Astrology Report for January 2017: Quirky Continuity


Happy New Year!

If you are hoping that 2016 was just a quirky year, I have news for you: 2017 promises to be no different!

To speak candidly, our country is in a period of breakdown leading up to a massive rebirth. The next decade is going to be very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if the United States ceases to be in the next 30 years. Our entire identity and relationship with power are undergoing transformation, consisting of a very slow erosion of the old order and reinstating the new. Most countries who go through this particular transit are never the same afterward. I’m talking about the notorious “Pluto Return.” More well-known is the coming of age “Saturn return” at the age of 29, ushering us into hard realities of adulthood. No human being lives to see their Pluto return, which happens to Nations at 245 years.  

That’s how large this transit is.

Few nations survive their 245-year tenure without some sort of revolution or implementation of a new order. However, the United States is definitely a world power like the UK and China who have kept their name albeit altered orders of rulership over the years. The United States, in comparison, is a baby country entering a necessary period of extreme upheaval. Who knows how it will happen; all we know is that it’s certain. We are seeing the tell-tale signs of chaos begin now.

Referencing the United States Sibley chart, the first exact conjunction of transiting Pluto with the United States’ natal Pluto is on 2/20/2022. Conjunctions are periods of seed planting or rebirth. Prior to a rebirth, we experience a breakdown of the old order. The period of decay is peeking now.

“But the whole world seems to be chaotic”

Yes, this is true. Not every country is having a Pluto return (although France is next), but Pluto is harshly aspecting Uranus, Eris and Jupiter, instigating urges for revolution, evolution, transformation. This is reflected here on Earth in several countries: the UK, Germany, Syria, India, Australia, South Korea, even Japan is having their own crisis because young people are not as interested in coupling and having kids!



Perhaps the Mayans were correct after all...

Sunday, January 1st, the Moon is in original, social Aquarius today to kick off the New Year. Even if you rung in the new year with friends late into night, there is still an abundance of energy and a certain urge for randomness. The celebration rolls over, continuing throughout the day. For many, this is a day to break bread together and the energy is supportive of this, as the mind remains active and seeks to engage. The visionary quality of Aquarius sets its innovative eye toward the future: What do we seek personally and collectively for 2017? What should we do to make it happen?

Monday, January 2nd, the Pisces Moon sets a dreamy tone for the day. Some people are still on vacation, so this energy supports a day of relaxation and peaceful floating throughout the day. If you are returning to work from a long holiday vacation, the Pisces Moon makes us feel “out-of-body,” or hazy. Everyone is on the same page and hopefully understanding. It feels like we are just dipping our toes in. Pisces is also a sign of fairytales, so everyone will either have a happily ever after into the sunset version of holiday to share, or the damsel in distress version is also available! The Moon conjoins the South Node, inviting us to leave something behind- a habit, a reoccurring thought, a way of doing. It’s a new year after all and ripe for a fresh start!

There's going to be a lot of Pisces energy this month, so if you are feeling more lethargic and sensitive than usual, you are tuned in!

Tuesday, January 3rd, Venus enters Pisces, imbuing a softer, more romanticizing tone into the collective. Venus in Pisces lends us all a pair of rose colored glasses. “In a perfect world,” everything looks peachy! On the flip side, we are more hyper sensitive and may seek to escape from the cruel world because it’s too much of a burden to bear. We might also ask ourselves what we can do to alleviate suffering in the world; we might find ourselves wanting to give more to others. Pisces is a sign of devotion, often in a spiritual way. Pisces is the sign of the all-encompassing sky and ocean─ realms without physical boundaries; a sense of infinity brings about more idealism rather than practicality. Venus will remain in Pisces through February 3rd (and will revisit in April during Venus retrograde).

Venus sextiles Mercury, activating the law of attraction and enhancing telekinesis. (Venus is the magnetic principle and Mercury is the electric current of thought.) We might be better mind readers today. The Earth has an electromagnetic field and so do we─ also known as the aura! Today is a great way to check in with your own aura or to read others more easily. With Venus, Moon and Mars in Pisces, our sensitivity is high, so we can sense others more acutely.

