Astrology Report for November 2016: Consciously Adapt Forward


*All times read for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT); for Pacific Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours. (Until November 6th)

It’s difficult to write predictions leading up to such a big moment in time on November 8th. No matter who wins, half the people are going to be upset. After studying both the charts of Clinton and Trump, it’s anyone’s game, as most astrologers have predicted. Trump’s birth on a Lunar Eclipse usually indicates the desire to be king, but never being crowned - however, he has regal Regulus rising, a royal star.

However, it’s important to understand the big picture of it all. We are progressing forward in this great cycle, moving back towards the Satya Yuga, the age of truth. This epoch of technology will harbor endless information─ mostly fluff, but also truth. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep secrets within the powerful institutions. And that’s what Pluto in Capricorn is doing: restructuring our collective relationship with power (big business and government) while the weaker aspects which no longer serve us will ultimately collapse; out of which, a new order will rise out of the rubble.

So how do we detect truth? Our hearts. Again, we are slowly making our way back towards the Age of Truth, so we have to understand that every character represents an archetype. No matter who wins or loses, what we cannot fight is the cosmic cycle in which we are tethered to. The Divine Feminine rises to meet the Divine Masculine. The archetype in which Donald Trump represents is on its way out! Love him or hate him, he is playing a very important role: he is showing us what aspects of our world need healing. It’s like when you start to detox, you feel worse before it gets better. Donald Trump represents the very symptoms we collectively curing: xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and the abuse of power and stature. Psychic Danielle Egnew sums it up better than anyone else.

No matter what happens, me must adapt to the changes and continue to press forward. As we will see, in the week of the election, several planets change sign, ushering in a new wave of cosmic energy. Then Sun later enters the mutable sign of Sagittarius, when Fall changes to Winter. Change is in the air, and there's not much else we can do other than respond! We all have a responsibility to respond; how we do so is up to us!

With much love and light to us all, no matter what happens this upcoming month, lets pledge our alignment with evolution, love and progress. May the Great Spirit guide us all toward the Light…


Tuesday, November 1st, the Moon enters visionary Sagittarius at 10:43 am. The key phrase for Sagittarius is “I believe.” It’s really important for us to connect with the vision of the future we believe we can create. Saturn in Sagittarius is helping us to ground that vision. The Law of Attraction is super potent right now. Hold your vision true in your heart. What actions can we take to ground this vision into reality and positively influence our future, both personally and collectively?

The Sun trines Neptune, elevating compassion, creativity and spiritual connection. “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all…” as Yogi Bhajan always said. Creation is alive in every cell of existence. When we remember this, there is no choice but compassion and love for this entire process unfolding. The Universe is discovering itself through every up and down on this planet. All is One. And yet, we all have a unique role to play.

November 1st- 3rd, should be eventful as the Sun triggers the Solar eclipse and Mars triggers the Lunar Eclipse from September. The element of “departure” spoke loudly to me in interpretation of the lunar eclipse, while the elements of awakening and revelations seemed to be the theme of the solar eclipse. Let’s see if anything happens here.

Wednesday, November 2nd, the morning offers optimism and inspiration, as well as ways to expand the self by way of learning, meditating or indulging in life’s little pleasures. When we create more space, there is more room for the heart’s vibration to echo. At 4:09 pm, the Moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius; it’s time to ground the vision into reality. We must do the work to get concrete results. We must participate. Sometimes spirit needs a container to live in!

Thursday, November 3rd, the Moon is void for the entire day with no one other than Uranus coloring the day, reinforcing the wild card energy. Seek inspiration and aim to switch up the routine. Find excitement somewhere.  

Friday, November 4th, the Moon has arrived in Capricorn, emphasizing a focus on our goals, following through with projects and consciousness of how we would like to be known in the world. Capricorn is also known for loyalty, so maybe that means being a good friend since it’s Friday! The Cap Moon sextiles Neptune at 5:34 pm, infusing the dream with reality or vice versa.


