Astrology Report for February 2017: Creating History Now


*All times read for Eastern Standard Time (EST); for Pacific Standard Time (PST) subtract 3 hrs; GMT, add 4 hrs.

The first week of February holds space for a significant shift of energy, leading us into the first of two eclipses this month. Eclipses always brings things to light in a new way, so that we can see an existing situation like we’ve never seen it before. Often an eclipse will show us something that needs to be released, along with illuminating the path of spiritual and personal growth. Eclipses are high energy; perhaps emotional, eventful or both.

Within this first week, Venus, Mercury, Juno and Ceres, change signs. Warrior Mars already got a head start when he emerged from the foggy mist of Pisces and eagerly moved into his fiery home sign of Aries last week; it may already seem as though we are energetically perking up. When planets shift from Pisces to Aries, we move from feeling sensitive, and surrendering to the current, but then we get a jolt, taking the reins.  Venus follows suit with her ingress into Aries on February 3rd, doubling the drive. Mercury shifts from serious Capricorn into aloof Aquarius, alleviating mental burden with fresh ideas. Ceres and Juno move from Fire signs into Earth signs, grounding the elemental balance in the heavens.

21⁰-25⁰ are hot right now. If you have a personal planet or an angle at these degrees, your life may be very eventful and perhaps undergoing change. Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Chiron are all vibrating at these degrees. Pluto at 19⁰ inches near and is still close enough to join the club. Each of these planets move fairly slow, like hands on an enigmatic world clock. It’s quite congruous that all of these planets arrive at the same degrees around a world so chaotic. The Moon successively triggers these degrees once each week, paralleling the momentous social climate.

We are collectively making history (herstory) whether we know it or not. This time-period will be remembered as we remember the Roaring Twenties and the Summer of Love. We are amidst a major revolution: technological, political, eco-consciousness, grassroots movements, spiritual awakening, gender/sexuality/identity, sovereignty. This evolution of daily existence causes a quickening in consciousness. We are in a world where everyone now has a platform to voice and share, however, bullshit spreads as quickly as truth. Authenticity is rare, while efficiency of sharing facts abounds. We have many major issues on the table and although ongoing, such topics will be louder on certain days, perhaps reflected by the Moon’s illumination of the aforementioned degrees.

Let’s do this.


Wednesday, February 1st, is an energized day. The Martian vibrations are strong with the Moon in Aries conjunct it’s ruler Mars. Chances are, we will all leap out of bed with vigor and excitement to start the day. We can really get a lot done, as Mars rules action, desire and taking charge. We can be a bit impulsive so it might be best to not adhere to a strict schedule. Go after what you want, but try to be mindful; the energy is ripe for butting heads, arguments, flare-ups, or hotheaded behavior. Try to keep cool and remain focused. Pick your battles.

Thursday, February 2nd, the morning continues to be energized and active. There’s a certain amount of entitlement walking the streets today. Be ready for surprises, reckless drivers and rude people on the commute. Mercury squares Jupiter, inflating ideas and multiplying them. There might be too many thoughts in your head. Gift of gab strong today. Don’t make too many promises.

It would be best to set anything new or important into motion before 11:50 am, when the Moon turns void of course. When the Moon is void, she is finished making major aspects until she changes signs again. The void period is nicely colored by Saturn, so we can still be productive, but this is best for follow through rather than initiation. Lunar void periods are great for going with the flow, following your intuitive guide and taking rest if necessary. Pretty much, follow your intuitive guidance unless duty calls! The Moon enters Taurus at 8:50 pm.

Today marks the pagan holiday known as Imbolc, the cross quarter between Winter and Spring. We are halfway there! Imbolc is the first of three fertility celebrations. The Earth prepares, unseen, beneath the soil for rebirth.

Friday, February 3rd, the Taurus Moon indulges in its infinity with a nice aspect from Neptune. Treat yourself to activities which support your bliss and transcend you from the cares of the mundane. Invite magic into your life with ease. Flow with your natural desires and impulses; no need to force anything.

Juno is the wife of Jupiter (Roman version of Hera, consort of Zeus), though her symbol is not limited to wifehood, but partnership in general─ romantic, business or friendship. She also represents commitments, which could be to an ideal, skill or anything really. Juno enters Capricorn at 1:47 am, wherein we direct attention to long-term commitments and partnerships. Where are you in it for the long haul? We put our time in now with hopes that it will pay off later. In Capricorn, honesty, respect, patience, determination and loyalty are integral building blocks of sustainable outcome. Juno will be here through December 2017.