In the evening, the watery tides take over as the Moon conjoins Chiron, bringing up the story of our wound, as well as themes of healing and mentoring. The Moon squares Saturn which might mean we don’t get what we want or we are feeling emotionally bogged down. It’s an extremely emotional, sensitive day.

Wednesday, January 4th, everything begins as an idea or inspiration before it can take form in the physical world. We have spent most of Mercury’s retrograde reviewing what we are physically working toward or building in the physical world─ pertaining to career, ambition or making a name for oneself. Now we revisit the original inspiration as Mercury dips back into Sagittarius (now through the 12th). We might need to expand our perspective a bit and see an even larger picture. Maybe there’s something we missed which we could rediscover now. The Moon enters Aries at 11:20 am igniting the day with passion, and fortitude of spirit. This is a big energetic change from yesterday; everyone will be spitting fire and taking charge!

Thursday, January 5th: Today through the rest of the weekend generates another slew of surprises. We can expect themes of power (use and misuse thereof), fairness, movements of sovereignty and voices commanding to be heard. Days like today mark another rung on the ladder of evolution. Chaos is necessary to create new order.

The luminous Sun conjoins Pluto, activating the urge to shed skin, as well as our relationship with our own power: projection versus containment, nurturing your power reservoir versus leaking it in unworthy places. We might ask ourselves, “where is my energy best invested?” This can also allude to the use of sexual energy, which is the same energy used for healing and spiritual awakening according to Tantric and kundalini traditions.

This is a very potent merging of energies, which often takes us to deep, dark places in the psyche. According to alchemy and other ancient traditions, we must first descend into the underworld (the realm of Pluto) for transformation to take place. We must look our shadow in the eye to truly awaken. Although sometimes, we already know what we need to do to become a butterfly.

The Sun conjoins Pluto during the wee hours of January 7th, however we usually feel these aspects most acutely in the few days leading up to it. If things feel deep, surreal, eerie but alive, that’s Pluto.

Friday, January 6th, please reference yesterday’s post for an accurate description of today’s Plutonian influence. When the Moon enters Taurus at 3:18 pm, we become grounded into our senses. The fire energy has been high the last couple of days, so now is the time to turn in, relax and nurture ourselves. Taurus likes to keep things in motion, so if the ball is still rolling, stay on top of it if need be. Dig your heels in! The Moon trines Mercury as he slows down to station direct on Sunday. There is an opportunity to see something in a new light around 1:40 pm EST. In the evening, the Moon talks to Venus, imbuing a softer energy.

Saturday, January 7th, as the Sun conjoined Pluto this morning, we still working with our relationship with power, how we embody it, where we direct it and what that means for us and to the world. This dynamic is also working itself out collectively, which is much harder to wrangle, considering the collective karma of 7 billion people!!! When we do the work personally, it contributes to the whole. This is how quantum leaps of consciousness work! A small movement can be potent enough to disrupt the masses. Therefore, we do the spiritual work and do our part in the world! 

Mercury prepares to station direct tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath because these days of a planets’ station are the most powerful. Astronomically, planets are closest to Earth during retrograde motion and therefore, as Rick Levine would say, the volume of that planet is louder. So with Mercury ruling communication, it’s important to be more mindful of words, allow extra time traveling, double check your order and make sure your phone has a protective case!

The Moon is in Taurus, activating our sensual side. It’s the simple pleasures in life. Get in touch with your body earlier in the day when Mars is activated. Move! Exercise or get out into the world in ways that are enjoyable for you! Apply yourself in a way that utilizes your own unique expression of power. Connect with others and notice their natural gifts as well.  

