Astrology Report for May 2017: Let the Sun Shine



* All times are read for Eastern Daylight Time; for Pacific, subtract 3 hours

April was a bumpy ride. Rest assured, May offers a much smoother month. 

Monday, May 1st is Beltane! While Beltane is the final of three pagan fertility holidays, it marks the first day of summer, according to Celtic old lore. It's a time to celebrate the Earth's ripeness, fertility and abundant potential. Likewise, for human beings this can be an extremely potent time for renewal, celebration of life, creativity, play and yes, fertility! 

This magical day fortuitously arrives in lieu of the Taurus new Moon, when we begin a new cycle around beauty, pleasure, abundance, prosperity, talents, resources and what we have to offer the world. 

The Moon goes void with a square to Uranus at 4:23 pm EDT, so once your duties are done for the day, let your hair down and celebrate your inherent wild nature. You were born naked, free and instinctual. I for one will be dancing around like a wild woman this evening, hopefully with flowers in my hair cackling with the clan of women I meet with each moonth. The only caution is to be aware on the ride home because everyone is feeling rambunctious.

The morning may be emotional for some, as ghosts from the past whisper in our ears. The silver lining is the ripe potential for healing thanks to both Chiron and Pluto, who help us evolve wounds into wisdom and strength. So even if you don’t feel like doing what you signed up for today, power through it; coal only becomes a diamond because of pressure. Celebrate freedom tonight.

Tuesday, May 2nd, today will be the most chaotic day of the week. Mercury stations direct concluding his retrograde; but before you heave a sigh of relief, remember that it’s on the station days that we feel these planets the most.

Mercury stations with a conjunction to Uranus and Eris, who I blame for much of the chaos from 2016. Together, Uranus and Eris stir the pot to awaken, startle and agitate. Many unexpected events characterized the last year, from underdog sports teams winning championships, to a certain illiterate demagogue who continues to baffle us, assuming the guise of POTUS─ along with several revolutionary movements calling for change, fairness and equality.

So what does it mean that Mercury stations direct while conjoining this pair? Mercury is the message, the voice. Undoubtedly, someone will verbally rock the boat causing the public to either recoil in shock or awe by the outspokenness. I suspect such message will carry a similar shocking or awakening vibe, serving as a channel to deliver more of the Uranus/Eris teachings. Additionally with Pluto’s influence, it might have to do with power, control, leadership, sex or secrets.

On a personal level, be receptive to an “Aha!” Excellent for creative or original ideas as well as sudden clarity or breakthrough. People might also suddenly depart, quit or sever ties if the retrograde brought them such clarity. Expect the unexpected.

Vesta follows the Moon into Leo. Center the hearth around your heart, passions and creativity.

Wednesday, May 3rd, the Moon remains in Leo, warming our hearts and encouraging authentic expression of our truth in various forms. The Sun perfects its sextile to Neptune, heightening creativity, third eye vision, imagination and connecting to a higher force. Engage in fluid activities supported by intuitive guidance. The Sun and Neptune together are also speaking to Jupiter about something very important in the collective. Who knows what this will be, but one example might be an elevated compassion and concern for the Earth’s resources and subsequent legislature. 

Thursday, May 4th, the Moon enters Virgo at 5:47 am, joining the North Node of Destiny on the royal star, Regulus. Also known as Cor Leonis (the lion’s heart), Regulus is concerned with power, honor leadership, military and success or scandal. Namely, this aspect highlights those who hold leadership in the world. Although this aspect lasts only for a few hours, the North Node of Destiny sits at this potent degree until changing signs on the 9th.

This is a hugely important transition. The nodes change signs every 1½ years, however, this occurs on Trump’s Ascendant (a point in the chart as important as the Sun and Moon placement). The Ascendant is concerned with how one presents themselves to the world; it’s how we show up and has a great deal to do with self-expression. The North Node generates power wherever it touches. All eyes will be on Trump in a very big way over the next few months.

