Astrology Report for April 2017: Alchemical Catalyst


Get ready for a vividly dynamic month. . .

Four planets station and change direction, while five planets change signs, signaling a complete energetic change-up. Yes, the heavens are certainly busy and according to Hermetic Law, “As above, so below…” April is a month in which you’ll want to avoid overbooking your schedule; you’ll find that the extra space comes in handy as plans change and unexpected events arise. We need all the help we can get. Luckily, Venus spends much of the month in a square to Saturn, which helps us to know our limits. Saturn and Pluto both station retrograde, each ruling alchemical transformation.

Hold on tight and try to keep up!

Major points:

  • Venus retrogrades into Pisces on April 2nd

  • Saturn stations retrograde April 6th (felt a couple days on either side)

  • Sun opposes Jupiter and square Pluto April 7th/8th (themes of fairness, equality, corruption and transformation. We are being pressured to evolve. This is part of it)

  • Mercury retrograde on April 9th

  • Full Moon April 11th

  • Venus Direct April 15th

  • Sun, Mercury, Mars change signs April 19th-21st

  • Pluto retrograde April 20th

  • New Moon April 26th

  • Venus reenters Aries April 28th

* All times are read for Eastern Standard/Daylight Time; for Pacific, subtract 3 hours. 

Saturday, April 1st, facts lose potency as Neptune blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Actually, this is an excellent configuration for pranks. April Fools! It should be easier to dupe people today. The Gemini Moon craves stimulus, but under the sway of Neptune, there’s no need to get anywhere. Walking and talking in circles is just fine. Aimlessly wander.  The mind is further untethered in the evening with the Moon’s trine to Jupiter at 8:01 pm. Big ideas and a natural desire to socialize leads one to float around the entire room. Expect a night of healthy enjoyment, stimulating conversation, and lots of laughs.  

Sunday, April 2nd, make the most of the day by getting an early start. The Moon goes void at 10:43 am with a separating aspect to Saturn. It’s time to part ways and tend to necessities. Not all void periods are created equal and this is a more challenging one. Luckily, it’s short lived and concludes when the Moon enters Cancer at 2:27 pm. Now it’s easier to meet one’s needs. Avoid planning a full day if you can; Cancer is intuitive and sensitive, changing with the tides. It’s optimal to go with the flow.

The Sun sits on the world axis today. Let’s see what goes down on the public stage for all to see!

At 8:25 pm, Venus retrogrades back into Pisces where love knows no bounds. Here we can access the infinite love of all Creation. Venus spends the majority of the month in the last degrees of Pisces, which she shares with Chiron, the legendary mystic healer. With a square from Saturn, this is an opportunity to check our boundaries: how healthy are they? Are our hearts too guarded or not enough? It’s a fine line here between too much or too little protection. Venus in Pisces dissolves boundaries, so this is an excellent opportunity to remove any unnecessary calcification in our heart chakras. Healing cannot be rushed, but sometimes we forget that we still wear the caste! Some bones heal stronger after a break. You can’t unlearn a lesson; trust in your ability to protect yourself and open up if you are ready. Allow love to flow freely through your heart and see what happens. 

Monday, April 3rd, is a restorative day; it’s best to take it easy if you can. We might feel a bit more sensitive and require our comforts. Acknowledge your feelings and allow your intuition to guide you. The homebody Cancer Moon trines Neptune, which may inspire participating in creative, flowing activities. There are some harsher aspects in the evening, so do what you need to feel cared for today. Enjoy a nourishing meal or relaxing ritual around 9:00 pm when the Moon makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus. Rest now so that you can do more later.

Tuesday, April 4th, be ready for anything this morning, as things may not go as planned! The temperamental Cancer Moon is confronted by rambunctious Uranus. People are not only bold, but perhaps hot tempered, cranky and quick to fire off. Today lives fast and dies young when the Moon turns void with a trine to Venus at 4:45 pm. Things should definitely cool off by now if they haven’t already. Reward yourself for keeping up by going out for happy hour or doing something you love after work. The fun continues when the Moon enters Leo at 6:13 pm: shine, play, experiment and follow the heart’s desire.


We might start to feel the heaviness of Saturn as the planet of gravity, reality, and rules prepares to station. At best, we are simply content; things just are. At worst, we might feel low, depressed.