Sunday, January 8th, the Moon remains in steady Taurus and I hate to say it but it might not feel like a lazy Sunday. There’s an element of discomfort or push-pull─ this isn’t to say that today should feel heavy, but rather that something just feels “off.” Essentially, an adjustment is called for. It might have to do with money or health

Monday, January 9th, the Moon is in energetic, curious Gemini, so we will want to busy our minds and connect with others because we crave stimulus. Lines are blurred between fantasy and reality with a challenge from Neptune. This has been a hot topic lately. Check sources and take caution of self-delusion. We might be drawn to ideas that are fantastical, idealistic or spiritual. In the evening, the Moon squares Mars in Pisces, which might yield a question of direction or action. It might even be evasiveness or feeling overwhelmed by facts.

Tuesday, January 10th, expect the unexpected! If you’ve been feeling the desire to break free from a truly limiting situation, you are tuned into Sun square Uranus. Pay attention because you will see people quitting their jobs, breaking up and abandoning stressful situations altogether. Usually, these are situations that have ran their course and no longer serve the higher purpose of the individual. Because honestly, who doesn’t want to quit their job on certain days? We all go through that. But if the emotional burden outweighs the importance of the paycheck, for example, this is a time where a lot of people bid adieu.

The Uranian urge for freedom wants us to authentically shine our light and to extinguish habits which prevent such shining. Uranus behaves light lightening: sudden wake-up calls and realizations which jolt us awake. Once we have seen it, we can never look at the situation the same again. The inherent quickness prevents people from holding their tongues, so blowup disagreements are possible. This energy is wrapped into the upcoming Full Moon.

Tonight, the Moon enters watery Cancer at 5:49 EST, which might put out some fires. However, emotions run high in this sign, so we may still have to find our way through a cloud of smoky aftermath. If it’s hard to see clearly, allow some time to clear and calm. On a more positive side, fire and water create steam, which can be either cleansing or passionate.

Wednesday, January 11th, we plug into the collective consciousness in preparation for this Cancer Full Moon. Cancer is the sign associated with tribe, family and heritage. It’s important to remember that everyone on Earth belongs to the One human family. The Full Moon will be felt most acutely tonight, highlighting the emotional underbelly of everything going on in the world. These are tough times which require a lot of adjustment. To get through the day, sometimes we just have to tune out all of the atrocities on our news feed. It’s a survival mechanism; one’s heart can only bleed so much. This Full Moon is bound to bring out the emotional release, as the Full Moon activates ALL of the outer planets, condensing all matters that affect all of us on a global scale.


Mars sextiles Pluto, asking us how we can use our influence and energy to improve the human condition, or how to infuse compassion into our daily actions. We can think large or small. 

Thursday, January 12th, the FULL MOON ripens at 6:34 am EST 

and then turns void for the remainder of the day. The void Moon indicates follow through and just intuitively sensing one’s direction. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s an incredibly emotional and sensitive Moon, so the all-day void is much needed to integrate, reflect, contemplate and process.

On a personal level, this Full Moon highlights the axis between home and career: our roots woven into the nourishing, supportive earth, while we grow upward and outward, extending reach and stature while blossoming into the world. We are invited to check into the current balance we are living. Does anything need to be adjusted to support both our emotional needs, as well as our ability to provide for ourselves? If in need of self-love, participate in nurturing activities if possible.

This Full Moon activates ALL the outer planets, digging up wounds in the collective and experiencing such pain personally.  From a higher and simpler perspective, we are working our shit out so we can evolve. We all incarnated here and now to participate in the shift; we all have a role to play and we have what it takes to keep up. Together. There isn’t going to be a superhero who saves us all, but rather, we will collectively save us from ourselves. This requires honesty, a willingness to see everyone’s point of view and critique one another out of love.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon’s degree at 23⁰ Cancer is “the meeting of a literary society,” a group of people united by a common interest, meeting to discuss ideas and concepts where one might expect to be met with both praise and criticism. In a collegial setting, we typically stifle emotions in favor of listening more objectively. In a period of time where people are so divided on the spectrum, this image is extremely important. Perhaps we can be more willing to emerge from our comfy bubbles and engage in refining dialogue. We are one human family. It’s urgent that we come together now!