Mercury conjoins Lilith, one of our feminists. Lilith is the wild woman who cannot be forced into submission. She refused Adam when he ordered her to lay before him. Unlike the spiteful Eris, Lilith just says “piss off,” walks away and she’s done with it. Un-swayed by what others choose, she follows her heart and goes her own way, whereas Eris seeks revenge to relinquish her pain. Lilith walks with spirit and her intuition guides her. With a conjunction to Mercury, and in lieu of recent news, we may see more stories about empowered women, and also more people coming forward about sexual abuse, in healing effort to reclaim power. Again, this is all about healing the ways of the past. 

Saturday, November 5th, the Moon remains in methodical Capricorn, where we are reminded that each action we take affects our future, small or large! The Moon conjoins Pluto in the early morning, inviting us to connect with our shadow side. How much we engage our shadow is up to us. With Pluto, we can only go so deep at a time. Healing is always gradual.

Juno, the Queen of Heaven, is at the last degree of Scorpio.

Remember, the election is only a few days away. Secretary Clinton is a Scorpio and she was also the First Lady. We might see efforts to attack her going back to this period of her life. We could also see more truths revealed about Melania Trump. Overall, this energy speaks to where we are most committed in our lives, where/what we are “married” to─ be it a passion, dream or person. Scorpio is where we commit the hardest, but at this last degree, things are revealed. Pay attention to what comes up for you in regards to where you are most committed.

At 5:48 pm, the Moon squares our renegade friend Uranus. We are ready to get wild and break the routine. Be safe out there and have a lot of fun! Always with hard aspects to Uranus, expect the unexpected!

***DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ends @ 2 am... We resume Standard Time moving forward***

Sunday, November 6th, the Sun arrives on the World Axis. When Mercury was last on the World Axis, Donald Trump’s “locker room” talk made its debut, forcing newscasters nationwide to use the word “pussy.” This was an extraordinary example of how words can have an extraordinary impact. The Sun on the World Axis also promises an event of magnitude. Sun usually implies a man (but not always) of great stature or importance. Let’s see what happens. The Sun also forms a sextile to Pluto, implying an initiative to evolve or having to do with use of power/resources/influence. Keep in mind that we are often required to work with the shadow in order to evolve.

Mercury trines Chiron, implying healing words or an apology. Positive Mercury/Chiron aspects can also help to gain perspective on a challenging experience, leading to wisdom, understanding and healing.

Juno enters Sagittarius today, where she will reside for the next 3 months.  It’s here that we seek to bring more life into our commitments. We’ve been too serious, which is important, but now it’s time to revive our passions with more stimulus. It’s time to explore, play and discover, which feeds the fiery passion within. Fire requires air, so don’t hide away!

Monday, November 7th, the Moon continues its journey through Aquarius, where the airwaves are electric! And today, they certainly are buzzing, as the fate of the election is just hours away. Aquarius is the sign of the community, the people, the collective mindset. Aquarius represents shared goals, hopes and dreams amongst people─ the group. Ideas are exchanged with an eye towards the future.

Optimism and hope color the morning, with the influence of Jupiter; in the evening, there is much speculation over the future order with a sextile to Saturn.

Tuesday, November 8th, we oddly have a long void Moon period! Unsure what this might mean for the election results. Typically, things that we do during void periods end up not being so fruitful... but let's see what happens! Get out there and VOTE regardless!!! The void is colored by Venus, which is appropriately about values and preference. Mars is at the auspicious 29⁰ of Capricorn, suggesting the urgency of leadership. Who will it be? Mars in Capricorn is highly ambitious and an incredibly hard worker. At this last degree, he is rallying to polish off the last details of his efforts. Who will ultimately receive the highest reward for their diligent, patient climb? In Capricorn, we are rewarded and acknowledged for our efforts, for better or for worse.

The Moon enters Pisces at 4:45 pm, answering to regal Jupiter on the world axis. Who will be king or queen? Secretary Clinton’s natal Moon is in Pisces, so this looks good for her. Mr. Trump has zero planets in Pisces, which rules his 7th house of relationships: partners, alliances, as well as opponents! Again, it’s a really close call when both candidates’ charts are thoroughly analyzed. It truly is anyone’s game. But the Moon seems to favor HRC tonight. Pisces is the dream, but what are dreams made of? Many people will have their bubbles burst tonight, while others might feel like a dream has come true.