We will see the Capricorn/Juno archetype acted out on the world stage between now and February 9th.

But before we can be a partner, we must be clear with ourselves. Venus enters Aries at 10:51 am, where the self becomes the main priority. Traditionally, Venus is associated with relating and sharing but in Aries, the other person becomes an afterthought. “Oh, you wanted the last bite? Oops…sorry.” While traditional astrologers consider Venus to be in detriment in Aries, this Libra gal will tell you how draining it gets to constantly put others before you. Libra (domicile of Venus) is about balance after all, and sometimes you really do need to put yourself first.  

While it seems like a bleak time to be alive, it’s true that we should be more compassionate and giving. However, we cannot give if there is no fuel in the tank. We are invited to find our center and restore our vitals, so that we can be more effective branching out.

We can learn a lot from the person who is clear about their needs, desires and boundaries. Venus in Aries is valuable medicine for the selfless. “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”  Aries is the sign of the warrior, impulsive and headstrong. What is your cause, passion or desire? We can all be a bit more impatient, restless and hotheaded. Pick your battles. Everyone is going to want their way, NOW! 

Venus normally stays in each sign for about one month; however, she is preparing to turn retrograde next month, thus extending her stay in Aries until early June. Think back to Monday; you might have received a clue as to what this retrograde will mean for you.

Saturday, February 4th, the Moon remains in sensual, grounded Taurus. Choose your own adventure because there are two fated aspects in the sky today, reflecting each Taurean function: one offers healing, rejuvenation, rest and enjoyment, while the other offers putting in the work, commitment and time so that one may produce something of value. If the latter is the one you choose, you can still treat yourself later! The work day is over when the Moon turns void at 5:42 pm with a social trine to Mercury. Great conversation resonates throughout the night.

Collectively, it’s worthwhile to pay attention. As I said, there is an emphasis on fated aspects and therefore, fated events. Ceres enters Taurus at 7:17 pm, also encouraging us to bring in more stability and security so that we can feel nurtured. This is an opportune period for Root chakra work, now through April 29th.

Sunday, February 5th, the Moon is in chatty Gemini, further energized by Mars. This is a day that you will definitely want to get out of the house. Go for a run if the weather is nice, get out into the community, socialize, gather, learn. This is a great combo for exploring and treading fearlessly into territory you have never gone before. Mars in Aries is brave and Gemini Moon is curious. Get out and make a discovery.

In the evening, tune in and drop out with a square to Neptune. You had a busy day, so now it’s time to relax, escape, transcend. Neptune aspects are great for movies, music, fantasy, meditation, yoga, dance, or enjoying a spirited beverage. Since we are dealing with a square, maybe there’s some challenging (fake?) news, or tension between the mind and the spirit. …The chatter of the world versus the unspoken hum of the universe... This combo often presents a distortion of the facts or not wanting to see something for what it is. Escapism ensues.

Monday, February 6th, expect a very busy, high vibrational day. With a grand trine in the Air element, we are verbally and mentally active. Be open to stimulating conversation, and inspirational new ideas. Everything begins as an idea; verbal vibrations are the seeds of expression manifest. The airwaves are buzzing, and your antennae are receptive. Jupiter stations retrograde, concluding a 4-week run of all planets moving direct from our geocentric perspective. Jupiter retrograde in Libra will turn the quest for balance and harmony inward.

Collectively, Jupiter stationing is going to rattle some cages. Jupiter in Libra wants to see equality, fairness and harmony in the world. Jupiter opposes Uranus, exposing the shocking inequality, thus awakening people to claim their sovereignty. Meanwhile, squaring Pluto works to expose corruption, abuse of power and the fallacies within the current ruling order. Jupiter stationing is going to trigger themes of unjust structures in the world and fears plaguing our society (xenophobia, walls, beliefs). Look for these themes emphasized this week.

The Moon turns void this evening at 5:53 pm; time to go with the flow and follow your intuition/gut.

Tuesday, February 7th, the Moon resides in her home sign of Cancer, with a square to Mars and Venus. This might indicate something blocking you from meeting your own needs. Mars and Venus together expresses an innate certainty of what one wants and how to get it. Cancer is an emotional sign, maybe how we feel is in conflict with what we want. Perhaps duty calls, or a tribe member needs or help so we put our desires on the backburner. The Cancer Moon always makes people more sensitive, needy, nostalgic and desiring to partake in nurturing activities.

