Astrology Report for June 2017: A Change of Pace


*All times are read for Eastern Daylight Time; for Pacific, subtract 3 hours

You can finally heave a sigh of relief...For the first time in a long time, it feels like we can finally relax a bit. The personal planets soften this month, allowing us ample space to replenish.Venus has been in Aries for an extended period, helping us to be more direct about what we want. Energized and spunky, though abrasive and selfish at times, we have gleaned what we can and welcome Venus back to the sweetness of Taurus. Here, we can slow down to smell the roses, and appreciate simply what is. Similarly, Mars grounds down in Cancer, allowing intuition and feeling to guide us. It’s time to soften and nourish.

Yogi Bhajan said there are two ways of getting what you want. One is to go out there and get it; the other is to cultivate your vibration and attract everything toward you. This month, we balance the former with the latter.   

The first week of June carries a scattered energy, which coincidentally isn’t uncommon for Gemini. Thus, we may be especially busy, playing catch up and enjoying the summer. With the dual quality of Gemini and the scatterbrained aspects, be ready to do things over again!  

Another bold pattern this month (especially this first week) is the abundance of quincunx (150⁰) aspects, indicating adjustments, health and healing. Gemini is all about choices, after all. This would be a great week to schedule an acupuncture treatment or get a check-up with your doctor. Take the time to give yourself what you need!

Thursday, June 1st: for the next few days, we are called to re-wild ourselves and to consciously let our primal instincts guide us. The Sun conjoins Ceres and opposes Lilith, fusing two very different archetypes: agriculture verses foraging, or smother love versus independence. Pay attention to these themes as one may require more attention. We all require nurturing, but none of us feel nurtured quite the same way. Our needs are all very different. How do we cultivate this feeling for ourselves?

Today, we can get lost in the details and become a tad idealistic. The challenge will be to try to gain an enlarged perspective to see that it’s all perfectly imperfect. Venus trines Saturn, stabilizing a commitment or relationship, and enhancing creativity. Let the inspiration flow. In the late hours of the evening, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto, which is a readiness to see ourselves standing in our power. We recognize our potential; we have what it takes.

Friday, June 2nd, Venus moves within 1⁰ of Uranus, reemphasizing the ongoing theme of re-wilding. Perhaps we are craving more freedom, spontaneity or space in general. Are you really needing a vacation? Do something before you snap! This is high-voltage energy which requires more space to move. Do something that makes you feel unleashed, fully expressed and free. Cut loose.

Venus rules relationships, so this is an excellent time to do something out of the ordinary with your partner; dare to try something you’ve always wanted to but haven’t yet, or rekindle an activity you once enjoyed when the relationship first began. This is also a time when we see couples split because they crave more freedom. Something is begging for a release, and it might be the relationship itself. Look out for radical, revolutionary or shocking behavior in the world around you. This aspect makes it easy to frivolously spend money!

The Moon squares Saturn at 11:21 am, which implies some sort of frustration, conflict or not getting one’s way. There is a tendency to worry, but try not to be so picky. There is a balance in the universe and we can’t always have our way. Rest assured that a fun weekend lies ahead! Shake it off when the Moon goes void with a square to Mars at 5:48 EDT. It’s time for an outlet. We should feel much more collected by 8:04 pm when the Moon finally enters the sign of Libra. Recalibration, balance and peace.

Saturday, June 3rd, we can still feel the pulse of the wild. Are you feeling rebellious? Ask yourself what you need in this moment. What urges can be satisfied today? Perhaps you need to break your own rules every once in a while. The Sun trines Jupiter, allowing us to feel more generous, optimistic, and prosperous. Happiness and health are true prosperity. We feel like expanding our reach; spread your wings now and have faith in your truth.

Sunday, June 4th, the indulgence spills over from yesterday. The Libra Moon isn’t done relating and filling up on enjoyment. Besides, there is an early morning square to Pluto that leaves us feeling deep, contemplative or wanting to change something. This can be fuel for getting things off the ground and moving─ especially creative projects. The Sun squares Neptune and we peer into the infinite, ever-mystical starry abyss. It’s overwhelming to contemplate the interconnectedness of All through time and space. Empathy and compassion elevate as borders between us dissolve. Today is a powerful day to enjoy art, music or theater whose message are felt.