Wednesday, April 5th, lounge like the Leo lion because this is one of the few quiet days this month! Leo rules the heart and the moon becomes the focal point of a configuration involving Venus and Saturn, who slows down in preparation to turn retrograde tomorrow. 

Generally, Saturn stations feel blah, and at worst, depressing. We are looking at the world through a black and white lens for the next few days. Saturn is the planet that represents cold hard reality, and of course that’s no fun!

But it is what it is.

It’s the necessary gravity that holds us in place, the laws of the cosmos and the laws of society which we depend on for order. Because of the fundamental controls of this planet, there’s no bells and whistles here. Saturn makes things crystal clear. We see things for what they are. No filter.

Going back to the heart of Leo, the challenge today is to connect with the heart space, to keep the passion and magic alive amidst the weight of existence. The heart is what makes it all worth living for. A creative outlet is nice or make room to play.

At midnight, Mars trines Pluto, which might make it difficult to sleep or, you will have an insanely deep sleep. All or nothing. These planets can move mountains when they get together. Anything is possible; if there’s a will there’s a way. Watch to see where themes of power and resourcefulness show up in your world. Think back to what was going on around October 20th. That was when these planets last conjoined. Other possible themes are sexuality, healing, and regenerating.

Thursday, April 6th, time stands still as Saturn stations retrograde at the tail end of Sagittarius. This might be one of the nicer Saturn stations we ever witness; typically, Saturn stations discharge a dismal, blah, heavy or even depressing cloud overhead. However, Saturn stations in a grand fire trine formation, which warms our hearts and keeps our spirits high. Thank goodness!

Saturn appears to stand still against the Galactic Center; the Law of Attraction is very potent, so be mindful of where you direct your attention. Ruling gravity and practical matters, Saturn tends to bring us down to Earth. He is the “Taskmaster,” helping us to be disciplined enough to fulfill our karmic purpose within the allotted time we have here. Saturn’s job is not the most fun, but vital to our maturity, growth and wisdom. Ruling walls, endings and limits, Saturn is also the finish line, where we reap the rewards for all of our efforts. This is an excellent time to check in with our progress toward meeting goals; Saturn removes all the filters so that we can see things crystal clear.  

Friday, April 7th: in the wake of Saturn’s station, we are reminded that the best things in life are worth waiting for. The Moon resides in detailed Virgo, where we make adjustments to our daily routine to ensure our eventual success. The potential for criticism is strong today, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s all about how the little everyday things add up. Commitment leads to discipline, which leads to trusting yourself, which leads to happiness. The Sun perfects his majesty’s opposition to Jupiter, offering optimism, but also expanding and enlarging whatever it is that’s going on. Bigger is not always better! This could enlarge the ego or the problem. Use the expansive nature to gain perspective from up high. The Moon opposes Neptune tonight; be prepared to fly in your lucid dreams.

Saturday, April 8th, how were your dreams last night? The Moon remains in Virgo, where we seek to ground divine perfection on Earth by cultivating our skills to ripeness by committing to a regular practice.

The Sun makes his semiannual square to Pluto, the lord of the underworld, activating the urge to dig deep within the hidden realms of the subconscious. Like an onion, peel back more layers of truth within the self. One must visit the cocoon before they can fly. Play in the compost and transform! This aspect also suggests the possible exposure of corruption or an enormous display of power from a world leader or business empire.


Venus makes an exact square to Saturn, although their square-off has been ongoing for about a week now and will continue for the rest of the month. This energy has to do with love, money, limits and boundaries. Check in with the expenditure of your resources: Is it directed somewhere worthwhile? Do you love how you spend your time? This also has a lot to do with knowing your limits in support of your happiness. But perhaps the walls are too thick. Are we cutting ourselves off from allowing more love to flow freely through us? This energy envelopes into next week’s Full Moon.

Sunday, April 9th, Mercury stations retrograde at 4⁰ Taurus

and retrogrades back to 24⁰ Aries. Find where these degrees span in your natal chart to see where the retrograde story will be staged for you. If you don’t know your chart, email me and I can tell you.

Everyone dreads Mercury retrograde, but we must learn to get along; Mercury retrogrades THREE TIMES every year! This is normal. And helpful. Mercury retrogrades are useful for reflection and improving upon things we have already set in motion. If we were constantly moving forward at all times, we would get too far ahead of ourselves. And who doesn’t want a redo every once in awhile?