Mercury leaves his long residence in focused Capricorn; it’s been an enduring time of serious thought, goal orientation and practicality. Now in Aquarius, the mind is more free to roam. Get weird, think outside the box, let go. . . Mercury in Aquarius gets lost in thought because one idea leads to another and before you know it, you’re long gone down the rabbit hole! On the same token, Mercury in Aquarius can be so detached, it doesn’t take anything seriously. This way of thinking allows more freedom. Perhaps this is much needed if you drowned in the Pisces pool of emotions last month. Mercury in Aquarius is cerebral and keeps emotions from having much influence over the thought process.

In the evening, intuition is activated with the Moon’s trine to Neptune. Imagination, creativity and fantasy. This combo makes for vivid dreams and a great night’s sleep.

Wednesday, February 8th, the Cancer Moon conjoins with the flame of your heart’s furnace, Vesta, who represents the ability to sacrifice for something higher than oneself. It’s. Your truth is illuminated today. Speak to your true, higher Self, the totality of all your incarnations. The ego-self is only a fraction of who you truly are. Connect with your true heart’s flame; what is your vision?

Today may continue to send emotions untethered. Themes of power (use and misuse), ability to be effective (constructive or destructive), breakthroughs, shock and desire for freedom may be activated on the world stage today. The Moon turns void at 5:00 pm, concluding the day’s work. Feel free to be your own guide and go with the flow. 

Thursday, February 9th, is yet another highly energized day. Fire and Air dominate, creating hot air; both inspiration and phony “facts” spread quickly. The Aquarius Sun sextiles its ruler, Uranus urging issues of freedom, discovery, authenticity, originality and spontaneity. Innovative ideas for the future gather momentum. Authentic creative expression doubles down with the Leo Moon. There is an ease, but also an unpredictability to the day. Contributing to the excitement, the Sun and Moon near closer into alignment for tomorrow’s LUNAR ECLIPSE. Go out and play!

Friday, February 10th, the luminaries dance into a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE at 23⁰ Leo.

The creative juices are supercharged and emotions run high. As eclipses distort the light, we might see something in a new way where Leo falls in your chart. Overall, Leo is about the heart-space and authentic self-expression.


Leo is ruled by the life-giving Sun; it is our birthright to shine and our duty to utilize our Creation-given gifts in the world. The Leo Moon forms a grand fire trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, boosting creative inspiration, passion, insight and enthusiasm. This eclipse is sure to ignite a restlessness on a personal level and fuel movements on the collective level. A chart this dynamic provokes, agitates and stimulates. Get ready because fire is contagious and spreads quickly. The next two weeks will fly by.

The chart for the eclipse is fascinating. With so many planets sharing the eclipse degree, we almost have a full hexagon! This is extremely rare. The missing piece lies in Gemini: conversation, learning and gathering facts. Face to face communication opens the heart (Leo), dissolving borders and fear. Hate is often a product of ignorance. Instead of building walls to preserve our ego, we must be open to learning from one another.

The need for healing is emphasized in this chart; this is an optimal time to nurture your heart and indulge in luscious heart chakra work. There are many activities that stimulate the heart, but in Leo, it’s about finding your passion, figuring out what it is that makes you happy and following that bliss fearlessly like a lion. The wise Gurmukh once said,

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear.”

Create space for your heart’s true expression. Radiate your light as an offering to the world. When you are smiling, it inspires those around you to find their joy too. Leo is not afraid of the spot light, because they are authentic. The heart does not lie.

Exact at 7:32 pm EST, most people in the world will be able to witness the Moon’s orangey hue at some point in the night. In this case, the eclipse is “penumbral,” which means that the Moon is just outside of the Earth’s shadow, and thus the light is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere onto the Moon. Regardless, even those on the other side of the world will still feel the effects of heightened sensitivity. Being in a fixed sign, our emotions may have us fixated on something; peer deeper to discover the lesson.

Saturday, February 11th, the Moon illuminates Virgo, the sign of the perfectionist. This is a great day for tending to details, busy work, and routines. The Aquarius Sun makes a harmonious trine to Jupiter, encouraging growth, optimism and enthusiasm. Collectively, we might see something made fair. This is a social aspect and makes for great group outings and conversation.

Sunday, February 12th, the Moon remains in Virgo, but is more analytical and prone to worrying as opposed to yesterday’s nicer placement. Today, we might be confronted with our insecurities, anxieties and wounds from the past. Our pains become our teachers over time. Try to be proactive with this story. Recognize your bravery and have compassion for yourself. If there is anguish directed at something outside of yourself, the recent Leo eclipse reminds us that we take responsibility for our own happiness; if we are doing our part to alleviate suffering, that’s something to be proud of. With a helpful trine to Pluto in the evening, we can rewrite the dialogue and help transform the story of suffering into victory. Of course, these things take time, even years to heal. Today is an increment forward. Have courage and take care of yourself.