Read more about it in my article on The North Node in Leo

Friday, May 5th,


the Virgo Moon attunes our focus to the details. There’s a tone of perfection and idealization, however, where does perfection exist on Earth? Not many places unless you’ve adopted the perspective that everything’s perfectly imperfect. Utopia is a vision which exists in the imaginations of the optimistic (here on Earth, at least). The Moon opposes Neptune, enhancing creativity and imagination, combined with the Virgo ability to improve and hone skills. 

Saturday, May 6th,

might begin to a cranky start. Something doesn’t go as planned or duty calls and you just don’t wanna! Once the Moon enters Libra at 2:20 pm, the heaviness lifts and the potential ripens to bring more joy and beauty into your reality. Libra is a social air sign, so connect with others, share and relate. The Moon opposes Venus at 11:22 pm, extending the enjoyment into the latest hours.

Sunday, May 7th, enjoy a quiet, free-flowing day of activity. Go at any pace that feels right to you. The Libra Moon trines Mars in Gemini, which is great for conversation, reading, hiking, biking, exploration and engaging in new or stimulating activity. The Moon conjoins optimistic Jupiter at 7pm EDT, perfect for a satisfying dinner and ending the weekend on a high note. Indulgence is possible after a busy day!

Monday, May 8th, it’s difficult to hold a sharp tongue! The Libra Moon confronts and separates from Uranus, Mercury and Eris, depicting the nature of dispute, confrontation or rebellion. Perhaps it’s time to have that difficult conversation. Luna turns void with a sextile to Saturn, promising a constructive outcome (7 pm EDT). The remainder of the void is practical, disciplined, and reserved, making for a self-preserving type of evening in which you might go to the gym and head home for a healthy dinner.

Tuesday, May 9th,

the subtleties of existence are more easily felt with the Moon’s residence in Scorpio. Perhaps then, we will feel the collective shift: The Lunar Nodes (north and south) change signs today, moving backward through the zodiac at a rate of 1½ years per sign. As of now, the North Node has transferred from Virgo into Leo, while the South Node has moved from Pisces to Aquarius.

This is vastly important for several reasons.

Deserving of its own article, you can  read more in my article, The North Node in Leo.

In a natal chart, the North Node reveals the individual’s destiny, purpose and where we find true fulfilment. Collectively, the North Node represents our evolving karmic destiny and where we are subtly developing as a whole. When the transiting nodes contact and important piece of your natal chart, it becomes even more personal. To gain clarity on these immensely potent points are for you personally, contact me to schedule a reading. 


Full Moon :: Wednesday, May 10th :: 5:42 pm EDT :: 20⁰24 Scorpio

While this lunation was initiated under the ultrafeminine Taurus (ruled by Venus in Pisces), the Full Moon ripens to the song of the warrior. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio governs intimacy, power, transformation and so much more. Venus decides what is in our heart, fueling the Martian function of action.

Appropriately, the Sabian Symbols reads:

“obeying his consciousness, a soldier resists duty,”

perhaps alluding to clarity gained from Venus retrograde where we may have experienced a change of heart; we no longer resonate with something we previously signed up for and now it’s too huge to ignore. Despite what is being asked of us, we are called to honor our heart’s truth.

One might imagine that if a solider refuses orders, this would yield serious consequences. Muhammad Ali refused the draft due to his religious beliefs; facing time in prison, he spoke his truth to the courts and eventually became victorious. Another man of conscience, Edward Snowden is viewed either as treasonous or as a hero. This Full Moon is about obeying the Truth of your heart over anything else. The world may condemn you, but at least you have, “inner freedom,” the deep peace of your soul.

Scorpio embodies an inherent reservoir of power─ to keep up instead of giving up. With Scorpio, if there is a will there is a way, however, Scorpio is not interested in doing anything halfheartedly. If it means changing one’s mind, Scorpio will figure out how to redirect the energy in a more fulfilling way. Juno stations retrograde, reaffirming the need to renegotiate an agreement, contract or partnership.

