Astrology Report for March 2017: the Heart of Hesperus


* All times are read for Eastern Standard/Daylight Time; for Pacific, subtract 3 hours. 

As I write for the month of March amidst the Solar eclipse in Pisces, I must admit I’m feeling very eclipsed! I can’t seem to find the words I’m looking for and maybe I’m not supposed to. The current of imagination leads me adrift the beauty of the cosmic sea. . .

The first few weeks of March seem to offer a steadiness, keeping in mind that absurdity has become the new normal. This pace offers Venus retrograde to take the foreground. The rarest of all retrogrades occurs in the sign of Aries, demanding further immediacy. For now, she is the evening star, Hesperus; it’s pertinent that we get the message! It’s not until the end of the month that the ship sails in a new direction. From the 22nd through the 30th, expect big surprises, reveals and discoveries; Truth erupts. 

* * *

Wednesday, March 1st, the month begins with enthusiasm! as the Aries Moon conjoins Uranus, Eris and Mars in the afternoon. At a minimum, the day should be energized and busy, inviting excitement and action. Everyone gets an extra dose of voltage today, so remain mindful on the road and in communication. Uranian energy is unstable and unpredictable, while Mars in Aries is impulsive and quick to flare. Spontaneity comes naturally today. Luna opposes Jupiter, and the Sun conjoins Neptune, inflating emotions, visions, sensations and even delusions. Today is one of those crazy days in the collective. The Moon goes void at 9:18 pm with a constructive trine to Saturn: take care of the body tonight and exercise moderation. Creativity and originality strong if allowed room to flow. Neptune demands that we loosen our grip.

Thursday, March 2nd, we slow down and ground into the five senses. The Moon conjoins Ceres in Taurus, inviting us to nourish ourselves. What is it that we need right now? Ruler of Taurus, Venus, prepares to station retrograde where she will investigate deeper into what our needs and desires are. Venus is the closest to Earth this week, so be alert to the western sky after sunset; she is the brightest object you can see.

Friday, March 3rd, the Moon quits working when she turns void at 10:21 am EST. For this reason, many people will want to begin the weekend early too. If you must initiate anything important, get an early start. We can still be very productive today, with the power of Pluto behind us. The day is excellent for follow through, eliminating clutter and powering through a to-do list. Just allow going with your own flow and don’t force anything. Venus prepares to station retrograde tomorrow.


Saturday, March 4th, Venus stations retrograde. Read all about it HERE. Pay attention if anything Venus-related arises (love, relationship, values, money, etc.). This will be part of your Venus retrograde story. The Moon is in charming, chatty Gemini whose ruler, Mercury, conjoins Neptune; imagination and creativity runs wild. Excellent for writing, poetry, music, dance and acting. Use the voice, mind, hands and feet. This is also an excellent aspect for spiritual practice. It’s going to be really challenging to focus today, so allow freedom and follow your intuitive heart.  

Sunday, March 5th, continues to send high vibes to the mental functions, but today is more social. The Gemini Moon trines Jupiter in Libra, which may manifest as a desire to relate, share and exchange views, stories and ideas. Curiousity is piqued; perhaps there is a hunger for stimulus, adventure. Mars makes an exact trine to Saturn, offering the potential to accomplish and create. Today presents ample energy to launch larger visions off the ground.

Monday, March 6th, the weekend was a ton of fun, but now it’s time to bring it all in. The Moon enters homebody Cancer at 7:54 am EST, so we will want to do things to make us feel “at home,” if other obligations prevent from actually being there. Do what you need to feel nurtured. The Sun conjoins Mercury; people may be more apt to share personal views, stories and ideas. Everyone tends to be a bit more self-centered than normal─ not necessarily in a harmful way, but just to speak their truth.  

Tuesday, March 7th, presents one of the more challenging days in the collective consciousness. The Moon opposes Pluto, digging up the past and intensifying emotions. Jupiter enquires, “what does it all mean?” If we are lucky, lightning strikes and we see a fragment of light in the dark. Uranus gifts the awakening, the realization. Days like today hold potential for big changes, wakeup calls, breakups, breakthroughs in the world. From an evolutionary viewpoint, such events are necessary catalysts for growth and are therefore ultimately positive; this however does not discount the personal and collective stress experienced in meeting these challenges.