Mars leaves airy Gemini and moves into watery Cancer, where the will to act is conditioned by feeling. We go with our gut now, which isn’t what the spearhead prefers. We may be more inclined to put our home, family, tribe and feelings first. Mars remains “out of bounds,” exponentially charging the relationship between our feelings and or actions. If you feel strongly about something, you’ll do it; if you really don’t feel like it, don’t! Watch for passive aggressiveness. Mars in Cancer knows how to get what it wants, but isn’t always direct. This transit might be especially challenging for Scorpio and Aries, as they may feel their edge has been dulled. Receive it as a blessing and see what it can show you. (Through July 20th.)

Monday, June 5th, the Moon enters Scorpio at 6:46 am and trines its ruler Mars. We may feel private, protective or restorative. The past week was wild and active as we gave ourselves outlets. Now it’s time to refuel our reserve. Take it easy. The Sun officially joins Ceres today (although they have been travelling closely for the past week), encouraging us to replenish. Perhaps someone close to us needs some assistance. Venus is at the last degree of Aries saying “self-care is a radical act.”  Mercury squares the nodes of fate. Whose words will exalt or damage?

Tuesday, June 6th, we should feel a noticeable energetic shift once we wake up, but especially by the end of the day. First, Venus enters Taurus. This is a big deal because Venus has been in Pisces and Aries since the beginning of the year due to retrograde. The lesson is finally complete.

Venus in Aries gave everyone a sharpness─ even prickly or abrasive at times! We focused on ourselves to get clear on our purpose, priorities and desires. Call it “consciously selfish,” if you wish. Libra, Taurus and Pisces would have had the toughest time with this transit, although it probably proved to be very helpful! Now, Venus returns home to Taurus, inviting us to be receptive, sensual and calm. Smell the roses, chew slowly and listen. There is no rush. Ground down.

Mercury also goes home today, moving into Gemini this evening. (Are we back in Kansas again?) The mind is nimble, alert and curious. Mercury may be our saving grace while Venus and Mars kick their feet up. Mercury in Gemini will keep us from getting too complacent. What else can we learn, experience and absorb as we soften?

The Moon goes void with a sextile to Pluto, coloring the evening and all day tomorrow with stamina and assured confidence in oneself.

Wednesday, June 7th, the Moon is void for the entire day, tinted by Pluto’s healing impetus. Traditionally on days like today, we are encouraged to go with the flow. If you have a to-do list, allow yourself space to be fluid rather than rigid, and chip away as you go. We can still be very productive, but we definitely don’t have to be. Reflection and deep introspection are also very valuable. Chiron can assist in transmuting pain into peace. The Moon squares the nodes of fate, offering us a choice of direction. Expression or reserve?

The void period concludes when the Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:59 pm EDT. At 11:36 pm, feelings polarize with the mind. Talk or write it out to bring to full awareness. 

Thursday, June 8th, offers another quiet day with the heart of the seeker. Follow your bliss, your instinctive, freedom-loving spirit. It’s time for an adventure of some kind. Take a different path than usual to free the mind. The teachings of Don Juan advocate the value of “breaking routine” so that we don’t become stuck in life, and therefore remain young. Even if you have a lot of commitments today, try using your left hand if you usually use your right. Even small changes will make you smile!

Fantasy and otherworldly musings float us to the astral plane when the Moon squares Neptune at 11:47 pm. Excellent for dreaming, this is a space for imagination and infinite possibility. Merge with the stars. Dissolve borders.  


FULL MOON :: Friday, June 9th, 2017 :: 9:10 am EDT :: 18⁰53’ Sagittarius

This is a boisterous one!The Sagittarius Full Moon answers to Jupiter, who is stationing direct, thus quadrupling such expansive signatures. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius represent belief, faith, religion, world travel and developing the higher mind through educational, experiential or spiritual pursuits, while the shadow manifests as rigid doctrine. The Full Moon conjoins Saturn, whose protective function has proposed a harsh immigration ban and the infamous wall since entering Sagittarius in 2015.

This Full Moon answers to December 11th 2015, when GOP front runner, Donald Trump first announced his desire to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Ironically, there are many parallels between this Full Moon chart and Trump’s natal chart. Trump was born on a Sag Full Moon (eclipse), also answering to a stationary Jupiter in Libra! Currently, the north node of fate aligns itself on Trump’s natal Mars, which rules his 4th house of home and family, as well as his 9th house of international affairs, belief and law.

