Astrology Report for August 2017: Pause, Listen, Connect


(All times read for Eastern Daylight Time; for Pacific, subtract 3 hours)

This is a busy month full of twists, detours and clarity. In this climate, you'll want to keep plenty of wiggle room in your schedule. Don’t overbook yourself! The extra space will come in handy.

The eclipses are here! When the steady flux of light (information) gets distorted, we may see things in a new way─ ready or not! "I never realized that before!"

These eclipses need their own article, as they weave together with Mercury retrograde.

((Check it out here))

This month is definitely a journey, so pack your bags and let’s get on with it!


Tuesday, August 1st, optimism and inspiration warm our outlook thanks to the Sagittarius Moon. Reminded of how far we’ve come, we simultaneously direct our focus inward to contemplate deeper on our happiness. We will be doing a lot of this over the next month, but today is excellent for asking ourselves how we can ground more of our soul’s passion into our everyday lives. Mercury exactly conjoins Vesta and remains within 1⁰ for the next two weeks. Vesta represents the fire inside of you, ritual and devotion; Mercury is the mind. Reserve more time for the things that make you thrive.

Wednesday, August 2nd, be ready for anything. Despite high expectations, things may not turn out as anticipated. Twist the enthusiasm so that you can roll with the punches. The planet of chaos, invention, and ingenuity takes center stage. Uranus stations retrograde late tonight, but the ground is already rumbling.  (Yes, Uranus rules earthquakes). As if the social-scape couldn’t get more interesting, rambunctiousness is in the air.

While change is important, there’s a comfort in predictability. Uranus only rattles cages when necessary─ where we’ve become too passive, apathetic, stagnant or rigid. That’s why he’s been busy recently. We got too comfortable and now it’s time for everyone to wake up! These next couple days should be very interesting in our lives and in the world. Be open to new ways of being, thinking and doing. Think back to December 29th; what changes did you make?   

The Moon aligns with the Great Attractor at 12:40 pm EDT, so be careful what you wish for! Words and thoughts are vibrations which the universe understands. Be positive and affirmative, even if things don’t go as planned.

Thursday, August 3rd, Uranus stations retrograde at 1:31 am EDT, shaking up areas of life that have become stagnant. Uranus is like the anarchist who throws a molotov cocktail in protest; where do you need to speak up or push back? Uranus is the awakener, the stirrer of the pot and rules the rising of the kundalini up the spine─ similar to when you agitate a bottle and the sediment rises to the top. It’s time to shake things up!

Nerves are more stressed and people will be less tolerant of limiting conditions. “I just can’t take it anymore!” Expect splits, quits, breakdowns and break-ups, but also breakthroughs! Not everyone is at their wits end, but we all need an outlet. The Moon goes void at 5:38 pm, so now would be a great time to free yourself and let loose!

Friday, August 4th,

we attune back to practical matters today with the Moon in Capricorn, while change remains in the air. An agreement, arrangement or contract may be up for review. Renegotiate the terms in a way which serves both party’s best interests, or maybe this represents a commitment you made with yourself.

Jupiter and Pluto form their third and final square.

Jupiter in Libra seeks to bring order, fairness and balance to the power structures in the world; on the first square, November 26th, 2016, the Colombian government and the People’s Army signed a peace treaty. The immense power that Pluto represents can be used for good or ill. On the day of the second square, March 30th, 2017, Michael Flynn requested immunity from the FBI to testify about Trump’s relations with Russia; and just one week later, Trump ordered an airstrike on Syria.

These two planets only square off every 6 years, which isn’t very often. Let’s see what reveals.



Saturday, August 5th, big reveals are happening in the world and in our lives. Are you keeping an exciting secret? You might be tempted to share it. Or perhaps someone drops one on you. While big changes may be afoot, we can still be very productive and focused today.  Make sure to reward yourself later; it’s been an intense week and you’ve earned it!