Wednesday, March 8th, the morning might be a bit cranky. The Moon in Cancer goes void at 10 am with an agitated square to Mars. Someone is emotional, worrying, hurried, frustrated or fiery. The feelings are contained when the Moon enters the heart of Leo at 11:45 am. Process and manage any upsets. Leo is creative, so find constructive outlets where energy overflows. Mercury sextiles Pluto, which implies transformative, potent words. This is another reason to be mindful. Words can harm or heal.  

Thursday, March 9th, extends the window of healing with the Sun’s sextile to Pluto. In addition, this aspect offers depth, intimacy, intense focus, desire and getting to the core. With Pallas Athene and Chiron near the Sun, you may have more ease discovering/healing a pattern

We should definitely sense an energetic shift once Mars leaves his home sign of Aries and enters Taurus at 7:34 pm EST.  Mars and Venus are now working together as they are each in the other’s sign. This alters the entire game. For the past month, each partner was busy going their own way, and now they are communicating once again. Venus says we still aren’t finished restacking our priorities and getting clear about our desires, but we are getting more clear about how to ground the changes.

Mars in Taurus is loyal, hardworking and focused. Slow to get moving, but once the bull is in motion, you better not stand in its way! Ruled by the finer taste of Venus, Mars in Taurus seeks beauty and celebrating the finer things in life. Preferring a bit of comfort, Mars in Taurus sticks with what it knows because change is risky. We took risks while Mars was in Aries, so now we dial it back. Venus in Aries says, “I want to leave everything behind,” and Mars in Taurus gets concerned and responds, “but wait, don’t you need….security, comfort?”

Friday, March 10th, a grand fire trine in the morning ignites the spirit. Positivity is contagious and there is a zest for life. Get a lot done early and many people may want to rationalize skipping out of work early too. The Moon is void all afternoon, which isn’t optimal for initiating new contacts and projects, but rather follow through and intuitive guidance. Saturn colors the afternoon, which is excellent for checking off the list, narrowing in, and focus. An excellent way to end the work week is clearing the deck for a fresh start on Monday. Saturn also tends to life’s necessities and remains practical.  Expect a second wind just after 5pm when the Moon enters Virgo and trines Mars in Taurus. A readiness for sensible enjoyment rolls in.

Saturday, March 11th, we may tend toward idealism with the Virgo Moon opposing Neptune in Pisces. If perfection exists anywhere, it may as well live here as well. Perfect health, perfectly clean house and a perfect career. Venus in Aries is helping us get even clearer about our needs and desires; but in Aries, she is willing to compromise perfection if she can have it now! We can worry about improvement later.


Daylight Savings Time Begins

Sunday, March 12th :: Full Moon ::

10:53 pm EDT :: 22⁰13’ Virgo.

This Full Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo, where we are attentive of details and desire to perfect something. The constellation Virgo depicts a woman bearing a sheath of wheat, while Virgo’s roots derive from “green” and “vigor,” creating imagery of the lush ripe abundance of the mother Earth. “Virgin” originally meant ripe, or cultivated; not chaste necessarily, but autonomous. Virgo also deals with matters of health, skill and routine.

Our Full Moon’s originates in the New Moon of September 13th, 2015. Think back. Jupiter was also in Virgo. Many people begun healthier habits, altered their routine to support goals or begun a healing path of some kind. That New Moon conjoined Chiron which initiated a new cycle of healing, or the beginning of a new relationship with a painful experience. The Sun again conjoins Chiron for this Full Moon; if you’ve kept up the progress, now is where a new sense of wholeness can be realized.

Saturn squares the luminaries, reminding us of the limitations of being human. Some things are worth waiting for. Healing takes time. Establishing healthier habits require persistence and daily commitments.

Saturn also speaks of responsibility. Beyond caring for ourselves, we each have a responsibility to utilize our creation-given gifts! Virgo is where we develop and enhance these gifts. It’s where we cultivate until ripe. The Sabian symbol for 23⁰: “a lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena.” Notice that while Virgo has a reputation for worrying, the lion tamer is “fearless;” he is confident in his skills and rises to the call of his inherent gifts.  