The Messenger God can be quite the trickster, so you’ll want to stay sharp and try not to let him outsmart you. If you must start a new job or sign a contract of any kind, never assume anything; ask all of the questions to be clear on all details. That said, if you can avoid signing a lease or beginning a new job at this time, use this period to research. Life won’t wait, understandably! However, keep in mind that the position you take may not turn out to be what you expected (the trickster strikes again!).

And as always, try to be extra clear in communication, texts and emails to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. Give yourself extra time leaving the house, as Mercury rules transportation. If it’s not the slowpoke in front of you, you will find that you must stop for gas despite already running late. At this time, we try to be extra mindful of these details. The other thing you will want to watch for are your physical gadgets (as Mercury retrogrades in the Earth element). Back up your files and make sure your phone has a protective shell.

Monday, April 10th, the Moon continues its journey through Libra, conjoining Jupiter at 6:58 pm. Invite more beauty into your world: relate, share, express, indulge the senses and enjoy! Later, take pleasure in some quiet introspection when the Moon squares Pluto (at 9:54 pm): meditate, dive deep into the psyche and be open to discovery. Fully commit. Commune with a force bigger than yourself.

Full Moon :: Tuesday, April 11th :: 2:08 am :: 21⁰32 Libra

The Libra Full Moon highlights relationships: friendships, romantic and business partnerships. Libra, symbolized by the scales of justice, describes the harmonious balance of how we share and relate with others.

The Full Moon answers to Venus in Pisces, which is a boundless love of the highest regard. Pisces has the ability to dissolve the walls which separate us. However, Venus is challenged by Saturn, who reminds us that boundaries can be helpful when both parties agree. When we are clear on one another’s expectations and desires, things can run more harmoniously for all. Venus gathers power as she prepares to station direct later this week. We’ve been working with this energy for some time now; this Full Moon may illuminate and elaborate on Venus’ message. Perhaps we realize that we are too guarded, limiting ourselves from fully embracing more love in our lives.

Venus conjoins Chiron, who helps to heal the past wounds of love and transmute them into poetic wisdom of the soul. This aspect also describes the ecstatic healing powers of love: romantic or divine.

The Moon conjoins Jupiter while the Sun conjoins Uranus, both squaring Pluto. Hold onto your unicorn because this is one loud lunation! We’ve been working with this intense dynamic since the end of 2016 when the bizarre rooted into the mundane. Such vivid themes will be amplified: shock, breakthrough, breakdown, exposure of corruption, (ab)use of power; push for fairness, equality, sovereignty; awakening and acts of liberation/oppression. All energy has a higher and lower expression. Love is the same energy as hate. Hopefully, since Venus is the most powerful planet here, such energy will manifest in a positive way. We are due for a ray of high vibrations down here!


Uranus awakens us to how we can connect more fully with our companions. Conversely, we might see that the association no longer supports your growth. Uranus craves freedom and is quick to sever ties. Saturn reminds us that our time is precious. Is the relationship worth our energy? Uranus can be breakups, but also changeups: what does the dynamic require to be revitalized and exciting again? 

Wednesday, April 12th, déjà vu may occur with the penetrating perception of the Scorpio Moon combining with the mystical aura of Neptune. Imagination and creative vision fuse with resourcefulness and unshakable truth. Scorpio is the ghost realm where we learn from the ethereal remains of the past. Neptune in Pisces is where we find freedom in the unified field of consciousness. Today’s energy is optimal for deep, peaceful introspection.

Thursday, April 13th, Luna continues her stay in the shadow realms of Scorpio. Opportunity arises to utilize stored forces to push something to the next level. Draw energy up from the depths. Power can take many forms; it’s up to you how you direct it. Once the Moon opposes Mars at 8:04 pm, passion arises in the form of love or war. In the axis of Taurus/Scorpio, themes, the desire to devour or smother is possible. All or nothing. In the latest hours of the day, Luna makes a harmonious trine to Venus: all is well in the world, sleep tight!

We may feel tomorrow’s Sun/Uranus conjunction early due to the inherent quickness of Uranus. This configuration urges the need to shake off stress, while igniting a desire to be wild, spontaneous, free. It’s going to be a fun weekend for people who have been working too hard. Sun/Uranus wants to do something out of the ordinary─ to feel boundless. Celebrate autonomy, wakeup the mind, body and spirit; seek excitement, stimulus, feel alive! This alignment might also inspire people to finally end a situation that keeps their spirits low or trapped. We are reminded that life is too short to stay confined.