The icing on the cake? The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon’s degree reads: “Pelicans, disturbed by people, move their habitat.” Could this mean that Trump moves? Hmmm… Jupiter stations at a potent degree of global visibility. Whatever happens, the whole world will be watching and the United States will be the “life of the party.” As of this writing, the G7 faulted the U.S. for apathy and lack of cooperation in a congruently Sagittarian topic: global warming. This discussion is not over.

Movement and change are suggested within the Full Moon’s various astrological signatures; however, with Saturn’s involvement, we can expect a certain amount of resistance or difficulty first. Saturn also means having to take on more responsibility. You’ve got to get the inspection before the deal goes through!   

As Sagittarius concerns itself with worldly matters and vast attempts to understand the big picture, it can easily become overwhelming. To balance our sanity, we can take a cue from Ecclesiastes: “Eat, drink and be merry.” For wisdom is also found in life’s simple pleasures. Celebrate life!

 Saturday, June 10th, strike a balance between work and home life when Mars in Cancer is polarized by the industrious Capricorn Moon. Capricorn is a driven, goal oriented sign which strives to make its mark in the world; while Cancer is sensitive, nostalgic and tribal. One pole calls your attention stronger. In the evening, conversation and enjoyment flow smoothly with a trine to Venus.

Sunday, June 11th, we are blessed with an abundance of energy thanks to Luna’s square to Jupiter. Channel it productively is all that it asks. The Moon conjoins Juno, reminding us of a commitment, agreement or contract. It could be as simple as maintaining a commitment to one’s yoga practice. Whatever it may be, we have the energy to make it so! No need to worry about time; you’ll be floating with the ease of a raft on a river. The Moon conjoins Pluto at 9:23 pm, optimal for meditation or deep contemplation; brings darkness to light. 

Monday, June 12th, while the morning may run smooth, the afternoon is sure to keep you guessing. The  Moon turns void at 2:45pm EDT with a square to Uranus. Expect the unexpected: upsets, shocks, malfunctions and surprises. The excitement stabilizes (but doesn’t cease) when the Moon enters Aquarius at 7:45 pm. The lesson is to not get complacent. Everything in the Universe is constantly in motion, ever changing. Truly anything is possible.

Tuesday, June 13th, the airwaves are so electric that you can feel it! Snag an idea out of thin air while your phone vibrates off the table with how many texts you will receive today. There is a grand trine in Air! Conversation, ideas, messages and information stimulate the mind. The urge to relate and share is powerful today. As the evening goes on, worry not about practical application of ideas; instead just dare to wonder. All things that exist once began as an idea. Send the vibrations out into the cosmos and one day they just may boomerang back. 

Wednesday, June 14th, the Aquarius Moon keeps things casually weird. Experimental and futuristic, put yourself out there and don’t be afraid of your unique eccentricities. As the Moon arrives on the vortex of the south node, we are welcome to release an old habit or idea down the sink hole. Saturn supports the integration of these changes into the everyday structure of your reality, but you must remain disciplined! Saturn only rewards effort.

Thursday, June 15th, carries a strange vibe. On one hand, we feel an interconnectedness with the Moon’s arrival into Pisces: universal love and compassion can flow through us, while we are especially sensitive to sounds, words and feelings. Neptune slows down to station retrograde; so if you are feeling spacey, lethargic and psychically porous, you are not alone! On the other hand, the Sun opposes Saturn, the task master and ruler of cold, hard reality. What a dichotomy!

It’s true that the physical world makes up only a fraction of existence, but it’s also the container of the divine. In the end, it’s all Goddess. The urge to escape reality may run strong today, but instead, we can seek ways to ground beauty into the world. How can we do our part to embody universal love in a way that feels safe and supportive to us? I know sometimes I feel out of place on this planet, and maybe you do too. But we have a purpose and duty here. Make your words, thoughts and actions count! Sun opposite Saturn can often be a confrontation from reality or reaping the rewards for hard work.

Friday, June 16th, yesterday’s existential crisis carries over into today (and probably tomorrow too). Neptune stations retrograde today, so watch for emotional waters inside and rain outside; water will be found somewhere! If you are feeling spacey or an existential longing, Neptune is speaking to you. But luckily today is Friday. If you have a normal job, balance duty with healthy transcendence. The Moon’s joining with Neptune encourages activities that help us to feel formless and timeless. Connect with your infinity by literally getting up high and seeing the expansive view before you. Facts challenge belief at 8:29 pm. Pay attention, and always question what you hear, read or see.