This lunation may also be especially creative. The Sun in Pisces is imaginative, mystical, and seeks to be transported from the mundane. The Sun conjoins Chiron, who is also known for musical abilities, accessing primordial wisdom, and dreaming. Pallas Athena joins with them, offering intuitive insight and perceiving patterns. Excellent for artwork, music, dance and creativity, Pisces is a sign where we can find peace by surrendering to the current. Together, we are all ONE, and everything has its purpose in the end.

This lunation marks the conclusion of eclipse season. Resume abnormal activity!

Monday, March 13th, today should be a relatively quiet day, despite the afterglow of yesterday’s Full Moon. While the energy remains heightened, the heavens are steady. It’s not until 5:07 pm EDT that someone makes a bold move: Mercury moves into Aries. With the messenger planet on the Aries point, it’s likely that someone’s words will make an impact either tonight or early tomorrow. We are all aware of Trump’s infamous late night tweets; it may very well be the frequent offender who piques our attention, but who knows for sure. The medium is the message. It will be a big deal because Mars rules Aries and aspects the Nodes of Fate. Whatever the message is, it’s meant to show us something in a new way. The Libra Moon opposes Venus retrograde in the evening, presenting a desire to relate, balance, enjoy or create beauty.

Tuesday, March 14th, the Moon activates the pivotal cardinal t-square. It is this very configuration that is responsible for the current social climate: shock, unpredictability, transformation, the degenerating slow decay of the outworn structures in the world. Each week, the Moon triggers the celestial geometry. The Moon behaves as a lantern, casting her light upon that which we must see.  Combined with Mercury on the Aries Point, today  should bear intrigue upon the world stage. With the Moon’s conjunction with Jupiter, the desire to make fair, balanced and harmonious will be strong, along with the urge to relate, share beliefs, converse and expand perspective.


Wednesday, March 15th, expect a slow start to the day. The Moon is void tinted with a productive sextile to Saturn, but even still, we may be slow to get moving. The Moon enters Scorpio at 11:11 am, intensifying feelings and heightening senses so that we may perceive the subtle vibrations of ALL that is. Luna opposes Mars and we concern ourselves with expenditure of power, energy, resources. Venus is in retrograde, so we are reprioritizing our energy and resources. Finances and energetic distribution come to the forefront today; entangled with the nodes of destiny, this is all about how we can move forward while remaining respectful to what is natural and available.

Thursday, March 16th, déjà vu may occur with the penetrating perception of the Scorpio Moon combining with the mystical aura of Neptune. Imagination and creative vision fuse with resourcefulness and unshakable truth. Scorpio is the ghost realm where we learn from the ethereal remains of the past. Neptune in Pisces is where we find freedom in the unified field of consciousness. Today’s energy is optimal for deep, peaceful introspection.

Friday, March 17th, Uranus and Eris exactly conjoin for 3rd and final time, although the effects will continue to ripple in our consciousness for years to come. Uranus and Eris conjoin only every 90+ years. The main theme I have observed from this combo is SOVEREIGNTY. We have witnessed the rise of Black Lives Matter, the passing of the Marriage Equality Act, Trans bathroom rights, Standing Rock─ the people will have their say! While I believe that this planetary duo mostly seeks to give voice to victims of perpetual oppression, we also saw the rise of Blue Lives Matter, which arose in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. The other theme I attribute to Uranus/Eris is the unceasing shock that has rooted the uncanny into the mundane. Uranus’ job is to Awaken. We are all paying more attention now.

It’s hard to say if we will hear the shriek of Eris/Uranus today, however, many cities will host St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which are notoriously wild. Given that today is Friday, it’s easy to imagine how festivities could become even more ludicrous than usual. However, the Sun makes an exact square to Saturn, which often limits expression. Therefore, if it’s not the weather that dampens the day, I would guess that the police will be especially busy! Lots of arrests, perhaps? There’s a bit of heaviness in today’s astrological sky despite festivities, so let’s so how it turns out.

Saturday, March 18th, Mercury merges with Venus to revisit the past. A memory comes back with a message. A very clear channel opens between the head and the heart. Be open to receive the knowledge.

Venus only retrogrades every 18 months, so listen up!

The Moon in Sagittarius offers an enlarged perspective and understanding. Much enthusiasm and optimism weaves through the day with a desire for freedom. Spacious environments are conducive to clarity.

