Astrology Report for December 2016: On This Rock Together


*All times read for Eastern Standard Time (EST), for Pacific (PDT). subtract 3 hours

What a year 2016 has been! We have said farewell to many beloved icons, movements have gained momentum, and we have witnessed the unprecedented manifest; shock, loss, change and voice are just four words we can use to describe the year. Said another way, 2016 has left us awakened, open, and ready. I will keep repeating myself when I say somewhat self-assuredly that there are many large cycles ending right now; therefore, the urgency we feel is natural. As with the conclusion of any cycle, we reflect on the old cycle, decide what worked and what didn’t and subsequently plan for the next time around. New cycles begin in 2020; in the meantime, we have much cleaning up to do. Rest assured, the madness will not subside anytime soon.

I can’t imagine a year this wild would show itself out quietly─ and the aspects are ripe for it!

Three large aspects become exact this month, ushering in a new wave of collective agitation for us to work with over the next year:

  • Jupiter opposite Uranus; Jupiter Square Pluto: Uranus and Pluto have been squaring off since 2010. It’s a long and extended aspect responsible for pivotal periods of revolution, collective overhaul and cultural rebellion. Think 1790’s, 1850’s, 1960’s during which time multiple countries gained independence. Jupiter’s involvement keeps the conversation alive and enlarges the issues becoming too big to ignore. From Arab Spring to Occupy Wall St, to massive protests in France, India, South Korea. All over the world, people are rising together in increasing numbers to demand fairness. Movements are getting louder on our own soil: Black Lives Matter, NoDAPL and the huge anti-Trump protest planned for Inauguration Day. In the Middle East, millions march against ISIS. The revolution generated by Bernie Sanders is also notable here. The stir will not stop any time soon.

  • Saturn trine Uranus: this is a readiness to integrate the new ideas into the current framework. Despite the clashing going on around us, this aspect represents a readiness for change. Here, we make updates to the traditional societal structures which keep us orderly. Order is necessary, but it must keep up with the times. Over this next year, we will collectively decide what innovations will become the new norm. Already, many countries and states have resolved to abstain from coal and oil and instead, to only utilize clean energy. This will begin to become the new normal.

These aspects will be the main backdrop for the month,extending through the Fall of 2017. Again, this is the new normal. If you have planets around 20⁰ of any sign, your life is probably very eventful too!

Here is a short character description:

  • Pluto in Capricorn: transforming and exposing corruption in authority, politics and influential societal structures, abuse of power (housing market crash/ bailouts)

  • Uranus in Aries: we all have a voice, an identity, sovereignty. (“selfie,” my life matters)

  • Saturn in Sagittarius: limited world view, hardened beliefs, xenophobia, fear of “foreign” or unknown (refugee crisis, islamophobia, rise of Trump, threats of walls)

  • Jupiter in Libra: fairness, judgement, balance, harmony, mediation (divided nation upon ideals)

Thursday, December 1st, commit your focus somewhere worthwhile today. The Capricorn Moon is concerned with success in the material world and the action required to get there. Chiron stations direct at 20⁰ Pisces, which expresses a readiness for healing on a personal and collective level. Chiron represents the relationship with our wounds, the healing process and the wisdom which is gained thereof. Chiron squares off with Saturn, alluding to the delicate balance between being too open and being too closed off. Walls can be protective, but they can also inhibit; if we are too trusting without appropriate boundaries, we are vulnerable to harm. Which end needs adjusting so that healing can take place? Ideally, compassion leads to forgiveness, acceptance and understanding, thus dissolving unnecessary walls, while wisdom shows us which ones must remain.

Vesta stations retrograde, drawing us inward to tend to our spiritual flame.

Thursday, December 2nd, we narrow our focus on our long-term goals and energetic investments as Mercury shifts into Capricorn. Mercury will turn retrograde later this month, for an extended stay in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. For the next 6 weeks, we are paying extra attention to what we are working towards, why and how. Mercury retrograde periods often show us what needs to be altered before moving forward; it’s a period of review, refocus and renewal. We may receive a personalized clue (yesterday or today) as to what the retrograde story will tell us. 