Friday, April 14th, today we can still feel the Sun/Uranus conjunction.

As usual with Uranus, expect surprises, breakups and breakthroughs in the world around us. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:27 am; ruled by the largest planet in the solar system, Sagittarius seeks growth, whether satisfying the appetite of the mind or the stomach. Sagittarius love a good time! Seek to expand your perspective today or simply eat, drink and be merry!

The Moon aspects the Nodes of destiny, which may offer us a choice of direction; later, the Moon conjoins with wild woman Lilith, who doubly represents primal wisdom, but also freedom.

Saturday, April 15th, Venus appears to stand still in the sky, concluding her 40-day retrograde journey. We are officially moving forward again, although we are retracing our steps for the third time. Reflect on what has shifted in our hearts since the end of January when the journey began. Perhaps it was a realization about priorities, boundaries, healing the heart, finances or how we relate to others. Was there a change of heart? As Venus retraces her steps, we apply the new changes.

We wade through some morning mental fog only to see the formless become existential musings in the evening. Conversation might lean towards philosophical or grandiose ideas and storytelling. 

Sunday, April 16th, there may be an eagerness to get up and seize the day with the Moon’s trine to speedy Uranus, offering a thirst for creativity or random inspiration. This energy comes in handy as the afternoon’s lunar void suggests that it’s better to start the day early, and then kick back early as well. The Moon squares Venus, which makes it easy to spend more money than you wanted to. The Moon turns void at 2:26 pm, with a conjunction to Saturn, optimizing follow through with practical matters. When the Moon is void, she is on break; naturally we might like to take a break too. If work is in order, today can still be very productive, just initiate anything important before the void begins.

Venus, now moving forward again, reconnects with Mars, signaling a developed certainty of what the heart wants to pursue.  Luna enters grounded Capricorn at 7:05 pm, ending the void period.

You reap what you sow. Monday, April 17th, today has superb potential to get a lot of work done and to progress toward our goals thanks to Saturn’s influence. Saturn asks that we put in the work now, in order to enjoy the fruits later. The Sun makes a semiannual trine to Saturn, lord of progress, while the Moon travels through Capricorn, Saturn’s home sign. No bells and whistles today, just duty and application of will toward mastery. Great for planning and logistics.


Pluto prepares to station retrograde on Thursday, so we begin to sense the subtle undercurrents of parallel realms. Intensity stirs the emotions and the soul’s subconscious knowing beyond this incarnation─ only a thin veil separates. We feel something deeper calling us to listen closely, to tap the delicate vibrations of existence. Mysticism, imagination, prayer and solitude invite us to tune in and drop out in the evening. 

Tuesday, April 18th, the Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, drawing us into other dimensions. We see ourselves standing still in history. This is one of those intense, eventful days in the collective, as the Moon triggers the stressful configuration of Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus─ which we’ve been working with since the end of 2016, where we see themes of transforming the old order, a cry for fairness against the backdrop of corruption, the exposure thereof and additionally, the rooting of the bizarre into the mundane.

One interesting thing to observe as Juno (wife of Jupiter) travels closely to Pluto (brother of Jupiter) would be to see if two people are making arrangement behind another’s back! Juno backs away right before her brother in law catches up to her. The two don’t officially join until November, so we won’t know what the conspiracy is until then. Time will tell! This might be a secret contract, agreement or affair in the making. We will find out about it later.

Wednesday, April 19th, the Moon sneaks into Aquarius as the Sun dawns. We’ve been serious enough and now we feel the need to break out of the box. Cue the experimental, creative and weird! But there is still duty to tend to; routine or randomness? One part of ourselves wants to stay on task and the other half wants to do back flips. Find a way to mediate both needs.

The Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus at 5:27 pm. We enter the steady season of spring: pure greenery, blossoming trees, a dampness in the air that saves us from succumbing to allergies (that’s Gemini’s territory), but yet, it’s warm enough to layer up and play outside all day. We start to see baby deer and other young emerge into the world. Taurus rules the 5 senses, which all come alive at this time. The air smells beautiful, colors are more vivid and we can once again appreciate the feel of moss or sand under our feet. Taurus energy invites us to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. Ruled by Venus, we are officially ready to emerge from our hibernation and reconnect with more people.