Just after midnight on Wednesday, November 9th, Mars enters Aquarius where we must orient ourselves towards the future─ no matter the outcome! This is where we are at in history. Whether we wake up this morning with the first female president, or the first billionaire reality star president, we must focus on the future. This was a tumultuous election. For the first time in history, a large portion of Americans wanted neither candidate. Now the results are in. It’s over, it’s done. However, now we can focus on what we need to work on moving forward. If you don’t like the results, what can you do to prepare for next time? I will say, big picture, the election of 2020 will be even more pivotal as it will set a tone for the next 20 years. These next four years are the closing period of the economic cycle that began in 2000. We have seen a lot of corruption and misuse of power during this time, as well as economic despair; meanwhile, we have also seen some historic milestones with our first African American President, the Marriage Equality Act and steps initiated toward nationwide health care. In the next four years, we reflect on this cycle, assessing what worked and what didn’t. The action we all take in the next four years will help seed the next cycle. There are elections every year! Yesterday, 469 congressional seats were up for reelection, and in two years, we will be able to vote for congress again.

On a non-political personal level, Mars in Aquarius inspires us to team up with others who either share our goals and ambitions, or networking with those who can assist. This is a future-oriented sign, who gets fired up with the inspiring exchange of ideas. Mars moves quickly here, with a calculated knowingness. Aquarius can be an intuitive sign, although it would never admit it!

The Moon conjoins with Neptune: delusion, fantasy, compassion or spirituality. You choose! On the South Node of Destiny, it’s a release of the past. Look at how far you have come. The Moon squares Saturn and sextiles Pluto: this is the reality now.

***Mars and Juno have changed signs in the last 3 days. Mercury and Venus will follow suit this week. I must stress the uniqueness off 3 personal planets (plus Juno) shifting signs in one week. We will all notice an energetic shift. Surely for residents of the US, this makes sense, but this shift will be felt all over the world. Let’s see how this manifests. ***

Thursday, November 10th, the biggest news is that we enter into what’s called the “balsamic phase,” (final/ending) of the Saturn/Pluto cycle. The Saturn/Pluto cycle deals with power structures. This cycle was seeded in 1982, a time when Reaganomics favored the wealthy, where oil prices became unregulated, and companies began outsourcing jobs while machines replaced other jobs. The opposition occurred in August 2001, just one month before Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon’s unaccounted loss of $2.3 trillion and the 9/11 tragedy, which spurred the Oil Wars in the Middle East. The closing square occurred in 2009, in the wake of government bailouts and the housing market crash which ultimately led to a nationwide Occupy movement who boasted “We are the 99%!” in protest of the top 1% holding more than 90% of all the wealth.

Frankly, this cycle deserves its own article. But we now find ourselves in the tail end of this cycle, which will reseed itself in January, 2020. In the meantime, there is work to be done. Order is necessary, but at what means and what cost? We must speak up about what we will and will not tolerate as a People. We need to get behind those who have our best interest instead of corporations. It’s up to us, collectively, to decide what needs to change. This cycle is about power structures, but also the limits of power.

Friday, November 11th, the Moon is in energetic Aries for the day, infusing today’s energy with spontaneity and activity. In the evening, the Aries Moon opposes Jupiter, highlighting the quality of relating to others. Make it a social evening! Later on, Pluto deepens the conversation. If there are disagreements, try to be graceful. We can learn something from everyone.

Venus enters Capricorn today, where she values tradition and modesty. Here, Venus has fine taste, but she won’t live beyond her means. For us, this might reflect itself financially, when we near the holiday season and begin to think about saving more money for the holidays and decide what’s within our means gift-wise. Maybe it means picking up more shifts where we can, so that we can afford to be as generous with others as we would like. Venus in Capricorn also values ambition and success, so we may all feel a bit more driven during this time. Venus stays in Cap until December 7th.