Monday, February 13th, we might be in for a rough morning. The Moon goes void at 7:36 am with a square to Saturn. It’s heavy and all too real. Maybe we didn’t get the memo and now the whole morning is screwed up. It’s hard to please your client or your boss. Often with this aspect, we feel neglected or depressed even. Somehow, we weren’t able to have what we wanted or needed this morning. Rest assured that the afternoon is more cheerful. The Moon enters Libra at 3:43pm showing us the positive side of the situation. Relate, share, balance and invite beauty and enjoyment into the evening.

Tuesday, February 14th, Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s aspects are ripe for love, relating and sharing. The lovely Libra Moon opposes her ruler Venus in fiery Aries. The only word of caution is that the fire can either be an argument or passion! Hopefully it’s the latter. Its true that we should celebrate love every day, but especially on a day like today, we should not be fighting!

Lilith emerges from wounded-ness into consciousness. The fire purifies and invigorates her stance, fearlessly taking aim toward the next horizon. The Moon’s recent conjunction with Lilith was on the day of the worldwide Women’s March. Think of the inherent magnitude here, and what it means for people all over the world. We just made a quantum leap in consciousness.  A spirited fire has been ignited and it’s not going anywhere. We can utilize the energy of


Lilith in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Leo eclipse, to courageously take aim and gallop towards it.

Wednesday, February 15th, the push for truth, equality and fairness continues in the collective. Fraught against tyrannical ruling structures, people continue to awaken and resist. The beauty of these times are the people’s unification and dedication to rattling the status quo. People will continue to peel back the layers of oppressive rule. It’s a slow process, but victory is inevitable. We are making a quantum leap in consciousness! Awakening and unification are abundant.

Never in the known history of the world has there been a movement this large. In conjunction with the Women’s March in DC, hundreds of other sister marches took place, attracting millions of men and women worldwide. This movement is not just about women’s rights, but equal rights for all. This was the largest, most diverse and peaceful movement that has ever occurred in the world. We are all a part of it, whether participating or against it. Have courage! The good fight continues.

The Libra Moon turns void at 8:54 pm. The day and evening are social, eager to relate and exchange ideas. Create more beauty

Thursday, February 16th, the Moon resides in Scorpio for the day. The desire for depth and intensity is subtle but alive. The mind is extremely active with Mercury’s sextile to Mars. Scorpio tends to be a bit more private, so it’s not necessarily chatty unless you are exchanging dialogue with a trusted confidant. Not a small talking kind of day; a stronger desire for deep conversation and a deeper connection.

Friday, February 17th, what we think we want may clash with what we feel. The Moon goes void with a sextile to Pluto at 2:38 pm. Healing impetus, transformation and taking space for privacy is strong today. Space is necessary for progress on the healing path, reflection, observation of the process and growth. No need to make plans for the night if deep psychological musings push away the rest of the world. Feelings guide the way in the evening.

Saturday, February 18th, the Sun enters Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. It’s here that the winter seems to motionlessly drag on, yet we can feel the anxiousness of nature’s rebirth. Plants are preparing to burst forth, trees showing early signs of buds, and birds are preparing to lay their eggs. As human beings, this may be a period in which we are conscious of spring’s arrival, so for this last little bit of time, we tend to be a bit reclusive while we can. However, this year, we have so many planets in Aries, that it might already feel as though spring has sprung.

Pisces itself is a sign of dual nature, symbolized by two fish. One swims downward towards the earth (maya, personality, ego), while the other swims upwards towards the heavens (higher self, transcendence, oneness). For a Pisces, one fish swims harder than the other. Pisces are often empathic “sharers,” in which boundaries are softened and they feel everything. This is often why confusion is associated with Neptune─ they are one with all and it’s difficult to discern where one starts and where one begins. This is why solitude is very important for Piscean people, for it’s here that their aura can be one with itself. It is overwhelming to constantly function with such heightened sensitivity. For this reason, many Pisceans turn to escapism: drugs, alcohol, art, theater, movies, meditation, yoga, spirituality and self-less service, to name a few. Going back to the two fish, some have healthier escapes than others. A Pisces never finds true freedom until the personality becomes the servant of the soul.