Mars in changeable Gemini squares Neptune, which can indicate confusion about one’s direction or how you even got on this path at all! This quality reiterates the courage of acting upon one’s intuition, but also cautions deceit, manipulation and the abuse of substances. As Scorpio governs natural resources from deep within the Earth, we might look out for issues of contaminated waters, oil spills, or fracking (gas).

An affirming parallel: This Full Moon answers to the New Moon of 11/11/15, around the time of the historic UN Climate meeting in Paris. World leaders and scientists gathered to discuss the planet’s future. Meanwhile, climate change denialists invested in oil, coal and other 19th century technologies refuse to get on board. Perhaps such a person’s consciousness now begins to outweigh financial prospects. Cue the whistleblowers! This was also the time of time of the attacks in Paris, so Paris may once again make the news in a big way.

Thursday, May 11th, the morning is best spent intuitively moving with the flow until the Moon enters fiery Sagittarius at 12:59 pm. Now, we wander with intent in the sign of the seeker. Basking in the light of the Full Moon, musings about life carry a grounded tone. The Full Moon asks us if we are in alignment with our path, while Saturn reminds us to take advantage of our time and resources.  

Friday, May 12th, rose-colored glasses emphasize idealism, mysticism, and optimism The quest to understand may become especially enthralling with the Sag Moon’s square to mystical Neptune. Mars is making aspects, so it can be a busy day! Get moving or get social. If you feel overwhelmed or that rapture is near, the key is in the earthy analytical sign of Virgo; hone in on the details or offer to be of service to others.  Wild woman Lilith encourages a healthy dose of rebellion. Follow your instincts! Heed the tendency to overdo, if you like.

Saturday, May 13th, we come down from our otherworldly high, but only enough that our feet barely touch the ground. A grand fire trine inspires the spirit and warms the heart despite what is going on in the world. It’s not just hot air; Saturn asks, how is this useful? The Moon goes void at 10:14 pm with a trine to Mercury making for a chatty, intellectual or playful evening.

Sunday, May 14th, Happy Mother’s Day! The Moon is in Capricorn, attesting to long-lasting investments of all kinds─ namely a mother’s love, which builds and evolves to new levels over a lifetime!

The Moon squares Venus, which is great for taking action around what it’s your heart. Show some gratitude or express feelings. Understandably, this can be a hard day for many people. Turn emotion into devotion and channel the energy in a way that serves you. The Capricorn Moon is not particularly squishy, helping us to act with intent versus succumbing to emotion.

Mars moves “out of bounds” by declination today, remaining so through June. A planet is considered “out of bounds” when it travels farther north or south of the celestial equator than the Sun is capable of moving. The Sun is, of course, the King of the solar system. Thus, when a planet is beyond the reaches of the Sun, it becomes more of a renegade, capable of going to extremes. Mars out of bounds in Gemini will tense the nerves, causing people to lose their cool much faster. Nervous breakdowns possible, along with irrational, impulsive actions. Mars rules war, weapons, anger, aggression and motor vehicles. With the North Node just past Regulus and conjoining Trump’s ascendant, and with him being a Gemini, this should be suffice reason for nervousness


Monday, May 15th, awaken from interesting dreams and float to work! The industrious Capricorn Moon wants us to use our time wisely. Although not necessarily emotional, the energy intensifies around 4 pm EDT when the Moon conjoins Juno and Pluto. Possible themes of power, obsession, jealousy or loyalty arise. Beware of manipulating others or being manipulated. Overall, today is an active, resourceful day.

Tuesday, May 16th, don’t expect things to go as planned this morning, as we are under the rays of Uranus. People will be extra feisty, irritable and prone to emotional blowouts. The erratic energy becomes contained at 1:50 pm EDT when the Moon enters the fixed sign of Aquarius.