Saturday, November 12th, enjoy your play day because the Moon is void for the entire day. The Divine Mother is not working hard, so neither should we. If you are in the mood, follow through with ongoing projects. This is not a day to go shopping, unless it’s just window shopping. Instead, take advantage and float. The Moon is still in spontaneous Aries, and of course our rebellious maverick Uranus is coloring the void, so have fun with it! Just be ready for surprises and remember not to expect things to go as planned.


The Sun joins wild woman Lilith in the morning, further emphasizing the wildcard energy. Follow your intuitive flashes and follow your heart’s desire. You may want to be in nature, weather permitting.

Mercury enters the sign of the archer today. Sagittarius is not typically his favorite place to stay because Mercury likes to curiously roam while gathering a myriad of information and experiences; in Sag, facts are synthesized into belief systems. However, in modern astrology, there is no “bad” placement. Here, there is a fine line between fact and truth. Here, the mercurial mind is infused with a sense of belief. What is right and what is wrong? This is why Mercury in Sag can get a bit dogmatic and lost in thought. Mercury is here through December 2nd, so remember that everyone is entitled to their beliefs… but also remember that our belief systems are always evolving!

Sunday, November 13th, the Moon is in the sensual side of Taurus, so it’s a great day for brunch! It’s a great day to connect with your creativity, spirituality or some sort of healthy escape.

What makes you timeless? Do more of that. The Moon trines Pluto later in the evening, helping us to feel recharged.

Monday, November 14th, the Taurus FULL MOON culminates at 8:52 am EST. Since the New Moon, a new president has been elected and 4 planets changed signs all within one week, reflecting a major shift in the collective. The Full Moon in Taurus highlights the axis of values, resources, energy and riches, both shared and personal; and is ruled by Venus, who reiterates our sense of value, beauty, resources and preferences. These will be big themes now!

Sabian symbol for 23⁰ Taurus is “a jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels,” which is implicit of feeling abundant. Taurus is a security oriented sign. It’s about feeling secure and content in the physical world. Everyone’s sense of security is relative. For some people, they will never have enough. For others, just having enough to meet your needs is enough to feel abundantly blessed by the infinite Creator.

Answering to Venus in Capricorn, hard work pays off. Jewels implies that the raw crystal has been crafted into a gem, cut with precision and skill. A raw crystal takes thousands of years to form. This symbol is suggestive of an enduring process of refinement. In a perfect world, hard work should pay off, but there are always challenges along the way. If we persevere with a mind towards infinity, we can be spiritually pressure cooked into diamonds. It’s then that we feel a wealth of wisdom and experience. Taurus also rules what we have to offer the world, be it a talent, wisdom, wealth, or simply love.

Tuesday, November 15th, the Moon is in Gemini today, so we all want to be social butterflies. Thought fuses with imagination around 10:53 am. What’s true and where are we deluding ourselves? Gemini’s ruler Mercury is busy today too; with a sextile to Mars in Aquarius, our minds are actively geared towards the future, perhaps even a bit inventive and idealistic. Today promises intellectual stimulus and it may seem impossible to sit still! It’s a good day to call people and catch up, read and explore!

Wednesday, November 16th, we have another full day of lunar void, so today is best used for follow through on things that are already in motion. Uranus colors the day, once again, offering creativity, spontaneity, quirkiness and surprises. The Moon enters homebody Cancer at 7:57 pm.

Thursday, November 17th, the watery Cancer Moon stimulates the emotional energies within us; this ultra-sensory feeling is compounded by the upcoming Neptune station on Saturday. When a planet as large as Neptune stations, it’s spacey, hazy effects can ripple into our consciousness 5 days before and 5 days after. Neptune is the planet of divine yearning, transcendence of the gross physical, and escapism; it rules medicine, drugs, alcohol (which combined with mindfulness can be really helpful), and also artistry, film, spirituality (which also serve to transport us into other realities). Neptune is the great dissolver and the remedy for blockages.