Sunday, August 6th, enjoy a Sunday-Funday. We finally get some breathing room to integrate all of last week’s excitement. Shivasana. While today isn’t necessarily busy, it’s definitely not boring! The Moon resides in experimental Aquarius and spontaneity invites us to get outside and play. Go ahead and check something off your bucket list that you’ve wanted to do all summer. Make some magic!  

Monday, August 7th :: LUNAR ECLIPSE :: 15⁰25’ Aquarius :: 2:11 pm

The Aquarian Full Moon highlights the shared goals which unite us as human beings and the subsequent groups which sprout from them─ community, network, hive mind and the collective consciousness. Idealized, Aquarius represents the Utopian New Earth where everyone lives in harmony with the planet, utilizing technological advancement in service of the highest good. Aquarius deals with progress and invention, with an innovative eye toward the future. 

While Lunar eclipses are often periods of sensitivity, the Aquarian energy helps us to be more objective. We are invited to let something go, in order to free up more space for the things we love. Read more about the Lunar Eclipse and how it weaves into not just one, but two Leo New Moons! One of which, happens to be the Great American Solar Eclipse everyone is talking about.

Tuesday, August 8th, tackle the important things earlier in the day, because the motivation may not be as potent later. Eclipses can distort our perception; this morning offers objectivity and ingenuity. The edges are a bit sharper this morning and you feel confident making changes. The molecules diffuse this afternoon when the Moon goes void at 3:07 pm; once we enter the Piscean realm at 5:56 pm EDT, you might find yourself totally disoriented. I’m not sure how emotional we will be in the wake of this lunar eclipse, but I think it’s safe to say that we might feel spacey and gravitate toward transcendent and subjective activities.   

Wednesday, August 9th, did you recently let go of something or free up your energy? Don’t second guess yourself too much. Today we have an enlarged perspective which allows us to see that nature always move full circle. The person you parted with will, in time, find more joy somewhere else and so will you. The Moon is in the sign of Pisces, which represents oneness. It’s all perfect in the grand scheme of things. The mind is at odds with the gut this afternoon, which is a park of the process.

Thursday, August 10th: “No,” is a word we don’t always like to hear, and it seems like we’re getting a big one this morning. Maybe duty calls but you’d rather stay in bed, or maybe you wait in line for your favorite treat, only to find out the person in front of you got the last one. Reality seems to have a bone to pick with our dreams. What gives?! Maybe the message is that we must put in more effort before we can get what we want. But there is always a silver lining. The Sun sextiles Jupiter, offering hope, optimism, honesty and authenticity. (Lunar void for entire day.

Friday, August 11th, hit the ground running with the headstrong Aries Moon. Just be careful you don’t move so hastily that you skip over the fine-print.



Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and it’s the days on/around the stations that we feel it most. The reason words get jumbled and the rational mind deceives you? Mercury retrogrades are fruitful times for inner focus and reflection; it’s a time where we are meant to slow productivity and become more meditative. Constant forward motion just isn’t conducive for growth or awareness.

Find beauty in the world as Venus trines Neptune this evening. The focus is on feeling and connecting. Go out for an enjoyable meal or beverage and conversation. Nourish your subjective side by seeking live music or performance. Make sure the atmosphere is just right!

Saturday, August 12th, be flexible. Mercury stations retrograde at 9pm EDT. Plans may to change and miscommunications are possible. Double check the details on important plans and leave wiggle room in the itinerary in case people run late. Doubling the drama, Luna conjoins Eris around 7pm, which means that people might be even more triggered than usual. The Aries Moon doesn’t help with patience either. Make sure you meditate or sweat this morning so that you can keep your cool later. Remain open and expect things to change and everything should be just fine!

Sunday, August 13th, it’s been a busy week, but today offers a chance to slow it down. Soften, relax and replenish. The Taurus Moon invites us to listen to our bodies. Feel the subtle vibrations within you and around you. Listen. Mercury just turned retrograde, which supports our inward focus, and moving at a slower, more reflective pace. Asses how far you have come; the Sun trines Saturn which shines light on the progress toward a long-term goal. How do you envision yourself next month, next year, in 10 years? How are the choices you are making today supporting that vision?