Mercury returns to Taurus where his retrograde began. The mind steadies and we slow it down once more, although we are definitely moving forward now. During any retrograde, we slow down, reprocess, revisit, remember, etc. Practical, sensual, receptive and meditative, the Taurus mind is the cautious “negative” mind, which directs us to look both ways before crossing the street. After gaining new inspirational ideas in Aries, we can now decide if any are worth implementing. Now, we begin to feel more motivated and assured, ready to take fruitful action in regards to all we gained during Venus and Mercury retrograde.

Wednesday, May 17th, Jupiter tightens it’s 2nd of 3 exact quincunxes (150⁰) to Neptune. Quincunxes call for adjustments, while Neptune and Jupiter can reference the legality of pharmaceuticals or other controlled, toxic or potentially harmful substances. The first quincunx was in October of 2016, when Mylan was under attack for inflated EpiPen prices and when the Federal Court rejected the Sioux Tribal Council’s appeal to overturn the Pipeline on the Standing Rock Reservation. Oil and water are both in Neptune’s domain (oil is also Pluto, who is also not finished squaring off with Jupiter).

Following the destruction of Standing Rock’s camp, further plans were announced to construct more pipelines in Ohio; as of this writing, those pipelines just spilled in the Ohio wetlands. When will we get it right?  

Appropriately, the Moon resides in futuristic and humanitarian Aquarius. Let’s envision a brotherhood of wo/man working together.


Thursday, May 18th, we are invited to release that no longer serves us (collectively or individually) when the Moon crosses the vortex of the South Node in Aquarius. Send it into another dimension! The Fifth Dimension presented to us the utopian-mystic-crystalline version of the Age of Aquarius; but like everything else, Aquarius has a shadow side too. With the South Node in Aquarius, we will be faced with the Aquarian shadow of the hive mind, collective consciousness, and social-elitism. Moon goes void at 8:33 pm with a square to the Sun, supporting release, processing and letting go.

Friday, May 19th, playful jest and banter are instigated by Venus’ opposition to Jupiter. Softened by the buoyancy of the Pisces Moon, it’s all in good fun! The fiery spunk of Venus in Aries is tempered by unconditional love and the desire to connect with others. Can be flirty or feisty, but not frugal!

In the collective scope, two outer planets are having an important conversation. Saturn makes its second of three exact trines to Uranus. This aspect happens every 13-19 years, so it’s not all that common. Uranus encompasses the vast field of infinite potential: the promise of technological growth, invention, discovery and progress. Saturn, on the other hand, is the solid, sturdy tradition; built to last, it’s rigid and difficult to alter. Trines are 120⁰, easy and flowing, representing an ease of integration. We are remodeling pieces of the current order.

We’ve been working with this energy since late 2016. 19th century technologies and global warming have been recent major topics. The world-wide Science March, the water protectors of Standing Rock and the UN World Climate meeting characterize this period. On Earth Day, England boasted their first day without coal since the Industrial Revolution. Free energy is growing more abundant and available, thus driving the cost down. Frequent articles describe the windmill technician as one of the highest in demand jobs of our time. Green collar gigs are on the rise!


Another great example of this aspect is the release of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News. An old Saturnian curmudgeon, it was simply time to get with the times. While it was probably a hard decision for the MSM good old boys club, it seemed to flow with ease. He got his severance pay and off he went.

These changes will hold us over until 2020, when the two planets square off.

Saturday, May 20th,

today’s main event is the Sun’s ingress into Gemini. The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini is the concept of duality. First, we have Aries, ultra-yang, the monad. Next, we have the dyad, the ultra-yin Taurus. Both yin and yang Gemini creates the triad, the holy trinity. Ruled by the changeable, versatile Mercury, Gemini is a dualistic sign and is therefore genderfluid. He is binary, flexible and mutable. Curious to sample all of the flavors of life, do not put Gemini in a box!

Geminis are known for being jack-of-all-trades. They are witty, fun and interesting folk. Mercury has many incarnations: Hermes, Thoth, Merlin, Enoch, Hermes Trismegistus, and the Berdache. All of these incarnations offered humanity our sacred everyday elementals: cuneiform, papyrus, sending letters, physical and literary transportation, architecture, math, alchemy, healing and magickal arts.