The empathy and high compassion of Neptune dissolves borders in the collective, and opens the heart and imagination to infinite possibilities. Creativity, devotion and the desire to selflessly serve are heightened, while visions of utopia are also possible. “Why can’t the world just be like _____??” Love is the universal solvent. Be open to it. Much healing can be done here, as Neptune is moving forward. With Neptune stationing forward on the south node, we are ready to release the past and hopefully in the collective, we can dissolve some of the walls that separate us from one another. Walls are of course necessary in some instances, as they provide shelter; our skin protects us and gives us structure, along with the scaffolding of our skeletons. Rules and limitations allow for a functional, safe society; but too many of these regulations can be intrusive to human potential. This is where a proper balance is necessary.


Friday, November 18th, the emotional, protective Cancer Moon combines with the radical Uranus. This can manifest as explosive emotional outbursts or the liberator who protects. We might go out of our way to show up for someone we care for, or for someone who needs it. Mercury squares Neptune, scrambling our thoughts. This aspect can be especially great for creativity or meditation. Allow the mind’s creative flow. At worst, this can be brain fog, forgetfulness or even manipulative words that attempt to deceive others. Or this can be the twisting of words to further one’s own aim. Be on guard for false information. During Neptune stations, it can be more difficult to decipher between truth and reality. Consciously guard with an ounce of doubt, but still be open. Balance.

The Moon makes its last aspect at 5:02 pm, going void with a trine to the Sun. End the day early and enjoy the rest of the evening with good company and good food─ whatever it is you need to feel nurtured. The Moon enters Leo at 10:14 pm, firing up the energy for the weekend.

Saturday, November 19th, Neptune stations direct tonight at 11:38 pm, concluding a 5-month-long retrograde! Neptune is the Great Dissolver, heightening compassion and empathy for others. As otherworldly and transcendent as Neptune is, it’s possible that we might feel spacey, ungrounded and energetically open. Fortunately, the warmth of the Leo Moon should keep us energized all the while. Neptune also offers the gifts of creativity, imagination, meditation, artistry, subjectivity, selfless service, devotion and the highest manifestation of love: divine, unconditional love. Love has magnificent healing abilities by way of dissolving boundaries and blockages. Neptune stations direct on the south node, indicating a readiness to leave something behind and move forward. For some people who are really struggling, this can feel like divine discontent and this station can be especially challenging. If you have extra love to give, offer it to these people in your life, as they may need an extra boost of courage to propel them forward. In astrology, there is always a choice. 

Sunday, November 20th, the creative Leo Moon trines original Uranus. It’s an energized day full of spontaneity, authentic self-expression and inventiveness. Be open to receive insight in regards to the future; the Moon’s opposition to Pallas Athene helps us to weave a master plan with calculated and grounded intelligence. It’s okay to get wild today, let the divine spark flow though you!

Monday, November 21st, the Sun enters Sagittarius, officially initiating the holiday season. Sagittarius can be the life of the party! Celebrating and indulging in life’s gifts are what the archer does best.  Of course Sagittarius is also the sign of the visionary, the scholar, the pious theologian and the truth seeker. Perhaps it’s knowing too much that inspires the Sag to celebrate one’s humanness. The truth is known to be burdensome at times! “Eat drink and be merry,” urges Ecclesiasticles. This is proven to be wise advice! For many, this is the time of year where we do just that. 

Sagittarius, a mutable sign, represents the time of year in which Fall ends and Winter draws near. The last of the leaves will fall to the wet, cold earth. Rain, snow and sunshine are interchangeable, and so are our clothes! We are not quite ready for hibernation, so we celebrate! The sign of the seeker may also aim to discover a focus for the colder weather. Ruled by Jupiter, it’s all about finding ways we can grow. For many of us, we will helplessly grow our waistlines, but it’s also a time we can be expanding our mind by learning a new discipline, travelling or working on our career.

For today, the Moon is in detail-oriented Virgo. Narrow in on something and perfect it. In the evening, the Moon opposes Neptune. Break away from stress and perfection and float on. It’s all an illusion.

Tuesday, November 22nd, initiate the important things before 12:41 pm. Today may have its challenges as the mind may not agree with the gut. We might feel like we are doing things out of duty, but we just aren’t enthusiastic about it today. The Moon is void for the remainder of the day, colored by a hard aspect to Saturn. We can accomplish a great deal, but there’s an element of difficulty or dissatisfaction here. Mercury sextiles Jupiter, broadening perspective; this is conducive for good ideas and optimism, so even if we aren’t in the mood today, we remind ourselves of the reward later on.