Saturday, June 17th, the morning is ideal for going with the flow. Worry later, be now. Chiron invites us to relax, reflect, restore, and dream. The energy kicks up once the Moon enters Aries at 1:55 pm EDT. Use it how you like!

Mercury leaves the Sun’s reach by moving “out of bounds.” Words and ideas cannot be held in, as very little gets filtered right now. The mind is untethered. Anxiety may be high these next couple of days, so give yourself outlets and try to stay present. If meditation is challenging, try a moving meditation. Anxiety comes from worry about the future and strained nerves. Get your magnesium and extra exercise if you are prone to anxiousness. On the positive side, the untethered mind is excellent for writing, multitasking and invention. Genius!  


Sunday, June 18th: Happy Father’s Day! The Moon, Mars and Jupiter are working together to offer an energized, jovial, family-focused day. Chances are that dad will want to get some things done around the house before lounging on the patio with the family.

This is not a lazy, relaxing energy. Action is necessary and can be extremely productive and enjoyable. Dad may want to be on the move; let Dad have his way! There are some tough aspects to tiptoe around, so proper outlets are wise. Mercury opposes Saturn, which might mean a serious discussion or keeping one’s mouth shut. But hopefully the Sun’s sextile to Uranus will outshine such challenges. Today is an extremely dynamic day with excitement guaranteed.  

Monday, June 19th, we may see something in a way we never had seen it before. Notice the pattern; notice the connections. The Moon conjoins with Uranus, which could be a sudden breakthrough, clarity, shock or surprise. Life is always in motion, so we are reminded not to get stagnant. The teaching is illumination and awareness.

Today moves fast and is highly energized. A triple kite formation sends us skyward with abundant ideas, inspiration, passion and inner vision. With so much air and fire, watch out; it’s contagious!

A fated formation involves Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Collectively karmic in nature, these formations are hard to predict. What I can observe is that this seems to be a very feminine formation: resources, money, fairness, law, healthcare, deceit, liquid, beauty, icon. The energy slows to a simmer at 3:42 pm and mellows when the Moon enters Taurus at 5:53 pm.  

Tuesday, June 20th, “opportunity” is the keyword of the day. Flowing aspects offer the potential to create, receive intuitive guidance or simply be. Be receptive and allow “it” to flow toward you. Whatever you receive may be non-liner and subjective. Avoid jam-packing your schedule if you can help it. Instead, be open to discovery. Align with your divine destiny.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year of the Northern Hemisphere. Astronomically, the Sun reaches its highest declination above the celestial equator at 23⁰N27’, but also reaches 0⁰ Cancer along the ecliptic. For most of the world, the Solstice peaks on June 21st, but for the west coast, it will be June 20th.

Today, daylight is the most victorious, symbolic of the active, outward yang energy. This is the time of year to celebrate our vitality, potency and vibrancy. Celebrate your light─ outward and inward! The Solstices are powerful times of energetic shifting; when we tune into these energetic shifts, we can consciously direct this extra electrical charge into various aspects of our lives. You might find some time today to connect with your light bodies; visualize them lively, vibrant and fully expressed.

Also known as Midsummer or Litha, there are many ways to honor the longest day of the year. One simple ritual might be to remain outdoors for most of the day; celebrate the thriving green earth in all its majesty. Then, watch the sun set. Inherent in this peak of light, is the promise of the night: from here the days will grow shorter.

Wednesday, June 21st, Summer is officially here. Both the Sun and Mercury move into Cancer, the sign of roots, home, family, and tribe. Cancer is intuitive and feeling-driven, and though sensitive on the inside, there’s a tough outer shell to lead with. It’s summer, so make like a crab and do what you feel! Mercury and Mars are both out of bounds in Cancer, so watch for tantrums and emotional outbursts. You can’t always fight the feeling. The gut doesn’t lie!

In contrast to the summer solstice vital peak, the Moon is void for the entire day, which is when we often want to relax. Essentially, go with the watery flow and do what you feel! You can still be very active, but don’t hold yourself to a rigid schedule. Let your senses guide. The Moon enters social Gemini at 6:44 pm.  5 planets are on the world axis today. Let’s see what happens on the world stage.

Thursday, June 22nd, keep it light. The Gemini Moon doesn’t want to get deep or serious. Besides, it’s the day before the New Moon, which is a day best spent on the chill side. Casually connect and hang with pals. The mind still craves stimulus, so today is excellent for reading, podcasts and educational entertainment─ at least until becoming formless with the lunar square to Neptune at 5:18 pm. Now you can drop out of reality; quit answering texts and get lost in your record collection.