Appropriately, Gemini is often associated with teaching, orating, writing, and a curiousity which keeps the brain sharp and the spirit young.  Speaking of versatility, this is the time of year when spring fluctuates into summer. Frequent outings, picnics and social gatherings, people get anxious to explore the community. And the bees are busy too; drunk on pollen, the bees buzz from flower to flower in the joyous mercurial act of pollination.

Sunday, May 21st, enjoy a flexible, easy, energized day. While the Moon hangs out in Aries, she makes no major aspects other than a closing crescent to the Sun. This begins a time of wrapping up, completion and reflection leading up until the New Moon on the 25th.

Monday, May 22nd, the Aries Moon triggers the tightening Venus/Pluto square which perfects with the Full Moon on the 25th. Venus/Pluto can be an obsessive kind of love, or dealing with influential resources. With the challenge of the square, it can bring more difficult themes of manipulation based on feelings and attraction, and at worst, violation. Often with Venus and Pluto in hard aspect, there can be love triangles, jealousy and risk of betrayal.

On a higher level, this can be intense, passionate love, tantric merging and the urge to devour. However, with the square, there’s still a challenge with the higher expression; perhaps one partner is more open than the other. This can also reveal truths within an intimate relationship, taking the dynamic and trust to a deeper level or, in the case of infidelity, transform the dynamic completely. Venus/Pluto can allude to the alchemy of love, relating and potent resources; but again, with the square, there’s always a bit of resistance somewhere.  

Tuesday, May 23rd, maybe we didn’t sleep so well last night, but we can take advantage of a smooth, restorative day with the Moon’s residence in ultra-yin Taurus. Intuitively nurture and pamper yourself and pamper if need be. Taurus is all about senses and feelings. Go with your gut and listen to your body.

Wednesday, May 24th, the Moon trines Pluto, again activating the Venus/Pluto square, taking us back to gloomy November when the pair conjoined and began a new cycle around resourcefulness, intimacy and either healing with love or healing the wounds of love. The Moon turns void of course at 3:08 pm. The work is done. Now treat yourself to happy hour or a leisurely hike. Healing and transformation tint the rest of the day, restore your reservoir in a fulfilling way. Also great for follow through with work if you must!

New Moon :: Thursday, May 25th :: 3:44 pm EDT :: 4⁰ Gemini 46’

We live in an important era. The times we live in will be remembered as revolutionary as the 1960’s socio-political zeitgeist. The United States’ natal chart is undergoing some heavy-duty transits now through the 2020’s. We are redefining ourselves once more.

The Gemini New Moon occurs in the 5th degree of Gemini, whose Sabian Symbol reads: “a revolutionary magazine asking for action.” Perhaps it won’t be quite so literal, but it could be. There is already a global demand to change our ways with rising concerns about the planet’s well-being, along with vast economic inequalities worldwide. Gemini is a mutable sign; on a personal level it suggests we could be more flexible, or as the symbol suggests, take dramatic action as a responsibility to self or otherwise.   

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who just completed his retrograde journey.  Mercury spent half of his retrograde in Taurus, which invited us to slow down, contemplate and absorb. Dipping back into Aries, we renewed our inspiration. Now we are more clear on our immediate purpose and ready to move forward!



The New Moon widely conjoins Ceres and is challenged by Venus and Pluto, who perfect their exact square formation today. This might mean that we must be willing to loosen our grip on something. Ceres is the nurturing principle, how we consciously meet our biological needs. In Gemini, it might be about feeding your head with new ideas and stimulus. Ceres in Gemini craves information. Consume wholesome, original ideas, think, question… Get to the grassroots level and talk to others. Read: REAL HUMAN CONNECTION. Gemini rules the community, after all. This is a great time to ask ourselves, “is this nourishing?”