Wednesday, November 23rd, the Moon is void all morning, which isn’t the best time to shop. If you must go grocery shopping to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, focus on only buying items that will be used immediately, as sometimes food bought during the void moon spoils earlier than usual. The Moon enters the social sign of Libra at 2:42 pm, setting the holiday tone of relating and sharing with others. Libra has fine taste, an eye for beauty and finesse. This is a wonderful sign for the Moon to be in for the next couple days! Of course, Libra also rules opposition, so be tactful with those you butt heads with, for the sake of keeping the peace. Libra likes things to be fair, but hates commotion. Mercury conjoins with Saturn, which may stifle conversation, or make it more practical or serious. 

Thursday, November 24th, we celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m not going to lie, there are some tough aspects. We all have free will and not everyone will be susceptible to the challenges. I wish everyone a splendid holiday full of joy, gratitude and laughter. However, not all of us can put our politics aside for the holiday. And Mercury's conjunction with Saturn does not help keep conversation light.

I will share a personal story: last year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s house. She is 85 years young, an excellent cook and a wonderful host. On this side of the family, there are people who I only see at the holidays. My dad’s brother wouldn’t keep his racist, homophobic and conservative opinions to himself- for literally the entire night. For the sake of keeping the peace at my Grandmother’s table, I did not challenge him much. The comments I did make, I was asked to apologize for. It still upsets me and I wish I had said more (Libra problems!!!). It made me deeply contemplate how distorted this holiday has become for many families… consumerism of black Friday and intolerance has replaced gratitude and remembrance. Settlers arrived on this land with scarce resources and harsh weather conditions. It was thanks to the generosity of the Native Americans that saved the early settlers from parishing. We must not forget that we’ve all been “the foreigner.” Xenophobia has NO place at Thanksgiving. I am sharing my views because (appropriately) there is a large aspect at play which may fuel righteous, dogmatic beliefs to spiral. Even though the election is over, it’s still fresh and people are still pissed.

This major configuration is Jupiter’s first of three squares to Pluto and its possible themes are: urgency for fairness, transformation of a law, obsessive or extreme beliefs, totalitarianism, dominating dogmatism, or conflict large enough to completely transform the structure within which is derives. Big money could be a theme here too, as Venus conjoins Pluto here. On the more positive end of the spectrum, Jupiter in Libra seeks to rebalance and to make fair, so this could be a pivotal transformation or eruption of truth which demands progressive change. This could be an individual exercising power for the greater good. This could also be a huge lawsuit or a merger of power that questions fairness. Other themes coloring the dialogue are xenophobia, religion, university, student loans and foreign travel, as Pluto answers to Saturn in Sagittarius. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 when the housing market crashed, altering how we collectively view big banks and corporations. Since, there has been a watchful eye on such powers. Too big to fail? Jupiter in Libra will corner these guys and hopefully law down the law. Since the banks were bailed out and their crimes unpunished, it’s possible that another crisis looms in the future. Some are already speculating. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. The market crash was horrible, but nothing was done to protect us from future crimes like this. If something like this were to happen again, with Jupiter in Libra more efforts would be sought to make fair. Let’s see what happens.


The tension has been building for a couple weeks now, so there may have already been an event that people are divided over. However, today the Moon highlights this configuration with her conjunction to Jupiter, so it’s possible that something could happen today too. More information and dates on this year long aspect can be found here:  JUPITER IN LIBRA.

Friday, November 25,

how appropriate that Venus (money/values/spending) conjoins Pluto, lord of the Underworld on Black Friday! If you’ve ever seen videos from large stores on this day, it’s obvious that the dark lord walks upon the Earth! Another representation of Pluto is the indulgent Dionysus. This configuration couldn’t be more appropriate for the day, as millions participate in a brawl over consumer goods, trampling over others just to buy something! It’s ludicrous! This is a compulsion to spend money and to acquire possessions! It’s proven that most people are just shopping for themselves anyway.