The Moon also conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, taking on a more serious tone. Today is just one of those more emotionally challenging days; it is felt and acted out on the public stage. Social issues might be louder, another stepping stone on the evolutionary path. Veterans who stand in solidarity with Standing Rock, as well as the army travel to the Reservation as we speak.

Saturday, December 3rd, there is a readiness to integrate change into the current order, and to take bold, radical action to midwife the updates along. Mars in Aquarius is the Rainbow Warrior, awakening the masses with new, unifying ideas. He brings hope, demonstrating how simple it is to “be the change.” We will be open to this vivacious energy most acutely for the next few days or so.

The Moon is void for the first half of the day, colored by the harmony of Venus. The morning is pleasant indeed, best used for relating to others, pleasurable activities, enhancing the beauty in our surroundings and following through with ongoing projects. The Moon enters Aquarius at 2:44 pm, amping up the energy! It should be an overall enjoyable day and a stimulating social evening.

Sunday, December 4th has no aspects to report. Enjoy your day! The Moon is in genuine Aquarius, so allow yourself to be open and spontaneous. Aquarius can be humanitarian, social, or innovative. Let the mind roam creatively and see where it leads!


Monday, December 5th, today is when the US army corps is expected to arrive at Standing Rock. The hope is that they won’t act until after 8:23 am MST; at which point, the Moon turns void for the entire day─ not the best time to initiate action meant to bear fruit. Hopefully this helps the water protectors, but the void is colored by a sextile to Uranus which means to expect the unexpected. Also, I would suspect that the army generals would prefer to eat conflict for breakfast, so who knows. At the end of the day, the Moon enters mystical Pisces at 11:31 pm, the realm of prayer.

Tuesday, December 6th, we are invited to release something we have outgrown. It’s an ending of sorts- maybe an old dream, memory or something that used to bring us comfort but has become a burden. Connect with the new dream when the Moon illuminates Neptune at 4:34. Dreams are formless whims, open to the infinite imagination. Anything is possible, which is why we are more easily deceived under this formation. The recent crackdown of misinformation is extremely important. We are just breaching the “Information Age,” an epoch branded by an overabundance of such. It will be up to us to become our own BS detector by developing our intuition. But even more importantly, we are already collectively discussing the caution. There are more lies than truths on the internet, but the truth is out there.

 Venus at the last degree of Capricorn, reiterating our long-term values in bold, underlined, and italicized.

Wednesday, December 7th, Venus shifts from conservative Capricorn into experimental Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius encourages us to find beauty in the strange, unique and authentic─ not mainstream beauty unless it’s genuine. This is a great time to pursue a new friendship or group. Aquarius seeks to unite all human beings under one human race, so maybe it’s time to broaden your circle within these next few weeks. We can be a bit more detached than usual under this influence as Aquarius hates to be smothered and needs plenty of freedom to maintain all relationships!

The Moon turns void in Pisces at 9:05 am with a square to Saturn. Today is expected to have its challenges. Sadness, hopelessness or loneliness would not be uncommon today. If this is you, you are not alone! Try to reach out and connect with your friends and community.

Thursday, December 8th, if you were feeling bummed out yesterday, rest assured that today is a new day. The Aries Moon gives us a fiery boost, warming our spirit and providing extra courage to face the day! Our feelings may be at odds with the mind in the evening; for example, “I don’t wanna go to the gym, it’s been a long day, but I always feel better afterwards.” The choice will be up to you!

Friday, December 9th is a super dynamic day, bound to be eventful. There are several planets between 17⁰-23⁰ and the Moon activates them all. “As Above, So Below…” The morning might be a little chaotic, even emotional, then we get an energy boost midday instilling positivity and laughter; don’t expect things to go as planned this afternoon and be open to surprises and synchronicities.  In the collective, this is one of those eventful stepping stone days, due to cause a stir.