Monday, August 14th, we may get a wakeup call today when it comes to the use of our resources. How could we direct our energy more efficiently? In the collective, for example, what if more money was spent on renewable energy sources instead of on oil wars? We can transfer this wisdom into our own lives when we consider our emotional and financial investments. What brings the most peace and balance, while remaining supportive of our values?

The morning is energized by a square to Mars. Frustration or confrontation is possible, but maybe you just need to vent to someone. Blow off the steam and let it go. Today is the 2nd quarter of the Moon, between two eclipses; what have you gleaned so far this month as far as living more centered in the heart?

Tuesday, August 15th, we get off to a slow start, but the energy ramps up when the Moon enters Gemini at 10:06 am EDT. Connect, share, learn, read and explore. The biggest aspect today is Venus’ annual opposition to Pluto. Look for themes of love triangles, secrets and reveals concerning big money, influential mergers or use of resources. On a personal level, watch for compulsiveness, as desire can overwhelm the psyche.



Wednesday, August 16th, seems to be a very eventful day. I’m nervous to speculate because there is so much going on and it’s difficult to isolate one aspect. The biggest thing is there is a focused yod around this Venus/Pluto opposition I spoke of yesterday, which could express itself positively or negatively.

Trump’s chart is lighting up today. My interpretation is skewed by my disdain. But what I will say is that it appears that he’s feeling confined and seeks more freedom. It’s a strong possibility that he’s going to feel especially heated today, so we may expect some trigger-happy tweets.  But like I said, there’s a lot of potential for positives today too.

The Sun aligns on the North Node of Fate in Leo, which represents elected and appointed officials. We might see changes in status and leadership. Some may be crowned, while others resign. The Moon is in Gemini, answering to Mercury retrograde. Be mindful of what you hear, as not all of it is going to be true. Intuition is going to be your best bet.

Thursday, August 17th, the morning is active, but best to work intuitively instead of a straight line. In the back of your mind, you might be processing something. There is potential for a breakthrough if you are willing and able to spend time with it. As such, it’s a great morning to plan a check-in with a health professional or for getting the kinks worked out from a massage. Follow up with plans or renegotiate the agreement this afternoon. Today can be productive and busy, but emotions drive the ship.

Friday, August 18th, the morning is potent for creative and meditative processes. Find your rhythm or maybe even chant mantra. Great opportunities for work which includes patterns or problem solving. Feelings and emotions are our guides today. Whatever you are feeling gets enlarged at 8:52pm EDT when the Moon squares Jupiter. If you weren’t able to process any challenging issues earlier, it might be too big to ignore by now and command attention. This could also be an indulgent aspect for eating and drinking. By midnight, warm feelings and good company nourish the soul.

Saturday, August 19th, the plans might change, so expect the unexpected this morning. At the very least, the day is off to an interesting start! Uranus gives us the jolt we need (sometimes the coffee doesn’t quite cut it) to awaken us to new ways of thinking, seeing, doing… When we become set in our ways, we crystalize; we become arthritic. Shakeups keep our wits about us. The Moon enters playful Leo at 1:55 pm EDT. Time to seek joy and do the things our heart desires.

Sunday, August 20th: Typically, the day before the New Moon is a period of lower energy. As the lunar cycle concludes, we are too assimilating and reflecting. However, tomorrow is a Solar Eclipse (in an enlivening fire sign, no less), so we may be feeling energized already. If the energy is available to you, get ahead of the curve and go play! Be outside and do things you love. The cosmic message of this eclipse season is so loud it’s almost deafening: ENJOY YOUR LIFE, FIND YOUR HEART CENTER IN SPITE OF THE CRAZINESS AROUND YOU! Energizing aspects continue into the night, so if you must wake up early tomorrow, make sure you burn off some energy earlier in the day. But don’t resist the current, if you can help it; the nighttime is a powerful teacher and the eclipses are here to awaken us.

GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE :: 28⁰52’ Leo :: Monday, August 21st, 2017 :: 2:30 pm EDT   (((The most dramatic eclipse of our lifetime required it's own article. Read all about it here. )))

Tuesday, August 22nd, what is the message? Listen closely. Your higher self, nature and the cosmos are speaking to you. Today, we are summoned to the seat of our soul to listen closely to the message we may have been ignoring. Now it’s time to heed the invitation. Mars trines Saturn to build something, or to give form. There is a readiness to put the muscle work in to make the dream a reality. What are you striving toward that is important to you? Today offers productivity and attention to detail, but infused with creativity. The evening would be optimal for journaling, meditation or even shooting hoops by yourself─ the point is to not busy the mind too much so that receptivity can anoint us with wisdom that is inherently within us. Listen up and receive the divine wisdom that is you!

It’s Virgo season! The Sun enters Virgo at 6:20 pm EDT. This is a time when the kids get back to school and we focus more on the routine. Time to get back into a rhythm. Virgo is a mutable sign and represents the transition between summer and fall. Nights are getting chillier but the Sun is still hot!


Wednesday, August 23rd, we are beginning to feel Saturn slow down and gather force in the sky as the planet of time prepares to station retrograde on Friday. Saturn rules concrete reality, so whatever is present in your world will become crystal clear. Sometimes it can bring gloominess, depression or sadness if there is something needing to be faced. Often, we disassociate in order to carry on with life. But now we are confronted as Saturn says, “this is the truth, now face it.” But most often, Saturn stations just feel blah─ no rainbows or unicorns, just what’s in front of you. At best, we just feel content with what is; slightly elevated above neutral, not too high and not too low. Just simple gratitude.

Saturn stations exactly conjunct Lilith in Sagittarius, which may emphasize the preserving of the wild and natural resources. We must obey the laws of nature: we cannot squeeze water out of a rock, nor can we keep depleting the Earth and expect it to keep sustaining us.

Stationing in a grand trine with Uranus, Mars and the North Node of destiny, I see this as a potent time when more people get on board with sustainable technology and ways of living. Shell recently announced that they would begin seeking more renewable sources of energy, as this IS the way of the future. Perhaps more companies will become encouraged to consider new modules of operation at this time. Saturn rules structure and is ready to move forward in a new way. This configuration seems to reflect a collective readiness to upgrade our ways of living.

In political news, Saturn stations direct exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Moon. Saturn has been in orb of his Moon since 2016, and congruently, much more responsibility has landed in his lap. He reportedly misses his old life of leisure. Being the President isn’t as easy as he’d thought! Occurring in his 4th house of the home, his usual comforts are less available to him. Quite literally, he is away from his home in NYC, where his wife lives. The Moon represents the women in our lives. On one hand, Ivanka is enjoying more responsibility while Melania seems dispirited by this new reality. Moon/Saturn aspects can manifest as loneliness and a feeling of not having one’s needs met. The station occurring exactly on Trump’s Moon indicates an acute stress on his well-being, resulting from his new position.  

Thursday, August 24th, Venus squares Uranus. This aspect supports the alterations or release of anything that has become too limiting. We are craving more excitement or more freedom somewhere in our lives. What’s become too stagnant? Hang out with your most interesting friend or do something out of the ordinary. Time to experiment with food, music, pleasure, creativity or healing. Relationships which have run their course may decide it’s time to open up to more. This is also a time of impulse purchases. The only caution is that it’s Mercury retrograde; if it’s a big purchase try to hold off and do your research until you are certain, but go ahead and sit in the driver’s seat.

Friday, August 25th, today Saturn stations direct. Time to move forward in a new reality. Saturn has spent 3 years in Sagittarius and now he begins moving forward toward the sign of Capricorn. Saturn in Sag brought to the surface fears of xenophobia and the “other,” as debates heated over travel bans and literal walls between nations. It’s time to squash the last of it before we move on. Saturn in Sag has been about creating a new structure around our collective and individual beliefs and ethics. Is your structure an apocalypse bunker, an open field, or something in between?  