On the plus side, Venus/Pluto can be an immense love or a transformative partnership. It’s also sacred or tantric merging, a compulsion to love. As I’ve said before, when it comes to sexual power, there is always a way to use it more consciously, and there will be those who misuse it. Depending on the relationship, this may or may not be a healthy obsession!

Ironically, the Moon goes void early in the day, which of course isn’t the best for shopping!!!  The crazy ones who were shopping throughout the night are unfortunately the lucky ones this time. The Moon goes void at 8:52 am in a separating aspect to Uranus, which often  indicates quarrels and separations. Expect the unexpected!

Saturday, November 26th, the Moon travels through the realm of Scorpio today, continuing the obsessive, transformative, deep energies we’ve been experiencing. Mercury kisses Uranus and we are bestowed with quick wit, intuition, active analysis, and creativity. If you are attuned, be open to cosmic insight or even downloads!

Sunday, November 27th, the Scorpio Moon forms harmonious aspects to Venus and Pluto, inspiring tenacity to keep up and to push through any challenges. Go deep within or indulge in deep conversation with others. Both can be extremely rewarding. This can also be a sexually magnetic attraction, evolution of how we perceive beauty, or prioritize our values. The Moon goes void at 4:48pm under the positive influence of Venus. Relate, share, prioritize.

Monday, November 28th, is a much needed quiet day. The Moon arrives in visionary Sag at 3:46 pm, but otherwise there are no exact aspects to report. Tomorrow is the New Moon, and traditionally, there is nothing to be done before the New Moon, aside from finishing projects or purging.

Tuesday, November 29th, we have a NEW MOON at 7⁰42’ of Sagittarius, exact at 7:18 am EST.

A New Moon in Sagittarius represents seeding a new cycle around the next adventure or how we aim to grow. Perhaps we are planning a trip, education or expanding our circle in some way. Ruled by Jupiter in Libra, perhaps you are planning a wedding! That’s certainly a huge adventure! The New Moon exactly conjoins Juno, asteroid of marriage. Of course not everyone is planning a wedding, although if you are, it’s certainly a perfect time to iron out a large chunk of the planning. Juno also represents commitment, often by contract or agreement. Using the education example, you commit yourself both to the university and to paying off loans! Broadly, what are we committing to that will help us grow?

The New Moon squares the Nodes of Destiny, offering us a choice to move forward towards our destiny or to stay comfortable in the current order. The road that propels us forward has not been travelled yet, so it can be intimidating and even scary. The soul knows... if something is telling you to take it, listen!!!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so this should be a happy New Moon, filled with optimism and joy of possible prospect. However, Jupiter remains in square to Pluto, hopefully attempting to correct misuse of power. With Juno’s involvement, this could indicate a large merger or some sort of agreement with large implications rippling into the collective.

Jupiter answers to Venus and today, Venus squares both Uranus and Eris, which could indicate a change in values, finances or a re-stacking of priorities. Big changes are afoot both personally and collectively. Often Venus/Uranus can be a breakup, thus nullifying a commitment and opening room for new possibilities. This  can also be radical values or a sudden change of values (change of heart).

The Sabian Symbol for 8⁰ Sag is “rocks and things forming therein,” alluding to our inner process of psyche development, and inner changes as reflected by our evolving participation in the outside world.

Wednesday, November 30th, the Moon continues its journey through the superconscious mind of Sagittarius. The Moon meets Mercury on the Galactic Center, downloading us with Cosmic Truth─ as long as we are receptive. I invite you to contemplate the wonder of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Just think about how small we are on this beautiful planet, a part of a solar system─ which, with the billions of other Suns in our galaxy, we spiral around the luminous Galactic Center. And to think that we are just one of potentially billions of other galaxies. To ponder about Creation on this large of a scale is sublime. We cannot even comprehend it. How does time work in other dimensions of space? What might these other worlds look like? There is most definitely life out there. What does their society look like and how old are they? How long do they live? What is the language? The mind is truly infinite and can be awe-consuming. Hence why we also celebrate life’s simple pleasures in Sagittarius, so we can stay grounded here on Earth!

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


*All images graciously found on google image search