While we are not all born under the sign of Pisces, the Sun illuminates the Pisces section of our chart for the next month. We are invited to serve our higher self, our community, and connect with the vast cosmic ocean in which we are all ONE.

The Moon conjoins Lilith for the first time since the Women’s March, but this time she has transgressed from Scorpio into Sagittarius. She is in a new place: celebratory, visionary, victorious. Scorpio is home of the wound and Sag is where we make sense of it all and celebrate life. Let’s see if there is another story in this vein, but certainly the energy is warm today.

Sunday, February 19th, is best suited for a Sunday Funday. The Sag Moon wants to play. Don’t adhere to rigidity if you can avoid it! With a trine to Venus, the urge to socialize, enjoy and relate is strong. Sagittarius craves wide open spaces, so get outdoors or expand your world view; visit a museum or try a new cuisine. Allow yourself to forget your worries for today. With the Moon’s square to Neptune, there is an urgency to connect with the infinite through imagination, indulgence, spirituality, prayer, artistry, movies, entertainment, ice skating etc. The energy is active, so sports or theater or the likes is appealing. Do something different that takes your out of the mundane routine. 

Monday, February 20th, carries a contagious wave of enthusiasm, with a concentrated focus of sorts. We are apt to be alert, engaging, proactive, and optimistic. Mercury sextiles Uranus, so be receptive to cosmic downloads, brilliant ideas and intuitive guidance. Synchronicity. The Moon turns void with a conjunction to Saturn at 6:37 pm. Time to reel it in and come back down to Earth for some moderation or a well-deserved reward for a productive day.

Tuesday, February 21st, the Moon resides in Capricorn; time to focus. The last few days were a lot of fun, now we return to the climb. The abundance of energy remains, but now we must focus it towards building something sustainable. The Moon conjoins with Juno, reminding us of our long-term goals and commitments; perhaps this means nurturing a partnership.


Wednesday, February 22nd, is a super active day, prone to eruption, reveals, violence and outbursts. Mars squares Pluto, taking us back to their last meeting in October. That’s when Trump’s notorious pussy-grabbing comments emerged, followed by more allegations of sexual abuse against him. Outrage over Brock Turner and other stories of rape perpetuated dialogue about “consent.” There were also stories about police officers not being held accountable for murdering unarmed citizens, which sprung the “blue lives mater” movement into existence. Mars/Pluto combinations often bring up issues of privacy (Hillary’s emails), sexuality, intimacy, molestation, (mis)use of power and influence. However, this time Mars is in Aries, so should there be a related scandal, the riots will be louder and the establishment may not be able to hide behind it’s façade.

I hope these things don’t come back, but these conversations may not be over; we still have collective karma here, so they may indeed come back. On the other side of these painful topics is the healing that comes from discussion. Progress does not happen when we ignore the problems. Remember, this is a turning point in the story. The trauma emerges when it’s ready for healing. Corruption is exposed to liberate the people by freedom fighters (Mars in Aries squaring the Pluto in Capricorn- capricious plutocracy). We may witness more subversive acts of freedom. Think Snowden, Assange, Anonymous, wikileaks, and other incriminating evidence coming to light.  Remember that in the grand scheme of this mess, we are awakening.  If you are alive right now, you have a role in the collective healing process. We will solve it together. 

Truth is coming out all week. But beware of what you hear. The truth will emerge and people will use the “fake news” cover attempting to discredit. As we build towards a Solar Eclipse conjunct Neptune, we must wade through the sea of “alternative facts.” In the sea of Pisces, only your true heart and intuition can guide you, so the war is on your heart and mind. Protect them with all you’ve got. In all seriousness, this is the most intense day of the month, in between enlightening eclipses, things are coming to light now!

Thursday, February 23rd, is a reverberation of yesterday’s tumultuous energy. Mercury sextiles Saturn, where things ideally become crystal clear; the only trouble is that belief will cloud truth. Everyone is entitled to their own truth, but the question is: Is TRUTH absolute or relative? We live in duality consciousness, so there is no way to know for sure.

The Moon is void for the morning, so it’s normal if you are slow to get going this morning. The afternoon will be much more active once the Moon enters Aquarius at 12:17 pm. The Aquarius Moon helps to disconnect emotions from objective, innovative thinking. 

Friday, February 24th, is a much-needed calmer day. The aftershocks continue, but we are in a place of objectivity. The  Moon makes nice aspects to Venus at 10:41 am. Great energy for discussing money, ideas, shared desires and relating with others.