The Sun conjoins Saturn, imparting a more serious tone for the weekend. Perhaps this is much needed downtime, seeing as how the next few weekends will be jam-packed with end of the year holiday parties and celebrations. This weekend would be best suited for finalizing any holiday planning, shopping or crafting. Saturn has a sobering quality, an ability to make things crystal clear; this is an opportunity to see something for what it truly is─ not for what we had hoped it would be.   

Saturday, December 10th, the Sun remains conjoined to Saturn, continuing the serious tone and bringing us down to earth─ no embellishing! If we don’t have enough distractions, chances are that we just feel “blah.” The Moon enters steady Taurus at 7:41 am, which grounds into our senses. Taurus can be indulgent, sensual and fancy, but with Saturn dominant, the Taurus energy is best expressed on a budget: prepare a fine meal at home and choose the more expensive bottle of wine from the store.

Sunday, December 11th, the Moon progresses through Taurus and becomes a focal point of a fated cosmic shape known as a “Yod,” or a “finger of God,” because it looks like a pointer finger. As human beings, we always have free will, but it’s our karma (sewn of free will) that decides our fate. The Sun and Saturn form one corner in Sag, and Jupiter in Libra marks the other. Collectively, we can expect themes of foreign relations, xenophobia, righteousness, beliefs, justice, court decisions, religion, human rights issues, a university or church, money, energy and resources. Hmm, everything about this sounds like Standing Rock to me: “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.” Remember, this is a fated collective choice. Let’s see how this plays out.


Monday, December 12th, there is certainly a buzz in the air─ a curiosity, a rumor, stimulus. . . people are talking. The Gemini Moon is responsible for the hum, eager to relate and share. The caution is to validate any “facts” that you hear. The Moon’s square to Neptune blurs the line between truth and fiction. The Sun forms a creative trine with Uranus, infusing quick wit, intuition and originality into today’s mix. 

Tuesday, December 13th, the FULL MOON

peaks at 23⁰ Gemini, generating an overall buzzing, social Moon. The Sabian Image for this degree is “Three fledglings in a nest high up in a tree,” suggesting both vulnerability and trust that one will be cared for. Opposite the Moon, is the Sun in Sagittarius, highlighting the axis of information, ideas, education and exploration. The Sabian Image of the Sun is quite interesting: “Immigrants entering a new country,” which might turn over a new leaf in the European Refugee Crisis. Aside, this symbol reiterates the themes of new life, hope and vulnerability.

In our own lives, we are also embarking on new territory. Last month, we released an old illusory dream. A new dream is forming and with courage, we pursue it into the unknown,  

The Sun conjoins Saturn, who wants to protect us. A healthy Saturn reminds us to make the best use of our time, to take care of ourselves and when to be cautious; an unhealthy Saturn is fearful and has erected unnecessary walls preventing us from experiencing a richer variety of life. Saturn in Sag asks us to confront xenophobia, oppressive student loans and the things which constrict a more expansive perspective.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury conjoins Pluto, demonstrating at its highest vibration a readiness to heal and transform. Words carry utmost power. In these intense times, however, heed the trickster; on planet Earth, duality is inherent in ALL. Beware of misleading words which deceive the public into a selfish agenda. Greed is the worst disease currently plaguing the Earth. Chiron in Pisces squares the luminaries offering a choice to harm or heal. Love is the universal solvent of compassion, dissolving all borders and healing through our ONENESS. On the same token, passivity and apathy prevent healing from occurring. It’s only through service to one another that we can embody compassion and can support one another in our collective adjustment as migrants into the New Earth we are collectively co-creating. 

This Full Moon answers to the New Moon of June 2015 (when the Refugee Crisis began). What did you begin?

Wednesday, December 14th, we are still basking in the raw energy of the Full Moon. It’s a relatively quiet day in the heavens, preceded and followed by more dynamic days. This seems to be a pattern this month, as if to give us days to take it all in. Enjoy a peaceful day, laying low and recharging batteries if need be. The Moon enters homebody Cancer at 7:09 am, compelling us towards nurturing rituals. What makes you feel safe, nurtured and restored? The Moon makes a tranquil trine to Neptune in the evening: dream, meditate, imagine, drop out of reality. 