It’s FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! There is a reason this day carries its stigma─ which I am about to break down: Friday, one of the two days of the week associated with the feminine, receives its namesake from the goddesses Venus and Freya. “13” represents the 13 lunar (and menstrual) cycles in a solar year. The stigma this day carries is a testament against the feminine.  Click here to learn more about the etymological days of the week.

This is the same “mark of the beast” the number “666” carries. “Six-six-six” translates to “sex-sex-sex” in Latin. The six-pointed star symbolizes the sacred merging of the masculine and feminine whose meaning is not limited to sex. A woman’s sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe, which is why she has been labeled “bad luck” by certain patriarchal institutions who benefit from keeping women oppressed.  The triple “6” alludes to the 3 stages of women: maiden, mother and crone, which also correlates to the waxing, full and waning moons. The divine feminine is reawakening and claiming her power. Celebrate womanhood today! 

The Moon is in Leo, supporting our ability to shine in our authentic, Creation-given light. There are no other aspects today, a gift from the universe to integrate the intensity of yesterday’s Full Moon.

Saturday, January 14th, the Leo Moon has one creative eye toward the future and mindful attention to what’s time-tested, practical and reliable. We are integrating new, emerging ideas into the current structure. With Mercury moving forward again in the sign of Capricorn, we are returning to our goals with fresh perspective we gained during the retrograde. The Moon turns void at 10:17 am EST, so try to initiate anything important prior. The Moon remains void for the entire day, leaving us free to go with the flow as we look toward the future and what we are reaching toward. We get a glimpse of what’s possible when the Moon enters Virgo and conjoins with the North Node of Destiny at 10:52 pm.

Sunday, January 15th, our compassion is activated when the Virgo Moon opposes Venus and Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect of wanting to be of service toward the highest good. Virgo wants to perfect something while the sensitivity of Pisces recognizes the need. Empathy urges us to use our inherent skills to improve a situation. Another possibility is that the totality of our feelings is too overwhelming, causing us to throw all our cards onto the ground in defeat, surrendering to the universe. 

Monday, January 16th, we are told “Go!” and then we are told “Stop!” due to the Moon’s aspects to Mars and Saturn. We may feel as though our efforts are somehow blocked, or that our desires are hindered by demands of reality. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. The “I have a dream” energy is always strong this time of year, due to the nearness of Pisces season. In the face of adversity and the status quo (Saturn), King professed his vision of the world. Although we are still working out the kinks, MLK’s vision has manifest. Dare to dream and don’t take no for an answer!


Tuesday, January 17th the Libra Moon squares Mercury, which might pit the mind against the gut in the afternoon. In the evening, the Libra Moon wants to socialize and relate with others.

Wednesday, January 18th, is one of those challenging days in the collective. The Moon conjoins Jupiter, with a desire to expand, relate, make fair and create harmony. This can also be an indulgent energy. The collective story continues with themes of transformation, freedom, change, challenge, shock, rebellion, evolution, awakening, sovereignty, power structures, (mis)use of power, revelations.

Mars and Chiron inconjunct Jupiter, which means that something must be adjusted if we are to expand, heal and make fair. Perhaps it has to do with our means of execution, or we are too stubbornly holding onto something, or we are perhaps too idealistic and need to become more direct in our healing journey.  

Thursday, January 19th, is an eventful day in the heavens (“as above, so below…”). Mars squares Saturn bringing us back to the story from August.  What was it that you were working on or overcame? August was a challenging month for a lot of people─ numerous people were asking me, “what the heck is going on in the sky?” There was a big stress; perhaps a desire to move forward but something preventing such motion. This is a turning point in that story or the next lesson.

Interestingly, tomorrow is Inauguration Day and thousands are gathering in our nation’s capital for a women’s march the following day. Mars in Pisces represents unification, the dream, idealism and the will go pursue it. Saturn represents the limitations of reality and the status quo, which takes longer to catch up to the dream. Supplementing this movement, Vesta travels “out of bounds” today, marking a period of exaggerated altruism. Vesta is the sacred flame and often shows up where people make sacrifices for a cause.