Sunday, March 19th, thirst for knowledge persists with the Sag Moon’s sextile to its ruler Jupiter. Break the Sunday routine, as requested by Uranus. Incorporate freedom into your experience and welcome new inspiration. Maybe you’ll see something in a new way or cognitively connect to the electric airwaves, snagging a new idea out of thin air.

Monday, March 20th, the Sun enters Aries at 6:29 am, springing a new season forth. The days and nights are of equal proportion around the entire planet Earth. Persephone reaches through the Earth and Demeter blossoms her luscious bounty as we awaken from winter in the northern hemisphere. The Vernal Equinox promises the victory of light, rebirth and renewal! This time of year is also known by the ancients as Ostara.  

Ostara is the Pagan goddess of fertility and of the dawn. She is depicted surrounded by animals and budding trees. Legend has it that Ostara arrived late one year a found a bird whose wings were frozen into the ground. Since it would no longer be able to fly, Ostara turned the bird into a rabbit, but when the transformation was complete, it was discovered that the rabbit could still lay eggs! The rabbit would decorate the eggs and leave them for Ostara.  This story might sound somewhat familiar, as Ostara became Eoster, which later became Easter to the Christians. While the Bible doesn’t mention Jesus performing magic on a bunny, it does mention the rebirth of the Sun (Son). Easter is only celebrated once the daylight is greater than darkness.

Astrologers often cast a chart for the Sun’s ingress into Aries, using the nation’s capital; this chart is used to make general observations about the year ahead pertaining to the nation cast. While I’m new at this sort of prediction (so take it with a grain of salt please), a couple of bold indications jumped off the page for the United States. The Moon’s exact conjunction to Saturn reflects the trend of conservativism, but also the lack of security which is a byproduct of the uncertainty this new administration has created. The Moon and Saturn square Chiron, alluding to the collective ailments we are facing, but also quite literally, HEALTHCARE! Confirming the urgency, Neptune (also healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and oil) exactly conjoins the ascendant. This also speaks themes of deceit, media and social movements. Let’s see what the year of the fire-cock has in store.


Tuesday, March 21st, Luna resides in focused Capricorn, with a dose of intuition, idealism or creativity from mystical Neptune. Incorporate artistry or flowing movement into the work. The Moon conjoins Juno, which also suggests beauty and focused commitment into the day. What’s the long-term goal?

Wednesday, March 22nd, expect a weird day and pleasant surprises. The Moon is void for the entire day colored by the renegade bottle smashing Uranus. As if things weren’t vivid enough, Mars upsets the eclipse degree from February 26th. Think back; today might be the next chapter in the story. Or maybe just the beginning for some. The madness stabilizes when the Moon enters quirky Aquarius at 10:28 pm. 

Thursday, March 23rd,

the morning is chatty and the mind the alert thanks to the Moon in Aquarius in sextile to Venus. Visions for the future zoom into our third eye. There might be a disagreement in the evening when the Moon squares Mars in Taurus. The Moon wants to zoom ahead and Mars sees no hurry. The potential of future innovation challenges the steady function of today. The directional dispute could also translate into rush hour traffic.

Mercury squares Pluto revealing information and uncovering secrets that were not meant to be discovered! This week is an optimal period for penetrating the layers of one’s own psyche or the collective consciousness. Digging deep is how we discover the most valued resources: oil, gold and diamonds. Figuratively and literally. Today is ripe for discoveries both personally and collectively.

Friday, March 24th, more truths are revealed. Truth cannot stay hidden for long. Mercury remains in square to Pluto and now perfects the opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter in Libra represents the divine ideal of Justice manifested on Earth. Jupiter in Libra seeks to make fair, balance; Mercury nears Uranus and Eris rousing the cry of liberation. “The truth shall set you free,” is the slogan for this configuration.

Saturday, March 25th, information continues to be exposed and processed, but with the Moon now in Pisces, there is a desire to hide away, transcend, blur or to idealize. In the public sphere, beware of lies that try to mask the truth once more. Venus conjoins the Sun; the next time we see Venus, she will be a morning star. It is said that when a planet is too close to the sun, that it’s qualities become scorched. Where is the love and compassion?