Thursday, December 15th, might be one of the toughest days of the month. There is a lot of tension in today’s chart and the discomfort is bound to be released somewhere! We have a challenging grand square in which energy gets stuck, uncomfortable and frustrated! It’s as if we put all of our collective issues in a room to be worked out. It’s going to get ferocious, but there’s a chance that we might make some progress. Squares, when handled properly, can be very productive. Moon opposing Pluto/Mercury suggests that we need to unpack and discuss our ancestral roots. There’s a lot of discussion about privilege, and the level of perceived racial inequality in this country and in other parts of the world. The United States was founded on inequality. The oppressed revolutionized and created a newer form of oppression which we are dealing with now. Uranus (liberator, awakener) and Jupiter (negotiator) jolt consciousness awake, strive to give a fair voice to all. Our society is itching to shed its old skin away─ not just in the USA, but in South Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, UK, EU… the refugee crisis….climate change, big oil… we are in a period of revolution. It is happening! I expect today to be another chapter in our human story.

Friday, December 16th, take it all in. This week has been cray-zay. Lay low or putz around with friends. The Leo Moon makes no major aspects. However, a conjunction with Vesta urges us to do something healing for our spirit or connect with our tribe. What makes your fire burn? 

Saturday, December 17th, we are feeling alive with warmer hearts thanks to the activation of the fire signs! The Leo Moon triggers the ongoing trine between Saturn and Uranus, which serves to integrate traditions of the past with the budding new realities and inventions of the future; the Moon here integrates the changes, and gives us an energetic boost. The Leo Moon represents a warmth in the heart and the desire to express the heart via affection for loved ones or through divine creativity and self-expression. Mercury is slowing down for retrograde, a great time to review mental patterns and energetic involvements.

Sunday, December 18th, today is a quiet day in the heavens, but we can still get a lot done with the influence of Mars; give your energy an outlet! There is a short void period prior to the Moon’s ingress into Virgo at 12:52 pm. Virgo aims to make improvements. The Moon conjoins the North Node in the evening, drawing our attention to the future. Perhaps we are just imagining some of the things we would like to accomplish this week. It’s not too early to begin thinking about a New Year’s resolution. The North Node is the lantern along the yellow brick road, leading us toward our soul’s destiny. It’s never a comfortable or easy path, but it feels right.


Monday, December 19th, is a day full of energetic shifting:

1) Another round of Mercury retrograde begins again! Mercury stations at 15⁰ Capricorn. In the earth signs, it’s our physical gadgets that glitch. While it’s believed that this is a time of increased miscommunication and commuting delays, Mercury is not entirely deserving of the stigma its retrograde carries! With the mind zooming forward all the time, it’s very helpful to take a pause and trek backward─ revisit, redo, revise, rethink. Perhaps the miscommunications are due to the mind getting too ahead of itself, faster than we can keep up.

Some valid cautions: this is a time to review and tend to ongoing ventures; it’s not the most ideal time to initiate something new. If something was already set in motion, go back and complete it. If you haven’t yet begun to actualize the idea, this is a time to meditate on it some more. Initiating something prematurely won’t be as fruitful. The other cautions are to be extra mindful with email and texting and to give yourself extra time en route! Mercury remains retrograde until January 8th.  

Aries- career, reputation, operations within the career, revisiting how to be more effective professionally, place in the world

Taurus- revisiting a mode of expanding the mind or world view; themes of higher education or philosophy

Gemini- energetic/ financial/ emotional investments; also a time to go deeper with ones spirituality and connect with subtle forces

Cancer- partnerships; revisiting something within partnership, reconsidering current partnerships, or a past partner returns with a message.

Leo- health, routine, small pets, work place; reworking the daily routine to support your attainment of where you want to be. Small adjustments; changes at work

Virgo- how you shine in the world, children, creative projects, revisiting something you enjoy

Libra- home, family, heritage, roots

Scorpio- mindful of your words! You might contact someone from your past (or hear from someone else) or return to an old book you didn't finish

Sagittarius- money/energy; themes of expenditure. Posessions- you need something to move forward or something breaks

Capricorn- , how you present yourself to the world, courage or impulsiveness might be a theme here.