Saturday, February 25th, Mercury at the last degree of Aquarius gives voice to scientific reason and futurology. I wouldn’t be surprised as of this writing if the anticipated Scientist march happens today! The morning has nice, active, aspects, including a productive sextile to Mars and Uranus and a trine to Jupiter. We are more likely to wake up early, eager to begin the day.

The Moon turns void with a sextile to Saturn at 1:11 pm, coloring the afternoon with a sense of purpose, conviction, duty or focus. The seriousness lifts when the Moon enters Pisces at 7:24 pm.


Mercury additionally enters Pisces at 6:07 pm. The mind is ready to take a break; there’s a readiness to become timeless, imaginative, formless, psychic, intuitive, sensory, devotional and compassionate. Mercury is moving fast, so the Messenger will only stay in Pisces for two weeks. Take advantage of artistic, meditative, dreamy pursuits. The mind has no borders: allow imagination to soar or start channeling your spirit guides. We are more compassionate here. Send love letters to friends afar, dream, journal, reflect, or get past life regression therapy.

Sunday, February 26th is a Solar eclipse at 9⁰ Pisces

, the last sign on the zodiac. Solar eclipses are potent new Moons, and while new Moons usually denote new beginnings, this event has much to do with endings. In addition to occurring in the last sign of the zodiac, the eclipse also occurs conjunct the south node, which indicates release. A door is closing, a chapter is ending─ we are through with something.

Solar eclipses usually generate pivotal events; we see things in a new way and cannot go back. Such events are impossible to predict with accuracy, but the best way to see where the reveal will show up for you is to find where 9⁰ Pisces falls in your chart.

Pisces rules the infinite, formless void of spirit, divine compassion, selflessness and sensitivity; it’s where we suffer at mercy of the human condition and seek transcendence. So perhaps your source of suffering is magnified this week: understand it as an opportunity to see it in a new way and freely release some of it. Release emotional build up, feelings, baggage, victim-consciousness and allow truth and wisdom to fill the gap. “Guru” means from darkness to light; it’s where awareness liberates. The light will show you something new this week and it will tell you to stop giving away your power!

Pisces’ ruler Neptune tightly conjoins the Solar Eclipse. While Neptune has been travelling in orb of the South Node, we’ve been confronting the “fake news” plaguing our society. Neptune is the deception principle, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. The technological age harbors a hyperabundance of information; deciphering between fiction and truth is quite the burden for the mind alone. Meditation cultivates an intuitive compass and activates our psychic senses, which are some the best tools we have to help navigate through false flags. The heart can deceive, but the true cultivated heart knows.

Expect this week to yield surprises and big breakthroughs. Mars, Uranus and Eris conjoin on this very day, offering shock, awakening, volatility, liberation, rebellion, madness and rage. No doubt, people are going to be releasing their baggage in explosive, strange, demonstrative ways. Big week for mental breakdowns, and sudden departures. People do not want to be confined any longer! Outspoken cries for sovereignty and revolution continue. Bernadette Brady associates this eclipse cycle with “pleasant surprises,” so despite the cacophony, the outcome should be positive.

Political unpredictability has been a running theme for the past year now and is naturally reflected in the heavens. Undoubtedly, we can expect more political surprises. Eclipses traditionally highlight faulty rulership. As Mars and Eris are brother and sister, siblings might play into these events somehow on a collective level.

Exact at 14:53 UT, the eclipse can only be witnessed from certain parts of the DR Congo, Angola, Argentina and Chile. The effects will still be experienced by all on planet Earth, however, these countries may experience more events than usual.

Monday, February 27th, the emotional intensity echoes from yesterday’s eclipse. Readiness for healing is strong throughout the day and there is a willingness to take the actions to create more harmony in our lives. The evening has its own challenges, as there’s a sense of not having our needs met. The Moon goes void with an upsetting square to Saturn. Perhaps duty calls when you’d rather curl up in bed. Mercury arrives on the South Node, continuing the release offered by yesterday’s eclipse: a way of thinking, inner dialogue or behavioral pattern. It could also mean that we say goodbye to a cherished voice, author, actor, or sadly, someone young.  

Tuesday, February 28th, is a slightly warmer day. The Aries Moon feels in control once more, enthusiastic, vibrant and ready for what’s next. The Moon conjoins Venus, so there may be a desire to socialize and spontaneously spend money but watch out! Venus is preparing to station retrograde, so people might be less interested in social graces and exchanging: more people will be talking at you.

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and unity to ALL....


*All images graciously discovered on google image search