Thursday, April 20th, Mercury meets the Sun on the cusp of Aries/Taurus, just as Mercury retrogrades back into Aries; these two have essentially trades places! Mercury helps us revisit the original idea and gather fresh inspiration.  Mercury in Aries sharpens tongue; people mean what they say, so pay attention to what you hear.

Pluto officially stations retrograde today. Chances are you have already felt the existential undercurrents wading in. Even though it’s spring, something feel eerie, as if it were Halloween. Pluto deals with death and rebirth. Think of it as compost; what’s no longer useful can be recycled into fertile soil to support new growth. This month’s theme is alchemy and now with the emphasis on Pluto, we are especially ready to spring clean, purge, peel and trim.

As we go through drawers and boxes, buried elements emerge to the surface, which is exactly Pluto’s purpose. Have you ever reread an old journal entry from a challenging period of life only to see it now in a totally new way? Evolution takes time; Pluto is the slow erosion of one form to gradually become another. These few days may be deeply psychological for some; privacy and taking space may be necessary.

Friday, April 21st, Mars enters Gemini at 6:32 am, completing a total energetic shift. We are craving new stimulus, adventure and fun. Mercury and Mars are in each other’s signs and working together for the next 3 weeks, piquing wit, banter, gossip, sharp tongues, humor, inclination toward athleticism. Engage physical and mental activity, and noticed if you have improved dexterity and coordination. A tendency to bore easily, conversation is scattered, bouncing around to different subjects sporadically. This combo is perfect for spontaneity, getting lost on purpose, wandering the vicinity or getting lost in Wikipedia wormholes.  It’s an excellent time to stay busy without an agenda. Get inspired.


You will definitely want to leave work early today as the Moon goes void at 2:23 pm and wanders into fantasy land of Pisces at 3:43 pm. 

Venus makes her third and final square to Saturn,

 which has been an integral aspect of her retrograde story. Again, this formation has to do boundaries and rules in love, money and relationship. For the last few months, our priorities, relationships and heart’s desires have been up for review. Saturn and Venus together work to create healthy boundaries in support of what the heart truly wants. If the boundaries were too thick, we may have held ourselves back from a flowing true heart connection with those who are deserving and trustworthy. Perhaps the rules weren’t strict enough and others took advantage. This might mean accepting that we can’t have everything we want- Saturn says there are limits that must be respected. Or perhaps this aspect speaks of a financial difficulty, and a new budget is in order. As Chiron travels closely to Venus, this also alludes to healing the wounds of love, and the healing that love offers.

Saturday, April 22nd, the Pisces Moon wants to get lost and found with a conjunction to Neptune. This is a dreamy, fantastical aspect. It’s okay to pretend as long as no one gets hurt! See the world through rose colored glasses if you will. Remember, there are healthy and unhealthy modes of escapism, and some walk the line; alcohol, marijuana and other consciousness-transporting substances are on the tightrope. Make sure to consult your higher self. Anything that transports us beyond mundane reality is the dimension of Pisces: movies, theater, dance, art, meditation, music, yoga, swimming in a sensory-deprivation tank…. It’s all God.

Sunday, April 23rd, the Moon continues its sojourn through the formless realm of Pisces, making for a lazy, intuitively guided day. Try to ensure some sort of physical activity─ perhaps a long walk in the woods, or yoga. This should alleviate an (presumably)unwanted second wind when the Moon enters Aries at 8:32 pm. There might be a little fuss around 4:22 pm when Saturn squares the Moon, but a conjunction with sweet Venus at 5:34 helps to move forward and enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Monday, April 24th, go with the impulsive, fiery flow of the Aries Moon. Ample, refreshed energy ignites the work week. Recently gathered inspiration applies to something ongoing you’ve been building. Thanks to Mercury’s trine to Saturn, fresh eyes look upon something that’s always been there. Optimism in the evening makes for enjoyment; seek wide open spaces to spread out.