Aquarius- unpacking the subconscious; great opportunity to spend time alone in reflection or in selfless service to others; karmic encounters

Pisces- groups, activism, world involvement, shared goals/hopes/ideals and how we work together to effect change for ourselves and in the world; groups of friends, clubs, teams

2) Mars leaves future oriented Aquarius and enters Pisces. Mars is action oriented and doesn’t typically excel in the infinite ocean of Pisces. Everything is so vast and interconnected that Mars loses its will to fight anything at all! What’s the point? On the other end, we might become a bit more idealistic, seeking for some way to improve the world. We are all on this rock together! If there is nothing grabbing your attention, it’s easier to lose focus, float and surrender to the current. “Nonaction.” This can be a positive thing, allowing spiritual synchronicity to guide action; this is an excellent time to participate in activities that make us feel timeless, infinite and formless. Art, music, meditation, yoga, dance, swimming: formless mixed with form. The action principle is geared towards compassion, infinity and transcendence through January 28th.

3) Saturn enters new territory as he breaches 20⁰ of Sagittarius. Each sign has 30 degrees and can be divided into 3 groups of 10⁰; each interval is a varied expression of the sign. We are now in the Leo decanate of Sag. Saturn in Sag has primarily created a wall between “us” and “them,” especially when it comes to varying belief systems and nationalism. Islamophobia, threats of a wall between the US and Mexico, the refugee crisis, and a divided nation into political party “bubbles” are all examples of this energy. Something is going to shift now. I can’t say exactly what will happen. Leo is the heart and self-expression, also children. Saturn often blocks or limits expression. This might harden hearts or offer concrete demonstrations of belief. If one truly believes in bridging a gap, one might feel more compelled to do so now; on the same token, if one feels strongly about building walls they may take definite action now. I’m not sure how this will play out, just speculating. But let’s see. Something is definitely bound to shift.

Tuesday, December 20th, is a more challenging day. Perhaps we are just thrown off from yesterday’s energetic shifts. The Virgo Moon strives to be productive but it seems like something is preventing progress. Maybe it’s an imprint from the past upon the now which is tripping us up. “There is a way through every block,” so keep up! There is potential for progress today. The Moon enters the partnering sign of Libra at 9:40 pm, easing any tension from the day. Connect with a partner or friend to close the day.

Wednesday, December 21st, is the WINTER SOLSTICE. The Sun God sinks to the lowest of low in the sky; days are at their shortest. During this time, the Sun is symbolically in the womb of the Goddess. In just a couple of days, the Sun will begin its ascent, symbolically reborn as the days progressively lengthen once more. Christmas is astrological! It’s on Christmas that we are sure that the Sun is climbing more and more each day. We officially celebrate the rebirth at Ostara/Easter when daylight overtakes the night. The Sun enters Capricorn, officially the first day of Winter, at 5:44 am. The Moon resides in Libra today, urging us toward relating with one another and inviting more beauty into our lives.

Thursday, December 22nd, is one of those more challenging, energetic days. Outlets are necessary to direct the current! The Moon triggers the stressful and transformative t-square between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, representing a stepping stone into the future as we purge aspects of the old order in favor of fresh ideas, fairness and balance. The Moon goes void at 2:31 pm with an opposition to Uranus, invoking a disruption of sorts. Watch out for sudden departures, rebellion, anarchy, lawlessness, awakening. Expect the unexpected today. 

Friday, December 23rd, the Moon enters resourceful Scorpio at 9:32 am, so it’s okay to get a late start to the day. Scorpio is the keeper of the power source. Power, when applied with intent, is transformational… evocative; with a helpful trine to Mars in Pisces, we can use our power to be selfless, helping others or participating in transcendent activities, which liberate us from the denser vibrations of physical form. Tune into the divine interconnectedness of all, the great mysteries of life.