The Sun enters Aquarius today, whose glyph looks like a squiggly equal sign, or electric airwaves. Ideas travel at lightning speed, which is why you cannot predict an Aquarius. They are able to connect the dots faster than most and thus see things in a uniquely different way. Many perceive their brilliance as quirky or psychic, but to them, they do not care! With an innate ability to network, Aquarius is a sign of the collective, innovation, and awakening ideas which take us into the future.

The Moon is void for the entire day with a productive sextile to Saturn. Today is best spent following through with ongoing projects and not best for shopping.

Friday, January 20th, today is Inauguration day. The Moon is in all-or-nothing Scorpio, defining the reality of what this day means. There are no more “what-if’s.” It is what it is. Scorpio rules the underworld, so for some, it’s a very dark day. Let it be fuel to access our reservoir and remain tenacious. For others, it’s a dream come true to have a president who speaks their language, as reflected by the Moon’s trine to Neptune. Venus sextiles Pluto, alluding to opulence, resourcefulness and deep relating.

Saturday, January 21st, the Scorpio Moon conjoins with Lilith, the wild woman archetype who is resilient, self-sufficient and won’t bow down to a man. Today is the women’s march in DC. With the Moon’s placement, this will not be a soft expression of power, but rather very definite and fierce. Expect a high turnout.  On a personal level, today can be creative, healing, primal and productive with a trine to Mars.

Sunday, January 22nd, the Moon is in visionary Sagittarius. It’s a relatively quiet day in the heavens to serve for integration, imagination and an eye toward the next adventure. We seek expansion and might be more optimistic today. Overall, an energized, warm and positive day. 

Monday, January 23rd, we have an eye toward the expansive future with the Moon in Sag talking to freedom-loving Uranus. How can we make more space for the things we enjoy? What are we working towards? It’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. Mercury sextiles Neptune attuning the mind toward creative building. Practicality infuses with imagination to get a perfect balance of creativity.


Tuesday, January 24th can be a super productive day, energized by the warmth of the fiery Sag Moon. The day begins with a desire to work toward something or apply oneself in a practical way which will ideally yield long term results. Align with your purpose and take physical action. At 12:23 pm the Moon goes void with a square to Mars, which indicates a challenge of some kind─ perhaps emotional. If you are unscathed, it can be a productive afternoon and evening for follow-through! The Moon enters loyal Capricorn at 5:43 pm, grounding and stabilizing the energy for the evening.

Venus conjoins Chiron, heightening sensitivity and awareness of the suffering of others. Inconjunct Jupiter in Libra is a desire to liberate and make fair. Understand that we all have our lot in life. None of it seems fair. We have personal and collective karma. Chiron is the gift that helps us learn from our suffering and liberate us from ego-centered darkness.

Over time, we are able to gain perspective and clarity that helps us to grow from experience. Some of the best lessons are the most challenging. This feeling lasts through tomorrow too. This is a really hazy, idealistic aspect, so it can be hard to see things for what they truly are; this might be to our benefit because when things happen that aren’t fair and we can’t understand, we have no choice but to turn our understanding toward the infinite, which of course we can never truly confirm concretely. Instead, it’s a deep knowing, rooted in the very realm of misty, hard to define infinity.

Wednesday, January 25th, can be a very creative and productive day. Our minds are active, busy and oriented towards practical aspects of life. Allow today to be flowing, intuitive and easy, as tomorrow’s weather calls for rain.

Thursday, January 26th, is one of those tougher days in the collective. The Moon conjoins Pluto, heightening the urge for transformation, depth, psychological searching and purging. We go deep today. The Moon squares Uranus, Eris and Jupiter, yearning for freedom of expression, liberation and authentic sovereign expression. Be on the lookout for surprises, big reveals and transformative news stories. On a personal level, we can be productive if it’s available to us, however, it’s the day prior to a New Moon, which is usually a day for not doing much; rather, the old Moon is meant for quiet introspection, reflection and nurturing of the self.