Sunday, March 26th, Mercury makes it’s awaited exact conjunction to Uranus, triggering the cardinal t-square once more. It’s been a long week of shocks, surprises and truth bombs, but it’s not over yet. All this energy gets enveloped into tomorrow’s New Moon, which sets a tone for the next four weeks. Expect the pleasant surprises to echo into the next month. Today is best utilized for peace and integration. Don’t force activity unless absolutely necessary. The day before the New Moon marks a day of conclusion and is generally lower in energy. Quiet space for reflecting is optimal. The Moon conjoins Neptune further diffusing grip on reality.

New Moon :: Monday, March 27th :: 10:57 pm EDT :: 7⁰37 Aries

New Moons are seed planting periods which set the tone for the next four weeks─ up to the Moon’s full culmination, and disseminating back to the New moon once more.  This month’s New Moon centers us around how we meet our own needs and desires. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents the self at its most primal form where we simply exist and are not yet concerned with anything outside of ourselves. The key phrase of Aries is simply and powerfully, “I AM.”

The New Moon conjoins Venus retrograde, illuminating her introspective journey into the heart. We are reviewing our values, priorities, and relationships, but our very first relationship is with the self. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, we will attract what we vibrate. Venus retrograde is an ideal time to tune our vibratory frequency in order to attract what our true heart of heart desires.

The New Moon makes no other aspects, so this is indeed the priority in the heavens and so below here on Earth. We are only about half way through the desert, so there is still work to do. For much more information, check out my detailed article on Venus retrograde here.


Mars, ruler of Aries, is supported by a healthy aspect from Neptune. We are invited to slow down and receive guidance from our higher self. Mercury conjoins Uranus and Eris offering flashes of insight. Pay attention to the things you hear and the wisdom the mind receives. Expect sudden realizations, inspiration or truth bombs─ personally and collectively!

Tuesday, March 28th, the Aries Moon illuminates the cultural transformation we are all experiencing when upsets the ongoing cardinal t-square. Today presents more challenges in the collective, urging toward action. The changes are stressful and call each and every one of us to respond in ways big and small. We are rebirthing. On a personal level, the end of the day might be the most intense.

Wednesday, March 29th, finally, after a crazy week or so, we are interested in rebuilding.  How can we use new information in a supportive, constructive manner? Mercury trines Saturn, igniting a passion to create something new. This could also be a healing mantra or a new perspective. Saturn in Sagittarius has enlarged issues of xenophobia; Mercury in Aries may help look at things in a new way, although we are not yet finished with Saturn there. Saturn, regrettably, also represents walls, so we might hear more threats from #45. The entire day can be very productive, but especially once the Moon enters Taurus at 11:48 am.

Thursday, March 30th, Jupiter makes its second exact square to Pluto. Ongoing themes from this combination: changes in law, scrutiny and decay of the old, outworn ways, big purging, use/abuse of power, changes in rulership or authority, issues of equality, corporate merging. Jupiter and Pluto will continue their discussion through much of 2017. Jupiter is retrograde, so it may feel like we are taking a step back here, but by the third and final contact, Jupiter optimistically moves forward. The Taurus Moon activates the energy of Mars and Neptune, impelling passion, creativity, spirituality, artistry, and music.  

Friday, March 31st, the Moon is void all morning, excellent for follow through. It’s the type of Friday where people will be eager to get out of work early because the Moon enters chatty Gemini at 12:40 pm; Gemini Moons make it harder to sit still. We crave stimulus, social exchanges and variety.

Meanwhile, Mercury enters Taurus, slowing the mind down to more thoroughly take in each experience. Mercury in Taurus is a contemplative mind, noticing details that would otherwise be overlooked at a faster pace.  Mercury in Taurus is the “negative mind,” which provides caution. This mental function is what keeps us safe and reminds us to look both ways when we cross the street. Mercury turns retrograde next month, extending his stay in Taurus until June! I believe this will help us to stay focused on what matters most, grounding us and protecting us from flying away! Mercury in Taurus worries a bit, but only because it wants to be safe. It doesn’t worry in excess like Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces. Mercury in Taurus is also a great listener and has an excellent ear for music. We can use this time to enhance our creative perception and relationships. 

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and unity to ALL....