Saturday, December 24th, the Moon remains in all or nothing Scorpio. Ideally we are connecting deeply with loved ones and enjoying our holiday weekend. Scorpio reveals the hidden, which can be excellent for story time with family! Some of the best stories come out under a Scorpio Moon! The only aspect worth mentioning today is that the ongoing trine between Saturn and Uranus tightens to exactitude; this bridges the past traditions into the future, implementing fresh ideas, new technology and experiments. 

Sunday, December 25th, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah! Unlike Thanksgiving, today’s aspects are rather nice! The Moon has the day off, making zero aspects, which is nice for kicking back and enjoying the flow. Today’s star is Venus, goddess of harmony, relating, beauty, values and enjoyment. She makes lovely aspects to jovial Jupiter (Santa), inviting optimism and joy and abundance into our hearts. Venus meets in the middle of Saturn and Uranus, bridging old traditions into the new. When we look around, we can see our families evolving each year; perhaps there are new faces at our celebration while we remember loved ones who have departed. Overall, today should be very enjoyable and happy.

Monday, December 26th, Kwanza begins! The Moon resides in visionary Sag. What is the future vision? 2017 is less than a week away! Idealism, wonder and possibility are in the air. We can worry about being practical later. Today we focus on the dream ahead. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition tightens to exactitude today; this energy is about growth, expansion and innovation. We will be working with this energy throughout the next year. This aspect should make the year feel like it passes extraordinarily fast. This is about growth, inspiration and openness to new, infinite possibilities in the collective. This will also mark another wave of awakening, reflected in the arts, fashion, music and movie industries; there is desire to make fair, liberate, reach, spread and inspire. Part of alchemical evolution is first descending into the underworld, staring ugly truth in the face and then ascending and awakening. Awakening is happening, but first people get angry!

Tuesday, December 27th, there are nicer aspects today. Focus fuses with inspiration and the desire to connect and relate with others. There is much energy available, but also a potential for laziness, so use it as you like. Many people are on vacation, so today might just be a day of enjoyment for some. The Moon goes void at 8:45 pm concluding the day’s activities.

Wednesday, December 28th, the Moon enters Capricorn at 10:12 am. As tomorrow is a New Moon, it’s best not to start anything new yet. However, today can still be super productive; best put towards finishing projects, cleaning house or what have you! Mercury conjoins the Sun, blasting the will of the ego into the mental projection. Everyone will feel extra talkative and apt to be sharing about themselves, their ideas and beliefs and ongoing involvements. Mercury sextiles Mars, energizing the tongue.

Thursday, December 29th, NEW MOON at 1:53 am at 8⁰ Capricorn. The Sun and the Moon exactly conjoin Mercury retrograde, suggesting that we are giving new life to something ongoing. Mars on the South Node infers that we must first let go of a desire or a mode of action which no longer yields. Perhaps we let go of a passion, only to make room for something worth returning to. Capricorn represents the tried and true, dependable methods which are supportive, practical and sustainable. In a way, we are asked to go back to our roots. Stability is important for Capricorn, which is why it’s important to invest in things that will withstand the test of time. So we ask ourselves, “what are we currently building? Is it supportive of the end goal? Will my actions sow the fruit I want to later enjoy?” Mars on the South Node expresses the need to be realistic with ourselves and release the faulty, flimsy parts of the plan.

The Sabian Symbol, “birds in the house singing happily,” suggests harmony, but it’s also loud! Uranus station direct today. Expect surprises, shocks, shifts, outbursts, revolutionary movement, radical acts of liberty or sudden departure. This New Moon chart colors the next lunar month, making for a very interesting next few weeks! I know I keep saying this, but isn’t it true? Look back on how crazy and unpredictable this year has been! Be safe out there!!!

Friday, December 30th, the Moon is void for the entire day, so go with the flow! The year is almost over; we are all checked out of 2016. Jupiter colors the void with optimism, abundance, gratitude, enjoyment, indulgence and positivity. Beware of overdoing! The Moon enters original Aquarius at 8:29 pm, perhaps awakening a second wind. The Sun sextiles Neptune, heightening compassion, creativity, imagination and idealism.

Saturday, December 31st, there are no aspects to report! Enjoy the holiday and be safe out there!


Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


*All images graciously discovered on Google Images