NEW MOON :: Friday, June 23rd, 2017 :: 10:30 pm EDT :: 2⁰47’ Cancer

This month we’ve finally had the space to slow down, receive and replenish ourselves. Now we take this knowledge and seed a new cycle around nurturing, home and family. How do we balance meeting our own needs so that we have enough juice in the tank to sufficiently care for others?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which symbolizes our primal instincts. As babies, we first absorb our world without words, with a language that is psychic, instinctive and sensing. The Moon also represents the mother and the infant. The psychic imprints of our early environment largely influence how we meet our emotional and biological needs as an adult. Finding where your Moon lives in your natal chart can reveal much regarding our subconscious needs and how to care for them.

Once we know what we need, we can communicate our needs and expectations and desires to our loved ones. A healthy, thriving relationship always has honest, clear communication. The New Moon conjoins Mercury in the early degrees of Cancer, highlighting how we communicate and process our needs, as well as the power of words to harm or heal.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nurturing. In addition to learning your natal chart, the 5 Languages of Love test is another great way to clue into what our needs are in love. The true message of this New Moon is to be clear on what we need so that we know exactly what to do when we need to. We live in wild times, so we much be efficient in juggling the demands of the world, but also honoring our sacred self.

Saturday, June 24th, we have an excessive amount of fuel in the tank today. Get creative and use it wisely. A helpful trine from Venus to Pluto guides us to use resources wisely. One of the most valuable resources today is our time, and today’s Mars/Jupiter square gives us more than enough energy to take advantage. Better out than in, burn out if need be. The Moon trines Neptune at 4:42 pm; now it’s time to take it easy and notice magic in your world.

Sunday, June 25th, the energy spills over from yesterday. Get moving, apply it, give it form. Cut loose. If you’ve been really disciplined, reward yourself with some wiggle room. The Moon goes void with a square to Uranus at 2:44 pm, coloring the afternoon with a dose of the uncanny and unpredictable. The energy contains at 6:06 pm when the Moon enters Leo. Be open to possibility all day.


Monday, June 26th, optimism, creativity and an expansive outlook guide the day. The Leo Moon invites you to follow your heart, passions and bliss. Mars trine to Neptune invites intuition, meditative, fluid and subjective experiences.

Tuesday, June 27th, today we are invited to connect with our heart’s truth. The Moon conjoins with Vesta, our infinite flame. What keeps your fire burning? What is your passion? Your purpose? Nurture that precious flame. Vesta represents devotion, ritual, sacredness and also the hearth of the home. What does your home’s hearth look like? Before modern times, the hearth was placed in the center of the home to radiate warmth equally around. Take a moment to discover what is in the very center of your home and what that means for you.

Mercury squares Jupiter and trines Neptune, elevating the mind to the mystical or the collective consciousness. This energy can be channeled in its highest form as service to the collective or service to others. Artistic, mystical and healing pursuits are also excellent channels. On the flip side, this combo also carries the possibility of emotions running away with the mind, resulting in confusion, enlarging issues or imagining them. Try to stay grounded! The Moon turns void at 5:12 pm and enters Virgo at 8:41 pm.

Wednesday, June 28th, the mind realizes oneness with the universal mind… if you choose it. The challenge is to see the details as a part of the big picture and not to get lost in the maya. Do your art.

Thursday, June 29th, we begin to feel the energy deepen. Chiron prepares to station retrograde in the wee hours of July 1st. The wound may be speaking to us, but it’s message is one that helps transform wounds into wisdom and pain into peace. Listen for the clues to see what you will be working with. What feelings are there? Mercury opposes Pluto taking us back in time, perhaps to a period where we felt shame or hurt. Remember there is a purpose. We are all here to learn through the microcosmic self, the love of the universe. The Moon turns void with lovely trine to Venus at 4:35 pm, filtering our vision with grounded optimism.

Friday, June 30th, the Libra Moon has a nice easy day before her, gracing us with the space to be receptive. Chiron stations retrograde tomorrow morning, realigning us with our healing path.

“Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all women who came before her, and all those who come after her.” -Christiane Northrup.

May ALL be guided to wholeness.

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. May Mother Earth and all her inhabitants be awakened to our unity, and the highest LOVE of the Universe.

Love, peace and healing to ALL....