan bases in the entire country, as well as the Cleveland Museum of Art, recently rated 2nd in the country. Jupiter is also the element of belief, lending to our sports inspired slogans, “Believeland” and “Believe in Cle.”


This element has always been in our chart, so what’s triggering all of this success? Largely, transiting Neptune is conjoining Cleveland’s natal Jupiter! Neptune takes 164 years to orbit the Sun, which means that it doesn’t move very fast, and remains within a few degrees within any given year. Neptune stationed retrograde on June 13, 2016, conjunct our Cleveland’s Jupiter. The following Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers delivered the historic win, breaking a 52-year drought and earning us the championship!

Interestingly, Neptune is currently slowing down in preparation to station direct on November 19th, just 3 weeks after the 7th game of the World Series. It’s looking good, but it always comes down to the faster moving planets.

Last night, the Cleveland Indians became American League champions once again! The Sun trined our 5th house Pluto, expressing a readiness to shine in our power, transformation of identity and resourcefulness. The world is going to have to adjust its view of our city. The Moon conjoined Cleveland’s 9th house Saturn and opposed our Mars, which also carries elements of competition, sports and how we are seen by the rest of the world. The 9th house represents foreign travel and the game was in Toronto, Canada. Transiting south node on our Jupiter indicates a readiness to release the past. 

Yesterday, Mars and Pluto were exactly conjunct, representing use/misuse of power. At the time that we won, Mars and Pluto were the highest elevated planets, at same degree of Cleveland’s 4th house cusp, which represents the homeland, the tribe, heritage, legacy and the foundational roots of our city.


When the Cavs won, transiting Jupiter and the north node of destiny opposed our natal Jupiter and conjoined our natal Chiron, championing a very healing win for our city. Chiron deals with wounds and overcoming them, while the north node propels us forward towards our destiny. Coincidentally, Mars was also the highest elevated planet at the time of the big win for the Cavs, representing sport, competition and war! The Moon formed a helpful sextile to our 5th house Pluto, again a readiness for change and skillful use of resources.

Overall, the Neptune transit to our city’s Jupiter represents a new era of faith and optimism in ourselves. While it was always there before, the difference now is that we know we have what it takes to win. The only caution here in being blinded by faith and idealism. This freshness of perspective is not just limited to sports. There is a lot of new growth here. Cleveland is repurposing itself and we are back on the map!


We have not won it all yet. There are up to 7 games left and I will not dive into the charts at least until the 3rd game.

I think we were destined to make it at least this far because a lot of attention is being called to our mascot, Chief Wahoo. While most Cleveland Indians fans adore the beloved mascot, many are challenging the obvious racism of the symbol, and subsequently, our team name. I think that when the whole world is watching, pressure is going to increase and more people will demand a change. Of course it will be another very controversial issue that divides conservatives and liberals, as usual.

The Uranus/Eris conjunction is happening now, and it only happens every 86 years. This conjunction is all about freeing of the oppressed, the fight for sovereignty and severing ties with the past. It’s revolutionary, progressive and willing to get its hands dirty for the sake of freedom. Eris’ rage is divine. She will wreak havoc on her oppressors through her subversive, calculating tactics. This is the goddess who caused the Trojan War and demoted Pluto from planetary status!


We are living in a time in which racism, sexism, fascism, oligarchy and oppression are huge topics once again. I feel that these issues are especially magnified right now, as represented by this conjunction, which will only happen once in our lifetime. It’s monumentally historic that all of the Native American tribes have come together in solidarity at Standing Rock. The cause at Standing Rock is probably the most important thing going on in our country right now, as its implications endanger what’s left of our beautiful Earth, and more direly, our water supply. There is NO replacement for water. Once it’s gone, life as we know it ceases to thrive.

This is why I believe we were destined to make it to the World Series. As exciting as it is for Clevelanders to cheer for our team, it also spurs a nationwide controversy over our mascot and name, in effect, continuing the conversation of racism and oppression. Attention needs to be drawn towards our Native brothers and sisters. Owner of the Cleveland Indians, Larry Dolan has discussed the “demotion” of Chief Wahoo. He is aware of the inherent racism and has already begun to minimize the symbol’s presence; however, he also faces the dilemma of disappointing those who adore Chief Wahoo. It’s understandably a tough call from his stand point, but ineveitably, Cleveland is eventually going to have to get the courage to change him. Some have proposed returning to the Cleveland Spiders.

For those who love Chief Wahoo, I propose that said love be extended to those people whom he represents─ the millions of Native Americans who have been oppressed, exterminated and institutionalized. And it hasn’t stopped! Just look at Standing Rock!

Should the Cleveland Indians actually bring it all the way home, I feel that people will be less resistant to changing the name. Cleveland will always be “the tribe.” We have so much history here of the Native peoples, from the Mound Builders, to the names all of our rivers and roads. But it’s time to get progressive, like “Progressive Field” (ironically). It’s time to strongly consider changing our name.

Uranus is the revolution. We can only go forward. We never tread back. There will always be resistors who lag behind the times. Our city is finally catching up and we owe it to ourselves to keep it up. We must progress forward.


In solidarity with Standing Rock,

and the Cleveland Indians,