Tuesday, April 25th, the Moon triggers the challenging outer planetary configuration, igniting another series of collective alchemical processes. We are being pressure cooked to transform our collective coal into radiant (fair-trade) diamonds! Weird has become the new normal; expect the uncanny today. There’s a lot of fire in the sky right now; word spreads quickly, as does fire, so be mindful of smoke and flames. Kick back and release the need to do anything more when the Moon turns void at 5:53 pm. With a trine to Saturn, the evening is best spent tending to practical or time-sensitive matters, but nothing too serious please! Get cozy when the Moon enters Taurus at 9:56 pm.

New Moon :: Wednesday, April 26th :: 8:16 am EDT :: 6⁰27 Taurus



The Taurus New Moon begins a new cycle around sensuality, energy and resources. The key-phrase for Taurus is, “I have,” alluding to our natural abilities, talents, money, and overall energy. It’s our resources that help sustain us in the physical world. Conservative in nature, Taurus has their reasons for moving at a steady pace. They want to be certain that any energy expended will be well spent.

Taurus is ruled by Venus who just finished her 40-day retrograde journey, where we revisited our true heart’s desire and reprioritized accordingly. When we are clear on what we want, we can waste less energy on things that do not bring us joy. Saturn lends a helping hand by setting healthy boundaries if we need them. On the other hand, perhaps the message is that we’ve been too guarded, cutting ourselves off from experiencing more beauty in life. We’ve been working with this energy for some time now, but this New Moon offers further refinement by highlighting where and how we direct our energy and whether how it enhances our lives

The New Moon makes no other planetary aspects, adding weight to its solitary position. This is the third lunation which emphasizes the Venus retrograde story. It’s as if the Universe wants to ensure that we get it… third time is a charm!  Venus remains conjunct to Chiron, where we find the wisdom from the heart’s past challenges; forgive so that we can be free. At the very last degree of the entire zodiac, this indicates a closure, peace or ending.

The New Moon also offers much potential for artistry and creativity. Tune into your natural talents and harness them. Don’t ignore any of your resources! 

Thursday, April 27th, continuing in the afterglow of yesterday’s New Moon, Luna shows us how far we have come with aspects to Chiron and Pluto. You are a survivor. You are strong and have gained much wisdom from your challenges.

The Moon conjoins Venus at 9:18 pm at the final degree of the zodiac. Venus is social, so you may want to relate with others this evening; however, the last degree of Pisces is quite mysterious and private, so maybe holing up inside is what will serve your spirit best. Notwithstanding the New Moon, this might signal and ending or a goodbye.

Friday, April 28th, Venus leaves Pisces and reenters Aries. Everyone will resume spunkiness, direct fieriness─ even more so than before, because now Venus answers to Mars in Gemini. We are less inhibited now, more freely expressing what we think or want.

The Moon also happens to be in Gemini today, piquing curiosity, wit, sharpness and quickness in speech. Mercury conjoins Uranus, further enhancing quickness of the mind. Try to be mindful of words today because there is zero filter! Plus, it’s Friday, so people are ready to let loose. There is a tendency to drive like a maniac; be careful on the road. The need for speed is real! Mercury and Uranus together attune our antennae to the ethers; snag an idea out of thin air, communicate telepathically and download a cosmic upgrade. Later on, the facts don’t matter when the Moon squares Neptune. Talk, talk, talk about nothing at all, just for the sake of sharing.

Saturday, April 29th, can be an active, busy day with the already buzzing socialite Gemini Moon. Provokes by the Uranus/Mercury duo, it’s a great day for movement, action and initiation. Ceres enters Gemini; we nurture ourselves through communication, pollinating the mind with new stimulus and through exploring more of what our neighborhood has to offer. 

It’s hard to coordinate plans with others this evening due in part to the aforementioned scattered energy; but also, the Moon’s opposition to Saturn is a separating aspect. Perhaps plans fall through or the wait is too long at the restaurant. Or maybe they ran out of the dish you wanted to order. There is an element of disappointment unless you can detach from expectation. Go with the flow and stay above it. When the Moon enters Cancer at 9:48 pm, it will be easier to get your needs met. Cancer rules the home, so maybe it’s time to turn in for the night.

Sunday, April 30th, after a busy, buzzing week, today we are blessed with a lazy Sunday. The homebody Moon in Cancer likes to have its comforts today: a cozy couch, comfort food, a visit with Mom. Luna makes a dreamy trine to Neptune in the evening, perfect for a healthy transport out of this world: a good book, movie, poem or song. 

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and unity to ALL....


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