When I think of the buzzing quality of Gemini, I can’t help but think about the inherent vibratory nature of all existence. “In the beginning was the Word…” Gemini rules our speech. If we are what we eat, might every vibratory frequency we consume influence us as well?

Friday, May 26th,

in the wake of the energized New Moon, imagine the possibilities! We have an airy, inflated, dreamy dynamic in the morning. Float on your magic cloud or peer through hazy vision. The Moon in Gemini meets with Venus and Mars, excellent for human connection, conversation and social gatherings.

Saturday, May 27th,

the weekend is off to an auspicious start with several dynamic planetary aspects. Such aspects will take place on the world stage, echoing into the collective.

Often a celebratory weekend in many parts of the United States, Memorial Day weekend honors those who have served our country. The Moon resides in the sensitive sign of Cancer, which places an emphasis on family and sticking close to your tribe, but also patriotism. Cancer is your roots, where you come from and the tribal markings─ from the general vibe of the clan to the family crest or even the nation’s flag. Enjoy the long weekend of outdoors, grilling, and enjoying the true beginning of summer.

Today we have a fated element in the sky combining watery, deceptive and mysterious Neptune with the mental function of Mercury, ruling media, youth, versatility and impressionability. Both point to Jupiter on the world axis in Libra, where he will station in just a couple of weeks. Jupiter is the important one. He will remain at 13⁰ Libra, the world stage for the entire month of June! Jupiter is the law, legislation and justice; in Libra, it’s about fairness, equality and aiming to ground more harmony into the world. These types of formations are difficult to predict because they bring a dose of samsara to the collective: fated happening based on the karmic repercussions of collective free will. We don’t control it; we’ve already made our bed.

Concurrently, Sunday, May 28th, not only does the Moon trigger the Venus/Pluto square from the emotional sign of Cancer, but again, this is also the sign of nationalism, clan, tribe and home. Interestingly, the United States is a Cancer Sun-sign who likes to mother the rest of the world imposing our version of “freedom” onto others. The Venus/Pluto square is about how we are using our resources and the motivation behind it (among other things).

Next up, we feel the culmination of Mars opposing Saturn. This is not an easy combination. Recall August of 2016 when the two conjoined. Individually, we may have felt blocked; something was making it difficult to move forward, whether it was red tape, responsibility or just generally the need to be patient. This was also the time when Trump won the Republican nomination and the DNC cheated themselves. It was certainly a challenging time! January 19th was when they formed a square─ just one day prior to Trump’s inauguration. What happened for you personally at that time? Now, the story continues as we reach the culmination.

From an astrological view, it seems that all eyes will be on Trump in a very big way May through August 2017. Mars is the renegade, out of bounds, doing whatever he pleases, while Saturn says, “Hey, you didn’t follow orders.” Saturn maintains structure, honoring the time-tested traditions which have sustained us over time. The challenge is in the polarity between tradition and young, fresh eyes. Mars wants to crusade and Saturn expresses caution. It’s the classic tale of the old versus the young. Let’s see what pans out.

Monday, May 29th, today is a relatively quiet day in the heavens. The Leo Moon makes no aspects, which is just fine as we may still be reeling from the weekend’s events both personally and collectively. Leo is pride, which many patriotic people will be expressing today, but it’s also time for play!

Tuesday, May 30th, the creative, playful Leo Moon gets busy! A morning sextile to Jupiter brings ambition, optimism and renewal, while a square to Mercury might just make it hard to focus or hone the energy to actually make it happen. The ambition is there, but maybe we are still too tired from the weekend.

Wednesday, May 31st, the Moon goes void at 7:14 am with a sextile to Mars. Motivation colors the morning, but we might work in circles instead of a straight line. The lunar void inspires us to operate intuitively rather than rigidly, but once the Moon enters Virgo at lunchtime, we get much more focused, honing in on the details. Not a single end is untied. Excellent day for research, completing, cleaning and deep thought. 

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and unity to ALL....