Venus squares Saturn, which might raise issues with money, values or in relationships. We tend to be a bit more conservative and cautious under this influence. Emotions may run high and we may feel deeply passionate about something, but we are able to maintain emotional reserve.

Friday, January 27th is a NEW MOON in Aquarius. We are beginning a new cycle around how we use our originality to participate in the collective. What is our network and who is in it? The Age of Aquarius promises to unite the entire human race as one brother/sisterhood. However, we are still in the cusp period and there is much work to be done until then. We still like to obey something or someone.  On a personal level, Aquarius is where we can put our emotions aside and work toward a shared goal. It’s also our friends, groups, clubs and networks. Aquarius is all about how our personal experience shapes our knowledge and what we offer to the world table in servitude of the whole.


The Sabian symbol for 9⁰ Aquarius is “a flag is seen turning into an eagle,” alluding to the actualization of an archetype or an embodiment of an ideal. Here, ideas are given form and substance. In the Age of Aquarius, all of our roles are important. The time is now to “be the change” we want to see in the world. We are all invited to embody our truth and our collective vision. The eagle’s symbolism is the spirit soaring high with expanded perspective, while still being able to narrow in on its target. We are invited to become the eagle.

Saturday, January 28th, today begins the year of the Fire Rooster. I’m no expert on Chinese astrology, however in retrospect everything is 20/20. Last year was the year of the fire monkey and boy was it a wild, unpredictable year or surprises and shenanigans!

We should noticeably feel an energetic shift as Mars leaves the watery realm of Pisces at 12:28 am for his home sign Aries. Mars is the warrior and is therefore most comfortable in the willful, courageous sign of Aries. We will find that it’s much easier to go after what we want, to be spontaneous, and to take action in accordance with our desire. Here, the impulsiveness is often in alignment to our own truth and we feel less bogged down by the collective (Pisces). Desire is stronger now. It’s going to feel like spring has sprung. All the Pisces energy has made us more lethargic, passive, emotional; now we are thawing out and ready for action.

Sunday, January 29th, has a serious tone to the morning and a generally deeper tone in the evening. Whatever is going on personally will be intensified. Mercury conjoins Pluto. This has been long awaited as Mercury turned retrograde just prior to meeting up with Pluto. We are going to see things that we weren’t ready to see before. Truths will be revealed and darkness illuminated. Pluto takes us to the underworld where we are faced with the shadow─ the truth we ignore. “

You want it darker…”

 This might be a deeply psychological transit, which takes us on a journey into the crevasses of the psyche; look at it. Make peace or purge. This energy can also be used for intense study, investigation, focus or healing. In the collective, look for big reveals in realms of power structures, big business, authority, banks, government, oil companies and people of influence..

The Moon conjoins the south node in Pisces, affirming a readiness for release.

Monday, January 30th, the quest to investigate deeper continues. Lookout for more big reveals. The truth shall set us free. The Pisces Moon supports our inner vision quest and attention toward the infinite.

Venus turns retrograde next month; today may present to you a clue as to what you may be working with. Look for clues under Venus' domain: relationships, connection, beauty, harmony, values, priorities, finances and artistry. 

Tuesday, January 31st, the morning is a little cranky. The sensitive watery Pisces Moon gets a “no” from Saturn. So maybe it’s just, “no you can’t stay in bed and drink hot chocolate all day.” But maybe it’s bigger. Keep your chin up as things cheer up at 12:26 pm when the Moon conjoins Venus. This begins a much nicer chapter to the day. Get the hot chocolate on your lunch break! This might be the go ahead to treat yourself or an act of kindness. The third chapter of the day gives us a second wind when the Moon enters fiery Aries at 4:46 pm and conjoins Mars at 9:52 pm, igniting passion.  Mercury squares Uranus at 10:32 pm activating the mind. Anxiety, tension, creativity, spontaneity are all possible! Be mindful of words and communications today and tomorrow!


Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....


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