As I detailed on Wednesday, things become crystal clear on a Saturn station. Feelings of blue or blah are common, as is simply being content with what is. Today, the Moon conjoins Jupiter, which acts like an amplifier. Either the issues in our consciousness become too big to ignore and we feel more intensely, OR, our perspective becomes enlarged and we can feel quite happy. As such, we can expect a polarization of emotional being today. Some people are going to feel low, while others are going to feel high. The best thing you can do today is stay focused on your goals and keep pushing forth! Much clarity and perspective can be gleaned today.



Saturday, August 26th, Venus enters Leo in the wee hours of the morning. Do not be shy! This is a time to fully express from your heart. Unleash your creativity and speak honestly. Venus in Leo is not shy about showing love and appreciation. Tell your loved ones how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Be proud of those in your pack and of yourself! Venus in Leo shines a light on each of our unique styles. Wear your hair in the braid you always wanted to try and put on those tall shoes you wish you wore more often. Bust out your unique flare and play! Venus in Leo is all about taking a gamble for the sake of fun. Put yourself out there and let your authentic heart sing!

The Moon is in Scorpio and Juno stations direct today. Don’t be jealous of others. We are all unique in our own way. You are just as valuable.

Sunday, August 27th, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune just before sunrise. You may wake from an especially vivid dream. Jupiter forms its closing sextile to Saturn for the final time. A twenty-year economic and societal cycle is coming to a close. In December of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin and initiate a new cycle, regarding societal growth, economic infrastructure, education and resources. Interestingly, this will occur just before the presidential inauguration of 2021. So, what does this mean for us now in 2017? It’s a time of assessment. How are the current modules supporting our society? Jupiter is liberalism and Saturn is conservativism. How have we changed over the last 17 years? The next 3 years are about figuring out what must change and how we can do better as a societal whole.

Monday, August 28th, the Moon is void until entering Sagittarius at 3:48 pm. Mars influences the morning, so we might be on edge, frustrated, anxious, driven, active or busy. How we feel confronts rationale in the evening. Perhaps the plans we made earlier are no longer resonating. Do you send a text and cancel or do you show up anyway? Either way, you are going to wonder if you made the right choice. Do what’s best on your conscience. Pleasant vibes fill the evening.

Tuesday, August 29th, seek the perfect vantage point. Look how far you have come. What has changed so far, this eclipse season? Today marks the first quarter of the Moon. What’s next? The Sag Moon squares Neptune at 6:00 pm EDT. Time to transcend and release the tethers. Take pleasure in an enjoyable activity where you can just be. Unite with the friends who you are 100% comfortable with, where you get just as much happiness from being in each other’s presence as you do from chitchat. Great evening for listening to records, making your favorite dish or watching an elevating or provoking film. Float effortlessly.

Wednesday, August 30th, what’s your connection to nature? How do you, as a human being fit into the equation. Many of us live in concrete jungles, and we forget that we are one big ecosystem. The Moon conjoins Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius today inviting us to consider where we take responsibility for the wild. Do you tell your bartender not to bring you a straw? Do you bring your own mug for coffee or shop with reusable bags? Let’s think even bigger today. How can we each as individuals strive to do better? The Sag Moon emphasizes freedom. The more in harmony we can live with the planet, the less we have to worry about our survival, which is indeed liberating!

Thursday, August 31st, Mercury dips back into Leo. Forget about the details for a moment. What’s your passion? What does your heart want? Be authentic rather than perfect. The Moon in Capricorn highlights our ambitions, but what is the relationship between success and happiness?


Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. You are all my family.

May we all be awakened to our heart, and align our hearts together to create a

New Earth, rooted in righteousness, love, equality, abundance and compassion for all.

Wahe Guru

-Catherine O